Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Awakened Abilities

"Who are these people?" Kong was curious.

Generally speaking, a womans appearance was usually in accordance with her status or the status of her man. It was especially so on the home planets of stellar royalty. Even with his status as Heavens Chosen One, Kong was impressed by these people. This made him even more curious about this group of people.

It was obvious this group of people were Hong Dalis wives and lackeys.

"Xinxin has made great headway these few days. Shes indeed a girl genius." Li Nianwei smiled as she walked arm in arm with Tang Muxin. "Look at the movement of her ice, her control is so skilled and natural."

"Sister Nianwei, you too." Tang Muxin shook Li Nianweis arm and said, "Youre much better than I am. You can already control all kinds of metals. That kind of ability is not a joke."

"Its just average." Li Nianwei smiled. "Everyone has made great improvements, but you have all been so secretive these few days. I guess you are thinking of giving Young Master a surprise."

"Thats for sure." Tang Muxin crinkled up her adorable little nose. "I want to give him a big surprise when I see him again!"

They chatted idly as they walked. After a while, Ling Xiaoyi suddenly stopped and, facing Kongs direction, said, "Come out. Youve been following us for a while. Is anything the matter?"

He had been discovered?

Kongs first instinct was to run, but he changed his mind after thinking about it. This was not the Bei Family, so he need not worry that they would mean him harm. He immediately came out of hiding and looked at Tang Muxin and the others. He asked, "How did you know I was there?"

Eh? Who was this young man? He did not look like someone from the Hong Family.

Tang Muxin looked at Kong curiously and asked, "Who are you? You are not from the Hong Family, right?"

"My name is Kong, Heavens Chosen One." Kong replied evenly, "This is the Hong Family? The Hong Family that is on equal standing with the Bei Family?"

"Wrong, we are not on equal standing with the Bei Family. We are stronger." Tang Muxin smiled, then asked, "What is Heavens Chosen One?"

"Its nothing, just a title." Kong looked left, then right, and finally at Ling Xiaoyi. He said, "You have not answered my question yet. How did you know I was there?"

It was no wonder Kong was so concerned about this. His hiding spot was in a blind corner. Another reason was that his secret skill could control the physical aspects of all biological beings around him. In other words, unless you actually saw him with your own eyes, there was no way to detect him.

However, Ling Xiaoyi just straight out stated that he was there. That was unusual, so Kong had to figure out why in case he got over-confident using this secret skill in the future and ended up at a disadvantage.

"Its actually very simple." Ling Xiaoyi explained to him with a smile. "Im a Mind Soul Stone ability user. My ability has been awakened and I can feel the minds of everyone nearby."

Awakened abilities! Ling Xiaoyis Mind Soul Stone had already awakened!

Even Kong was surprised. "Awakened abilities?! You have already reached the level of awakened abilities? Generally, those who can successfully awaken abilities are all geniuses. Who are you? Are you a core disciple of the Hong Family?"

"My name is Ling Xiaoyi." Ling Xiaoyi smiled and shook her head. "I am Young Masters number one lackey, not a core disciple of the Hong Family. But, Mr. Kong, are awakened abilities very powerful? I think all of us here have already reached the level of awakened abilities."

When she finished speaking, Tang Muxin and the others glanced at each other and nodded.

Tang Muxin smiled and said, "Its not a big deal. I think its quite simple." As she spoke, she snapped her fingers and little ice crystals condensed around them. A few snowflakes even danced around Kong.

"You mean, all of you have awakened abilities?" Kong was completely dumbfounded this time!

Tang Muxin and the others had not been here long, they did not think much about having their abilities awakened. They thought it was just their abilities leveling up and did not even think of asking the teachers about it.

However, as Heavens Chosen One, Kong knew that once a persons abilities were awakened, their strength would be increased by multiple times! It was not an increase of tens of percent, but at least an increase of hundreds of percent!

"Yes." Tang Muxin asked curiously, "What about it? Are awakened abilities very powerful? Can you tell us about it if you know?"

"Miss Xinxin." Li Yang waved his fingers at Kong and his face immediately changed. However, he played it down and said simply, "He seems to be injured, but I have stopped the bleeding. Its too crowded here. Lets find someplace quiet to talk."

"Oh, okay." Tang Muxin smiled and nodded. "I did not realize it. Lets go someplace else, then."

"This" Kongs expression underwent a myriad of changes. Finally, he nodded. "Okay. In that case, thank you."

Everyone immediately headed toward the arena in the Hong Family manor. They soon reached and everyone took a seat. The Hong Family arena was situated in the north-eastern corner of the manor grounds. It covered an area of about 400,000 square meters and the ground was paved with the hardest black obsidian granite. That, coupled with the attribute compression force field of Shenglong Star, meant that no matter how one trained here, the arena would not be damaged.

When Tang Muxin and others arrived, there were already many Hong Family descendants training. The descendants all looked over when they saw Tang Muxin and the others approaching. They whispered, "Quick, look. These are Hong Dalis lackeys. Why are they here? Do they want to train?" "Whats there to train for a group of lackeys? All they have to do is suck up to their master. Really, sigh. Do you think we should tell them? Not everyone is allowed here.""I think so. Come, lets go take a look.""Lets go."

Soon, several young Hong Family members came over with a sneer. A flash of envy and jealousy flashed across their faces when they saw Tang Muxin and the others. They said, all high-and-mighty, "Who allowed you to come here? Do you know what this place is? This is a special martial arts arena dedicated to the descendants of the Hong Family. You lackeys are not allowed here.""Yes, you better go back to bed now. Otherwise, according to the rules, you will be chased out if you enter the arena without permission."

Tang Muxin and others looked around, and the expressions on their faces were a little surprised.

There was such a rule in this broken-down place? They even wanted to kick them out?

When Kong heard that, he was even more shocked. He glanced at Tang Muxin and the others in surprise. His mind was filled with thoughts about what the Hong Family descendant had just saidthese people whose abilities had awakened were Hong Dalis lackeys? The one who surrendered to him laid on the ground and refused to fight with him?!

In the beginning, Kong was filled with disbelief. Later, he had no choice but to believe itHong Family, Hong Dali. The one who was on the Fiery Star Planet was also called Hong Dali. It was definitely not as simple as a case of similar names. It had to be the same person!

But that Hong Dali actually had such powerful lackeys?

Kong suddenly remembered the video he watched of Hong Dali and Bei Yuanqing fighting before. These people were indeed in the video. He did not realize it earlier as he was still in shock at their abilities. Now that he realized it, if his lackeys were so strong, then Hong Dali

"Dont tell me Hong Dali cheated me?" Kong said to himself.

At this time, Tang Muxin was annoyed. "Dont you know how to talk properly? So what if we are here? We are Dalis people and so are a part of the Hong Family. Why cant we come here?"

The Hong Family descendants sneered. "Yo, yo, yo. Why? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to barge in anyway? That will do too. Come, come, come. Let me see what kind of abilities you lackeys have."

"Wanjie." Another Hong Family descendant looked at Tang Muxin and the others and then smiled. "No matter what, you are a Second-Order Star Sector-level. Bullying a few lackeys with that kind of strength, isnt it a bit excessive?"

To be honest, at their age, it was indeed a great accomplishment to have attained Second-Order Star Sector-level.

Sure enough, when Hong Wanjie heard that, his expression was full of pride.

In fact, it was common for the Hong Family descendant to train in the arena. Even if their families came with them, most people simply closed one eye and ignored themit was such a large arena, a few hundred more people did not make a difference.

They had come to make things difficult for Tang Muxin this time for just one reasonthey were jealous. They were jealous that the head of the family, Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling, treated Hong Dali so well. They were all Hong Family descendants, why was Hong Dali getting preferred treatment?

Hence, every time they saw Hong Dali, they did not show it. But inside, they were filled with envy.

If this were any other time, they would not have done it. But the head of the family Hong Xingyu had gone into retreat to cultivate and Grandmother Hua Yueling was said to have gone out and was not in the manor. If they did not take such a good opportunity to vent their frustrations, would it not be a waste?

"Aiya, what you say makes sense." Although he didnt dare to touch Hong Dali, it would feel good to teach Hong Dalis lackeys a lesson. Hong Wanjie stepped forward, a scornful smile at the corner of his mouth. Then, he put his left hand behind him and said, "Lets do it this way. I wont make things difficult for you. I will give you a handicap of one hand. If you can defeat me, Ill let you in. If you cant, there is nothing I can do."

Hearing that, everyone around him immediately applauded. "Wanjie, well done! Impressive!" "Yeah, hes so dashing, worthy of being Brother Wanjie. Great!" "I think even if you give them both hands as a handicap and just use your legs, you will be able to defeat them easily!"

Tang Muxin and the others looked at each other. What kind of trouble was Hong Wanjie trying to stir? Such a lot of trouble just for a broken-down arena




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