Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 Tragic Bei Shihui

"Lets go." Hong Dali stood up. "Lets go see the child in the hospital. Suyu said the child is awake and his condition is stable."

The last time they came, even Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke could not bear the sight of the pitiful child. Now that they heard that the child had come to, they hurriedly headed to the hospital to take a look.

Just as the three of them left, a strand of hair fell from Gu Feifeis collar and landed on the sofa.

This strand of hair was Bei Shihui, the strongest killer from the Bei Family, who had fused with the Transformation Soul Stone!

This was the Enjoyment Dimension. Hence, abilities related to Soul Stones could not be used. Hence, a tragedy fell upon Bei Shihui.

"What is this place? Why cant I transform? What happened?! How could this be?!"

Bei Shihui, who had transformed into a strand of hair, laid on the sofa. He was terrified. "Why cant I transform back to a human?! What should I do? What should I do? No! I dont want this to happen! My God, who can save me?! I want to go back! I want to go back!"

As he panicked, a cold mechanic voice sounded in his mind. "Warningunauthorized intrusion into the dimension without the hosts consent. Please leave within six hours. Otherwise, you will be directly obliterated. Current countdown: 5:55:36 seconds."

Whats that? Whos talking?!

Bei Shihui was shell-shocked. What spoke?! What leave within six hours? What directly obliterated?!

How do I leave?! How can I leave?!

Hence, the undefeatable Bei Shihui could only hear the timer counting down. The fear, the anxiety

Enough said.

On the way to the hospital, Hong Dali asked the Demon King Polygal, "Speaking of which, what do you think of this place? This should be your first time here?"

"This world is not bad." Although the Demon King was imprisoned by Hong Dalis Great Prodigal System, he could see everything Hong Dali saw. He replied, "A dimension developed by the Devils Chosen Ones System, its indeed different."

"Hehe." Hong Dali chuckled. "Is there anything you can do here? Tell me? I dont think you will be able to create demon artifacts here. What about others?"

"The people here are too weak. They are probably on the same level as the lowest-level monsters." The Demon King looked again. "But technology here makes it quite convenient. Theres nothing much I can do here. I could teach the two ladies following you something. I would need to borrow your body thoughIm just a soul. Since I cant talk, I can only borrow your body"

En, it was okay if he just wanted to borrow his body. Anyway, Hong Dali did have many abilities. He took good care of the people around him. If he could help Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke, it was naturally goodthis was the Demon King, his ability was a top-level existence in the universe. An ancient creature that lived for ten thousand years, if he could teach them something, wasnt that a good thing?!

"Alright, its set then." Hong Dali nodded. "If youre good to me, I will return your kindness tenfold. Just tell me if you have any requests. I will definitely help you if I can."

Hong Dali was very sure about this. He would never take advantage of others. Whoever was good to him, he would treat them even better!

"En, en, thats all I need to hear." The Demon King was actually quite touched. "At least you dont discriminate against me. Thats all that matters. En, Ill let you know if I need anything else. Just tell me when its suitable for me to teach them. Ill go and sleep first." Then, there was silence.

At the same time, the manager of Water Creek, who was also Hong Dalis designated driver, stopped the car and said, "Young Master Dali, were here."

The Second Hospital of Shencheng Medical University, the last time Hong Dali sent the child here, he transferred 50 million as sponsorship fee. This time, Hong Dali saw some workers unloading medical equipment. It seemed it was bought using his money.

En, no matter what, as long as the money was used in the right place.

It was a pity Ling Xiaoyi was not around. Otherwise, she could find out if there was any place worth buying. He was an orphan in his past life. Now that he returned here, he wanted to do some charityfor example, open another orphanage, then get the Demon King to teach the children some awesome beginner-level demon skills

Thinking in that direction, the children could later be sent to the military for further studies to become some sort of special forces. That sounded really cool.

Hence, as they walked into the hospital, Hong Dali asked the Demon King, "Demon King, are there any beginner-level skills? Those that can strengthen ones body to become masters of martial arts. It doesnt have to be heaven-defying. Just something for people to be stronger than others in this world."

"There is, but Im not sure if its suitable for people in this world to train." Speaking up to this point, the Demon King thought for a while, then quickly replied, "Speaking of which, theres a simpler way. But I need to borrow your body."

"En, tell me about it. How does it work?" Hong Dali asked.

"Arent you going to see the child?" The Demon King said slowly, "Ill use your body to touch him. Id be able to tell then. No matter what, youre the Devils Chosen One. Strictly speaking, we belong to the same camp. Youre quite good to me, I cannot be bothered to talk terms with you."

En, they both belonged to the Universe Devils side. In that case, their relationship did seem closer.

"Deal." With Gu Feifei and his Great Prodigal System backing him, Hong Dali was not afraid that anything would go wrong. He nodded immediately. "No problem. Just tell me what you need me to do when we get there."

After entering the lobby, there were still as many people as when he came last time. Hong Dali looked around and nodded. "Well, the basic facilities have increased. It seems the director is quite capable."

It was no wonder he said that. At least in the lobby, there were more convenience facilities than before. Of course, there were more people as well.

The last they were here, Cutie Kes Dragon Aura left a deep impression on the doctors. Especially Gu Feifeis physique

Soon, a nurse approached them, smiling. "Are you Young Master Hong Dali? Are you here to see the child? Please follow me."

"En, thats right." Hong Dali beamed. "Thank you, Sister Nurse. It seems there are more facilities here. Thats good."

"Haha, Young Master Dali, you flatter us." The nurse was very kind. "Young Master Dali did such a good deed the last time, in addition to the donations from the young masters and misses, news has gotten out and several TV reporters came over."

Hong Dali was famous now. Not only did he rescue the child, his donation to the hospital, together with donations from Han Songyang and the rest, naturally made it to the news.

"So-so." Hong Dali nodded.

The few of them took a special lift exclusively used by medical staff. As they talked, they arrived at the level where the child was recovering. The nurse said, "Were here. Young Master Dali, your friends have been taking care of the child. They have taken up all the rooms on this level. I wont disturb you further."

"En, alright. Thank you." After thanking the nurse, Hong Dali and his group entered and were soon discovered by Qiao Suyus brother, Qiao Mingfeng. He ran over excitedly, "Brother Dali, youre here. Haha! The childs condition is stable now. Everyone is waiting for you to celebrate!" Right then, he turned around and shouted, "Brother Dali is here. Everyone, quickly come and welcome him!"

En, this rascal would make a good lackey

"Brother Dali is here?" Hearing that, the rich heirs came out from the ward and greeted Hong Dali. "Haha, Brother Dali. Where have you been for the past two days? Weve been thinking of going to look for you. But you didnt even answer your phone.""Brother Dali, you drew that pair of big boobs this afternoon, right? It was amazing!""Thats right, its too awesome. I said that once Brother Dali shows himself, it would be impressive!"

"Dali, youre here." At this moment, Qiao Suyu made her way through the crowd. She smiled once she saw Hong Dali. "The child is awake. Hes very cute, quick, come and see."

Speaking of which, Qiao Suyu did not know what kind of feelings she had for Hong Dali either.

As a fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful lady who had seen much of life, Qiao Suyu would not easily fall in love with Hong Dali for his money. What she was more interested in was Hong Dalis kindness and easy-going character. He put her in a good mood.

"Hes awake?" It was most important that the child was awake. Before Hong Dali could go in, he was stopped by reporters who had gotten news that he came

These reporters had been waiting here for Hong Dali to show up for a long time. Now that he had finally shown up, they were all excited and desperately shoved microphones in front of Hong Dalis face. "Hello, Im Li Ming, a reporter from Sina Weibo. Are you Mr. Hong Dali?""Im Zhang Hai, a reporter from Netease News. Mr. Hong Dali, will you accept our interview?""Im Chen Li, a reporter from Tencent News. Can Mr. Hong Dali comment about saving the child and donating 50 million to the hospital?"

Such a large group of people blocking the way with endless yakking. Hong Dalis expression darkened. He turned around to look at Gu Feifei. "Feifei, can you throw these people out?"

"No problem." Gu Feifei did not resist such effortless requeststhe key was that it was really effortless

Hence, she grabbed the reporters by their necks and walked them outside the room and released them. The reporters fell to the ground with a plop

She picked two up at once and made two trips. When she returned to pick up more of them, the reporters had all run away as though they had seen a ghost. They hid outside, not daring to enter

"Its finally quiet" Hong Dali said viciously, "Who dares to come and disturb my mood, throw them out!"

The rich heirs all looked at Gu Feifei and shuddered.

Such a bodyguard was practically invincible! Envy!




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