Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 Ride During The Day And Ride At Night?

"Alright, then." Tang Muxin smiled. "Lets cause a big scene now. Humph. Bei Yuanqing bullied us so badly in school previously. We need to make the Bei Family pay this time!"

"Of course." Li Nianwei agreed completely with Tang Muxins decision. "That Bei Shihui went to the Fiery Star Planet when Young Master was there too. Theres no doubt that he was headed for the Young Master. His death is highly likely linked to the Young Master too. Since they dared to scheme that way, we cant just let it slide. Originally, we would have gone after the Bei Family after the Zhu Family collapsed. Hence, its fine even if we act early now."

"Uh, are we starting a war?" Lin Chuyin, who had been examining some mechanical blueprints, finally spoke. "Then, lets kill them all. We cant leave anyone who dares to make a move on Dali."

So so terrifying!

Everyone felt their scalps tingle. They knew that Lin Chuyin had made plenty of new discoveries after scrutinizing the mechanical blueprints recently. Only God knew what she could come up with now

"Alright. Since thats the case, everyone, go and rest early." Tang Muxin gave the final instructions. "Train well during the next few days. Once the time comes, well screw them up!"


Hong Dali was unaware of everything happening on Shenglong Star.

After a good sleep on Earth, Hong Dali woke up early and stretched lazily. "Wahahahahaha! Feels good! Feels really good. Feifei, Cutie, are you awake? Lets prepare to head back!"

"Weve been ready for a long while. Youre the laziest one." Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke were dressed and waiting for Hong Dali to wake up.

"Relax, relax, lets go now." Hong Dali summoned the Dimension Door. He received over 200 Achievement Points again from this trip, it felt really good. He planned on exchanging for two more pieces of the Eternal suit for his great-grandmother as soon as he went back.

Unexpectedly, a shadow rushed toward him at lightning speed the moment he returned to the Fiery Star Planet and stepped out of the door. The person was not tall, and the persons face was covered with a scarf. When he finally got a clear look, Hong Dali was instantly stunned. "Great-grandmother, you came here too? When did you come?"

"Little rascal, do you know how worried I was?" Hong Dalis great-grandmother Hua Yueling yelled at him. "I was worried the entire night about a surprise attack from that Bei Shihui guy. So, how are you? Did you encounter him?"

"Oh, him." Hong Dali shook his head nonchalantly. "Hes dead. I even got his Soul Stone."

"What?!" Hua Yueling was instantly stunned. "Bei Shihui is dead?! You got his Soul Stone?! Where? Hurry and show me!"

"Oh, I gave it to Cutie Ke as a gift. She said that she didnt have a Soul Stone yet" Hong Dali sniffled. "Is this Soul Stone very powerful?" It was just a Transformation Soul Stone. Even if it was powerful, it would not be that amazing, right

"You gave the Transformation Soul Stone to a dragon?" Hua Yueling looked at Cutie Ke. "What use is she going to do with that? Hurry and give me the Soul Stone. Its useless for others, but it can help you greatly!"

What use will I have for that? This stuff is inedible. Most importantly, my body cant fuse with any Soul Stones, alright

Hong Dali suddenly remembered the mysterious ability that the System mentionedthe System should be offering some decent stuff, right

"Nope. Soul Stones are useless for me." Hong Dali decisively shook his head. "My body isnt suitable. Otherwise, Id have fused with one a long time ago. Why would I wait till now"

"I see" Hua Yueling helplessly thought for a while. Then, she dragged Hong Dali to the side and asked in a low voice, "Little sweetheart, answer your great-grandmother honestly. Are you the Chosen One?"

Eh? Did great-grandmother discover my secret?

However, Hong Dali was alright with thisthere were Chosen Ones everywhere now. He should let his great-grandmother in on his secret so that she could understand his moves and stop worrying so much. Apart from that, once the Dimensional War broke out in the future, he would have a trump card

"The Chosen One? No." Hong Dali smiled. "To be exact, Im the Devils Chosen One, one level above the ordinary Chosen One." As he said that, he took out the newly exchanged pieces of the Eternal suit, the wrist guards and shoes, and gave them to Hua Yueling. "These are newly exchanged. Hehe, not bad, right? This way, great-grandfather will have four pieces of the suit."

Hong Dali would not have given this equipment out if he did not know anything about Bei Shihui. After all, what if Bei Shihui transformed into his great-grandmother to scam him?

However, things were different nowBei Shihui was dead, and Dali had the Transformation Soul Stone. Anyone who dared to disguise themselves as his great-grandmother would be discovered and beat up violently by Gu Feifei.

Hong Dalis question was very skillful toohe said that great-grandfather now had four pieces of the suit. Only his real great-grandmother knew about the previous two pieces, so he would be able to check her identity this way.

"Another two pieces!" As expected, Hua Yueling sucked in a cold breath. Is my sweetheart really the Devils Chosen One?

Hua Yueling said excitedly, "Yes, yes, we do have four pieces now. The first two pieces were the chest piece and the helmet. This time, we have the wrist guards and the shoes. Four now!"

Everything was fine now. Hong Dali smiled and said, "Great-grandmother, you can relax now, right? Its fine. Furthermore, Feifei and Cutie are by my side. Who can do anything to me? Oh right, oh right." Hong Dali pulled on Hua Yuelings arm. "I have a good squandering idea. However, I need to leave Shenglong Star and tour around some other places. Great-grandmother, can you help me get Xinxin and the rest out of the Divine College?"

"Your wives?" Hua Yueling thought for a while. Her sweetheart was not the Chosen One, but rather an even higher-leveled Devils Chosen One. He should be safe this way. Furthermore, with Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke by his side, nobody except the head of the Bei Family, Bei Mingxuan, could actually form a threat against Hong Dali.

Hua Yueling instantly nodded. "Sure. However, Dali, representatives from a few different Astrals are about to visit us here. There will be battles between the Chosen Ones, then. Do you not plan on watching for fun?"

"Watching fights?" Hong Dali thought for a while. "However, we dont really have any good fighters here in the Shenglong Astral. It wont be that fun to watch, right?" He was being very honest. Apart from himself and Gu Feifei, there were no other strong fighters in the younger generation here. If they really fought, it would probably be quite boring.

"Haha, how can that be?" Hua Yueling smiled and said. "Because the Chosen Ones will attend this competition, fights wont be the only form of competition. There are other elements too. Youll find out then. Of course, if youre interested, you can also participate and have some fun."

Eh? There will be other fun stuff? Thats worth a look.

Hong Dali nodded in agreement. "Yes, sure. Ill listen to you, great-grandmother. Ill take a look first, then head out to play!"

Since everything was decided, Hua Yueling returned to Shenglong Star. She made arrangements for Hong Dalis lackeys to return to his side after their training. Hong Dali patted Cutie Kes arm and prepared to look aroundafter all, they had no plans on the Fiery Star Planet for the next few days. It would be a good idea to ride a dragon around to go sightseeing.

Of course, there was another important issue. Cutie Ke had to go prepare for fusion with the Transformation Soul Stone

"Roar" As they reached an empty field within the Fiery Abyss, Cutie Ke walked to the middle of the field. Then, a blinding light covered her entire body. After the light faded, the adorable and tiny Cutie Ke finally returned to her original formshe was a red dragon with a body over 100 meters long! After she extended her wings, they looked like two giant rain clouds!

"You look better this way." Gu Feifei gave her comment. Then, she turned to look at Hong Dali. "Dali, I recommend that you just take her down directly. That way, not only do you get to ride her during the day, you can also ride her at night"

Hong Dali: ""

Youre a girl, right?! Big Sister, do you not understand the meaning of the word "reserved"?!

"Dali, Im ready. Come on up." Cutie Ke did not hear what Gu Feifei said. Otherwise, her dragon head would probably be buried in the ground now. "Hurry! I can bring you to fly!"

Hm, bring you to look cool and bring you to fly. Cutie Ke satisfied both of those criteria

Soon, they climbed onto Cutie Kes back. Accompanied by a huge updraft, Cutie Ke took off directly and headed straight for the sky in her dragon form.

So thrilling!

Hong Dali looked at the fading buildings and the huge volcano opening as he exclaimed. "You do see further as you go higher. Cutie, do all Fire Dragons look like this?" Cutie Ke looked like the western depiction of dragons now. She had a huge dragon head, abdomen, limbs, as well as a pair of wings that resembled a bats wings. Apart from that, she also had a long tail.

Hong Dali recalled the Green Dragon Wuwei who evolved into a dragon on the Faerie Star. Hence, he asked this question.

"There are many different forms that different Dragon races adopt." As she flew, Cutie Ke replied, "Fire Dragons mostly look like this. The Seven-Colored Dragons look like gemstone mountains. Dark Dragons look more vicious. Ice Dragons look like diamonds. They come in all different shapes and sizes. However, theres supposedly another type of dragon. Their bodies look like snakes, and they can summon the winds and rain in the sky. Theyre quite different from us."

Hm, that was it. It seemed like Big Bro Wuwei indeed evolved into that kind of wind and rain-summoning dragon. Anyways, he was different from Cutie Ke.

"Lets just find a random place now." Hong Dali patted Cutie Kes back. "We can settle the fusion with the Soul Stone first on the ground. Then, we can take a stroll around. Its such a nice environment with such a nice view. Aiyaya, worlds without human technology and civilization feel so different!"

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