Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Taking The Lead

After he left the room, Hong Songyang and the others could tell that Hong Dali was not in a good mood. They tactfully stood aside to make a path for him. Let Hong Dali find an empty room to adjust his mood.

When Hong Dali entered a special-class ward and closed the door, Han Songyang sighed and said, "Aye, I used to think that I was heinous. But compared to the big baldy, I think Im an angel."

Qiao Mingfeng nodded. "Thats right. Although we dont do many good deeds, we have never done anything so atrocious. Weve really broadened our horizons."

"Speaking of which," Han Songyang asked Qiao Mingfeng, "this Xu Qingqings character is quite good and pretty. Should we find her another boyfriend? Everything is good about her, but she has a child that will be tricky."

"Thats right." Qiao Mingfeng agreed. "Actually, I think Xu Qingqing is a good person. Her background doesnt matter. The key is that she has a child. Its impossible for my family to accept her. I dont dare to touch her."

What he said was true. Based on their backgrounds, Xu Qingqings family background was generally okay. They were not short of money. The key was the child. No matter how open-minded their parents were, they would never agree for their child to marry such a woman. If they could not marry her, wouldnt they be toying with her feelings?

As everyone was thinking about this, an unknown voice was heard. "That is the child that Dali saved here?"

Everyone turned around and was elatedit was Hong Dalis buddy, the one whom he grew up with, Xiaoyu!

"En, its Xiaoyu. Youre here at the right time!" Han Songyang welcomed him, smiling. "Dali is resting, he just went to see the child. You brought so many fruits. Are you here to visit the child?"

"Ah, Young Master Dali is a good man. We get along well." Xiaoyu nodded. "I should come and take a look, hehe. No choice, Im not as rich as you. So I just bought some fruit. Dont make fun of me."

"Hahahaha, what are you saying. Its the thought that counts." Han Songyang and the others laughed. "The child is inside and in stable condition. You can go in and see him."

"En, okay. Ill go in first." Xiaoyu entered the room.

At this time, Qiao Mingfeng suddenly touched his chin and said, "Speaking of which, Xiaoyu is quite a nice person. I heard hes a professional gamer? Aye, Old Han, how about we play matchmaker?"

"Thats a good idea." Han Songyang thought for a while, then his eyes lit up. "This kid previously professed his love but failed. This is a healing period for him. The same goes for Xu Qingqing. Both of them can comfort each other. To be a back-up man, is he up to it?

"Thats what I was thinking too." Qiao Mingfeng said helplessly, "This child had to be saved. But after he was saved, its quite troublesome as well."

Han Songyang concluded. "Forget it. Lets not interfere with their matters. Let them develop naturally."

On Hong Dalis end, he entered the special-class ward, laid on the bed, and sighed.

Xu Qingqings matter bothered him. Actually, he came to the Enjoyment Dimension to enjoy. To encounter such an incident put him in a bad mood.

"Kid, what are you thinking about?" The Demon Kings voice suddenly sounded. "You knew this woman, right?"

"En, my old classmate. We got along well." Hong Dali said calmly, "I didnt expect her to be in this kind of situation. Poor thing"

"Haha, thats normal." The Demon King felt it was normal. "Think about it, you said this was an Enjoyment Dimension, right?"

"Ah, yes. Thats right. Why?" Hong Dali asked, "Whats wrong?"

"Of course." The Demon King said slowly, "Enjoyment, what do you humans think is enjoyment? Spending money for enjoyments sake, doing whatever you want, are these enjoyments? Or does helping and comforting others make you happy and gives you enjoyment?"

"Aye? That makes sense." Hong Dali repeated what the Demon King said and suddenly broke into a smile. "I understand now. You mean, to make myself happy by helping others, that is what I should be considering, right? Although Xu Qingqing suffered previously, now that Im here, I can help her lead a better life. Thats all that matters. Right?"

"Haha, youre the Devils Chosen One, indeed." The Demon King praised him. "You understood at once. Actually, I thought carefully about this Enjoyment Dimension earlier on. This is an invincible skill."

Speaking up to this point, the Demon King paused for a while, then continued, "Think about it, you gain attribute points by squandering over the other side. Here, you use attribute points to exchange for money to gain Achievement points. Achievement points can then be used to exchange for top-grade equipment. This is an invincible cycle! Do you know how I became a warrior? It was painfully achieved by killing tens of thousands of demons! I killed countless powerful opponents in order to become the Demon King. At least ten thousand. And these were still the more impressionable ones. Lucky for you, you can enjoy in both dimensions"

The Demon King was indeed depressed.

How did he become the Demon King? He killed everywhere he went.

Hong Dali was lucky. Stress-free, having fun in both dimensions. Squandering over there, enjoying over here. In comparison, he wanted to kill himself.

"Thats enough, stop feeling sorry for yourself." Hong Dali smiled. "If theres a chance I will get you a body so I can let you out. But the prerequisite is that you cant do bad things after you go out. You have to be on my side."

"The Devils Chosen One is telling the Heavens Chosen One from the Demons that he cant do bad" The Demon King muttered. "The world has changed"

The two were talking when the door to the room was pushed gently open. Gu Feifei looked inside inquisitively and saw that Dali Hong was still awake. She quickly said, "Dali, are you done resting? Han Songyang and the others are waiting for you to discuss a matter."

As soon as he heard this, Hong Dali knew that the matter they wanted to discuss was definitely related to the Black Dragon Gangif it was about Xu Qingqing and her child, they would not be so anxious.

"Ask them to come in." Hong Dali nodded. "Im fine."

Once Hong Dali gave his approval, Han Songyang and his group of people rushed in. This time, they were all men, there were no women in the group. Obviously, it was not a wise choice for women to participate in strike teams against underground organizations like the Black Dragon Gang.

Among these people was a middle-aged man wearing a simple casual suit.

This middle-aged man was in his fifties and was very dignified.

After everyone was seated, Han Songyang spoke first. He introduced the men to Hong Dali. "Dali, this is the captain of the Criminal Police Force, Zhao Mingguang. After we killed that big baldy last time, Captain Zhao heard about what happened to Xu Qingqing and was very impressed. Since you are here today, Captain Zhao quickly made time to meet you and find out exactly what happened."

He was indeed from the Criminal Police Force. Look at his imposing manner

"Youre Hong Dali, right? Hello." Zhao Mingguang held out his hand first. "Pleased to meet you."

"Hehe, Captain Zhao, youre too polite," Hong Dali replied.

Zhao Mingguang was not a man to waste time. After a brief greeting, Zhao Mingguang looked at Hong Dali. "I will get straight to the point. The Black Dragon Gang is a very powerful organization. The Criminal Police Force has been after its leader for a long time. Unfortunately, we havent gotten the chance yet. I heard about Xu Qingqing. The Black Dragon Gang is getting out of hand. I came here today to see if you have any plans to deal with them."

This was a society ruled by law, after all. If the Black Dragon Gang was just up to minor mischief, they would be ignored, but they had gotten too cruel and gone too far. It had obviously reached a point where they could not be ignored.

It was understandable for Zhao Mingguang to come here.

"My plan is simple." Hong Dali stared at Zhao Mingguangs eyes and said grimly, "I want the Black Dragon Gang to disappear completely."

He wanted the Black Dragon Gang to completely disappear! Such arrogance!

Zhao Mingguang frowned and said, "We want the same, but the influence of the Black Dragon Gang is too wide, especially their leader. They are sly and have many hideouts. We even sent an undercover agent in. Unfortunately, he got found out Sigh."

The outcome of being found out while undercover as a gangster needed no elaboration. However, Hong Dali was very curious. No matter how powerful the Black Dragon Gang was, could they win against the state?

"They are powerful, so you dare not take action?" Hong Dali said curiously. "What kind of power does the Black Dragon Gang have that even the police have their hands tied?"

"Their core members are all outlaws. Most importantly, they have heavy weapons." Captain Zhao said forlornly, "If it were just ordinary gangsters, would we be afraid? The problem is that, according to the information we were able to obtain, they have at least 500 guns, 1000 grenades, and more than 100 rocket launchers. In addition, the leader of the Black Dragon Gang is a very cautious person. The real core members of the Black Dragon Gang are not by his side at all. They are all hidden in the major provincial capitals and spread throughout the three eastern provinces. This means that once one of their key members is caught by us, the others will immediately initiate a terrorist incident. Because of this, we have never had a particularly good solution. We do not want to jeopardize innocent people just to catch the criminals."

"You are so frightened by them?" Hong Dali asked. What was the police? They were dedicated to diffusing all kinds of dissent, and they were scared off by this?




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