Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 Crazy

With that thought, everyone was full of anticipation.

However, after waiting for two days, the stock graph was still completely normal, so they were a little disappointed.

It was a coincidence that the stock index was undergoing a 4,500 point correction those two days. The stock market plunged. On the first day, it took a sharp dive of 4%, dozens of stocks hit bottom and a large number of stocks fell 7%-8%. Everyone panicked. It was especially bad in the afternoon. The stock market had opened high and everyone was cheering as it seemed to be finally picking up, but it started dropping rapidly again.

Countless stocks plunged, and after the dive from the previous day, panic had gained a foothold. The individual investors began to dump their stocks in an attempt to get out. Countless stockholders began clearing out all their stocks, declaring that the bull market had peaked. The people who had bought Thunder Shares were just there to join in the excitement. Hence, they did not sell but instead held on to their shares.

At 1:15 PM, when most of the other stocks in the market began to plummet, something amazing happened

First, someone realized that Thunder Shares had mysteriously recovered to the opening price somehow. It was rare for one stock to do so well compared to the others. Hence, they entered Thunder Shares main page and were completely stunned after just one glance

"Everyone, quick look. The Thunder Shares banker is making a move again! God, its going straight up, completely against the market trend!"

"Look, quickly. The mysterious Thunder Shares banker really likes to do strange things. The stock market has fallen so much, but Thunder Shares is skyrocketing. It has gone back to its opening price from -5 from before!"

The speed of information dissemination in the stock market was extremely fast. Within ten minutes, Thunder Shares had attracted the attention of countless people.

At this time, the stock market had already dived down by 56 points, and a large number of stocks had plummeted. While everyone watched, Thunder Shares showed a sideways trend. It really was sideways. Despite the fluctuations in the market, it remained stable! Then, the line started to rise straight up like a chive in spring!

A single red flower in the midst of the thick foliage had erupted!

Everyone was stunned! The stock market took a dive and yet Thunder Shares went against all trends and rose instead?! What was this?!

This was disaster avoidance! Many people began to test buying Thunder Shares. It was strange. Typically, when the number of people buying a stock increased, the shares would rapidly inflate. Thunder Shares was like a sponge. Regardless of how many people bought in, the trend graph continued rising steadily. Furthermore, it was a beautiful and smooth curve!

This was definitely the work of the mysterious banker!

Everyone had learned their lesson this time. This was pushing people into being buffers, they must not be fooled!

Then, everyone saw an amazing sceneafter the curve continued for about a quarter of a circle, it shot straight up!

What the heck? They were going against the trend and hitting the daily limit up! The stock market had dropped by 75 points and this share was going to hit limit up, they had to go after it!

This time, the crowd was not as calm. They started buying in. As a result, after the straight line rose by about two points, it turned and moved sideways

What was going on? First a quarter of a circle, then straight up, and then across

Just when everyone was still trying to figure out what it was, the line went straight and started moving downward again!

Damn! The investors could not remain calm this time

"What the hell is this banker thinking? What is he drawing this time?! Why cant I figure out what it is?"

"Yes, this banker is really weird. The last time it was an ECG. What is it this time?"

Then, everyone saw the line curve into a quadrant again after it had gone straight down. This time, the curve was downward

The eyes of the onlookers almost popped out. "What the heck? Thats impossible. The banker is drawing big boobs?!" "Insanity, this is insanity! The stock market is plunging and he is drawing big boobs is he trying to tell us something?!"

Sure enough, after this curve was done, it really was a drawing of big boobs. Not only that, but it also had two "raisins"

Everyone was ecstatic. To a shareholder, a dive following a market adjustment was something they feared. Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands could be lost in an instant. At times like this, everyone would be really down. However, this set of boobs made by Thunder Shares curve amused everyone and cheered them up

"Damn, only this banker has the ability and creativity to go against the trend. Im buying into this stock!" "This is fun. Anyway, I have already lost hundreds of thousands, Im not afraid to lose tens of thousands more. Im going to buy-in for the fun of it!" "Same here. Its such a major adjustment and yet this banker dared play the market like that. There will definitely be more fun to be had in the future. Im buying some too."

Just like that, the trading volume of Thunder Shares began to increase. Most people bought at least a few hundred lots just so they could join in the fun

Todays stockholders had experienced two extremes. They met the market adjustment and dropped a few points. They also hit the limit up after numerous people bought into Thunder Shares following the drawing of the big boobs

"Eh? Dali, these two big buns are quite worth drawing." Gu Feifei looked at the curve which rose quickly to limit up and laughed out loud. "The two big buns caused a big influx of funds and we actually hit limit up. You should have earned at least 20 million from this!"

Hong Dali bought hundreds of millions worth of Thunder Shares previously. This limit up earned him 10%. After deducting the money spent drawing the lines, he still made more than 20 million

"Oh, I made a profit. Not bad." Hong Dali went back to his room and took out his mobile phone, then started checking to see if there were any news in the past two days. As he looked, he said, "Twenty million, lets go out and spend it tonight. See if theres anything interesting happening. Speaking of which, its really inconvenient not having everyone around. This is a bit depressing." Hong Dali had always been responsible only for spending money. Ling Xiaoyi was responsible for all other things.

But now, everyone else was not here. It was very troublesome. However, this world was where he had originated from. He was hesitant to let Tang Muxin and the others know about his transmigration.

By right, such a good Enjoyment Dimension that was free of all worries should be enjoyed by everyone. But if they knew that he was a transmigrant

"System." Hong Dali thought for a while. After all, they were all his close friends. It would not be fun for him to be here alone. He decided to ask the System for assistance. "I want to bring my lackeys here. However, they will then find out about my identity as a transmigrant. Is there a good solution to that?" Well, it would be a pity if he did not ask the System for help with problems like this.

Sure enough, the System quickly gave an answer. "Given the hosts transmigrant identity, when bringing lackeys here, you can adjust their memories appropriately. This way, there will not be much resistance to the identity of the transmigrant. That means, they might be curious after they encounter something, but they will not question the existence of the Host."

Hong Dali took a deep breath, relievedas long as the others did not care about his identity as a transmigrant, nothing else mattered. As to the questions they might have about this parallel world, that was easy

"Alright, trading has stopped." At this time, Gu Feifei threw away the mouse, satisfied with the result. "Dali, what shall we do next?"

With help from the System, it was a load off Hong Dalis chest. He smiled. "Ah, dont be anxious. Let me see if anything fun is going on. En, lets go see what Han Songyang and the others are up to later."

When people feel relaxed, the next thing to do was go out and have a good time. Hong Dali looked at his phone18 missed calls, more than 60 new messages on Weixin

Woah, did something big happen?

He looked at the messages on Weixin first

Han Songyang: "Dali, the big baldy from Black Dragon Hall has been convicted. He is being closely watched in prison. I heard that the people at Black Dragon are very concerned about this matter. I found out from gossip that Black Dragon Hall has sent someone over to assassinate you. Dont go out alone."

Han Songyang: "Dali, the news is confirmed. Black Dragon Hall sent out a total of eight top fighters to look for you. Dont stay at the villa for now, in case they attack at night."

There were several more such messages, then there was one from the gorgeous Qiao Suyu

"Dali, the mother of that child has come to the hospital. She has been crying and saying that she wants to thank you. She was due and getting ready to go to the hospital when the big baldy barged into her house. He punched her, causing the baby to be birthed before it was ready, then he threw the baby away once it was born. At that time, she had fainted from crying too much."

"It seems shes very fond of the child. Although the father was a bad person, she said that she did not want her child to know about it. Right now, the child has regained consciousness and everyone likes him. He is really cute."

After that were some miscellaneous messages

Qiao Mingfeng: "Brother Dali, are you free these few days? Ask your bodyguards to teach me"

He was a martial arts fanatic. If there was a chance, he could have Feifei or Cutie give him some pointers.

Ye Xuanxuan: "Brother Dali, are you free to meet up? My family is in the hotel business. There are many rooms for you to choose from"

Sweat gathered on Hong Dalis forehead. He quickly deleted the chat log. If his Xinxin saw this, she would definitely kick up a big fuss

Anyway, there were two things that were most important at present. One was that Black Dragon Hall was preparing to get even with him. However, Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke were with him, and they could simply kill whoever they sent, regardless of the number.

The other was that the child had woken up. Although his father was not a good person, the child was innocent. Well, he would go to the hospital to see him first!



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