Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 Cutie Ke Had A Breakthrough

After Kong left, the entire arena was quiet for a while. Then, the place completely erupted!

"What happened? Its understandable for Hong Dali to surrender without a fight. But Gu Feifei did so as well? How is that possible?"

"Gu Feifei is undoubtedly the strongest warrior in the entire Divine College. Could she have realized that Kong is stronger than her and held back from fighting?"

"Who knows. This is so strange! I feel like there must be some other reasons behind this."

The rest were still discussing, but Hua Yueling was satisfied and smiled. She said to herself, "This little rascal, hes so good at acting. He can accomplish great things. Haha!"

On the other side, Ammutista of the Fire Dragon race squinted his eyes and said, "My child, do you see this Hong Dali? Hes calm when hes under pressure. He understands how to avoid risks without getting impulsive. Hes good."

"Father, what youre saying is that him surrendering is a good choice?" Lethionsta asked curiously, "Why?"

"You must understand that the best choice sometimes is to avoid countless battles." Ammutista smiled and said, "If you accept all challenges without consideration, you will get to gloat if you win, and sulk if you lose. Those are the actions of impulsive idiots, not smart people. Have you not realized that this Kong came at a weird timing?"

"Hm, judging from what he said, did someone direct him here on purpose?" Lethionsta soon understood.

"Thats right. He was used as a gun, haha."

Inside the arena, Hong Dali smiled as he sat on the ground. He did not look upset at all about the surrender. Instead, he looked quite happy.

"Dali, I never knew that youre so good at acting." Gu Feifei smiled and said, "Tell me, how did you plan this?"

"Its simple." This was no secret, so Hong Dali said, "This Chosen One, Kong, was obviously guided here by someone purposely. The only one stupid enough to ask him to challenge us is that idiot Bei Yuanqing. Nobody else will point me out specifically. Furthermore, judging by what this Kong said, hes obviously a fighting fanatic. If you really fight him, he will continue to pester you even if you win. If you lose, thats making yourself upset for no reason. Hence, the best choice is to avoid fighting altogether."

"True." Gu Feifei nodded and said, "We just pretend to surrender because hes too strong. Since he came all the way only to realize that hes been fooled, hell hold Bei Yuanqing accountable after returning. Its not a good feeling to be used as a gun. That will be fun to watch, haha!"

Did winning or losing matter? No, the best choice was to reveal Bei Yuanqings schemes to Kong, so that he would realize that he was merely utilized as a pawn. Obviously, the Bei Family would have a lot to deal with now

"Alright, lets head back first. Stop sitting here, the ground is quite cold." Hong Dali patted his butt and stood up. "Right, are you still attending the matches after this? I find them quite boring"

"Its fine if I dont go. Stocks are still more fun." Trading stocks was addictive, especially as a banker. Hence, Gu Feifei was looking forward to continuing trading in the other dimension

Once the two of them returned to their seats, the other students were not too surprised about the lack of confrontation between them and Kong.

After all, Gu Feifeis reputation was not fabricated. No matter how powerful Kong was, he would not be able to defeat Gu Feifei. At the same time, it would not be wise to fight the Chosen One, as nobody liked trouble.

"Alright, since that episode is settled, the martial arts assembly shall continue." The Chosen One, Kongs interruption was not too severe. Hence, the Old Elder announced that the assembly would continue.

The participants resumed their battles below. However, the number one genius of the younger generation of Fire Dragons, Krishnata, stared at Hong Dali with an interested gaze.

She did not understand why Hong Dali and Gu Feifei chose not to fight. Obviously, it would not be difficult for Gu Feifei to defeat Kong.

However, both of them refrained from striking. This made Cutie Ke very confused.

After pondering about that for a long time, Cutie Ke finally made sense of the entire situation. This revelation instantly elevated her mentality greatly!

"Power isnt absolute. Intelligence is just as important. We cant be impulsive. If theres a smarter, better solution, dont resolve things with force." Cutie Ke mumbled. "I got it, I understand now! Hehe, I learned so much from Dali today!"

Thinking up to this point, she suddenly stood up. Her whole body emitted a mesmerizing soft glow.

"This this is" Cutie Kes actions instantly attracted the Old Elders attention. He was completely stunned. "She had a breakthrough? This kid, haha, no wonder shes the rare genius in our Fire Dragon race. She had a breakthrough under such circumstances. Amazing, impressive!"

"Krishnata had a breakthrough!" Ammutista suddenly stood up. "Amazing! This child can even have a breakthrough at a place like this. Impressive, indeed! Hurry, my child, go, go challenge her! This is a rare opportunity, dont miss it!"

After a breakthrough, most would have the urge to fight someone. However, this was also the best time to see how they achieved the breakthrough. If they had the chance to completely digest the new information, it would be difficult to decipher how they achieved the process.

"Understood!" Lethionsta instantly jumped into the arena and shouted towards Cutie Ke. "Cutie Ke, I want to challenge you!"

Another young dragon warrior, Leslieta, also looked towards Cutie Ke. "Cutie Ke, hurry and come on down so we can see what level youre at now!"

Cutie Kes breakthrough at this juncture attracted everyones curiosity. Hong Dali smiled and waved at her. "Cutie, congrats, you had a breakthrough! Remember to treat us to some good food when we get back, haha!"

It was a casual congratulation from him. However, Cutie Ke very formally bowed towards Hong Dali and smiled. "Dali, thank you. Without you, it wouldve been impossible for me to achieve the breakthrough."

Eh? What does that mean? I didnt do anything, right?

Maybe I got a new ability. Whoever I look at will get a breakthrough?

As everyone was feeling curious, Cutie Ke jumped lightly and smoothly entered the battlefield. She smiled at Lethionsta and Leslieta, then cupped her fists. "Thank you for training with me, I will try my best."

As the number one genius of the Fire Dragon race, although Cutie Ke looked cute, she was definitely no weakling. Lethionsta and Leslieta nodded seriously and said in unison, "Be careful!"

Although Lethionsta and Leslieta had a hard time seeing eye to eye, they were indeed both rather powerful.

When they fought in battles together, the result was often great.

At this time, everyone in the audience was staring at the three dragons on the battlefield. They were curious about how much Cutie Ke had improved because of her recent breakthrough.

After all, it was not easy for dragons to achieve breakthroughs.

"Make your moves." Cutie Ke nodded at the two of them. Then, she settled into a casual stance.

Lethionsta and Leslieta did not dare to underestimate the number one female genius of their generation. Their muscles instantly expanded. This was the Dragon races unique battle style that allowed them to access the hidden energy in their bodies.

However, Cutie Ke still had no reaction. Instead, she only waited for their strikes.

Ammutista and the Old Elder both held their breaths. They wanted to see the level Cutie Ke was currently on after the breakthrough.

"Be careful!" At this time, Lethionsta and Leslieta both rushed towards Cutie Ke. Strong winds were created as they wrung their fists at Cutie Ke from both left and right.

For the internal fights amongst the Dragon race, moves like Dragon Breath and Dragon Fire were not typically used. After all, everyone possessed these skills. Hence, competitions usually focused on body attributes.

However, today was obviously very differentCutie Kes breakthrough was not reflected through her body attributes!

While facing their attacks, Cutie Ke somehow managed to start pacing around. She moved like a butterfly, relaxed and confident. Although Lethionsta and Leslietas attacks were extremely ferocious, they could not even graze the corner of her clothes.

As she paced around, she could occasionally spot a weakness and throw a punch. However, one of them would immediately block the strike and launch a counter-attack. However, Cutie Ke would have disappeared from that spot, and all that was left there was her shadow.

After a while, Cutie Ke suddenly achieved some revelation. She moved away and smiled. "I understand now!"

She went on the offensive this time. However, things were very different now.

Cutie Kes actions were not too fast. Her punches were not too powerful either. However, all of her strikes were accurate and on-target. Within a few moments, Lethionsta and Leslieta each took over thirty punches.

Cutie Ke was merciful and did not utilize her full strength. Otherwise, these two would definitely be lying down now.

"Impressive!" Ammutista suddenly stood up! Cutie Ke was really not moving at a face pace. He managed to capture her every move. However, all her evasions were pinpoint accurate, barely enough to dodge the strikes. Then, her counter-attack was perfect. She threw thirty-one punches, and landed all thirty-one of them!

"Can this be the fabled Breeze-class Body Movement?" The Old Elder was stunned too.

The Dragon race was always known for its wildness and boldness. They relied on their body attributes, talent, and raw power. Rarely did they rely on their body movement skills and levels. However, this Cutie Ke somehow understood this fabled Breeze-class Body Movement skill?




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