Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Three Main Projects

Kongs explanation introduced a few completely new concepts.

Firstly, they were now known as the awakened ability users with their newly gained powers.

Second, there were five levels of awakened ability users. Level one was the weakest and level five was the strongest.

"So amazing!" Tang Muxin was surprised. "Then, are there any obvious distinctions between the different levels of awakened ability users? How do you differentiate them?"

This question was important. After all, numbers alone were not enough. Since there were different levels, there had to be proper criteria to separate them.

"The way to classify them is quite simple," Kong explained to everyone. "Level one awakened ability users have an effective range of 10 kilometers. Level two is 100 kilometers. Level three is 1,000 kilometers. Level four is 10,000 kilometers. And level five is 100,000 kilometers. For instance, a Fire Soul Stone ability user can only use his fire within a one-kilometer radius before awakening his ability. However, once he becomes an awakened ability user, he can light up any place within ten kilometers and burn his enemies. If hes a Level Five Fire Soul Stone awakened ability user, he can easily burn up an entire planet with a diameter of less than 10,000 kilometers. Do you understand how scary awakened ability users are now?"

Hm, everyone knew now

This was way too f**king terrifying? A Level Five awakened ability user had an effective range of over 100,000 kilometers!

Everyone thought about how powerful their abilities would become after they reached the fifth level

Tang Muxin could freeze an entire planet. Li Nianwei could tear apart the planet with her ability to control metals. Levis could compress a planet over 100,000 kilometers in diameter into a miniature black hole with a diameter of one kilometer. Li Yang could control the blood flow of every single person on a planet

Oh damn. They were going to be able to go against the heavens, right?

Then, they tried to assess their current conditions Hm, they could barely control their abilities within a ten-kilometer range. The range was even more limited to 100 meters on Shenglong Star due to the attribute compression force field.

Fine, there was a long way to go. They had to be patient and continue slowly advancing as lackeys

"Seems like we have a long way to go." Tang Muxin mumbled. Then, she looked at Kong and asked, "Oh right, you said that youre the Chosen One. You must be very powerful, right? Who injured you? There shouldnt be a lot of people with that kind of power here, right?"

This Kong had a mysterious background. Tang Muxin and the rest heard about a very powerful young man who had just arrived on Shenglong Star. Apparently, he beat up Bei Yuanqing right after arriving here. That guy must be Kong. However, who could beat him up like this?

"The head of the Bei Family," Kong spoke calmly and adjusted his breathing to aid recovery. "I went to look for a fight within the members of his family. However, he himself came out and made a move the moment he saw me. He was obviously in a horrible mood. I heard something about someone called Bei Shihui from his family dying. Apparently, that guy was quite strong."

"Someone from the Bei Family died?" Tang Muxin and the rest shared a glance. Who would be so brave to dare murder a member of the Bei Family?

"Hm, the head of the Bei Family probably wont lie about this kind of thing." Kong nodded and said, "He mentioned that Bei Shihui died on the Fiery Star Planet, where your master Hong Dali currently is. Coincidentally, I was there too. Hence, he assumed that I was the murderer."

It was actually a simple misunderstanding. However, this world was so magical that many things only occurred because of misunderstandings.

Kongs goal was simple. He just wanted to elevate his strength. On the other hand, Bei Mingxuan was the head of one of the three main families of the Shenglong Royal Family. Even if he was in the wrong, he would never apologize personally to Kong due to his identity and stature.

Hence, this misunderstanding was conceived, and they became sworn enemies.

Of course, there was a good sayingthe enemy of my enemy is my friend. Tang Muxin thought for a while and suddenly smiled. "I see. Then, Kong, have you heard about the Marriage Annulment Challenge between our Hong Family and the Zhu Family?"

"I have. Why?" Kong nodded and asked.

"Heres the thing. The Bei Family and Zhu Family have always been allies." Tang Muxin smiled. She looked like a little devil, the only thing missing was a wagging tail. "Since youve become enemies with the Bei Family, how about you stand on our side and fight them together with us? If you need any help, just let us know. We will do all that we can!"

This Kong could survive a fight against Bei Mingxuan without being heavily injured. He was definitely strong. If they could pull him to their side, there would only be benefits for the Hong Family.

"Hm, about that" Kong frowned and thought for a while.

To be honest, he just needed to rest and recover for now. He did not need anyones help. After all, he did not plan on staying here for too long. However, he suddenly remembered something just as he was about to reject her offer. That instantly made him change his mind. "Sure. However, I actually really have something that I need help with. I dont know if youre able to help me, though. If you are, I think I can try my best to cause trouble for the Bei Family."

Thats the effect she was looking for!

Tang Muxin instantly agreed. "Alright, let us know. As long as its not anything unethical, we will definitely agree to help."

"Yep, then Ill explain it now," Kong said slowly. "Its not actually complicated. There is an upcoming, huge-scaled Martial Arts Seminar between the Divine Colleges in the different astrals. During this seminar, there will be plenty of different categories that Ill have difficulty winning if I fight by myself. Hence, I want to look for some helpers. If you can help me during that period, thatll be the best. Of course, you wont need to put your lives at risk. All the competitions will take place in the virtual world."

"Ah? Theres such a thing?" Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and the rest shared a glance. Then, Tang Muxin asked, "Will there be any rewards if we get a good placing?" This was a competition between the Divine Colleges from different astrals. The rewards should definitely be decent, right?"

"Hm, yep, and the rewards will be quite good." Kong smiled and said, "This means a lot to me. Of course, if you attend the seminar and we achieve a good placing, youll gain some great benefits too."

Hm, this proved something that Hong Dali said beforeI dont expect myself to be awesome, but I should wish for my opponent to fail.

As long as they helped Kong, he would help them stir trouble against the Bei Family. Why would they not do that?!

Hence, Tang Muxin, Hong Dalis official fiance, directly agreed. "Alright. Well definitely help you when you need us to! Then, hurry and tell us, what categories can we help in?"

Since they had decided on helping, they naturally should clarify the categories that they were required to take part in.

"Normal Martial Arts Seminars consist of three main categories," Kong explained to everyone. "The first category is the battle between astral geniuses. Around 10,000 students from Divine Colleges are all placed into a scenario. Each Chosen One will lead 100 members from his Astral. Then, his team will earn one point for each kill they get. Whoever accumulates the most points by the end will be the champion. Of course, teams without a Chosen One are heavily disadvantagedaccording to the latest intel, over 60 Astrals are led by a Chosen One in this upcoming seminar.

"The second category is the group battle. 10,000 students are divided into two large camps. They will battle in a set scenario, and they can be resurrected if they die in battle. Whichever side successfully conquers the other sides headquarters wins. However, the limit for the number of deaths is 100,000 times. In other words, once one side accumulates 100,000 deaths, they will automatically lose.

"The third category is called Road to God. This is the most straightforward category, but also the most difficult. There are stairs that lead to the sky. In total, there are 81 steps. However, each step is extremely difficult to overcome. This is the most valued category to the Chosen Ones. I need to hit a target of making it past at least 40 steps this time."

Kong explained these three categories calmly. However, only those who truly understood the seminar knew how thrilling these three categories all were. The battle between astral geniuses was just a warm-up. The group battle would be a complete bloodbath. As for the final Road to God, that was the most difficult category that ordinary people could not participate in.

That was a stage where only the Chosen Ones belonged.

"So terrifying!" Tang Muxin stared in bewilderment. "Seems like well be under a lot of pressure then! We cant embarrass Dali, so well need to prepare well for this."

"Yep, none of these three categories is a joke." Kong nodded. "I only invited you because youre all awakened ability users. If normal people go there, theyll only end up being cannon fodders."

"Understood." Tang Muxin instantly said, "Rest and recover for the next few days. Ill look for Sister Xiangyu later and ask her to arrange a temporary resting place for you here."

"Sure. In that case, thank you." Kong instantly showed his appreciation.

Everyone split up and took action. Levis and some others stayed at the Training Base to practice and digest their newfound strength after they awakened their abilities.

Tang Muxin and the girls brought Kong along to look for Hua Xiangyu so that she could arrange a place for him to live.

After they settled everything and bid Kong goodbye, Tang Muxin asked Ling Xiaoyi, "Sister Xiaoyi, youve already done a background check on this Kong secretly, right? How is this guy like?"

"His personality is fine." Ling Xiaoyi smiled and said, "His temperament is neither too good nor too bad. Hes quite selfish. Since he suffered greatly under Bei Mingxuan this time, he wants to get back at him. Hes very aggressive and warlike. However, hes not evil. Hence, he wont betray us."

After Ling Xiaoyi awakened her Mind Soul Stone ability, she could accurately read people as if she was reading price tags in a shop.

Although she could not claim to see through a person completely, she could almost definitely be certain of someones general personality. Since she said that Kong was not evil and would not betray them, that was definitely true.





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