Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Lucifers Curse

Ever since Xu Qingqings family broke after her father lost all the familys assets gambling, she rarely talked about them.

No matter what, Xu Qingqing had just given birth, but her parents did not even come to see her

"My dad ran away from home, I dont know where he went." Xu Qingqing shook her head helplessly, and tears shone in her eyes. "Later, my mother also left. Im the only one left in my family"

The poor girl must have suffered a lot. However, she did not talk about it. Hence, it was inappropriate for Xiaoyu to probe as well. Xiaoyu knew that both of them were in similar straits and did not look down on her at all. After all, it was not easy to find a nice girl now.

"Dont be sad. Its all my fault, I should not have brought it up." Xiaoyu sat on the side of Xu Qingqings bed and said softly, "Sleep early, Ill take care of you during this time as long as you dont mind my clumsiness."

"Okay." Xu Qingqing smiled brightly and said, "Thank you."

Hong Dali, who had returned to the villa to rest, suddenly received a prompt from the System

"Hidden Mission: My Old Classmate completed. The Hosts good brother Xiang Xiaoyu is taking care of Xu Qingqing. Mission Rating: S-level. Mission Reward: 50 Achievement points."

Fifty Achievement points received!

Hong Dali laid on the sofa and fiddled with his mobile phone, laughing. "Hehe, hehehe, I got another 230 Achievement points this trip. En, 70 points from last time, 30 points from the side mission, 80 points from the Black Dragon Gang, and 50 points from taking care of Xu Qingqing. I can exchange for two pieces of the Eternal Suit, wahahahahaha! Cool!"

The Demon King was depressed. "You get your achievement points so easily. Comparisons are odious. Theres no way to compare humans and demons When I was in training, bodies were piled up in bloody mountains. I killed countless demons before I became the Demon King. You have it so easy. Theres just no way to compare"

Yes, whenever Hong Dali completed a task and got Achievement points, the Demon King would get extremely depressed.

There was no choice. The attributes of the Eternal Suit exchanged with achievement points were so good that even monsters like the Demon King who had lived for tens of thousands of years desired it. It was on a whole other level from regular equipment. This was cheating!

"Thats enough, stop fretting. When I go back, you can make some demon artifacts and write some skill manuals." Hong Dali grinned and said, "I have a very good idea, and you will be a great helper."

"What idea?" Hearing that, the Demon King got curious. "Tell me, let me see if its fun."

"Heavens secrets must not be divulged. You will know when the time comes!" Hong Dali smiled and rolled over. "Sleep, sleep. Well go back tomorrow."

In the Divine College.

"Where is Bei Yuanqing? Get out here." Kong stood in the doorway of Bei Yuanqings bedroom and said coldly, "How dare he lie to me? Humph."

The man in front of him was a master, Heavens Chosen One. He was not a joke. Bei Yuanqing walked out trembling and asked, "Brother Kong, whats wrong? Did you not manage to meet Gu Feifei and Hong Dali?"

"Of course I met them." Kong sent Bei Yuanqing flying more than ten meters back with one punch. "They surrendered!"

Well, Bei Yuanqing had to accept the fact that he had schemed for nothing again. He quickly stood up to pacify Kong. "Brother Kong, I didnt expect that they would simply admit defeat. Gu Feifei is really very powerful"

"Im not interested anymore." Kong turned and walked away. "What Im interested in now is if there is anyone powerful in your Bei Family? How dare you lie to me. Did you think I would let it rest just like that?"

Bei Yuanqing was really dumbfounded this time.

Kong did not fight with Gu Feifei and Hong Dali, but came back to find trouble with the Bei Family?

"Brother Kong, wait, wait." Bei Yuanqing was having trouble wrapping his mind around the situation. "It doesnt matter if you did not get to fight with Gu Feifei and Hong Dali. Our Bei Family is innocent"

"The Hong and Zhu families have set a Marriage Annulment Challenge." Kongs voice came from afar. "Only your family is free now, so I can only look for trouble here. I will not take advantage of people."

Well, he was right. The Hong and Zhu families were about to fight. Although Kong enjoyed fighting, he was not a fool. If he went to the two families now, it would be like adding fuel to the fire. They would become his enemies. So, it was best to entertain himself with the Bei Family now

However, the problem was, as mentioned earlier, Lucifer was driven to a corner by Bei Yuanqing the last time. Even rabbits bit when cornered, let alone Lucifer, the Angel of Misfortune with an IQ of 200.

So he cursed Bei Yuanqings entire family

Lucifers curse was very weird. No one was able to feel it taking effect, even those affected. His curse made people unlucky at the most unexpected of times.

And so the tragedy unfolded

Actually, Kong was just a combative Heavens Chosen one who had been bettering himself for the Shuraba. He only wanted to hone himself through various challenges. He was not visiting the Bei Family with any evil intentions. He just wanted to challenge them and see if he had improved.

Unexpectedly, just as Kong was on his way to the Bei Family, something big was happening there at the same time

"Master, bad bad news! We cannot contact Young Master Shihui!" A Bei Familys guard rushed into the study of Bei Mingxuan, the head of the Bei Family. He reported anxiously, "Weve lost contact with Young Master Shihuis communicator!"

"What?!" When he heard the news, Bei Mingxuan, as powerful as he was, stood up in shock!

The Bei Family was wealthy and influential. They had uncountable descendants and disciples. However, none of them were as important as Bei Shihui!

It was because Bei Shihui had fused with the Transformation Soul Stone!

The Transformation Soul Stone was, without exaggeration, the best ability for an assassin in the universe! Now that Bei Shihui could not be contacted, he was very likely dead! Dead!

"Who! Who killed my Shihui!" Bei Mingxuan slammed his fist on the table savagely, and the huge solid wood table instantly turned into dust. Bei Mingxuan roared. "Investigate! Investigate it! No matter who did it, once I find out who it is, I will kill him!"

"Yes Yes!" The guard saw that his master was in a rage, so he hurried out.

Unexpectedly, the guard had just run out when he rushed back in again. Once he passed through the door, he said, "Master, that that Heavens Chosen One is here!"

Why else would we say that coincidences happened? At that moment, Bei Mingxuan was fuming mad. How could he tolerate it when he heard that at that same time, Heavens Chosen One had come to make trouble?

The anger rushed to his head and Bei Mingxuan roared. "Damn, hes looking for trouble here at this time! I will see just what you are made of. Lets go!"

Bei Mingxuan strutted out with a large group and went straight to the Bei Family Manor gate. As soon as he got out of the door, he saw Kong standing at the gate. A pair of dark brooding eyes were staring at the Bei Family Manor gatehe was obviously still fuming mad

"Heavens Chosen One?" Bei Mingxuan stepped out of the door and stood in front of Kong. He said coldly, "Im already giving you some face by not bothering you these past two days. I didnt expect you to dare to come to our door instead. Talk, what do you want? I will entertain you today if you want to fight!"

"I am very angry this time." Kong said slowly, "Bei Yuanqing from your family told me that Gu Feifei and Hong Dali from the Divine College are very powerful. I went all the way to the Fiery Star planet to look for them, but I was disappointed."

What he meant was that Gu Feifei and Hong Dalis immediate surrender made him very dissatisfied.

The problem was, Bei Mingxuan misunderstood

Bei Mingxuan thought that Kong had easily defeated Gu Feifei and Hong Dali. Then, he thought that it meant Bei Yuanqing was lying to him. At that time, Bei Shihui happened to be on the Fiery Star Planet. In that case, if Bei Shihui had met Kong and started fighting

"You said you were at the Fiery Star planet?" Bei Mingxuan stared at Kong with a raging intent to kill. He said icily, "So, do you have something to do with my Shihuis death?"

"Bei Shihui? I dont know him." Kong was expressionless as usual. "I only know that Im very dissatisfied with my trip there. As for Bei Shihui, is he strong?"

Bei Shihui was dead. What was the use of asking if he was strong? Full of hatred, Bei Mingxuan clenched his teeth so tight they almost broke. He flung his cloak off. "How dare you insult our Bei family, die!"

As he spoke, he started attacking. He was indeed the epitome of a Star Sector-level warrior. He only made a gesture and a huge pressure pressed down on everything. Then, the purple bolts on Bei Mingxuans arm turned into a dragon that flew into the air!

In a rage, Bei Mingxuan used a move meant to kill in his first attack!

The Purple Thunder Soul Stone was one of the top-grade offensive soul stones. Its huge destructive power could completely destroy an army in an instant! The scorching heat could be felt far away.

Even the guards with him took six steps back to avoid being injured by mistake when they saw Bei Mingxuan make his move.

This was Shenglong Star where there was an attribute compression force field, and the amplitude of power had been greatly suppressed. Otherwise, this purple electrical dragon would be at least a hundred meters thick. It would definitely dominate all!

"You are indeed the head of the Bei Family. Youre powerful." Kongs pupils started rotating rapidly. After swiftly evading Bei Mingxuans attack, a similar purple thunderbolt appeared on his hand!

Eye of Transformation could replicate all of an opponents abilities! Including those from equipment!




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