Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 In The Middle Of The Storm

"I understand." Leslieta nodded and insipidly said, "Krishnata will be taking part in this times congress. She is the number one genius in our Fire Dragon race, my dream lover. This is a good opportunity. I must perform well. Among the humans, theres a person named Gu Feifei, who is very powerful. The rest are so-so. My target is to get second place. As for the first, with Krishnata around, I dont stand much of a chance."

The other person nodded and said, "Brother Leslieta has been training every day these couple of years. Although in human form, you are only able to bring out about 10% of your combat power, it should be no problem against those humans."

"Second? Haha, Im sorry. That spot is reserved for me." At this moment, three people approached from not too far away. The leader of the group was in red armor. He said with a smile, "With me, Lethionsta, around, Im afraid you dont stand a chance for second place."

"How will you know before trying?" Leslieta shot a glance at Lethionsta who was approaching him. "You may be right. Youre strong, indeed. But I havent been doing nothing these years. I even went to the human worlds Tower of Trials. I trained for six months there. I have more experience when it comes to battling in human form!"

"Tower of Trials? I was wondering what else you have to say." Lethionsta laughed out loud and pointed at Leslieta. "The Tower of Trials is such an interesting place. Of course Ive been there. I even came in first in the Kunmu Star Sector. How about you? How did you fare?"

Hearing that, Leslietas expression changed. Then, he humphed. "So what if youre first. I came in first, too. Well see who is better then!"

"Sure, sure. Show it to me then. Haha." Lethionsta waved his hand suavely. "Lets go. See you at the congress tomorrow!"

When Lethionsta and his group had left, the young man beside Leslieta said, "Brother Leslieta, I support you. This Lethionsta claims to be the best after Cutie Ke and is usually arrogant. You must make him know his place this time!"

"Ill try my best." Leslieta shook his head. "To be honest, Lethionsta can afford to be arrogant. His family background is much better than mine. Previously, before the Demon King, his level of enlightenment was higher than mine. According to the Fire Dragon Races classification by strength, hes on level four with me. But hes stronger in terms of economic advantage. Overall, his chance of winning is higher."

"But Brother Leslieta, you train so much harder than him!" The young man tried to encourage him.

"Dont worry. I wont put myself down. Oh right," Leslieta frowned and said, "who did Old Elder send this time?"

"There should be about forty people filling the numbers. Among them, the more powerful ones are only you, Lethionsta, Fadalista, and Hirta," the young man replied.

"En, thats what I thought." Leslieta nodded. "How about the humans side? Who is stronger on their side? Do you know?"

"I heard theres a person named Gu Feifei, who is the strongest among them. No one else." The young man smiled as he said, "This Gu Feifei is really quite strong. Brother Leslieta, if you dont transform into Giant Dragon form, you might not defeat her."

"Gu Feifei" Leslieta mumbled. "Ive heard of this Gu Feifei a very long time ago. I heard she is worthy of the number one position in the entire Shenglong Astral Divine College. Her strength is comparable to the Chiefs of the top three families. The most important thing is, no one has yet to let her show her ability. This person is certainly mysterious. Its a pity shes not of the Dragon race"

"Who knows. There are too many mysterious characters in the universe." The young man nodded. "With Lethionstas character, he will definitely challenge Gu Feifei. Were in for a good show."

"Haha, thats true."

A corner of the Fiery Abyss.

Hong Weicheng, who was in red armor, checked himself in a small hotel in the Fiery Abyss.

Although Fiery Abyss was the settlement grounds for the dragon race, occasionally, visitors from other planets appeared here to exchange pointers. Hence, the hotels were available.

In the room, Hong Weicheng looked at the magma pool in the middle of Fiery Abyss. He frowned. "The Demon King has been suppressed under the magma pool for ten thousand years. To think he still had such a powerful presence. The Demon King from the Demon Dimension is impressive, indeed. The laughter just now stunned everyone in the Fiery Abyss. The Dimensional War dulled the light from the sun and the moon. Thats definitely not hearsay."

When Hong Dali heard of the Dimensional War from the Seven-Colored Dragon King, Dyke, at the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars, it was very summarized. Dyke did not do it intentionally. After all, Hong Dali was still only hanging out in the Milky Way, Dyke naturally could not tell him too much.

This was like setting a goal for a person. If he made ten thousand a month and you encouraged him to work harder to earn fifteen thousand, he would work harder.

But if you told him to give his all, and he would be able to earn five million, that would be like telling a fantasy story

The same logic applied.

If the Seven-Colored Dragon King had told Hong Dali that this Dimensional War involved several Astrals from the same dimension, and their opponents were on the same level as the Demon King

Hong Dali would probably have disregarded himit was too unbelievable.

"Nothing has happened for the ten thousand years that the Demon King was here. Why did this happen all of a sudden?" Hong Weicheng frowned and thought carefully for a while. Then, he mumbled, "Could Hong Dali be the cause?"

Hong Dali was very loved by Hua Yueling, Hong Weicheng was clear of that. But Hong Weicheng was not aware of Hong Dalis mysterious identity. Although he did not know, he could more or less guess. After all, if Hong Dali created trouble and squandered all day but did not have any abilities, no matter how much Hua Yueling doted on him, he would not be like this.

Especially since it was too much of a coincidence for the Demon King to demonstrate his power when Hong Dali had just arrived.

"Forget it, Ill ignore what happened with the Demon King first." Hong Weicheng decided. "Its more important to protect Hong Dali. Bei Shihui is an ability user with the Transformation Soul Stone, and he has always killed people in the shadows. The Bei Family is able to remain as one of the top three families all thanks to him. After all, he has too many ways to kill someone. If it is not absolutely necessary, no one wishes to step on his toes. This time, Dali has caused the Bei Family so much embarrassment, it is impossible for Bei Shihui to do nothing. His first target will definitely be me and Binhao. We must be careful."

Fiery Abyss, an inconspicuous little stone on the mountain walls.

This little stone looked exactly like its surroundings. Even if one stared at it for an hour, they would not find anything wrong with it.

But this little stone was not an ordinary little stone. It was transformed by Bei Shihui!

"The Demon King is abnormal? Thats weird." Bei Shihui looked at the magma pool and said to himself, "What could have caused the Demon King to behave this way out of a sudden? Hong Dali and Gu Feifei arrived today. Could it be them? Is it because of Gu Feifei or Hong Dali?"

As the number one killer of the Bei Family, he had an exceptionally keen sense of danger.

He somewhat felt that this assassination mission was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

"If it was just Hong Dali, it would be easy to handle. But with the crazily strong Gu Feifei in the picture, I have to be more careful." Bei Shihui removed himself from the wall, transformed into a little bird, and flew in the Fiery Abyss. "I need to find the people protecting Hong Dali undercover and get rid of them first. Otherwise, it will be hard to kill Hong Dali."

He flew around the city and observed.

Although the Giant Dragon was no doubt on top of the food chain, this was the Fire Dragons city, Fiery Abyss, after all. If there were no special circumstances, those of the Dragon race would not transform into giant dragons and fly all over the city. Hence, it was still quite safe for Bei Shihui to transform into a little bird.

After flying around for a while, he suddenly widened his eyes and chuckled. "It took no effort at all. Isnt that Hong Binhao? Its too coincidental, haha!"

Since he had found his target, Bei Shihui quickly flew to a corner and transformed into a little bug, then flew discretely towards Hong Binhao.

When he was near, Bei Shihui transformed again, this time into a strand of hair. He stuck himself on Hong Binhaos armor, inconspicuously.

Transformation Soul Stone was a high-level Soul Stone. The extent of its ability was out of everyones imagination. Otherwise, the Shenglong Royal Family would not be so afraid of Bei Shihui.

Obviously, the tiny hair stuck to the armor did not cause Hong Binhao any doubt at all. He wandered around the Fiery Abyss, snooping around for the latest news, then found a hotel and went to rest.

Of course, although Hong Binhao did not realize Bei Shihui was stuck on his armor, he was extremely careful. He did not let his guard down even when he was resting in the hotel. He sat quietly and closed his eyes. At this time, Hong Binhao would definitely react at the fastest speed to any movement.

At a time like this, endurance was the key. Whoever let their guard down first was likely to become a corpse.

One day passed in the blink of an eye.

The next morning, Mentor Jynx led his class of students and headed to the arena in the Fiery Abyss. The martial arts congress had begun.

The arena was packed and lively. Almost all young people of the Dragon race, related or not, all came to watch martial arts congress. In addition to young people, some of the adult dragons in the Fiery Abyss had also come to see how powerful these humans were.




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