Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Zhuge Dali

Actually, now that Hong Dali had taken a tour around the universe, he was definitely not a kind-hearted soul.

He might be kind, but he was not a fool. He was fully aware of when to be kind and when to be evil.

He chose not to fight in his own villa for two reasons. First, the villa target was way too obvious, and there was too little space. If the enemies had guns, they would have nowhere to hide. Second, his villa would not be inhabitable anymore after the fightHong Dali still wanted to convert the surrounding area into an orphanage

"What should we do next?" Gu Feifei asked. "Find a good place to bury the bodies?"

"That works too." Hong Dali thought for a while. "Ive been thinking about how to settle the cleanup. It wont be difficult for us to wipe them all out. However, the bodies will be a headache to deal with. Should we just cripple them and send them to the police station? That sounds like a decent idea. However, I wonder if that will trigger the Black Dragon Gang to take revenge on ordinary citizens."

"I dont think so," Cutie Ke said with confidence. "As long as we dont kill them, theyll tell their bosses about us."

"Eh? Thats a good idea!" Hong Dali instantly smiled and said, "Its decided, then. Just cripple them, dont kill them. This will prevent a messy situation. Hehe, seems like theyre approaching fast. Hm." Hong Dali glanced around. They were at a riverside walkway surrounded by trees within Water Creek. This was a good spot for couples to date. Since it was almost 10 PM, and all the residents were attracted by the live filming, nobody else was here. This was indeed a good place to fight.

"Lets do it here." Hong Dali nodded in satisfaction. Then, he held Cutie Kes hand and sat down with her on a bench. They pretended to be on a secret date here, as previously planned.

As expected, this effectively baited out their enemies. Once Hong Dali sat down with Cutie Ke, Zhou Mingfei and his fifteen subordinates instantly surrounded Hong Dali and the rest!

"Haha, you must be Hong Dali, right?" Zhou Mingfei stared at Hong Dali and licked his lips excitedly. "You dare to touch one of our members from the Black Dragon Gang. Do you think that youd get off so easily? Didnt expect this, right? My brothers will teach you a lesson today. You cant just hit whoever you want!"

He gave his subordinates a signal. The fifteen of them instantly drew their guns out from their pockets and pointed their muzzles at Hong Dalis head.

"Hehe, you better not move." Once Zhou Mingfei saw that he had full control of the situation, he smiled and said, "Our Black Dragon Gang is all about fairness. Well just take one leg from you as a warning. Of course, we have to charge some interest to thank my subordinates. Hm." He checked out Cutie Ke and smiled. "Little girl, youre as pretty as the rumors suggest. I like girls like you. Exciting. Let my brothers borrow her for a few days. Well return her to you once were done. Dont even think about plotting your revenge. You cant afford to piss off the Black Dragon Gang."

Hong Dali, Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke shared a glance. They all saw the murderous intent in one anothers eyes.

This Black Dragon Gang was indeed arrogant enough.

They wanted to cripple one of Hong Dalis legs in public like this. Furthermore, there were over a dozen of them, and they all carried guns!

"You guys from the Black Dragon Gang are indeed arrogant." Hong Dali smiled. "However, I have a suggestion. I wonder if youre interested in listening to it?"

"Oh? Suggestion?" Zhou Mingfei was a little curious now. "Why not say it? If its a good one, I might consider it."

"My suggestion is actually very simple." Hong Dali smiled. He was not stressed at all. "I have lots of money. I believe you probably already know that, right?" Hong Dali was quite sure of that. First, he bought two villas without any hesitation. Second, he always had a bodyguard wherever he went. Those two points proved that he was surely wealthy.

As expected, Zhou Mingfei instantly nodded once he heard that. He smiled and said, "Yes, thats right. We know youre rich. Otherwise, I wouldve just shot you in the leg and finished this whole deal. There would be no way for me to waste my time talking crap with you. Speak. Whats your suggestion?"

"I offer 500 million yuan," Hong Dali said lightly, "to buy your bosss head. Are you interested?"

500 million! Once they heard that number, not only were the minions shocked, even Zhou Mingfei himself was stunned.

He just knew that Hong Dali was rich. But who would have thought that he was this filthy rich!

500 million! Even though he was a core member of the Black Dragon Gang, 500 million was still an astronomical figure to him! There were eight zeros following the five!

Such a huge sum, who would not be attracted?!

However, Zhou Mingfei was a core member of the Black Dragon Gang, after all. He soon collected his thoughts. "F**k. Your suggestion sucks! Its a lot of money. However, theres no way Ill survive after taking out my Big Bro. I have the life to earn that money, but not the life to spend it. I wont do it!"

This guy was not stupid. He did not get seduced by the money. Hong Dali was instantly impressed.

500 million was surely a huge sum that could drive many people insane. However, this Zhou Mingfei was obviously smart. He was right too. The police wanted to get rid of the Black Dragon Gang completely for a long time. If their leader died, all the core members and high-ranked fighters would surely be caught too. So what if he got the money? He would be wanted across the entire country. Where could he go to spend it?

"I guess I overlooked that." Hong Dali touched his chin. "Dont worry. Let me think about this. Actually, the misunderstanding between us isnt that severe. I just went to a disco with my friends. That big bald guy beat up my friend, so I naturally had to fight him back. Our scuffle was purely based on that. There was no profit or monetary relation involved. How about I switch up the suggestion. We can further discuss this."

It must be said that Hong Dalis words made sense.

What was his relationship with the Black Dragon Gang? To put it simply, it was just a huge misunderstanding. They did not have bad blood because of territorial or profit disputes. At least, this was the case in Zhou Mingfeis mind.

This was because no matter how smart Zhou Mingfei was, he would not have known that the woman Yan Hongye hurt was Hong Dalis high school deskmate!

After he realized that, Zhou Mingfei was not in a rush anymore. He shook his head to his subordinates. They instantly kept their guns.

He thought that there was no way Hong Dali would dare to fight all sixteen of them at once. However, he did not expect that this was the exact moment Hong Dali waited for!

Hong Dali calculated everything. Once Zhou Mingfei knew that he was rich, there was no way he would dare to open fire. Since he knew that there were no direct profit disputes between the two parties, he would not easily spill the bad blood. The opportunity then presented itself. What happened next was simple

"Boom!" Gu Feifei was the first to move. Her giant body shot toward Zhou Mingfei like a missile! Cutie Ke moved at lightning speed. She instantly rushed into the pack of Black Dragon Gang minions with her Breeze-class Body Movement and took her shots!

Zhou Mingfei was launched by Gu Feifei after the collision for at least six meters. He felt like he was hit by a speeding truck. This was the first time he felt like he was flying in his entire life. As he tumbled through the air, at least six of his ribs broke at once. Blood spewed out continuously from the corner of his mouth.

"Boom, boom, boom" Cutie Ke continued her rampage in the crowd of minions. Everyone felt like a tiger just rushed into a herd of sheepCutie Ke was the tiger, and they were the sheep

Over half of the sixteen minions were instantly taken out. The rest realized that they were in trouble and tried to get away. However, one of them was caught by Hong Dali before he could even take a stepthey could not leave just like that. Big Bro Dali still had a message for them to relay

As for the rest, it was not so easy for them to get away with Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke presentafter all, the Breeze-class Body Movement was no slouch

"Big big brother!" The gangster caught by Hong Dali instantly collapsed. "Please spare me, big brother!"

"Cutie, confiscate all their guns." Hong Dali did not forget that they all carried guns. In this dimension, Hong Dali and the rests body conditions were only a little better than the average human. They could survive all kinds of fistfights. However, bullet wounds would still be troublesome. Hence, he did not leave them with any chances to retaliate.

Cutie Ke instantly went around confiscating their weapons. Gu Feifei dragged Zhou Mingfei over by his head and asked, "Dali, what should we do with this guy?"

"Break his limbs first. Then well talk." Hong Dali leaned on the bench and smiled. He took out a cigarette from the gangsters pocket and lit it up. "I heard that all members of the Black Dragon Gang are quite hardcore. I want to see it for myself today."

"Sure." Gu Feifei twisted Zhou Mingfeis right hand into a knot. He could never do anything else illegal with that hand in his entire life.

"I Im resigned to my fate!" Zhou Mingfei was still stubborn even after his right hand was crippled. No wonder they called him a heartless core member. "At least tell me who you are!"

Gu Feifei and Cutie Kes strength impressed him greatly, and he knew that he had no chance to escape this time. However, he was a core member, after all. He desired to seek revenge. Hence, he wanted to figure out who he actually pissed off this time.

"My name is Hong Dali." Hong Dali smiled lightly. His expression did not change at all. "I live right here. You guys should know that. Originally, I didnt really care about any of you. However, I didnt expect you to come seek your revenge today. This is a little bit of an issue."

Hong Dali was exactly this kind of person. His friends always lived good lives. On the other hand, his enemies usually met tragic endings.




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