Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Cops And Crooks

"Who can carry this and run around the entire world?" Gu Feifei pouted. "This Soul Stone may belong to that Bei Shihui. Cant he transform? Maybe he stuck himself on you and came here, but met his tragic end instead."

"That works too?!" Hong Dali opened his mouth and stared at the Soul Stone. "So tragic? I didnt even think about that before. This guy really has horrible luck Cutie Ke, do you have a Soul Stone? If not, just take it."

He threw the Soul Stone at a shy Cutie Ke. "Dali, how, how can you do that? If this really is Bei Shihuis Transformation Soul Stone, its worth a lot of money."

Gu Feifei asked curiously, "Arent you missing a Soul Stone yourself? Why dont you use this?"

"I cant fuse with Soul Stones. My body conditions." Hong Dali shrugged helplessly. "Otherwise, I wouldve fused with one a long time ago. Why would I bother to wait till now?"

"Oh, I see." Gu Feifei nodded and looked at Cutie Ke. "Keep it. This prodigal is filthy rich. He wont be missing a Soul Stone."

"Oh right, dont fuse here." Hong Dali reminded her. "All abilities are sealed here."

"Al alright!" Cutie Ke instantly agreed. And so, this Bei Shihui that troubled all the big families in the Shenglong Royal Family just mysteriously died here on Earth. Furthermore, Hong Dali obtained his Transformation Soul Stone

Why else did everyone say that Hong Dali had the best luck ever

"Dali, how are you? Any problems?" Han Songyang walked in slowly and smiled at Hong Dali. "If there arent any issues, lets start now?"

"Oh, lets wait for a while." Hong Dali was on high alert now that he found the Soul Stone. He hurriedly inspected the entire house and kept everything from the other world. "No problems. Lets go!"

Since Hong Dali the owner said that there were no problems, it meant that there really was no problem. They then started the performance.

Soon, Hong Dali and other irrelevant people all exited the villa. Then, all the police cars and robbers got in place. The show was about to begin!

All the robber actors hid. The cameras were turned on, followed by the sirens from the advancing police cars. Then, the police cars suddenly braked hard, and messy footsteps were heard as policemen exited their vehicles. Soon, a voice amplified by a megaphone was heard. "Listen up, all those people in the house. You have been surrounded"

"Whats going on?" Zhou Mingfei, who was in an apartment not too far away from the scene, was completely stunned. "Theyre filming a TV series about cops and crooks?!"

This time, Zhou Mingfei was no longer afraid. He opened the curtains and looked outside. He saw police cars lined up in front of Hong Dalis Villa. There was also an anti-ballistic vehicle designed for the Special Forces police division, the SWAT Team!

"Black hoods!" Zhou Mingfei was completely thrilled. It turned out that he saw some SWAT Team operators wearing black suits and black hoods! They were all taking aim with their weapons from behind the police cars and anti-ballistic vehicles.

"It looks that this is a huge crime-fighting blockbuster." Although Zhou Mingfei was a heartless and ruthless core member of the Black Dragon Gang, he still felt excited watching this scene.

This was the SWAT Team, after all! It was rare to actually spot them like this. Usually, Zhou Mingfei would be fighting for his life when he encountered them. However, today was very different. It was truly shocking to see their black hoods at night against the flashing police lights, especially when that scene was combined with all the cameras and lights.

More importantly, Zhou Mingfei and the rest of the Black Dragon Gang members could enjoy the show while eating their skewers and drinking their beers. It felt great to them.

The actors soon dedicated themselves to their roles. Some of the policemen started to negotiate through the megaphone. "You have been surrounded. Drop your weapons and surrender"

One of the Black Dragon Gang minions wanted to rush out and fight the police straightaway. He was held back by Zhou Mingfei. "Are you f**king insane? This is the eighth floor. If you jump out, youll die from the fall!"

The minion was intimidated and broke out in cold sweat. He instantly backed off

The police started another round of negotiation. "Please remain calm. Dont do anything stupid! Although you went bankrupt from trading stocks, you dont actually need to do this. Why cant we talk this out? Even if you get your ransom, you wont be able to escape. Even if you somehow escaped, youll have to live out your days in fearmost importantly, you are already surrounded"

"Damn. This is a hostage scene. So thrilling!" Zhou Mingfeis eyes lit up. "I always wanted to do this, but I never had the chance to. These robbers are stupid too. Intelligence, intelligence, thats the most important thing. How can they get cornered by the cops here? I wonder how they survived until now"

The policemen shouted again. "Wheres your leader? Ask him to come out and negotiate the terms now. You have CEO Lius daughter. We have to ensure her safety"

"Damn. They kidnapped the daughter of a big companys CEO? Such a huge deal!" Zhou Mingfeis eyes were even brighter now. "If I am the one doing this, Ill have to go one round with her at least! If that girl succumbs to my charm and chooses to stay with me, why do I even need to bother with the kidnapping?!"

"Thats right, Master." His minions instantly pandered to him. They smiled pervertedly. "If she really gives in, everyone will be happy. Thats the best-case scenario. These robbers are so dumb"

"Yep. Usually, they should request for helicopters and cars at this point." Zhou Mingfei started plotting for the robbers. "They have to find a way to leave. Thats the most important thing. Otherwise, they would collapse if they continue to be cornered here by the cops for a few days without food and ammo."

As expected, almost right on cue, the leader shouted again. "Cut the bullshit! Wheres our helicopter? Where are our guns?! Send them here now! Otherwise, I wont be playing nice any longer! Speaking of which, this little girl is quite pretty. Even if I die, its worth it dying with her in my bed!"

They were kindred spirits!

Zhou Mingfei clapped his hands together ferociously. "F**k. If this guy wasnt acting, hed definitely have a future in our Black Dragon Gang!"

The minions nodded in unison. "Yes, yes, Master Zhou must be right!"

And so, the police and the robbers negotiated back-and-forth. Naturally, the police would not grant them access to a helicopter and guns. The robbers did not dare to really kill any hostages either. Tension continued to escalate, and the entire place became very rowdy.

By then, the commotion here had attracted countless residents in the area. Huge crowds started gathering around the villa. Soon, thousands of people were standing around the scene. Apart from locations blocking the camera angles, everywhere else was packed to the brim.

"Master Zhou, what should we do now that everyone is out?" The minions were originally quite happy watching the show. However, they did have an urgent mission to complete, after all. "Hong Dali is surrounded by so many people now. We cant get to him this way."

"What are you rushing for? Continue to check out this scene! This filming wont be done for a while." Zhou Mingfei was fully thrilled by the immersive plot. "Oh right, keep a close eye on Hong Dali. Report his every movement immediately."


They had reached the climax now. Some wildly arrogant screams were heard. "F**king stand back! Stop moving forward! Also, there must be snipers around, right? F**k off!"

Another voice that was even more arrogant was heard. "Dont f**king think that youll win just because you have more people. Let me tell you this. Im not scared! Hurry and prepare my helicopter. Otherwise, Ill kill a hostage every single hour!"

Several gunshots were heard afterward, most likely from the robbers. Screams and maniacal laughter were heard. Women screamed and policemen continued to relay their warnings.

"F**k. This is so exciting!" Zhou Mingfei watched excitedly. "Damn. I want to go down and join the act myself!"

Actually, he could only say that for fun. He understood that if he really went down, it would not be acting anymore. Things would turn real ugly real fast

"Master Zhou, Master Zhou, hurry!" Just then, one of the minions yelled. "Hong Dali is probably bored. He left the crowd with his bodyguard and that girl. They look like theyre heading for the gazebo within the estate!"

"Theyre out?!" Once Zhou Mingfei heard that he violently waved his hands. "Brothers, lets go! This is a rare opportunity! Everyone is distracted by the filming crew right now. We can do this without anyone noticing! Hurry!"

As he said that, everyone donned their masks and immediately left the building!

Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke followed Hong Dali as they walked towards a less populated area within the estate.

Water Creek occupied a huge area. This gave Hong Dali the optimal opportunity to make his move. In his eyes, the roles of the hunter and the prey were unquestionably evident.

"Dali, looks like your plan is working perfectly." As the three of them walked, Gu Feifei reminded the rest quietly. "There are eight people coming from behind. Four more from the left, and four more from the right. Sixteen in total."

"Seems like well get to fight properly tonight." Cutie Ke clenched her fists excitedly.

As a cute dragon, Cutie Ke was the number one genius of the Fire Dragon race. However, that was only because of how fast she improved from regular training. As for actual fighting and killing, this was her first-ever experience.

Most importantly, her targets this time were truly evil people. She did not need to bear any psychological burdenafter all, Cutie Ke was a good dragon. Her relationship with humans was very good

"Hm, good." Hong Dali nodded. "I was worried that they would rush into my villa. Although that might be easier for us in terms of fighting, the cleanup will be very inconvenient. We cant spill blood all over the villa, right? That will be depressing to live in."





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