Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 This Is Not Fair

"Haha. We have certainly tried." Zhao Mingguang smiled bitterly. "Last year, we once tried to encircle and annihilate the Black Dragon Gang. One of the Black Dragon Gangs core members was caught by us. We forcibly seized forty over firearms and thirty or so of their underlings. It can be described as a great victory!"

This was a good thing, but Zhao Mingguang seemed to indicate that something was wrong.

"So, then?" Hong Dali asked.

"Then? Hehe." Zhao Mingguang took a deep breath. "Then, there were dozens of incidents of adults rushing to kindergartens, slashing indiscriminately at people all over the country. Everyone should know about the things that happened during that period of time. Its effects were far-reaching and the consequences dire."

"Do you mean, those misdeeds were all done by Black Dragon Gang?" Rage surged in Hong Dali!

He was an orphan himself and cared deeply about children. Hearing that Black Dragon Gang had sent people to kill little children because one of their core members had been captured

"Otherwise, why would Black Dragon Gang still be running loose?" Zhao Mingguang lit a cigarette and offered one to Hong Dali. As he took a drag on the cigarette, he said, "We cannot jeopardize innocent people just to catch the criminals. The most annoying people are those who are not afraid to die. It makes things really hard as its very easy to accidentally hurt ordinary people. The Black Dragon Gang is a large group of people who have no fear of death. All of their core members are terrorists who have no qualms about running into a building with a bomb tied to their chests. So, when I heard that your bodyguard had killed big baldy Yan Hongye, I rushed here. One reason is to remind you to be careful of retaliation from them, the other is to see if you have any good ideas."

After hearing Zhao Mingguangs words, everyone was silent.

No one could stop gangsters who knew martial arts, especially if these gangsters were not afraid of putting their lives on the line. It was even more problematic.

If you dare touch me, it doesnt matter if I die. You will not get to live easy either. When the time comes, an unknown number of innocents may have to suffer too.

"It seems really difficult to deal with." Hong Dali frowned. Black Dragon Gangs total disregard for their own deaths came as a surprise to Hong Dali. He had thought that Black Dragon Gang was just a small gang with perhaps just over a hundred members. They would be exterminated once the police came. However, it was obvious now that this was not the case. This was precisely the reason why Hong Dali decided that Black Dragon Gang had to be completely wiped out!

They were already like this now. In the future, there may be many more like Xu Qingqing. That was not tolerable!

"Thats right." Hong Dali thought hard for a while, then suddenly asked, "Why did the big baldy Yan Hongye insist on throwing his child away?"

This question had troubled Hong Dali for a long time. After all, there was a saying that the tiger does not devour its child. Even if Yan Hongye did not plan to marry Xu Qingqing and settle down, surely there was no need for him to throw his own son away?

"I asked." Zhao Mingguang shook his head helplessly and said, "Yan Hongye did it because he wanted to become part of the Black Dragon Gangs core. There are 18 core members of Black Dragon Gang, known as the 18 Arhats. The one we caught previously was one of the 18 Arhats. Yan Hongye wanted to take over his place. In order to become one of the core members, its not enough to just not fear death. One has to be merciless and inhumane. The first requirement is that you have to kill your own child. Think about it, the true secrets of an organization are held by the core members. The requirements for becoming a core member must be high. But we did not expect it to be so high. Previously, I mentioned that we had sent in an undercover agent. That comrade was not afraid of death and was extremely good at fighting. However, he was stuck at this. The Black Dragon Gangs rules are that if you are unable to fulfill this requirement, you will be killed immediately. As for the rest, you should know without me having to say it. Sigh."

F**k. The Black Dragon Gangs level of cruelty was beyond his expectations. Hong Dali had thought that the core members were just unafraid of death. He did not expect them to be such people.

This was a prickly problem!

Characters like these were all the more prickly!

What was worse was that there were not only one of these characters, there were eighteen!

"The one you caught, did you manage to find out anything?" asked Hong Dali. It was good to have as much information as possible on the enemy. One of the 18 Arhats had been arrested. It was impossible that they did not interrogate such a key person.

"We did interrogate him. Unfortunately, we did not manage to get anything out of him." Zhao Mingguang sighed again. "The man died as soon as he was sent to the police. He committed suicide with drugs that were in a secret mechanism hidden in his teeth. Once he was arrested, he committed suicide. He knew that once he was convicted, it would be impossible for him to stay alive. Hence, he simply died instead. Just before he died, he said something. He said that his leader would definitely avenge him. After that, within a week, there were more than a dozen cases of children being hacked. Thats why we havent done anything since then."

They tried not to jeopardize innocent people just to catch the criminals.

Frankly speaking, the overall might of the Black Dragon Gang was nothing compared to that of the state. They were actually not even a match for the local police force.

The problem was that the members of the Black Dragon Gang were too inhumane! One had to kill their own child to become a core member. That was their own flesh and blood! Think about it, if they could kill their own child, what about other people? They would have even fewer reservations, right?

Their strategy was very simple. They were not afraid of getting besieged. If they were attacked, they would kill civilians! There was no need for any special plan. They would simply go to kindergartens or set fire to public transport. They would destroy places that were unexpected.

If they did it once or twice, the police might still dare to go after them. But eight times, ten times? Who would dare fight it out with them?

"Its really hard to deal with." Hong Dali nodded and then sighed. "It seems that there is no use in telling the police if we want to annihilate them, mainly because you have too many other factors to consider."

"Yes, so I came here today mainly to find out what you are thinking." Zhao Mingguang said, "I also sent someone to protect you secretly. After all, the power of the Black Dragon Gang has increased in recent years and their need for revenge is extremely strong. However, you have an advantage over our police. That is, if they fall to you, they will not take revenge on civilians. This is also the best opportunity to deal with them now."

He was right. The Black Dragon Gang would try to get revenge after being besieged by the police. That was to force the government agencies to leave them alone. After all, the power contrast was too disparate.

It was different when it was against another civilian. If they lost, they only had themselves to blame. If they retaliated against other civilians because of that what was the use?

"Yes, hehe. This makes things easier." With this, Hong Dali was confident.

As long as Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke did not encounter a large army, ordinary hooligans, even dozens of them, might not be a match for themafter all, their skills were not just for show.

"In this case, I have a request." Hong Dali looked at Zhao Mingguang and smiled. "I hope you can cooperate with me and give me free rein. You just have to clean up afterward. Of course, it doesnt matter if you dont clean up, I can try to deal with things as cleanly as possible so as not to cause too much public outcry."

"Yes, no problem. Everybody who is anybody in Black Dragon Gang has blood-stained hands. Honestly speaking, I wish I could execute them and shoot at them for ten whole minutes." Zhao Mingguang gritted his teeth. "Unfortunately, I dont have the chance. However, its quite possible that you will be able to help us get rid of them, Dali. After all, I have heard about your bodyguards abilities. If you deliberately bait them and clean them up little by little, there is hope. Tell me, what do you want me to do?"

Now that they had a rough strategy, it was time to get into the details.

Hong Dali said slowly, "The Black Dragon Gang people could attack me anytime, anywhere. It is uncertain. What is certain is that when they do make a move, it will be found out and likely end up on the internet. It will be hard to clean up after that. So, I need your help to get rid of this problem. At least, make sure that its not reported by the news or anything."

"Just control the situation, right? No problem." Zhao Mingguang nodded immediately and agreed. "Anything else? Do I need to arrange for some plainclothes policemen to protect you?"

"No, you will be in trouble if the Black Dragon Gang finds out about them." Hong Dali shook his head. He thought for a while, then suddenly said, "You can arrange a messenger for me. I will put on a show tonight!"

"Okay, no problem!" Zhao Mingguang set out immediately. "I will get a computer. The Black Dragon Gang has probably gotten people to follow you. We should use video-calling to arrange the details. If we send people here, we will get found out easily."

"Okay." Hong Dali laughed and said, "Thanks, Chief Zhao."

Soon, Zhao Mingguang left to make the necessary arrangements. At this time, Hong Dalis Great Prodigal System issued instructions too. "Hidden Mission: Black Dragon Gang continuation. Mission Requirements: Annihilate one of Black Dragon Gangs core members, four red Rod-level fighters, eleven underlings. Mission Reward: 80 Achievement points."

Yes, not bad. He could rid the people of a menace and get Achievement points in the process. This was the effect he was after!

Before Hong Dali came over this time, he had 270 achievement points and spent 200 points for two pieces of the Eternal suit. The three side missions this time were nothing more than making friends and helping others. Two had been completed, and one was left. Which meant he had 90 achievement points. Including the 20 to 50 points from taking care of Xu Qingqing and the 80 points from this, he would have 200 points at the end if all the missions were completed. This was amazingly fast!

Even the Demon King imprisoned by the Great Prodigal System could take it no more. He said dejectedly, "Is this the difference between a real son and a godson? This is not fair"

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