Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Piss Off

"Ill start first." Blood Demon smiled and walked in front of Hong Wanjie. "How do we decide the victor?"

Hong Wanjie drew a circle on the ground with his feet and stood inside it. "You win if you force me out of this circle. Of course, my time is very precious. You only have one minute."

"Oh, sure." Blood Demon nodded and clenched his fists. "Lets start."

He was always a straight shooter, someone who talked less and acted more. Hence, Blood Demon rushed forward and kicked his feet out at lightning speed. Hong Wanjie was hit and took two steps back. He was out of the circle

"Three seconds." Tang Muxin was keeping time. "Brother Blood Demon, youre always so direct."

"Yep, Im too lazy to waste time." Blood Demon shrugged. "Ill head in first and wait for you there." He walked inside

Hong Wanjie was kicked out of the circle within seconds. He was filled with disbelief and his face reddened before paling. Everyone else was completely stunned too. "No way? Brother Wanjie was kicked out of the circle in one round?"

"He mustve pulled some dirty trick. He acted without even giving any warnings. So despicable!"

"Thats right. How else could Brother Wanjie be knocked out so easily?"

"Seems like I underestimated you guys." Hong Wanjie was no longer arrogant. "Come. Ill use my real skills this time." He got into his stance and stopped giving his opponent a one hand advantage.

"Alright. As the Young Masters Number Two Lackey." Li Yang stepped forward. "Ill go next and show you all how its supposed to be done!"

By now, the commotion here had attracted quite a number of Hong Family disciples who were training here. Everyone gathered around. Tens of people were watching this challenge game.

Since there were spectators, Hong Wanjie did not dare to be careless. After all, he would lose face if he lost now. He was serious for real this time. "Come. Im going to be serious now. Theres no way youre a match for me!"

"Oh," Li Yang replied and walked forward.

Hong Wanjie suddenly felt like the blood inside his body was tumbling around. He felt his heartbeat fasten and his vision turn blurry. By the time he came back to his senses, he was already out of the circle

What happened?! What just happened? Was I too nervous? Impossible!

Everyone else discussed it.

"What happened just now? Brother Wanjie didnt even move?"

"Thats right. I saw Brother Wanjies face go pale, then redden. Could he be sick?"

"Probably not. Which of the Hong Family disciples has not taken the Health elixir? How can he fall sick so easily?"

Tang Muxin and the rest laughed secretly. After Li Yang gained his awakened ability, he could control more than just his own blood. He could also control other peoples bloodhence, it was normal for people like Hong Wanjie to suddenly feel dizzy

To put it simply, their brains lacked the required blood to operate and developed temporary hypoxia due to a lack of oxygen

"No. That doesnt count!" Hong Wanjie shouted. "I suddenly felt off just now"

As he finished that sentence, Levis stood in front of him.

Levis gave off a different vibe as compared to before. His body shape was not too different from an ordinary persons. However, his skin showed an eerie light-gray color right now! Furthermore, the muscles on his body all had a tense and tight look.

"Piss off!" Levis slowly raised his fist.

Eh? What did he say? Did he ask me to piss off?

Hong Wanjie was enraged. He wanted to demonstrate his strength properly and teach this arrogant guy a lesson. Then, he saw the opponents fist come at him with lightning speed.

You want to punch head-on against me? Do you know that my Soul Stone is the Strength Soul Stone? Even though theres an attribute compression force field here, I can still lift up to a few tons without any problems, alright?

However, unexpectedly, he felt a terrifying force once his fist collided with Levis fist.

"Boom." Hong Wanjie was sent flying for over ten meters

"Boring." Once he disposed of Hong Wanjie, Levis turned around and looked at Tang Muxin and the rest. He smiled and said, "Alright, problem solved. Lets go in." As he said that, he walked toward the training base.

Everyone subconsciously made way for this powerful person who sent Hong Wanjie flying. Nobody else dared to stop them.

Soon, after Tang Muxin and the rest left, everyone completely erupted

"Oh god. No way? He blew Hong Wanjie away with one punch? Thats a Second-Order Star Sector-level warrior! Furthermore, he had fused with a Strength Soul Stone. Nobody ever defeated him in a head-on confrontation. However, this person sent him flying?"

"Right? The first two people won in strange and unexpected ways. However, what exactly happened in the last round?"

"Thats too terrifying? Sent Hong Wanjie flying with one punch? Doesnt that mean hes at least a Third Order Star Sector-level warrior?"

"More than that. Judging by his condition just now, he did not exert all his energy. He may very well be a Fourth Order Star Sector-level warrior."

"Terrifying. Even Hong Dalis lackey had this kind of strength?!"

As the disciples discussed, Kong was completely stunned. Even a random lackey under Hong Dali possessed this kind of strength? What background did this Hong Dali have? He had such strength, yet he still surrendered earlier without even a fight?!

"You" Kongs eyes lit up as he stared at Levis. "Youre so strong. Stronger than all my previous opponents! That punch was so amazing just now. You havent used your full strength, right? What Soul Stone did you fuse with?"

"Oh? Have you encountered many opponents?" Levis glanced at Kong and said lightly, "Nothing too special. I fused with the Gravity Soul Stone and awakened my ability."

After all, Kong was a stranger, so Levis did not go into detail.

In reality, he did gain his awakened ability. Furthermore, the awakened Gravity Soul Stone had much stronger effects than his original expectations!

To put it simply, Levis current condition allowed him to compress his muscles back into the normal state after strengthening his muscles to 1,000%. Hence, his strength now stabilized at around 5,000% of his base Strength! Furthermore, if he strengthened his muscles again on this basis, his strength could reach a maximum of 50,000%!

Fifty times!

Of course, it was impossible for Kong to comprehend all that information within a short time. He was still immersed in the shock from just now. Then, he turned to look at the others and mumbled, "Do all of you possess such strength? I heard them call you Hong Dalis lackeys just now. Normally, people who possess such strength shouldnt become others servants, right? Even if you want to become the main members of other families, it wont be that hard, right?"

It was no wonder Kong thought this way.

If everyone here possessed this kind of strength or even half of what the tall man possessed at the Fourth Order Star Sector-level with some future growth potential, they could instantly become important members of any mid-sized family here. If they were lucky, it was even possible for them to become core members.

After all, although the Hong Family, Bei Family, and Zhu Family had plenty of strong warriors, the other mid-sized and small-sized families were much less terrifying.

If Hong Xingyu and the other heads of the main families were valued at 100 points, the mid-sized families leaders might only be worth 80 points. The small-sized families would only be 60.

What did that mean? Hong Xingyu was at the peak of the Star Sector-level. A mid-sized family leader could only be at the Fifth Order StarSector-level. A small-sized family leader might only be at the Fourth Order Star Sector-level.

This tall man in front of him was as strong as a small-sized familys leader. Hence, if he was willing to join a small-sized family, he could easily become a core member who controlled a lot of power.

Kong felt like it was a waste for Levis to act as Hong Dalis lackey. However, unexpectedly, Levis reply made him almost choke to death. "Humph, you think anyone can become the Young Masters lackey?"

Once Levis said that everyone else nodded in agreement. Tang Muxin smiled and added, "No way!"

Kong was completely stunned.

These people looked very, very united. They truly treated Hong Dali as their epicenter without any other thoughts. How did this Hong Dali accomplish that? There was no way money or benefits could buy him this much loyalty.

"Seems like I was wrong." Kong shook his head helplessly. "I thought he was just a prodigal. The rumors outside clearly said that."

"Cheh, you just saw the facade." Tang Muxin was unconcerned about what Kong said. "Hes the strongest prodigal in the entire universe. Forget it. Its useless for me to explain it to you. How about you explain this awakened ability thing to us first? What benefits does it bring?"

If she tried to explain how amazing Hong Dali was, there was no way she could finish the stories, even if she was given a whole day. Furthermore, he probably would not believe them too. Hence, it was more important for her to ask about serious matters.

"After you fuse with a Soul Stone and gain its abilities, your abilities can evolve into awakened abilities." Now that Kong had discovered how amazing Hong Dalis lackeys were, he thought about the upcoming Martial Arts Seminar at the Divine College. He instantly made a decision to treat these people well, as they might be useful to him in the seminar.

"Usually, your abilities arent that strong before the awakening. There are caps to their range and scale." Kong explained slowly. "However, once your abilities are awakened, you can possess unexpected powerful effects. There are five levels of awakening. Level one is the weakest and level five is the strongest. If you can become a Level Five Awakened Ability user, your strength will definitely skyrocket and you will become an almost invincible presence in your dimension."




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