Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 Gods Chosen One Devils Chosen One

Speaking of which, the Dragon race was on quite good terms with humans.

Although they secretly competed with each other, the two races had always maintained a good relationship with each other. The Dragon race was a very lazy race. After they were fully matured, they spent most of the time sleeping. Humans, on the other hand, were hardworking. They would regularly send the things which the Dragon race needed to them. In return, the Dragon race would give the humans precious materials which they themselves did not need in exchange.

For example, some dead old dragons would leave behind parts of them which were useful to humans, like their scales. These items were very beneficial to the young offspring of the dragon family.

Therefore, this martial arts assembly between the Dragons and human beings was of great importanceafter all, in the universe, only the strongest would be respected. No one wished to disgrace themselves on their own territory, right?

When they reached the arena, Hong Dali and Gu Feifei looked for a quieter competitor bench and walked toward it.

On the other side, Lethionsta clasped his hands and looked at the human students of the Divine College arrogantly. Beside him was a middle-aged man who looked about fifty-years-old. The man was his father, the super-strong Ammutista from the Fire Dragon race. He was a Ninth Order warrior of the dragon race!

"Lethi, do your best on the competition later." Ammutista smiled and said, "Dont disgrace the Dragon race. These Divine College students are still learning, but there are a few among them who are quite strong."

"Dont worry, Father." Lethionsta sneered. "Among these people, except for the infamous Gu Feifei, the rest are not worthy of notice. I dont know what kind of standard Gu Feifei has. If there is a chance later, I must try her out!"

"Be careful." Ammutista nodded. "Dont disgrace our Dragon race. I will be watching."

On the other side, Leslieta looked at Krishnata, who was sitting with the Divine College, from a distance. Her eyes were full of anticipation.

Krishnata, the number one genius of the Fire Dragon race, was not only very talented but also very beautiful. To the younger dragons of the Fire Dragon race, she was a beauty. Numerous young male dragons thought of Krishnata as their dream lover. Leslieta was no exception.

"Brother Leslieta," The young man beside him kept cheering him on, "do your best! Cutie Ke will definitely look at you differently!"

"Thats for sure." Leslieta clenched his fists. "Ive trained so hard for so many years just for this opportunity!"

His expression was full of self-confidence. In his eyes, only Lethionsta was worthy of being his opponent.

Just as the youths of the Dragon race were secretly competing with each other, Gu Feifei leaned close to Hong Dali and whispered. "Dali, the Demon King incident yesterday had something to do with you, right?"

Hearing that, Hong Dali suddenly felt a chill in his pores.

The Demon King had reminded him that Gu Feifei was not simple. Sure enough, Gu Feifei had figured out that something was up between the two of them.

"Ah, perhaps." Hong Dali touched his nose and shifted the topic. "Will you be competing today?"

"Stop pretending." Gu Feifei stretched her arm out around Hong Dalis neck and snickered. "Come on, have you eaten the soul of the Demon King?"

Damn, she realized that?!

Hong Dali looked at her like he had seen a ghost and lowered his voice. He whispered fugitively, "Dont talk nonsense, Im not that powerful."

"Come on." Gu Feifei scorned. "I didnt faint at all yesterday. I think we are the only two in the entire city who know what happened. The two wisps of black aura from the Demon Kings eyes entered your body. Its obvious something must be up between the two of you. Tell me quickly. Otherwise, for safetys sake, I can only kill you. That way, even if the soul of the Demon King is powerful, itll still be finished!"

Damn! Just what was Gu Feifei? She knew even that?!

At this time, the voice of the Demon King sounded in Hong Dalis head. "Now, do you know why I said she was dangerous? I cannot figure out the true identity of this girl. She has a great secret hidden within her. However, it looks like she is on good terms with you. Otherwise, she would not be asking you questions now. She would have killed you yesterday instead."

"What do I do then?" Hong Dali asked the Demon King, "Should I tell her?"

"Theres no harm in telling her," said the Demon King. "Since she knows what happened yesterday and yet did not take any action, that shows that she is curious. If you are honest, she wont do anything to you. Otherwise, Im not sure what will happen."

That made sense. Since she already knew what happened yesterday and did not take action, it naturally showed that although she was curious about the Demon King, she did not think it was anything serious. At least she did not consider him an enemy

"The soul of the Demon King is indeed in my head." Hong Dali whispered, "I caught him, hes now my portable grandfather. You get what I mean."

"You caught him?" Gu Feifei looked at Hong Dali with different eyes. "It seems that I have underestimated you. I thought you were just the Chosen One, it looks like your level is higher than just the Chosen One."

She even knew that?

Hong Dali was aghast. "Who are you? I cant hide anything from you?"

"You dont have to worry about that." Gu Feifei smiled and said, "Anyway, I wont do anything to you. Eh, tell me. What kind of agreement do you have with the Demon King? If hes willing to be your portable Grandfather, that means he will help you if you are in need. What can he do?"

Gu Feifei was becoming more and more mysterious. Hong Dali was a little confused about what she meant, but there was no need to conceal anything from her. He whispered, "The Demon King can make demon artifacts. We can find materials for him to make them."

"Make demon artifacts? This is a good ability." Gu Feifeis eyes brightened. "Demon artifacts are very valuable. I will sell them for you when they are made, and you can give me a share of the profits."

"How are you still so short of money with your ability?" Hong Dali could not figure her out. "You are unbelievably powerful, and you even know that my level is above that of a regular Chosen One. With your skills, you should have as much money as you want, right? Why are you so poor? Anyway, I have a lot of money. You can sell the demon artifacts after they are made, and you can have all the money from the sale!"

"Nonsense." Gu Feifei suddenly became angry. "If I wanted all of it why would I be spending so much time and effort talking to you? Dont waste time. 20% for me, 80% for you. If you dare to give me a cent more, I will kill you!"

Damn, he had never heard of anyone who minded taking too much. It was the first time he had seen someone like Gu Feifei who was worried about getting too much.

"Okay, 2:8 then." Hong Dali mumbled. "Well split it however you wish."

"Thats better. Okay, well start right away, watch the show." Hong Dalis agreement put Gu Feifei in an obviously good mood, and she made no further mention of what happened the day before. They started watching the competition.

Hong Dali asked the Demon King secretly, "Demon King, who do you think Gu Feifei is? She knows a lot, is very strong, and even knows my level is above that of the Chosen One. Do you think she could be Gods Chosen One?"

This was very likely. No matter how they looked at it, Gu Feifei was more likely a Gods Chosen One, but could there be two Gods Chosen Ones in one universe?

"Gods Chosen One? Unlikely." The Demon King muttered to himself for a while, then said, "But your words reminded me about something. By the way, whats the name of your Gods Chosen One mark? Great Prodigal System?"

"Ah, yes." There was no need to hide this, anyway, the Demon King knew his identity. Hong Dali nodded. "Whats wrong?"

"I suddenly thought of something." The Demon Kings voice said slowly, "Tell me first, what is Gu Feifeis biggest defining characteristic?"

"Her most defining characteristic?" Hong Dali thought hard for a while, then said with certainty, "In addition to being extremely powerful, her biggest characteristic is stinginess, not ordinary stinginess! She treated me to a meal only to buy me noodles! Plain noodles, no shredded meat allowed!"

This was indeed Gu Feifeis defining characteristic

She was not ordinarily stingy!

"Hehe, that makes more sense." Hearing what Hong Dali said, the Demon King said with more conviction, "As for you, I might have made a mistake due to inexperience. To be exact, you are not Gods Chosen One, you should be Devils Chosen One."

"Devils Chosen One? What do you mean?" Hong Dali was shockedhis character was not like that of a demon at all! He was not a murderer!

"Where there is light, there is darkness, and when theres a Gods Chosen One, there is naturally a Devils Chosen One." The Demon King said matter-of-factly, "For example, if there is a Demon Dimension, there is naturally a Tao Dimension. We from the Demon Dimension have a huge advantage against your dimension, but against the priests from the Tao Dimension, we are extremely disadvantaged. The same is true of the Universe Master. Since there is a Universe Master, there must be a Universe Devil. By right, your mark of the Devils Chosen One should be something that the Devil has made to distort humanity. Its just that your character is overly positive, that is why you were not affected."

That mattered too?

Hong Dali was dumbfounded. "Damn, theres such a thing? Quick, tell me more about it!"

"Okay, lets start from the beginning." The Demon King laughed and said, "After I rested yesterday, I secretly communicated with your Great Prodigal System. Of course, there is nothing wrong with checking it out, its your mark anyway. The Great Prodigal System chooses the person with the best personality, then gives you the best, leading you step by step toward evil. To me, money has no value, but to those in your dimension, it is of utmost importance. When you have money, you tend to develop darker tendencies associated with money. The purpose of the Great Prodigal System is to give you the best and seduce you toward depravity. But you are different. Animals Best Friend, Natures Best Friend, no one expected you to become kinder the richer you became. Even now, the Great Prodigal System does not know what to do with you"





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