Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 Purple Thunder Bei Mingxuan

"Youre good. You have a few tricks up your sleeve." Bei Mingxuan was even more certain that Kong had something to do with Bei Shihuis death. After all, Gu Feifei would not easily offend the top three families and Hong Dalis skill was limited compared to Bei Yuanqing. As for the people that were sent to protect Hong Dali, their skills were probably on the same level as Bei Shihuis. It was no exaggeration to say that if Bei Shihui wanted to escape, no one would be able to stop him. But he died. Silently, uncontactable. What did that mean? It meant that he must have gone up against someone stronger than him. Kong was highly likely to be the one!

Actually, it was not his fault. Even if he racked his brains, he would never have guessed that Bei Shihui was killed by the System

"Again!" Bei Mingxuans move was probably only about 30% of his strength. He was the head of the Bei Family, after all. His skills were naturally a vast difference in comparison!

This time, Bei Mingxuan had used 50% of his strength.


Fused with the Purple Thunder Soul Stone, Bei Mingxuans 50% strength had already allowed him to move at lightning speed. In an instant, only a ghost image could be seen. Only a purple shadow could be seen in the arena moving at lightning speed. In two to three seconds, Kong was blasted to the sky with a loud bang, followed by a dull sound. Kong, who had previously crushed Bei Yuanqing, actually did not even have a chance to retaliate!

"Kid, youre too inexperienced. Die!" Bei Mingxuan was determined to kill him this time. After all, Bei Shihui could no longer be contacted. With their Shenglong Royaltys technology, nothing would go wrong. There was only one explanation if he was not contactablehe was dead.

Hence, regardless of whether Kong was the one who killed him, Bei Mingxuan was determined to kill him!

He needed to kill someone to vent his anger! No matter who it was, anyone who went against him must die!

"Oh no!" Kong was too weak compared to Bei Mingxuan. After being attacked by Bei Mingxuan this time, blood surged in his chest. At this time, he could feel Bei Mingxuans power. Without any reservations, he used his special move!

"Eye of Reincarnation, Call of Nothingness!" Kong escaped from Bei Mingxuans attack range at the right moment. With his shouts, Kong was engulfed in a black air current. In an instant, he turned into a black mist, then slowly returned to his physical form.

"Insignificant tricks!" With Bei Mingxuans strength, he was not afraid of such tricks. He continued to attack. Purple bolts rolled toward Kong.

"Che" Unexpectedly, his purple thunderbolt passed through Kongs body without causing any harm to him. It was weird.

"Chance!" Kong, who had transformed into nothingness, took the opportunity to attack the dazed Bei Mingxuan with a punch. Other than purple thunder, his punch carried a black mist. It was terrifying.

"Humph, transformed into nothingness?" Bei Mingxuan quickly reacted and pulled out a thick grid shield. Kongs black mist thunder sizzled and evaporated upon contact with the shield.

Clearly, as the head of the Bei Family, Bei Mingxuans strength was not what Kong could contend withand this was only 50% of his strength.

"Impressive, indeed!" Kongs body erupted instantly after his failed attack. His attributes were significantly doubled. He charged toward Bei Mingxuan. As the Heavens Chosen One, Kong was indeed quite strong, at least with the strength he currently showed, it was on par with Bei Mingxuan.

"Kid, youre still too inexperienced!" Bei Mingxuan let out a cold laugh. He transformed into a ray of light and punched Kong from above.

"Boom!" Kong, who became nothingness, was thrown thirty over meters away by Bei Mingxuans punch and crashed through a huge tree.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Kong coughed violently. He was no longer stubborn and quickly turned around to escape. As he ran, he wiped the corner of his mouth and said quietly, "He actually turned a blind eye to my transformation into nothingness. I cannot fight head-on anymore. Best to make a run for it!"

Kongs transformation into nothingness had a great effect. Simply put, he could turn into a mass of black mist, and ordinary physical attacks or abilities would not affect him. By right, with such abilities, he was almost invincible. Hence, he was surprised when Bei Mingxuan was able to still attack himrelatively, Kong was seriously injured.

"Trying to escape?! You came here looking for trouble and now you want to escape?" Bei Mingxuan let out a cold laugh and summoned two thunderbolt snakes. He rode on them and was instantly in the air chasing after Kong!

As one fled, one chased, they were soon a distance away. A bunch of Bei Family guards exclaimed. "Masters skills have advanced further. The bodies of the thunderbolt snakes are formed and can travel in the air. Its a high-level Soul Stone, indeed.""Yes, yes. This time, Kong is doomed!"

"This Bei Mingxuan is indeed impressive." Kong thought as he fled. "It seems Im still not powerful enough. Just the head of the Bei Family is able to fight me without me having a chance to retaliate. I would have died if this was in the Shuraba. I need to continue to train in secret." Thinking up to this point, he saw a huge manor. Although he had no idea what kind of place it was, it was of utmost importance to find a hiding place. He transformed back into his original form and hid in the manor. Then, he transformed into a black mist again and continued to move forward.

This was a technique that he had learned from countless battles. When most people saw that he had transformed into nothingness and began to escape, they would subconsciously chase in the direction of the black mist blindly. At that moment, he would transform back to his physical form to hide. The chance of getting rid of his opponent was very highthis method had yet to fail him.

Indeed, Bei Mingxuan had not expected Kong would do this. He continued to chase in the direction of the black mist furiously on his purple thunderbolt snakes.

"Huu I finally escaped." Kong took a deep breath.

He had gone to the Bei Family to challenge some stronger opponents to improve his skills. The family head, Bei Mingxuan, was clearly not within his consideration. Unexpectedly, Bei Mingxuan attacked him without clarifying matters. Kong was extremely puzzled.

"Could it be, the Bei Shihui he mentioned, is really dead?" Kong frowned. "What has that got to do with me? He actually attacked me once he saw me. Humph. Forget it, only under pressure will I have the motivation. Ill train for a few days first and come back to settle accounts with you later!"

Thinking up to this point, Kong walked along the walls and secretly headed into the courtyard.

"Eh? He actually escaped?" Bei Mingxuan looked at the disappearing black mist and said coldly, "This Kong is rather capable. He actually managed to force me to show my moves from the cultivation dimension in order to defeat him. No wonder he dared to provoke our Bei Family. Thats just it. Ill settle the accounts with him when I have the chance to meet him again!"

As the family head of the Bei Family, Bei Mingxuan was clearly not just for show.

With Kongs ability, he was fully qualified to challenge him. But Bei Mingxuan had a large amount of resources. He knew a little of all different types of skills in order to cope with such unexpected situations.

Indeed, Kong had transformed into nothingness today, and Bei Mingxuan used the move "Jade-wave Gathering Skill" from the cultivation dimension. This set of skills could be best used to attack an enemy without physical form.

After all, everything in the universe mutually reinforced each other. It was impossible to have an absolute invincible skill. Sure enough, as soon as Bei Mingxuan applied this "Jade-wave Gathering Skill", he immediately ran away.

Kong went through this huge manor grounds like a gust of wind, looking for a suitable place to recuperate. The manor was huge and had giant trees everywhere. Occasionally, there were young people walking around the manor discussing their views on martial arts.

"What manor is this?" Kong frowned. "It seems quite large. This location, could it be the Hong Family manor?"

Before long, he heard a beautiful voice. "A vacation, finally. I was so tired the last few days. Hehe. Everyone should have gained quite a lot the last few days, right?"

"Eh? Somebodys here?" Kong frowned and instantly found a blind spot to hide, then looked outside secretly.

It was a group of young people, about twenty of them. There were five women in the middle, the one in the middle looked to be about seventeen or eighteen. She was beautiful and bubbling, displaying the most youthful and cheerful smile. She was in a light-blue dress. Although it was in the middle of summer, a few pure-white ice crystals floated around her. It was extremely pleasing to the eye.

Beside this lady was another beautiful big sister in her early twenties. Her long hair fell like a waterfall on her back. One could see her gentleness through her eyes and she wore the warmest smile. Just one glance and one could forget all their worries.

The third woman was a young girl in two blue pigtails. She did not show much expression and was flipping through a book as she walked. From time to time, she simulated high-end technical analysis with her mini-computer.

The young girl on the right had a white trench coat and silver hair. With the long sword carried on her waist, she looked like a swordswoman.

The fifth person was in a black leather suit, fully showcasing her devil-like figure. Together with her angel-like face, anyone who saw her would have their heart racing.

These were just a few more eye-catching people in the middle. The people around them all had unique characteristics and looked very odd.




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