Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Handicapped

Hearing that, everyone in the room was shocked. This young man actually asked two people to be his opponents?!

"Who is this person? Hes so arrogant?! Hirta is a seed player among the youth of the Fire Dragon race. No matter how powerful that human is, two at a time is no joke!" "Does he think he is a legendary warrior? Two at a time?" "Too arrogant. This person is really too arrogant!"

Hong Dalis classmates whispered among themselves. Hong Dali asked Gu Feifei, "Feifei, who is this guy? Hes so arrogant?" Well, Hong Dali had seen more than his share of arrogant people, so he was not impressed. Most importantly, people who were arrogant in front of him rarely came to a good end

"Heavens Chosen One, I guess." Gu Feifei curled her lip. "Its normal for people to be arrogant when they are skilled. However, I have not heard of any Heavens Chosen One in Shenglong Astral. Wait, let me take a look." As she spoke, she took out a mini-computer and, after a short inquiry, said, "Oh, hes from Theron Astral. Hes supposed to visit us two days later. It seems he came early. The dean said that hes very competitive, but his character is average. Okay, Ill spare him if I can later."

Look at her tone, I will spare him later

The Big Sister was simply amazingly powerful and domineering!

"Oh, no need for that as long as hes not here to create trouble on purpose." Hong Dali touched his chin. "Just act accordingly later, dont worry."

Of course, Hong Dali and Gu Feifei both had their own thinking, but Elder Anubreta of the Dragon race was furious.

"Arrogance!" Even he, who was usually amiable towards humans, frowned. He said coldly, "No one can trample on the dignity of the Dragon race! Young man, tell us your name!" He was the Old Elder, after all, and his voice carried with it the dominance of a dragons aura. His voice reverberated, and the more timid people were so scared their legs turned to jelly.

"Heavens Chosen One, Kong," Kong replied evenly. "Is that enough?"

Heavens Chosen One! This young man was Heavens Chosen One!

Everyone gasped!

Heavens Chosen One, the highest-level being in the universe. His status was above all and his origins a mystery. This was not important. What was important was that Heavens Chosen One was extremely powerful! He was powerful beyond belief!

"So its Heavens Chosen One." When he heard that the man in front of him was Heavens Chosen One, Old Elder suppressed his anger and nodded. "In that case, I can accede to your request. Hirta, prepare to meet Heavens Chosen Ones challenge!"

"Yes!" Upon finding out that this man in front of him was Heavens Chosen One, Hirtas expression grew intense.

On the spectator stand, Ammutista stared intently at the Heavens Chosen One and said in a low voice, "Son, pay attention to his attacks. Every Heavens Chosen One is immensely powerful, and its extremely rare to see them in action. Our luck is really good today, we actually get to see one."

"Yes, I understand." Lethionsta nodded and said, "Father, how powerful do you think this Heavens Chosen One is?

"According to human standards, at least Fifth Order Star Sector-level. Whether or not hes at the peak of the level is unclear." Ammutista had a very high opinion of Heavens Chosen One.

While they were talking, the two in the arena got ready to fight.

"Heavens Chosen One, do not think I will go easy on you because of your identity." Hirta looked at Kong and said gravely, "The dignity of our Dragon race is not something you can challenge on a whim!"

Kong did not respond. He simply said flatly, "Are you done talking? Start!"

"Human, support me!" Fury flashed in Hirtas eyes. His large body dashed out at lightning speed and in the blink of an eye, he stood in front of Kong. His muscles expanded. At the same time, his original opponent, Liu Shengwen, moved to support him. His body exuded an aura of dark energy. Both of them attacked in unison with one on the left and the other on the right!

"Dragon Strike!" "Dark Energy Strengthen!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The air seemed to pulsate with their attacks. The fierce heatwave rolled relentlessly towards Kong.

"Interesting." Kongs pupils immediately rotated and his body instantly transformed. The one on the left was shrouded in dark energy and his fist flew toward Liu Shengwen in a punch. The muscles of the one on the right expanded like Hirta, and his fist met Hirtas head-on.

"Boom!" "Boom!"

Two dull sounds were heard. Attacks were parried with similar moves. Kong remained unmoving, while Hirta and Liu Shengwen felt a strong force on their bodies. Their bodies flew backward involuntarily and they both spit out fresh blood while in the air. They had been blown backward by Kong, who used the exact same attack they had used.

Everyone was stunned.

What was happening? It was understandable that Kong could use Liu Shengwens Dark Energy Strengthen, but he could even use the Dragon races Physical Body Strengthen?!

"Kong is indeed Heavens Chosen One. He is very powerful!" Ammutista said gravely, "He is able to completely imitate his opponents skills. That coupled with his extremely high physical attributes means that any opponent who faces him will be at a great disadvantage. The Heavens Chosen One indeed lives up to his fame."

What did it mean to be able to perfectly imitate your opponents skills? As long as ones basic attributes were lower, they would lose.

By showing just one skill, Kong had everyone looking at him with new eyes.

Heavens Chosen one was really powerful!

"Do we continue fighting?" Kong remained expressionless. He looked at the Old Elder. "Otherwise, I have to get down to official business."

Kong was here on official business? What kind of official business did he have here?

"You mean" Old Elder did not understand Kongs intentions. He was unsure as to why this Heavens Chosen One or any of the other Heavens Chosen Ones would come here.

"Who are Hong Dali and Gu Feifei? Are you here?" Kong looked toward Hong Dali and said loudly, "I came here today because I heard that you two are very strong, so I came to challenge you. If you are here, come down."

"Hes really here for my little sweetheart!" Hua Yueling stared at Kong. She said darkly, "If you hurt even one of my sweethearts hair, I will give everything to kill you!"

Kong was here to look for people? He wanted to challenge Hong Dali and Gu Feifei?

All of a sudden, everyones eyes were on the two.

"This guy is here for us." Hong Dali glanced at Gu Feifei. He suddenly felt like laughing. A Heavens Chosen One had come to challenge a Gods Chosen One and a Devils Chosen One. What was this? This was fearlessly asking to be beaten up!

"Ill just go down and break his neck." Gu Feifei stood up. "I hate people who challenge me just because they are bored."

Hong Dali was not at all surprised that she would say something like that. However, it was obvious that he had other plans

"Dont be in a hurry, Feifei. Listen to me after we go down. Hehe, I think this will be fun." Hong Dali finally stood up and headed down with Gu Feifei in tow. "Be sure to listen to me, let us put on a good show!"

Soon, the two arrived at the arena. At this time, everyone in the audience was holding their breath. Gu Feifei was the legendary undisputed number one in the Divine College and Hong Dali was a newly emerged star. Would Kong be able to win against both of them?

"Your name is Kong?" Hong Dali stood in front of Kong and asked curiously, "Why did you come here? This is a great distance to travel, your spirit is praiseworthy."

En, this sentence was heartfelt.

"Someone told me that you and Gu Feifei are the two most powerful people in the Divine College," said Kong without reservation. "So, I came to take a look."

"Which bastard set me up?!" Hong Dali immediately stamped his foot angrily. He shouted, "Im a prodigal! Not a master! Can you not look for me if you want to fight?! Compared with my classmates, Im just a handicap! Im the most handicapped among the handicapped when compared to you, a Heavens Chosen One! Why do you have to fight with me! I refuse! I refuse!"

As he spoke, he just sat right down on the ground. "Come on, fight if you want, I wont fight back! Theres only one way for a prodigal to solve a problem, that is to spend money! If I cant solve a problem with money, I can only wait for death!"

Everyone was dumbstruck! Hong Dali did not even dare to fight him?

"Wha" Lethionsta burst out laughing and said, "Why is there an idiot who does not even dare fight here?"

At this time, Gu Feifei also sat down. "Okay, if Dali is not fighting you, neither am I. Take it as I admit defeat. You can go do whatever you want, I cant be bothered with you."

"You!" Kong took a step back furiously and said, "In the face of my challenge, how dare you give up directly?!"

This time, Hong Dali simply laid on the ground and rolled over comfortably. "Its not a disgrace to admit defeat if I cant defeat you in a fight. We have nothing against each other. You have been used as an executioner by others and yet youre so happy. If I were you, I would fly back and beat whoever played me for a fool!"

Kong furrowed his brows and frowned.

He had come here in a hurry and had only done a simple check on Gu Feifei and Hong Dali. He had also watched a video of Hong Dalis fight with Bei Yuanqingthere was naturally surveillance in the classroom.

When he was watching, he realized that Hong Dali seemed to be very powerful, but not as strong as he thought. As for Gu Feifei, no one at the Divine College had managed to really force her hand yet, so there were no videos of her.

This led to an interesting phenomenonKong thought that Gu Feifei and Hong Dali may be powerful, but not that powerful. Now that they had straight out surrendered, he believed them

"Well, since you admit defeat, I will not force you to fight." Kong turned around and lefthe had challenged both of them to improve himself. Since both of them had admitted defeat, he had no reason to insist that they fight him, right? As he walked away, he said, "Go ahead, Ill go back now."

He left once he finished speaking, and in the blink of an eye, was far away. Soon, he could no longer be seen

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