Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Killing Three Birds With One Stone

"Youre the leader, so youre more pitiful." Hong Dali looked at Zhou Mingfei and said calmly, "You said you wanted to touch my people just now? Hehe, Feifei, get rid of his thing. Tell him to think less about such things in the future."

"Okay!" Gu Feifei naturally would not hesitate. She raised his foot and stomped between Zhou Mingfeis legs.

"Ow" Zhou Mingfei moaned, his eyes rolled backward, and he fainted.

"Alright, well leave these useless people here." Hong Dali stood and laughed as he said, "Break the legs of all the others. Give Black Dragon Gang a warning."

"Understood." Although Cutie Ke had always been adorable, she was not one who was benevolent and lenient as a dragon. She walked up to them and broke all their legs. In an instant, howls echoed in the forest.

"Alright, done." Seeing that things were almost settled, Hong Dali looked at one minion who was trembling in a corner and said, "There should be ways for you to communicate, right? Tell your bosses, if anyone from the Black Dragon Gang dares to appear in this city, Ill beat them up every time I see one of them! Scram!"

"Yes yes" The minion was so scared he almost peed in his pants and quickly escaped.

"Its a pity." Hong Dali looked at the members of Black Dragon Gang lying on the ground and shook his head regretfully. "A harmonious society has saved you. Lets go."

At the same time, he heard the Systems voice: "Hidden Mission: Annihilate the Black Dragon Gang (2) completed. Mission Reward: 80 Achievement points."

Hehe, another 80 Achievement points received! Earning Achievement points while getting rid of evil for the people, great!

Even the Demon King was jealous. "Such a simple mission earned your 80 Achievement points"

"What do you know." Hong Dali rebutted him. "If my friends can lead a better life, Id rather not have these Achievement points."

He spoke from his heart. If these Achievement points could be exchanged for Xu Qingings pain, he would definitely not hesitate.

"Alright, I didnt mean to say that." The Demon King could feel what Hong Dali was feeling and did not harp on this matter. "Lets go back first. I found two of the lousiest skills and changed them accordingly to suit the human physique. It should be no problem for them to strengthen their bodies. When mastered, just fighting bare-handed, it would be a piece of cake to take down five of those bastards just now."

Damn, the lousiest skill changed to become a lousiest skill was so powerful when mastered?! This was invincible!

After Hong Dali took care of Zhou Mingfei, he went straight to find a place to sleep as planned. Clearly, this was the time for the battlefield to be cleaned up.

"Ah!!!" A womans cries could be heard throughout the areaHong Dali had arranged for two plainclothes policemen to disguise themselves as a couple, and then "inadvertently" found Zhou Mingfei and the others lying on the ground. Then, she would scream at the top of her voice.

Then, logically, now that the special police were "acting" here, her screams quickly attracted a large number of police officers to come and check the situation, and they found Zhou Mingfei and others lying on the ground

"What kind of situation is this?!" Wang Mingyang, Vice Chief of the District Police Department, led his team and saw Zhou Mingfei and the others lying on the ground. He hurriedly rushed forward and asked, "very concerned", "You were beaten up by someone? Was it a gang fight?"

From the standpoint of the police, it was natural for them to show great concern for them and quickly call 120 for an ambulance. Who would have thought, Zhou Mingfei, who had already had all his limbs broken, originally thought that the minions who ran away initially would get help. Before they returned, the police arrived

As to what would happen to him if he got caught and sent to the police station, Zhou Mingfei did not even need to guess. Without saying a word, he bit the secret mechanism in his teeth, convulsed violently for a while, then died!

"This" Wang Mingyang immediately understood and shouted, "These people are from the Black Dragon Gang! Everyone, be careful!" Then, he rushed over to the other members of the Black Dragon Gang who were only slightly injured and held them down, in case they did anything to harm his people.

After all, they were all seriously injured. Wang Mingyang and other police officers were just doing it for the sake of doing it. The situation was quickly brought under control.

Soon, the police in charge of preventing a riot heard of the situation here and switched to become the real special force. They quickly rushed over and dragged all the people from the Black Dragon Gang out and packed them inside the police car.

When the members of the Black Dragon Gang were all captured, the special force took out their handcuffs and cuffed them all. Then, they quickly closed the door and chained the door with chains as thick as ones arm.

Everything went smoothly like flowing water. The crowd surrounding initially had no idea what was going on. When they heard that these people were all members of the Black Dragon Gang, they instantly cheered.

Black Dragon Gang, ordinary civilians did not know what was going on. When they heard these people were behind the slashing incidents at kindergartens all over the country, they exploded.

"Oh my God, the Black Dragon Gang is incorrigible! These people deserve the death sentence!" "Exactly, I was wondering why there were so many similar incidents then. It was them!" "Good job, peoples good police!"

Wang Mingyang cleared his throat and looked at the crowd. Then, he shouted via the loudspeaker. "My dear people, please be quiet!"

Everyone quietened down immediately, waiting to see what this police chief had to say.

"Originally, we were invited by the crew to help film a police-bandit scene. I believe everyone has already seen it," Wang Mingyang said slowly, following the lines that Hong Dali had given him. "Originally, this was a good opportunity to improve our relationship with the people. But who would have thought that we would find a large number of triad members? And it seems they have just had a gang fight. Hence, we need to end the filming and return to the police station to start the inquiring process. As we are worried that there might still be other triad members lurking around, everyone is advised to go home earlier and lock your doors properly. Our armed policemen will be patrolling this area for the next three days to ensure everyones safety."

Look at this, look at this. How beautifully said. Hearing that, everyone applauded and cheered.

Soon, Wang Mingyang sent people to clean up the place. Seeing that there was no way for the filming to go on, the production team packed up as well.

The special force escorted the civilians home and patrolled the area.

When they returned to the police station, captain of the Criminal Police Force Zhao Mingguang was already waiting. He laughed heartily once he saw Wang Mingyang. "Aiya, this Hong Dali had a good plan, indeed. The most important thing is that his two bodyguards are really strong. Sixteen Black Dragon Gang members were armed and they actually got beaten up. Aye, talented. Especially Gu Feifei, if she could join the police force"

"Convinced. Im convinced!" Wang Mingyang sighed and said, "Initially, I thought he was just a rich familys young master. Now, it seems theres more to the eye. Aye, where do you think his bodyguards are from? Do martial arts masters really exist as mentioned in the novels?"

"Haha, someone who is able to donate 50 million to the hospital without blinking an eye, I think its better not to find out too much about his background." Zhao Mingguang smiled. "He will tell us if he can. If he cant say anything, theres no point asking. As long as its not dirty money, its better not to know the rest. No matter what, he helped us so much this time. Its not nice to turn around and investigate him. Someone who is willing to rescue an abandoned newborn baby is definitely not a bad person, rest assured."

"Thats true." Wang Mingyang nodded and said, "Captain Zhao, what do we do next? Core member Zhou Mingfei is dead. The others are just minions. We probably wont be able to get anything out of them."

"Ive thought about this previously. I actually thought of an idea." Zhao Mingguang narrowed his eyes and said slowly, "Find an excuse and release them."

"Ah? Release them?!" Hearing that, Wang Mingyang was shocked!

They were members of the Black Dragon Gang and had probably done countless bad things. Release them just like that?

"Yes, release them." Zhao Mingguang nodded. "I asked Hong Dali for his opinion previously. His answer was to just let them make a trip to the police station. The low-level minions are not worth much. Theres no need for us to waste our resources over them. If anything goes wrong, we might still have to take care of their medical expenses. Its not worth it. So now, well just wait for the leader of the Black Dragon Gang to come out, then well release them."

"Really?" Wang Mingyang was clearly slow to react. "Its not easy to capture so many members of the Black Dragon Gang. This is a great achievement. Youre willing to just let them go like this? Silently?"

To catch fifteen members of Black Dragon Gang at once was a rare achievement in cracking them down this year. In fact, Wang Mingyang was obviously not willing to do it.

"Haha. Hong Dali is indeed a talent." Zhao Mingguang shook his head with a smile and said, "I thought so at the time. But then I thought about it for a few more hours and finally realized what Hong Dali meant when he said to let these minions go. If Im not mistaken, this is the best way to kill three birds with one stone!"

"Kill three birds with one stone!" Wang Mingyang was shocked. Hong Dali could cause such an effect with just one plot?




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