Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 My Old Classmate

Having taken care of the reporters, Hong Dali finally entered the ward where the child was recovering.

The childs mother was present. She laid on the bed beside the child and was feeding the child with much difficulty.

Women usually practiced confinement after they gave birth. It was no exception to the childs mother. But this child was thrown down the rubbish pipe once he was born. The childs mother was so distraught that she almost tried to take her own life. Thankfully, she learned that her child was rescued and rushed over, ignoring the rules to keep during the confinement period.

When Hong Dali entered, the mother was coaxing her baby as she fed him. "Little sweetheart, drink more so you can quickly recover"

Little sweetheart. Just these words made Hong Dali feel like he did the right thing.

Just think, when great-grandmother and great-grandfather called him little sweetheart, how much did they dote and pamper him?

"You, you are Young Master Dali?" The woman turned to look when she heard the door open. She looked at Hong Dali with her face full of tears. "Thank you, thank you so much!" The woman was beautiful. She had a sharp chin, black shoulder-length hair, and a good figure. Although she had just given birth, one could tell that she was slim and attractive before.

She was simply very thankful, but when Hong Dali saw her face, there was a bang in his head! Then, he was furious! Enraged!

Because he actually knew this woman! Not only did he know this woman, he knew her very well!

Not only did he know her well, when he was in school, she had also accompanied him for three years! Not as a couple, but as classmates in high school, Xu Qingqing!

Hong Dali died and transmigrated when he saved two children from a car accident. On the other Earth, he returned again. It was like he had risen from the dead.

Seeing his old classmate, especially in this situation, how was it possible for Hong Dali to remain calm!

Xu Qingqing had helped Hong Dali a lot when they were in high school.

Hong Dali was an orphan, and although he was not looked down upon in school, he did not have many friends. Xu Qingqing was one of the few who was willing to talk to him. She took good care of him as well. The memories came back to Hong Dali briefly.

"Qingqing, can you teach me how to do this?"

"Ah? This is easy, you just have to do this do you understand now?"

"Dali, hurry up. I queued on your behalf. Hurry up, hurry up!"

"Im here, Im here. Hehe. Thank you. Otherwise, it will take me a long time"

During that time, nothing particularly thrilling happened. The two were best friends. Xu Qingqing always took care of Hong Dali like a big sister. Whenever Hong Dali encountered something unhappy, Xu Qingqing would be the first to comfort him and cheer him up.

It was no exaggeration to say that Xu Qingqing played a big part in his happy-go-lucky character.

Later, due to some family issues, Xu Qingqing did not go to university. She followed her parents to the south after high school. Who would have thought that when they met again, it would be under such circumstances?

Xu Qingqing was originally a cheerful big sister. In just two years, she became like this?

"You are you okay?" Hong Dali was distracted for quite a while before he managed to suppress his anger. He calmed himself and looked at Xu Qingqing. There was a lot he wanted to say, but he did not know where to begin. Finally, he asked gently, "You just gave birth and should be more careful during the confinement period. Otherwise, there will be repercussions."

"Im okay." Xu Qingqing looked at Hong Dali and sighed softly. Then, she replied faintly, "Thank you. Speaking of which, I have a classmate named Hong Dali too. I shared the same desk with him"

"Haha, what a coincidence." Hong Dali went near and sat beside her.

Although Xu Qingqing was feeding her baby, she was not embarrassed. Her face was glowing with motherly love. She looked at her child gently and said in a low voice, "Perhaps. Aye, my poor baby. See how much pain he is in. Hes whining as he drinks"

Poor lady.

The feeling between the two was strange. Typically, when a mother was feeding her child, men would keep their distance. But Hong Dali just sat down and Xu Qingqing did not object as well.

That feeling was just like when they sat together in high school.

Childhood friends, young and innocent.

"What exactly happened?" Hong Dali gently touched the babys cheek and said, "How did you end up with someone like that?"

"Its a long story." Speaking of the matter, Xu Qingqings eyes turned red. "My father is a compulsive gambler. Previously, our living conditions were considered quite good. But my father got cheated of more than two million. He even lost the house and his car and ended up with a one million debt.

"At that time, my family was desperate. My father was suicidal and my mother cried every day." Xu Qingqings voice became hoarse as she continued. "Tens of people hovered outside my house every day, fearing that we would run away. They forced my father to borrow money. Later, I found out from my father that they were from the Black Dragon Gang."

Prostitution, gambling, drugs were all vices, and anyone who got their hands in it would not be able to easily escape.

"And then? How did you end up with the bald guy" Hong Dali asked.

"Later, the bald guy who was supposedly the boss of those gangsters saw me." Xu Qingqing forced a smile and shook his head. "He said that if I was willing to follow him, although he could not write off the debt, he could give my family more time"

"And you agreed?" Hong Dali took a deep breath.

"What can I do if I dont agree?" Xu Qingqing smiled bitterly with tears flowing down her cheeks. "My family used to be quite well-to-do. Since my father lost everything, everyone avoided my family like a plague. We are just ordinary people, but the Black Dragon Gang is so powerful. There were only two choices for me. Either I agree, although humiliating, at least we have a chance of survival. Or I reject, and my family would have no way out unless we die."

"En, I understand." Hong Dali nodded. He did not have many opinions.

He understood Xu Qingqing.

The weak could not defeat the strong. She was a weak woman. What other choices could she have?

"Later, I became pregnant." Xu Qingqing slowly said, "I thought that although I was forced to follow him, if I had a child, perhaps he would become a better person. I always hoped that although he was in a gang, he should be at least humane. I didnt expect hehe. Sigh"

"I understand." Hearing up to this point, Hong Dali understood.

Because he knew Xu Qingqing well, she was such an optimistic girl. Although she had no choice but to follow the big baldy, she still hoped to get her man on the right track. He could only imagine the pain and grievances she had suffered during this period.

Children had always been the biggest binding factor for a family. With the addition of a child to the family, any slightly humane person would begin to put their family first before doing anything. Hong Dali was certain that Xu Qingqing would have said to the big bald guy for them to lead better lives together.

Who would have thought that the big bald guy would throw his own son into the rubbish pipe?!

"Its been hard on you." Hong Dali patted lightly on Xu Qingqings back and comforted her. "Its okay now. Just take care of the baby. I will settle the rest."

"Young Master Dali, no!" Xu Qingqing said anxiously, "Its not worth offending the Black Dragon Gang over my matter! They are all bad people. Dont put yourself in danger for me! As long as my little sweetheart is okay, nothing else matters. Young Master Dali, please dont offend the Black Dragon Gang. It is not something that can be settled with money!"

"Dont worry. I know what to do." Hong Dali smiled as he looked at Xu Qingqing. Then, he patted on his chest. "My heart is still warm. Dont worry about this matter. En, right, are you currently working? If not, can you help me with something?"

"Ah? Work?" Hong Dalis words confused Xu Qingqing. Finally, she shook her head. "I havent been working since I got pregnant"

"En, in that case," Hong Dali said, "I intend to open an orphanage. Come and help me. Ill give you a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan, food, and accommodation, starting from now."

"This how can I accept this offer" Xu Qingqing was shocked.

She did not expect that. This Young Master Hong Dali not only saved her child, he even gave her such a good job!

Ten thousand a month was the salary of an ordinary white-collar worker!

"Its set, then." Hong Dali stood up to leave. "Rest well. Ill come back and see the child." Before he left, Hong Dali said softly, "I will let Black Dragon Gang disappearcompletely."

At the same time, the Systems voice sounded. "Hidden Mission triggered: Your old classmate. Mission Description: Take care of your old classmate, Xu Qingqing. Mission reward: 20-50 Achievement points."

The mission was given, indeed. However, that did not cheer Hong Dali up.

It was extremely depressing to see his old classmate stuck in a situation like this. After the depression came the decision.

"Xu Qingqing, you took care of me when we were in school. This time, its my turn to take care of you." Hong Dali secretly decided.




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