Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Draw Two Buns

This man was dressed in blue armor. He was Hong Binhao, one of the people from the Hong Family sent by Hua Yueling to protect Hong Dali secretly!

This was a very sudden event. Nobody had the chance to react yet. Hua Yueling immediately hid. She chose to wait and see what would happen!

Just then, a shadow rushed over from the other side of the Fiery Abyss. It was Hong Weicheng, the other young warrior from the Hong Family tasked to protect Hong Dali!

"Binhao, what happened to you?" Hong Weicheng immediately helped Hong Binhao up. Although they had their quarrels and fights within the family, they were naturally allies when it came to common enemies like this. Hong Weicheng hurriedly asked, "Can you still talk? Who was it?"

Hong Binhao was a Fourth Order Star Sector-level warrior, after all. Although he was injured heavily, his life was not in danger. He opened his mouth with difficulty and said, "Its Bei Shihui from the Bei Family! Be careful!"

"As expected!" Hong Weicheng gritted his teeth angrily. "I knew that he was coming, I just didnt expect him to dare make a move so quickly!"

As Hong Weicheng was lying down in the Dragon races arena, Bei Shihui would never dare to come to finish him off here. Hence, Hong Weicheng rushed towards the direction where Hong Binhao was previously. "Wait here, Ill get revenge for you!" He instantly disappeared.

"Still too impulsive." Hua Yueling looked at Hong Weicheng as he left and shook her head. "However, this is normal behavior. If he doesnt get rid of Bei Shihui, he wont be able to rest easy. Its just that it wont be easy for him to find Bei Shihui with the Transformation Soul Stone."

After that whole debacle, everyone came forward. Hong Dali was in front and reached Hong Binhao first. "Are you part of the Hong Family?"

Since this person was probably someone his great-grandmother, Hua Yueling, assigned to protect him, Hong Dali was deeply concerned.

"Young Master Dali, be careful." Hong Binhao hurriedly said, "Dont get too close to me. That Bei Shihui might approach you!"

Bei Shihuis Transformation Soul Stone allowed him to turn into any form. He got to ambush Hong Binhao successfully by transforming into a strand of hair. Now that Hong Dali was making contact with him, only God knew whether Bei Shihui was nearby. If he managed to cling onto Hong Dali, the consequences would be dire.

"Oh no, sweetheart is going up to him!" Hua Yueling was nervous. She planned for Bei Shihui to attack the ones protecting Hong Dali first. However, now that Hong Binhao was heavily injured, if Bei Shihui found a way to get up close to Hong Dali

However, it was too late.

Bei Shihui had that exact plan. Once he successfully ambushed Hong Binhao, he immediately transformed into a small piece of magnet and attached himself to Hong Binhaos metal armor. Once Hong Binhao landed, he immediately left his armor and stayed on the ground, awaiting his opportunity.

Once Hong Dali approached Hong Binhao, Bei Shihui quickly attached himself to Gu Feifeis armor when nobody was watching!

The most dangerous place was the safest place. Nobody would think that he was attached to Gu Feifei!

"Its too late, Bei Shihui is probably on sweethearts body now." Hua Yueling was worried. "Forget it, there are no other ways. I have to protect my sweetheart secretly."

Although ability users could not use their abilities on Gu Feifei, they could still use their abilities if she was not the target of their attacks. Hence, Gu Feifei was unaware of Bei Shihui on her body.

"You are from one of the three big royal families, the Hong Family?" The Old Elder of the Fire Dragons, Anubreta, walked forward and hurriedly ordered his subordinates. "Bring him for medical treatment now. Use our best medication on him!"

As the head of the three big royal families, the Hong Family treated the Fire Dragon race well. Now that a member of the Hong Family was injured, they had to do something for him.

"Cough, cough." Hong Binhao coughed for a few times and spat out some blood. He said weakly, "Thanks. This Bei Shihui hit me hard"

"Feifei, hows his injury?" Hong Dali had little understanding of the severity of injuries, so he could only ask Gu Feifei. "He wont die, right?"

"Relax, he wont die." Gu Feifei was nonchalant. "How will Fourth Order Star Sector-level warriors die so easily. Hell be fine after half a month of rest. That Bei Shihui guy from the Bei Family will be troublesome to deal with though. He purposely launched your guy from the Hong Family here, so he definitely followed along. We just dont know where hes hiding."

"Oh, all good as long as he survives." Hong Dali was relieved and smiled. "Uncle, rest well first. Ill take a walk around."

"Young Master Dali, please be careful!" This Hong Dali was the prized jewel of the head of the family, so Hong Binhao hurriedly reminded him. "Dont go anywhere alone. This Bei Shihui guy is very troublesome."

"Hm, I get it." Hong Dali nodded. Then, he left together with Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke.

Once they left the crowd, they found a place to sit down. Gu Feifei asked, "Dali, what plans do you have?"

"Ah? Plans?" Hong Dali hugged his arms and thought for a while. Then, he suddenly smiled. "No plans. They already said that he can transform. Who knows what he transformed into? We wont be able to find him. Dont care about him. Lets play by ourselves. Oh right, Feifei, what time is it?"

Gu Feifei was no longer surprised by Hong Dalis behavior. She instantly replied, "1 PM. Whats up?"

"What else?" Hong Dali laughed. "Lets go, well continue to be bankers!"

1 PM. Was that not a good time to be bankers?! Gu Feifei, the huge stocks addict, instantly agreed. "Alright, lets go!"

Since they made a decision, the three one of them immediately returned to their temporary living place here. As they were from the same dorm in school, they also lived together here.

Hua Yueling, who was hidden in the distance, watched Hong Dali walk away. She frowned and said, "What is my sweetheart thinking? Hes not alert at all? Thats a little strange. My sweetheart isnt usually so clumsy." As she thought about that, Hua Yueling transformed into a light shadow and followed behind them.

Her body movement was very eerie as if she was a gush of an extremely gentle breeze. An imperceptible breeze.

No wonder she was named one of the strongest warriors in the Hong Family along with Hong Xingyu. Hua Yueling just demonstrated that she was at the peak of the second level of body movement skills. She was one step away from the Windless-class level!

Once she really entered the Windless-class, her presence would not be detectable at all.

Soon, they returned to their room. Hong Dali directly pulled out the Dimension Door. The three of them then prepared to head for the Enjoyment Dimension!

Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke were not surprised, as they had been there before. However, this was the first time that his servant grandpa, Demon King, came here. He was completely stunned!

"Dali, what is this ability?" Demon King looked at all the cars on the road and felt the seal on his Soul Energy. He was completely surprised. "You can open a Dimension Door directly?!"

After all, no matter how powerful a warrior was, he could usually only conquer his own dimension. However, this Hong Dali could easily summon a Dimension Door just like that?! Was the difference between the Devils Chosen One and the Chosen One so huge?! He had trained for tens of thousands of years, yet he was still confined to his own dimension!

This was not fair!

"Oh, the Great Prodigal System opened this Enjoyment Dimension just for me. Its not bad. There are side missions and rewards, I can use points to exchange for all kinds of good stuff, you know." After Hong Dali accepted three simple side missions from the System, he comfortably laid down on his sofa and exclaimed. "This place is really the best. All that fighting and killing on the other side isnt suitable for me"

Demon King was aggrieved and drew circles on the floor. "This isnt fair! It was so difficult for me to even take a single step back then! Just that time when I was stuck at the Demon Ancestor level, I took over 2,000 years to get over that. As for you? You can just exchange for all kinds of good stuff"

Hm, there was a very good saying: "When you compare people to people, one of them will die; when you compare one good to another, you will throw away one of them."

If you compared yourself to Hong Dali, you would just be asking for death

While the Demon King was feeling depressed, Gu Feifei already ran upstairs familiarly. She soon brought a laptop down and sat next to Hong Dali. "Dali, what shapes do you want to draw today? The market has been open for ten minutes now." As a stock addict, nothing was more fun in this world than trading stocks.

It was really entertaining to watch Gu Feifei draw using the stock graphs. Cutie Ke sat properly beside them and waited for the show to start.

"Today? Didnt I say this before?" Hong Dali smiled. "Draw two big buns!"

"No problem." Gu Feifei checked out the general trend. She suddenly frowned and said, "However, it wont be easy to draw buns today. The market is going downwards quickly. Seems like were due for a correction."

"What does that have to do with us drawing buns?" Hong Dali was completely out of the loop.

"Nothing much. We just have to spend more money to raise the share prices," Gu Feifei replied.

"Oh, more money, I thought it was something more serious" Hong Dali laid back down and prepared to enjoy the show

Hence, Hong Dalis plans to draw the two buns began.

After the previous ECG graph incident with the Thunder Shares, everyone awaited for this mysterious bankers next move. They all wanted to see another huge scheme to draw shapes using the stock graphs. Countless people even bought a few hundred lots just so they could buy low and sell high when the graph shape was predictable.

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