Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 The Effect Of The Transformation Soul Stone

"Alright." Hearing that, Cutie Ke answered coyly, then dived sharply. Her huge pair of dragon wings cut through the sky. Every flap of her wings brought about huge wind pressure. When they were about twenty meters above ground level, Cutie Kes feet hovered in the air. With a loud "boom", she landed, causing four pits on the ground.

It was indeed different riding a dragonHong Dali decided to consider Gu Feifeis suggestion seriously

"Is it okay here?" Cutie Ke looked around. "Its far from the main city of the Fire Dragon race."

"En, okay." Hong Dali looked around.

They were in a vast plain. Due to Cutie Kes dragon might, the animals were all trembling and shaking on the ground.

The grass around was half a meter high and there was a river tens of meters wide not far from where they were. The blue water flowed slowly and fishes could occasionally be seen jumping above the water to enjoy the beautiful nature.

"This is a good place to relax." Hong Dali laughed. "Alright. Cutie Ke, try to fuse with the Soul Stone. See if theres any effect."

"Okay." Cutie Ke trusted Hong Dali. She took out the Soul Stone and made a small cut on her finger.

Soon, Bei Shihuis Transformation Soul Stone fused with Cutie Kes blood. The cut healed and the fusion was completed.

"How do you feel?" Hong Dali asked Cutie Ke, "Lets see you transform into a giant dragon!"

Gu Feifei gave Hong Dali a flying kick. "Dont listen to his nonsense. Theres no need to transform into a giant dragon transform into something else. How about one of those animals?"

"O okay." Cutie Ke replied shyly, "Im transforming now, then!"

As she said that, she transformedshe really turned into a rhinoceros-like animal not far away. It had long, dark-grey fur, a one-meter long tail, and four paws about half a meter long It was indeed transformed from Cutie Ke, it looked so cute

"Wah, hahahaha. Its so cool!" Hong Dali hugged Cuties Ke. "I love animals, especially furry ones!"

"Rascal, dont take advantage of Cutie Ke." Gu Feifei gave Hong Dali another flying kick. "Let me pet it first!"

Hong Dali: "" Can you not be so barbarous?!

The transformed Cutie Ke could not speak. At this moment, she was exactly like the animals not far away. Hence, she subconsciously looked in that direction and was immediately noticed. The animals no longer feared her and tried to approach.

"It seems they want to welcome their new member." Hong Dali looked at the group of animals that looked like Cutie Ke, or should they be called long-furred Steppe wolves? Something like that Hong Dali patted on Cutie Kes back. "Go and get to know them?"

Although Cutie Ke could not speak, her intelligence remained. She approached them carefully.

"Awuuu" Seeing that there was a new member, the pack of wolves howled and surrounded her, sniffing her all over.

"It seems Cutie Ke is quite popular." Gu Feifei laughed. "See these Steppe wolves, their eyes are all green and glowing. Did they fall for her? Haha!"

At this moment, the strongest wolf among the pack slowly walked over, then stood in front of Hong Dali and Gu Feifei. Gu Feifei could not communicate with them, but Hong Dali could. He looked at the leader of the pack and patted its head. "Are you here to welcome us? Hehe, would you let me ride you?"

The leader nodded.

En, riding everywhere they went. Only Hong Dali could ride on all the animals no matter where he went

"Feifei, up. Lets ride these wolves around!" Hong Dali laughed heartily and jumped onto a smaller Steppe wolf beside himthere was no choice. With Gu Feifeis build, probably only the leader could take her.

Hence, Hong Dali and Gu Feifei rode the wolves, Cutie Ke ran among them and headed toward the sunset

Time passed quickly when they were with animals. It did not feel long, but the sun had begun to set. Cutie Ke had transformed back to her human form. After playing together for such a long time, the pack was obviously friendly toward them. The three of them laid on the grass and the wolves surrounded them, blocking the wind and keeping them warm.

Cutie Ke, who had transformed back to human form, obviously had a different kind of gain.

"Dali," Cutie Ke laid beside Hong Dali and said softly, "It felt different when I transformed into a wolf just now."

"Oh? Tell me about it. What was different?" Hong Dali asked.

"When I transformed to become like them, I really feel like one of them. I didnt feel like a stranger at all. I even, even," Cutie Ke said softly, "I even understand fully the characteristics of these Steppe wolves. This means, once I transformed to look like them, I was really part of them. There was no difference at all."

"Oh? Really?" Hearing that, Hong Dali touched his chin. "In that case, do you want to try transforming into a giant dragon?"

"Dragon again?" Gu Feifei could not take it anymore. "Shes already a dragon. If she transformed into a dragon, wouldnt she be transforming into her original form? She doesnt need the Transformation Soul Stone to do that."

"No, its not the same." Hong Dali laughed and winked at Cutie Ke. "What I mean is to use the Transformation Soul Stones ability to transform into your original form and see if there is any difference."

Eh? Use the Transformation Soul Stone to transform into her original dragon form?

Hong Dalis suggestion was quite interesting, indeed

"En, okay. Ill try it then!" Cutie Ke was very receptive toward what Hong Dali said. There was a small lake just a short distance from where they were at this moment. It was not too big, but the water surface was calm enoughthis meant that the water surface of the lake could be used as a mirror

Hence, the three of them set off. As they were among the pack of wolves earlier, they could not do it too close. It might frighten them.

Hence, the three of them walked for half an hour and came to the calmest part of the lake. There were no animals around them, only the moon in the sky, shining upon them mistily.

"Ill transform to my original form, then." Cutie Ke walked to the side of the lake and a dazzling white light flashed instantly. Cutie Ke was in her dragon form again. She had used her own ability to change back into the dragon form. Then, Cutie Ke looked at her reflection in the water.

This time, she used the ability of the Transformation Soul Stone. "Transform!"

"Poof" A flash of smoke flashed, Cutie Ke was still Cutie Ke. Her dragon form was still a dragon form. But when Cutie Ke opened her mouth to speak, Hong Dali and Gu Feifei could tell she was very different from her former self!

"Dali, I feel it! I feel it!" Cutie Ke exclaimed. "I can feel it. The me now is different from before. Its different! This this"

She stood dazed for about thirty seconds, then flew into the sky. When she was in the sky, Cutie Kes body started to grow bigger and bigger! Her body was originally one hundred meters long. The growth was completely visible to the naked eye. Two hundred meters, three hundred meters

In just a few breaths, Cutie Kes body had grown to over five hundred meters!

At this moment, Cutie Ke flapped her wings happily in the sky, bringing bursts of huge wind pressure. She was extremely happy. "Thats it. So this is it! Is this the real secret to the Giant Dragon race? I understand now. I finally understand! Hahaha, hahahahaha! Dali, thank you. I finally understand!"

Cutie Ke flew in the sky excitedly while Hong Dali jumped anxiously on the ground. "What did you understand?! Can you say it so I can understand as well?!"

"Did she need to make it any clearer? Even I understood." Gu Feifei was surprised as well, but she quickly explained to Hong Dali. "Transformation Soul Stone is powerful, indeed. Didnt she say previously, when she transformed into a Steppe wolf, she could understand their characteristics completely. This time, she used the Transformation Soul Stone to transform into her own dragon form and naturally understood the characteristics of her own Dragon race. Hence, the things which she did not understand previously, she understood them all now. But this air pressure is a little scary. Dont tell me Cutie Ke has evolved into the King of Fire Dragons? Fire Dragon Queen?"

"Really?!" Hong Dali stared with his eyes wide open. "Fire Dragon Queen, so cool?!"

Fiery Star Planet, in the Fiery Abyss.

Anubreta, the Old Elder of the Fire Dragon race, was resting when he suddenly opened his eyes. In an instant, he became a beam of light and dashed out of the Fiery Abyss.

On the way out, countless giant dragons from the Fire Dragon race flew into the sky. The direction they were heading toward, was where Cutie Ke was!

"This" As he flew, the other Elders of the Dragon race joined the Old Elder Anubreta. They said anxiously, "Only those that will become the Fire Dragon King could possess such a dragon might. Who is it? Who would actually have the ability to become the King?!"

"I dont know either." Anubreta said excitedly, "But this is good news! Great news! Doesnt that mean that the Fire Dragon King will be born?!"

"Possible!" The other Elders nodded in unison and said, "We have waited for more than ten thousand years. Is the day finally here? Will the Fire Dragon King finally be born?"

For a moment, the sky was filled with Fire Dragons. There were thousands of them, almost covering the entire sky, all flying in the direction of Cutie Ke.

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