Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Theres A Soul Stone Here

"Theoretically, no problems." Demon King smiled. "The real issue is about compressing the effects of the training manuals. As you are aware, Im the Demon King. I only possess knowledge about the top tier stuff from the Demon race. The beginner stuff is worthless to me, but those should still be enough to allow someone in this world to lift thousands of pounds of weight by themselves. However, if they gained that kind of strength, this world will be altered greatly. Your Great Prodigal System probably wont agree to that."

The Demon Kings soul had exchanged plenty of information with the Great Prodigal System as he was stuck in Hong Dalis head. As the Chosen One, the Demon King knew that Demons Chosen Ones had plenty of restrictions. Hence, he had to seek clarifications on plenty of matters. If he made a mistake, this lucky guy Hong Dali might still be fine as he was treated like a prized possession by the System, but he himself might not get so lucky

"I want the worst, the most rubbish, lowest-level one!" Hong Dali made his decision instantly. "Ill fight you if you give me a good one!"

"No need for you to fight me. The System wont spare me." Demon King ran away again. "You should go settle your matters first. I want to see if there are any suitable manuals. Sigh, I have really high-tier ones. However, the worst and most rubbish ones, those will be hard to find"

On the other side, a normal rental flat within the Water Creek area.

This was an ordinary daily rental room that cost fifty yuan per day. There were eight people gathered here now. They stared at Hong Dalis villa as they drank beer and ate barbecued skewers.

The leader was someone around 32 years old. He was dressed in a tight black t-shirt, revealing his strong pectoral muscles. He had a crew cut and a vicious-looking black dragon head tattoo around his neck.

These people were the fighters sent by the Black Dragon Gang to exact revenge against Hong Dali. Their leader was one of the Eighteen Arhats from the core of Black Dragon Gang, Leopard Head Zhou Mingfei!

Amongst the other seven guys, four of them were high-ranked fighters and three were insignificant minions.

"Master Zhou, Hong Dali isnt back yet." A minion stared at Hong Dalis villa through some binoculars. "I wonder when hell be back. This is getting really frustrating."

"We cant move during the day anyways. Well have to wait till night time." Zhou Mingfei played with his phone as he ate. He was flirting with girls on Weixin. "Hey beautiful, wanna chill?" Although he was a core member of the Black Dragon Gang, Zhou Mingfei also fell in love with an activity named "chilling" after he started playing around with Weixin.

"Master Zhou, Yan Hongye is supposed to be a good fighter. Four or five tough guys wont be a threat to him at all. Why did he suffer such a horrible defeat this time?" A high-ranked fighter asked curiously.

"Anything can happen to you in this society." Zhou Mingfei did not find it strange at all. Instead, he mocked. "What age are we in now? The high-tech age. Who still uses their fists when they can use high-tech gadgets? Prepare all your guns with silencers. Listen up. When the target appears at night, well head over. This Hong Dali can afford such a villa, and his bodyguard is supposedly incredibly strong too. He probably has some background. Dont kill him with one shot. Just cripple him by shooting him in the leg."

He had a bodyguard and he could buy a villa without even blinking. Naturally, they expected him to have some background.

Hence, even though the Black Dragon Gang was arrogant, Zhou Mingfei did not decide to go for Hong Dalis life, so as to prevent a messy situation.

"Understood, Master Zhou." The subordinates all nodded. "Well just teach him a lesson this time and make sure he knows how powerful the Black Dragon Gang is, right?"

"Thats right." Zhou Mingfei smiled and said, "Hes not a cop, so we dont need to risk our lives for this. Furthermore, theres no need to escalate matters just for this Yan Hongye. Right now, our Big Brother has some unwritten agreement with the cops. If we dont let things get out of control, theyll close an eye towards us. Hence, you should all control yourselves. Our lives are pretty comfortable right now. No need to risk it all."

"Alright!" His subordinates all laughed sinisterly. One of them pandered. "Oh right, Master Zhou, I heard that there are two girls by Hong Dalis side. One of them is a big strong fatty, and the other one is a little girl. Shes quite pretty. Later on"

"Dont worry. Ill go first." Zhou Mingfei smiled dissolutely. "When Im done, Ill pass her over to you all. Come, come, lets cut the bullshit first. Fill up your stomachs so that we can work well tonight! Oh right, what did our brothers tailing him at the hospital say?"

"They havent seen him leave yet."

"Well need to wait for a long time. Come, lets drink."

"Times passing by so slowly." Inside the hospital, Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke were so bored as they laid down on the sofa.

Hong Dalis plan was arranged to perfection. Now, all they had to do was wait.

"Tolerate for a while. I promise a good show later, hehe." Hong Dali smiled and said, "Definitely a good show! I guarantee that they wont even know how they end up dying if they dare to fight with me!"

"Alright. Judging from the current situation, your plan is quite well thought out. Things should be fine." Han Songyang thought for a while and smiled. "It should be fun to watch later. Ill make some arrangements now."

Inside Hong Dalis villa.

Bei Shihui watched as the countdown continued. He screamed at the top of his lungs. "Whats going on? What the hell is going on?! No! What is this? Will I really be annihilated? Wheres that voice coming from? Why cant I transform back?"

He tried his best to scream. However, he was a strand of hair right now. What good would screaming do for him?

Six hours was neither a short nor a long time. After the final second passed by, the strand of hair that Bei Shihui transformed into gradually disintegrated. Bei Shihui soon lost consciousness and died completely.

After the strand of hair was completely disintegrated, a small, glittery red stone appeared on the sofa.

Transformation Soul Stone!

Actually, Bei Shihui was quite pitiful. He was probably the first person to be annihilated by the System

Time went by slowly. At around 9 PM, within the Water Creek residential area, a Black Dragon Gang minion suddenly shouted. "Master Zhou, there seems to be a change in the situation!"

"Ah? A change in the situation?" Zhou Mingfei asked strangely. "What? Any news from the hospital? Dont care about that. We have so many brothers around. Well get him no matter where he goes. What are you so afraid of?"

Zhou Mingfei was calm. Nobody could run from the Black Dragon Gang.

"No, no, its a lot of cops are here!" The minion gulped. At the same time, rapid wailing sirens could be heard from outside the window!

"What the f**k. Have these cops still not learned their lessons?!" Zhou Mingfei was both surprised and enraged. He threw down his cup and jumped up to look outside the window. "Prepare the encrypted phone for me now. If the cops are here for us, report to Big Brother immediately!" The blinding red lights on the police cars made him hold his breath. He soon started sweating profusely.

Core members of the Black Dragon Gang all had encrypted phones so that they could contact their Big Brother immediately once they realized that something was off. This was to prevent them from being picked off one by one. Once their Big Brother received a call from them, they would immediately begin plotting for revenge. This was a strong deterrence to the police.

However, no matter what, there was no way he could survive if they clashed with the police.

His minions knew that the situation was dire and prepared the encrypted phone. However, as Zhou Mingfei continued to monitor the situation, he felt a little unsure. "Hm? What the hell is going on here? Theyre not here for us?"

Zhou Mingfei frowned and carefully watched from behind the curtains. A few police cars entered the estate and drove towards Hong Dalis villa. However, that was not the strange thing. The strange thing was that a few business cars followed behind the police vehicles. They also parked close to Hong Dalis villa.

"Whats the meaning behind all this?" Zhou Mingfei was confused. "They surrounded the villa before we even went in? No matter how trash the cops are, they shouldnt be making this kind of mistake, right?"

Then, he was even more confused.

A huge crowd exited the business cars. They all carried professional film-making equipment such as cameras, reflectors, and microphones. A few people were dressed like robbers and walked in through the villa gates directly. After a while, the cops exited their cars too. A young man walked with a tall and fat woman, as well as a red-haired young girl. They were obvious to spot.

"Can that be Hong Dali?" Zhou Mingfei instantly understood when he saw the three of them. "Theyre just as described. Im not so certain about the others, but theres no mistaking that female bodyguard. You cant find anyone else who looks like that!"

Hm, Gu Feifeis body type was indeed easily identifiable. That was for sure

"Ah, let me check out the house first." Hong Dali brought Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke around the house to check for any forgotten itemshe did not care about money or anything like that. Instead, he was worried about being accidentally exposed for high-end stuff he brought over from the other world. That would be troublesome. As expected, he did not even make it a few steps into the house before Cutie Ke pulled on his sleeves and secretly pointed to the sofa.

"Eh? This stuff looks familiar" Hong Dali looked around curiously and picked up the stone from the sofa. He held it in his hand before asking strangely, "This looks like a Soul Stone. Why did it appear here?"

As he said that, he looked at Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke. "Which one of you brought it here?"




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