Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Fate

Zhao Mingguang soon returned with a laptop and logged into his QQ account. He then took out his phone and made a call. "Hello, is this Chief Wang? Hm, yep, its me, Old Zhao. I need to talk to you about something, are you free? Log into your QQ now. Its quite important."

After he hung up, Zhao Mingguang sent a video request to a profile named "Bright and Righteous". He introduced him to Hong Dali. "This is the Vice Chief of the District Police Department. Ill assign him to discuss the specifics with you about recent operations."

"Alright." Hong Dali nodded.

Soon, the call was connected. A middle-aged man dressed in a police uniform appeared on the screen. He had thick brows and big eyes and was balding slightly. He asked, "Captain Zhao, whats so urgent? Are there any new orders from the top?"

"Quite important. However, its not from the top. I actually want to ask you for a favor," Zhao Mingguang smiled and said.

"I see. Tell me, whats going on?" Wang Mingyang replied. "Isnt it better for me to go there if theres a new mission? Why all the secrecy? Oh right, who are all these young people? Your relatives?"

"No, theyre impressive young people." Zhao Mingguang hurriedly explained. "Have you heard about the big news in our city recently? The first is about the baby who was thrown into the rubbish chute. The second about a young man donating fifty million yuan to a hospital. The third about the top-ranked fighter, Yan Hongye, from the Black Dragon Gang crippled after a fight."

"I know. Id be an idiot if I didnt know that, right?" Wang Mingyang was surprised. "Youre saying that this young man was related to all three incidents?"

Hong Dali touched his nose. This guys brain worked pretty fast

"Yep, not only related. He did all that." Zhao Mingguang smiled and said, "Hence, Im contacting you today to ask you to cooperate with him for the time being. Our main Criminal Police Squad will protect you from the dark. Our target is the Black Dragon Gang. I didnt call you here as that may expose the relationship between the two of you."

"This is indeed quite important. However, if you ask me to cooperate with him" Wang Mingyang frowned. He looked at Hong Dali with distrust. "Will it work? No matter what, he seems a little too young"

After she heard that, Gu Feifei instantly laughed out loud. She exchanged funny glances with Cutie Ke.

Hong Dali was indeed young. However, he had probably experienced more than almost anyone else.

"Whether itll actually work depends on Dalis arrangements." Zhao Mingguang looked at Hong Dali and said, "Dali, tell Chief Wang your plans. He will try his best to work with you."

"Oh, sure" Hong Dali asked Gu Feifei to guard the doors and explained his plans. "Ill go over to your side later. Send some guys out. Then, Ill ask Han Songyang to contact an acting crew"

Then, he explained his plan step-by-step. After he was done, Wang Mingyang frowned and said, "Isnt this fooling around too much? Our target is the Black Dragon Gang. Lets not mention whether theyll fall for the trick first. Even if they do, can you guys handle them? Dont put yourselves in danger. Thatll be troublesome."

"Its fine." Hong Dali smiled and said, "Relax. A few dozens of them wont be an issue."

"This" Wang Mingyang was still a little hesitant. Finally, he reluctantly agreed. "Alright. Since youve made up my mind, Ill play my part too. However, Captain Zhao, lets agree on this. If this doesnt work out, lets not involve any outsiders in future plans regarding the Black Dragon Gang. If there are any leaks, the consequences will be severe."

"I know." Zhao Mingguang nodded. "I feel like theres a huge chance for Dalis plan to succeed. Its worth a shot."

"Hm, Ill make some preparations then." Zhao Mingguang nodded. There was nothing else for Wang Mingyang to say, so he disconnected from the video call.

"Captain Zhao, theres something I forgot to mention." Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "When we capture them, if only the minions are left, we should release them all."

Release all of the Black Dragon Gang members that they painstakingly caught? Zhao Mingguang was stunned. "Release them all?"

"Release them all." Hong Dali smiled. "I guarantee that itll be effective."

"Fine. Ill listen to you this one time." Zhao Mingguang nodded. "If your plan really works, Ill listen to you! Im willing to risk everything to get rid of the Black Dragon Gang! Since theres nothing else, Ill go back and make some arrangements now. You should prepare too."

"Yep, sure."

Soon, only Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke were left in the room. Hong Dali gave them the instructions. "Lets do this tonight. You two can properly beat up people this time. There wont be any issues!"

"Alright, no problem." Gu Feifei nodded and smiled. "These scums. Id love to clean them up."

"Its a shame I cant transform into a dragon here" Cutie Ke was a little depressed. She really wanted to transform back into her dragon form and burn down the entire Black Dragon Gang with her Dragon Breaththis Black Dragon Gang had the word "Dragon" in their name. However, they were so cruel and ruthless. She could not tolerate that!

Demon King was extremely envious. "Your missions to get rewards are so easy. Such a simple mission will give you eighty Achievement Points. F**k. I almost died fighting for an elixir that grants 100 years of training experience. Look at you. An elixir that grants all attributes +100 points only costs five Achievement Points. You Demon Chosen Ones have it so easy"

"Dont focus on the details" Hong Dali curled his lips. "Relax. Youll get your benefits. Oh right, are there any techniques or manuals suitable for Feifei and Cutie you can write out? Hm, I have to check on the kid. I wonder if your Demon race techniques can be used by humans?"

"Hm, lets go take a look first."

So, Hong Dali went to check on the rescued baby.

Xu Qingqing was still in the confinement period. She was exhausted and had fallen asleep. Hong Dalis best friend since young, Xiaoyu, was playing with the kid.

"Eh, Xiaoyu, youre here?" Hong Dali was a little surprised. "How long have you been here? Why didnt you let me know?"

"Ah, I havent been here long." Xiaoyus blushed a little. "I heard that you were resting, so I didnt want to disturb you. I came to check on the child. Sigh, what a shame, shes such a good girl. Sigh" As he said that, he stole a glance towards Xu Qingqing.

Actually, Xu Qingqing looked pretty decent. Hong Dali thought that she was definitely an 80 or above. However, as she just gave birth, her body was a little out of shape. There were no other major flaws. The most important thing was that Xu Qingqings personality was indeed suitable for a good wife and mother. She would definitely be loyal and support her husband. As for Xiaoyu, he was both single and an orphan. The two of them would make a good couple. The only uncertainty was Xiaoyus attitude towards the child

"Xu Qingqing is a good girl. Its a shame that she went with the wrong person." Hong Dali sat beside the baby bed and smiled as he looked at the little guy. He innocently said, "Actually, I originally felt that the two of you would make a great couple. Its just that with the extra kid now"

"Ah? I wont dare to say that." Xiaoyu shook his head and said, "Xu Qingqing is a good girl. She had no choice in this whole debacle. Im not good enough for her. Although I claim to be a professional player and have a cool life, I dont really have anything. I have no money and no looks. I dont even have any parents. Itll be a waste of her time if she ends up with me."

Judging by his reaction, there was hope.

Hong Dali smiled and said, "Thats not a big deal. Just work hard. The key thing is this child. Aiya, sweetheart, let daddy hold you. Look at this tiny hand"

He then gave Demon King the orders. Soon, he felt that he lost control of his hands. In fact, he lost the touch sensation completely. However, apart from his hands, everything else still functioned normally. He heard Xiaoyu say. "The child isnt a big deal. I can just think of him as an adopted orphan. Am I not an orphan? Was my dead best friend not an orphan?" As he recalled that, he suddenly smiled. "Its actually quite a coincidence. My dead best friend was desk mates with Xu Qingqing. Sigh, is this fate"

"Pffft" Hong Dali instantly laughed after he heard what Xiaoyu said.

Fate. This was probably real fate.

Xiaoyu was a good person. A kind-hearted good person. Xu Qingqing was a good girl too. Kind and gentle, definitely a good wife and mother. Although they both had a rough past, if they ended up together, that might be a good thing.

As for the kid, since Dali was here, he would certainly have a good life.

"Since youve said that, what else do you have to worry about?" Hong Dali smiled and said. "Take care of her and the kid. You dont have to worry about anything else. Ill take care of them for you."

"Youre too kind." Xiaoyu scratched his head shyly. "Thatll be so troublesome for you"

"Not at all. I should do that. A good deed will not go unrewarded." Hong Dali smiled and stood up. "Alright. The two of you can stay here for the next few days. Look for me if you need anything. Its time for me to go back now."

Xiaoyu definitely thought that a Young Master like Hong Dalis time was worth a few hundred thousand yuan per minute. He did not dare to waste time and hurriedly nodded. "Alright, please dont worry. Ill take care of her."

Once Hong Dali left the ward, his hands regained sensation. Hong Dali asked the Demon King, "So? Can the humans here train with your manuals? They dont need to become superheroes, just strengthened bodies."

The System mentioned that he could not alter any basic stuff here that affected the human race, like the level of technology. However, some body-strengthening training manuals should be fine. After all, martial arts existed here as well. Hong Dali understood these boundaries.



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