Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 Big Haul

"Cutie Ke is pretty impressive, she managed to understand this Breeze-class Body Movement skill by herself." On the stands, Gu Feifei offered her compliments.

"Breeze-class Body Movement? Whats that?" Hong Dali asked curiously.

"One of the levels of Body Movement skills as summarized by the martial arts founders." Gu Feifei explained. "The first level is called Hurricane-class. It means that your movement is rapid and lightning-quick. Those on this level are known for their speed. Most of the warriors we meet usually are on this level."

"Hm, what about the second level?" Hong Dali asked.

"The second level is the Breeze-class Body Movement." Gu Feifei smiled and said, "It means that the warrior moves past you like a gentle breeze. Even though he may not appear that quick, you wont be able to touch him. On the other hand, he will be able to touch you."

That was easy to understand.

You could only accept being blown at by the breeze. However, you would never be able to actually catch it.

"The third level is called Windless-class." Gu Feifei continued, "Windless also means that they are everywhere at once. Wind is the movement of air. You can still track the direction of the airflow if there is movement. However, at the Windless-class, they are seriously impressive. Air stays still for them, yet they are everywhere at once. At this level, they can attack you from any direction, but you wont even know their location at all."

What the heck, so terrifying!

Hong Dali felt chills down his spine. The previous two levels were still fine. However, wasnt the third level basically invincible? Was there even anyone at this level?

"Feifei," Hong Dali asked, "do you know who has reached this level? Have you?"

"Im close, but not yet." Gu Feifei shook her head. "I can only be considered Breeze-class for now. I know that the head of the Hong Family, or your great-grandfather, is also close to the Windless-class. The heads of the Bei and Zhu families should be close as well. The others are quite far away. Oh right, that old Dean of our Divine College is close too."

Damn. Hong Dali finally understood how powerful Gu Feifei was. No wonder she could grab Bei Yuanqing by the head, and he dared not retaliate. They were on completely different levels, alright?!

Of course, quite a number of people knew about these three levels. When they saw that Cutie Ke had a breakthrough, they instantly cheered. "Cutie Ke, amazing! You had a breakthrough in your body movement skills. Good job!"



Everyone here was either part of the Dragon race or the Shenglong Royal Family. They had all seen the universe, as well as the geniuses. They were even sitting next to the undisputed strongest Big Sister of the Divine College, Gu Feifei. However, this Cutie Ke indeed exceeded everyones expectations.

"Haha, Cutie Ke, congratulations!" Lethionsta and Leslieta cupped their fists at the same time. "Didnt expect you to have a breakthrough to the Breeze-class Body Movement. You are amazing!"

It was not that rare for humans to have breakthroughs in terms of their body movement skills. However, that was nearly impossible for dragons.

It was the same reason why super muscular men were rarely agile like monkeys.

"Hehe, my luck is good." Cutie Ke smiled. She still wanted more. "How about we call a few more down to practice?"

This was a rare opportunity. Lethionsta and Leslieta instantly nodded in agreement and shouted at the audience. "Fadalista, Hirta, come down now for a few rounds!"

"Alright!" Two shadows rushed down. They were the two other geniuses of this generation. Since they knew that Cutie Ke had a breakthrough in the Breeze-class Body Movement skills, they brought their weapons along.

One longsword and one heavy metal spear, as well as a pair of giant metal hammers each over a thousand kilograms.

Lethionsta was the strongest here, so he went with his fists. Leslieta was the most agile, so he chose the longsword. Fadalista used the spear for the support role, and Hirta chose the hammers to impose pressure.

The weapons each had their uses. Although the Dragon race rarely relied on weapons, these things did not need much coordination to become effective when used together.

However, Cutie Ke was not worried at all about such a lineup. She smiled and joined the battle without saying a word.

Lethionsta used his fists and was the first to attack. The other three flanked to create pressure on Cutie Ke.

At first, these five people were caught in a wild fight. There was no coordination as they all started their individual attacks. Cutie Ke was not familiar with her Breeze-class Body Movement as well. Hence, it was tiring for her to take them on.

However, Lethionsta and the rest soon caught on. Hirta was responsible for the main attacks with her giant hammers. Leslieta provided cover with his longsword, while Lethionstas fists were used for additional firepower. Fadalista circled around with the spear to seek an opening.

This made Cutie Kes evasions much more difficult, as she felt an increased pressure.

Luckily, this was an internal fight amongst the Dragon race. Nobody looked to kill. Hence, there was enough reaction time left for everyone in the fight.

After a few dozen rounds, Cutie Kes movements became much more fluid. She had a much easier time evading attacks.

She recalled Hong Dalis method when facing Kong. He did not choose to fight fire with fire. Instead, he utilized his intelligence. After another few rounds, Cutie Ke suddenly smiled and employed a cheap shot in front of Lethionsta. As he laid a punch, Cutie Ke guided his fist to the right, where Leslieta was aiming with his longsword. As Leslieta saw Cutie Ke disappear, he realized that he was going to impale Lethionsta if he continued moving. Hence, he quickly withdrew his attack.

However, Cutie Ke made her next move. She directed Leslietas longsword towards Hirtas double hammers. With a loud sound, the sword and hammer clashed together. The longsword was instantly pulverized. By then, Cutie Ke went behind Fadalista and pushed him forward. Just like that, Fadalista fell onto Lethionsta. The two of them fell to the ground as they hugged each other.

Hirta had no time to react. Cutie Ke grabbed Fadalistas spear and faked Hirta out. As Hirta prepared to defend himself, he suddenly felt his hands go numb. Cutie Ke stole his metal hammers and spun them around like toys.

In the blink of an eye, the combined attacks from all four of them were resolved just like that.

The entire place was silent. Nobody could believe what they saw. Although none of the five people actually utilized their ultimate moves just now, the whole process was still mesmerizing.

After half a minute, everyone finally stood up and gave Cutie Ke an extremely loud round of applause. Countless young members of the Dragon race even shouted, "Cutie Ke, good job! Youre so amazing! I love you!"

"Cutie Ke, youre the best! Those moves just now were perfect. Stunning!"

Even the Old Elder was stunned.

"Cutie Kes moves were impressive." Gu Feifei nodded and exclaimed. "Thats a lot better than the normal Breeze-class Body Movement."

As everyone complimented Cutie Ke on her huge improvement, she suddenly turned around and smiled sweetly at Hong Dali. "Dali, thank you! What Ive realized just now is even more powerful than what I imagined! Hehe! Ill treat you to a meal when we go back!"

Hong Dali was confused and touched his nose. He wondered. "I didnt even do anything. Why do you have to thank me?!"

"I dont care, I just have to thank you!" Cutie Ke was obviously in a good mood as she smiled.

"Cutie Ke, your body movement is so impressive." Lethionsta and the rest walked forward and congratulated her. "Although we used to fall behind you, it was not as obvious as this. Looks like the gap between us has grown a lot wider. We have to train hard too after we go back. Otherwise, well be left behind by you."

Leslieta nodded in agreement. Then, he looked at Hong Dali in the audience and humphed. "However, no matter how you got your breakthrough, youre still a dragon. Youre not allowed to fall for that human Hong Dali! Even if you want to find a partner, you can only do so within the Dragon race!"

The other three people nodded ferociously.

Cutie Ke was not only talented but also pretty and cute. She was the perfect companion for countless young Fire Dragons. Hence, they all looked at Cutie Ke like a priceless piece of jade. If Cutie Ke fell in love with this human Hong Dali, they would probably all rage

"How how can I fall for Hong Dali?" Cutie Ke blushed. "Stop talking! You keep saying this rubbish." As she said that, she returned to the audience. The four of them were left there looking at one another. Nobody was sure of what Cutie Ke was thinking.

When Hua Yueling saw Cutie Ke return to the audience, she smiled and said to herself, "Seems like my little sweetheart has gotten a big haul again from this trip. The Chosen One, Kong, will definitely hold Bei Yuanqing responsible when he gets back. Furthermore, with such strong companions like Krishnata and Gu Feifei, his future seems very comfortable, haha."

Hua Yueling came because she was worried that Hong Dali would be in danger of the assassin Bei Shihui. However, she was much more relaxed now that she saw how close Hong Dali was with Gu Feifei and Krishnata.

Just then, a huge noise was heard. It came from someplace within the Fiery Abyss!

"Boom!!!" A giant explosion was heard from a hotel. Then, a shadow was catapulted from the smoke. He was in the air for over thousands of meters and was thrown straight towards the arena.

"Boommmm" He destroyed countless buildings along the way. When he finally dropped into the arena, he continued rolling on the ground for a few hundred meters.

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