Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 Miser System

Thinking carefully, what the Demon King said made sense.

At least in Hong Dalis impression, people were generally okay when they did not have money. Once they had money, most became evil. The dark side of all kinds of people could slowly be seen.

However, it did not impact him much. It was a miracle!

"According to this train of thought, this Gu Feifei could be the real Gods Chosen One." The Demon King said slowly, "Her Gods Chosen Ones mark should be similar to yours. It should be some sort of system. Just that her System is the complete opposite of yours. Yours is the Great Prodigal System, hers would probably be the Miser System"

"Pfft!" Hearing that, Hong Dali burst out laughing.

Forget about the Great Prodigal System, what the hell was a Miser System!? There was such a system?

"Dont laugh. Its completely possible." Although the Demon King wanted to laugh as well, he had to finish what he was saying. "You should know that diligence and thrift are the favorites of God, that represents light. There are religious people where youre from as well, right? Have you ever seen any God that encourages people to waste?"

Aye? That was true. No matter which God, they only seem to ask people to do good

"Which is why this Miser System is likely to be Gu Feifeis Gods Chosen Ones mark." The Demon King concluded. "Her diligence and thrift, every amount she saves can be exchanged for some benefits. To be honest, I am envious of such a mark. The System is one of the most powerful types of marks. It can be upgraded, and there are a lot of things that can be exchanged. The effect is very strong. Unlike ordinary Chosen Ones like us, our mark is usually fixed. Although there is growth, there is a limit to it. Gods Chosen Ones and Demons Chosen Ones like you dont have this limit. Its powerful."

Aiyaya, youre making me embarrassed

"Okay, youre right." Hong Dali shrugged his shoulders. "Next, what should I do?"

"What else can you do?" The Demon King decisively reminded him. "The competition is starting. Lets watch it first!"

Hong Dali: ""

Indeed, once the Demon King Polygal finished speaking, the Older Elder of the Fire Dragon race stood up and announced. "This years martial arts assembly between the Fire Dragons and the Divine College officially begins. During the competition, the main focus is to exchange pointers. It is strictly forbidden to intentionally hurt one another. Offenders will be punished severely."

This was not the virtual world, after all. The purpose of the assembly was just actual combat experience. Hence, it was especially important to know how to control their strength.

When the Old Elder finished his announcement, he looked at mentor Jynx, and Jynx nodded at him.

With the agreement from both sides, the Old Elder cleared his throat and loudly declared, "There are 88 contestants participating in this years martial arts assembly. The contestants are to draw lots. Two contestants who draw the number one lots will begin first, and so forth. Everyone may begin now!"

Generally speaking, there was not much difference between these competition rules. The students of the Divine College and young members of the Dragon race immediately ran to a wooden box in a corner to draw their lots. Hong Dali and Gu Feifei were the last. Hong Dali got number 40, and Gu Feifei got number 42.

When everyone had drawn lots, the Older Elder said aloud, "The martial arts assembly begins. Will the two contestants that drew number one come up please."

Among the two, Ye Fei, who was not very strong, represented the Divine College, and Andalista, a young dragon not well-known, represented the Dragon race.

In an exchange like this, it was naturally exciting to watch the stronger party crush the weaker party. But for such an assembly, it was better for both parties to be on par in terms of strength.

Both parties shook hands politely and got ready to attack.

Students of the Divine College were not very different from ordinary people when they were in the college grounds due to the attribute compression force field, but that was not the case here. Hong Dali belonged to the physical training faculty. His classmates were naturally a bunch with strong attributes. The Dragon race mainly focused on their physical fitness. Hence, in this fight, both parties were not willing to give in to the other, neither side had the better of the other. Endless rumblings could be heard and the scene was rather shocking.

"Limitless Divine Punch!""Dragon Claw!"

Both of them exhibited their best skills.

There was a loud bang, and the air above the ground was disturbed. Their first collision caused an obvious shockwave. Both of them moved back three steps at the same time. However, Andalista was a member of the Dragon race, after all, and his physical strength was much stronger than humans. He soon recovered from the shock and took the opportunity to kick the other party to the ground.

"Andalista wins!" Those from the Dragon race clapped and cheered. Although this was considered a lower-end game, it was still good to win.

"It was a good fight!" Andalista wrapped his hand around his fist and bowed politely.

"Thank you for showing mercy." Although he lost, Ye Fei had gained something from the experience. That was how competing was like, no matter who won, both parties would gain a little something from the experience.

Ye Fei returned to his classmates and everyone surrounded him. "How is it? Is the Dragon race very strong?""Ive never fought with the Dragon race before, is their strength their advantage?" Mentor Jynx asked too, "How is it? Did you learn anything?"

"Yes, I did." Ye Fei nodded. "There are all kinds of enemies in the universe. The Dragon race are indeed the top three in terms of strength. My move would have caused some injuries if it were someone else. He actually recovered so quickly from it and attacked me. I think I might have been a little too arrogant previously."

"Hehe. Thats good." Jynx smiled as he cheered Ye Fei on. "Good job. Train harder when we return. At our Physical Training Faculty, our strength is our forte. So is the case for the Dragon race. This assembly is beneficial to all of us."

Soon, it was time for the next pair of contestants. The competition proceeded very quickly and the results were out in five minutes. This time, the Divine College representative won.

Typically, the martial arts assembly had always been mutually beneficial. The Elders had also considered the gap between both sides when choosing the candidates. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to any party to completely crush the other.

The game progressed match by match, and at this moment, on a seat in the distance, Hua Yueling, who had disguised herself, was sitting in the middle of the crowd. She watched the competition quietly without exposing her presence.

"The strength of the Dragon race is between First Order and Second Order Star Sector-level. The stronger ones are about Fourth Order." Hua Yueling could tell the ability of the contestants just by looking at them. She nodded. "The Dragon race is good at keeping promises. Since they have agreed to be on friendly terms with human beings, they are much gentler at times like this. I wonder what number my sweetheart drew. It will be fun to watch when its his turn, hehe."

She smiled, then looked at Gu Feifei who was beside Hong Dali and nodded again. "Gu Feifei and Hong Dali get along well. It will be beneficial for Dali to be close to Gu Feifei."

As the game competition steadily, a spacecraft flew into the atmosphere of the Fiery Star Planet.

After entering the Fiery Star Planets atmosphere, the spacecraft stopped near the Fiery Abyss and a young man slowly walked out of it.

Heavens Chosen One, Kong.

As soon as he got off the spacecraft, he looked in the direction of Fiery Abyss and murmured. "Thats where Gu Feifei and Hong Dali are? This is an interesting place. I shall see what they are doing."

As he approached the Fiery Abyss, just as he entered the city, he saw several young people of the Dragon race heading to the west of the city. As they walked they discussed. "The martial arts assembly has begun. Lets go take a look.""Thats right. I heard the Physical Training Faculty from the Divine college is here this time. They major in physical attributes, which is similar to ours. It should be interesting.""Hurry up, lets go. It has started!"

"Martial arts assembly? This is interesting." The corner of Kongs mouth turned up slightly as he smiled and nodded.

He had nothing against Gu Feifei and Hong Dali. All he was after was to improve himself through exchanging pointers. In this way, he would have a greater chance of surviving the Shuraba in the future. Hence, he definitely had to take a look at this martial arts assembly.

Kong followed the crowd into the arena and immediately became interested when he saw the progressing matches. "Haha, not bad, not bad. Im in luck. I didnt expect to encounter such a scene once I arrived. En, dragons and humans, good opponents!"

Kongs arrival soon got Hua Yuelings attention. "Heavens Chosen One, Kong? Why is he here?"

When Kong arrived at Shenglong Star, the dean had sent the information to major families. Hua Yueling, who was already very concerned about Heavens Chosen One, even read through the information in detail.

Hence, as soon as Kong arrived, Hua Yueling put all her attention on him.

And at this time, the Old Elder announced the next pair of contestants. "The 12th pair of contestants, Liu Shengwen from the Divine College, against Hirta."

Hirta was a seed player among the Dragon race. Many stronger ones among the Dragon race had their eyes on him.

In contrast, it would not be easy for Liu Shengwen from the Divine Collegealthough he was not weak, but against Hirta, the difference was obvious.

Both contestants stood on the arena and bowed to each other with their hands around their fists. "Please look out for me."

Just as they prepared to attack, a young voice could be heard. "Martial arts assembly, very interesting. I wonder if I can join?"

Someone actually wanted to participate now?

Everyone turned around to see a young man. His dressing was casual and one could not sense any strong aura from him. But he just stood there, giving the impression that he was not as simple as he seemed.

"En? Who are you?" The Old Elder frowned as he looked at Kong. He asked, "Young man, are you sure you want to participate in this martial arts assembly? We have finished drawing lots. Although you are very welcome to exchange pointers with us, it wont be easy to arrange an opponent for you."

Martial arts assembly, an assembly for the Dragon race and humans to exchange pointers. It had always been one-to-one matches. Now that there was one extra person, it was not impossible for him to follow the rules and join in the match, the important thing was finding him an opponent.

"En, thats no problem." Kong smiled. "Just both of them, together."




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