Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 The Chosen Ones

"Wow, what, they returned after I had only just mentioned them?" Fergos stared in bewilderment, feeling both happy and alarmed at the same time.

Alarmed that the other Chosen Ones might recognize Hong Dali as a Chosen One too. Happy that since everyone was back, then Gu Feifei must definitely be back too

As expected, just a short while later, Fergos saw Hong Dali, Gu Feifei, and the rest all come out from the spacecraft. He hurriedly walked up and softly instructed. "Dali, the Chosen Ones from the other Astrals are here. Be careful."

"Oh, okay." Hong Dali nodded. Not that he really needed to be worried or carefulhe wasnt a Chosen One, anyway

After Fergos reminded Hong Dali, he focused his attention on the other Chosen Ones. The result caused him to be both alarmed and happy. Happy that Hong Dali was really not the Chosen One. Alarmed that since Hong Dali wasnt the Chosen One, then it looked like the Martial Arts Conference would probably end up in a tragedy

Of course, he definitely couldnt say what he was thinking out loud. Fergos pretended that nothing had happened and just acted as a tour guide to the other participants of the Martial Arts Conference.

Therefore, the bunch of them all went inside the Divine College. One of the leaders from the other schools pointed at a 200-meter-tall tree. This tree was in the exact center position of Divine College, with a diameter of 40 plus meters in thickness. It was very tall and broad, very attention-grabbing. That person said, "Oh my, its been a few dozens of years since I saw this tree. It has grown even more spectacular."

Fergos smiled and said, "This Tree of Life was planted by the dean of the school from two generations back. The life power ability of that dean was very incredible. After he planted this tree, all of the plants in the school have been growing very well."

"Is it really as amazing as he said?" On the side, Hong Dali softly asked Gu Feifei, "A tree planted by a dean from two generations back still can continue to provide life energy to other plants now? Is it really so incredible?"

"Of course." Gu Feifei nodded and said, "All of the deans in our Divine College fused with the Life Soul Stone. After all, its very common for students to fight. Therefore, its very important to ensure their safety. However, the dean from two generations back was the strongest out of the previous dozens of deans, thats why the tree he planted is so heavily valued."

This time, Hong Dali finally understood. It looked like this small Divine College had a lot of powerful people hidden in it. This school wasnt as simple as it looked.

Previously, he had always thought that Dean Fergos was just an old man who liked to joke a lot, but it looked like he wasnt that simple.

As they continued to walk inside and discuss the various interesting things about the Divine College, the students from the other Astrals noticed Gu Feifeis body shape and curiously came and asked, "Hey, pretty, whats your name? Looking from your body, you must be very powerful, right?"

"Dont try to hit on me." Gu Feifeis tone towards strangers was obviously not so good. "Dont annoy me."

See that? Only she could say something in such a rough manner

"What are you so arrogant for?" A bunch of students from the other Astrals laughed coldly and said, "Your Astral doesnt even have a Chosen One, you guys can probably only just sit aside and watch for this times Martial Arts Conference. Dont annoy you? Our Alang Astral Realm has a very capable Chosen Onethere, the one carrying a white broadsword on his back. You Muming, Fifth-Order Star Sector-level, just one step from entering Star Sectors peak!"

Hearing this persons words, Hong Dali and Gu Feifei looked in the direction he indicated and indeed saw a person with a cold face carrying a white broadsword following the group at the back and occasionally glancing at the other Chosen Ones.

Because it was still quite early now, most of them were secretly observing their opponents. Especially the Chosen Ones. Although they had a lot of very powerful skills and abilities, they must also accomplish the various missions assigned by the Dimension Master at the same time.

And obviously, this times Martial Arts Conference was one of their missions too. As for what the mission was really about, Hong Dali didnt knowhe wasnt involved anyway, he was only here to watch the show!

"Oh." Gu Feifei didnt have any big reaction, she wasnt very concerned about how others think of her figure anyway. She just smiled coldly, glanced at that person and said, "Hes him, you are you. You are not his lackey, what does he being powerful has got to do with you? Look at how cocky you are, be careful that you might be beaten into a pig head later."

"I dont know if I will be beaten into a pig head or not." That person grinned, his expression so cocky that it seemed to be tempting others to punch it. "But your Astral realm doesnt have any Chosen One for this times conference again. This has already been so for the past few conferences. Sigh, I wonder what your Dean is feeling right now, but it probably isnt too good, haha."

"Do you believe that I will beat you up into a pig head right now?" Hearing him mention the dean, Gu Feifeis mood wasnt very good. "You are asking for a beating, is that so? Do you believe that I can finish you in just a short instance?"

"So arrogant?" That person laughed loudly and said, "Come on, then. I shall see how you are going to finish me, hahahaha!"

Seeing that Gu Feifei was about to attack, Hong Dali pulled her back and softly said into her ear, "Feifei, dont fight yet, this matter seems a little strange."

It was no wonder that he would feel strange. By right, this was their territory. They were the host and the rest were all guests, it wasnt normal for the guest to provoke the host right when they just met each other. Also, the other party even purposely mentioned the Chosen One in detail, as if he was actively making enemies for that Chosen One

This didnt seem right

"Of course I know that something is amiss." Gu Feifei shrugged nonchalantly and said, "But I just want to beat somebody up, thats all."

"Alright." Hong Dali didnt know what he could do now. He wasnt going to stop Gu Feifei if she wanted to beat someone up, the result of being cheeky in the mouth would definitely end up in tragedytherefore, very quickly, that person was directly thrown out of the school by Gu Feifei, screeching loudly as he flew through the air

Actually, this could only be considered a small skirmish, but unexpectedly, when that guy was thrown out, You Muming looked over and noticed Gu Feifei. His eyes instantly sank and he walked over.

"You are Divine Colleges number one student, Gu Feifei?" The Chosen One, You Muming, stared tightly into Gu Feifeis eyes and said in a deep voice, "You actually dared to injure a student from our Alang Astral Realm, I officially challenge you to a fight!"

Once he said this, Hong Dali instantly understood.

That guy just now was just a small pawn, his purpose was to provoke Gu Feifei to attack him to provide a reason for You Muming to fight her. However, what Hong Dali was curious about was that this You Muming was actually quite resourceful. He actually knew that Gu Feifei was the number one student in Divine College and instantly thought of a chance to challenge her. What was he up to?

"My temper isnt very good. Since he provoked me, I naturally have to beat him up." Gu Feifei looked at You Muming and said, "Why, you are his leader and wants to take revenge for him now? Is there a need to go about the bush like this? Just say it out straight if you wanted a fight."

"It doesnt matter what you think." You Muming took down his sword, pointed at Gu Feifei, and said, "I have heard long ago that although Gu Feifei of Divine College isnt a Chosen One, you are very powerful. How about it, do you dare to accept my challenge?"

Now, everyone had noticed the commotion here. Seeing that there was a show to watch, they all gathered around. Not just the students, even the various teachers and leaders of the other schools and the other Chosen Ones also came to watch.

"Quick, look, its the Chosen One from Alang Astral Realm. Hes actually challenging a woman."

"Thats right, this Chosen One actually challenged a woman. This is strange, whats going on?"

"I got no idea. Dont care so much, just watch the showbut this womans figure is really unique, haha"

Everyone was softly discussing, and the matter very quickly attracted the attention of Dean Fergos and the others.

"Why, you two are going to fight?" Dean Fergos gradually walked over, smiled and said, "Theres only one hour to the start of the Martial Arts Conference, why dont you wait a bit more? There isnt a need to be so eager now, right?"

While he was saying this, he secretly felt puzzled about what this Chosen One was thinking. Why did he directly challenge Gu Feifei?

By right, they didnt have any obvious conflict with each other, right?

"Humph, since we cant fight now, then forget it." You Muming decisively kept his broadsword and then gradually said, "But this matter of beating a student from our Alang Astral Realm naturally wont end like this. Gu Feifei, I will wait for you on the Road to God, I hope that you wont disappoint me." Leaving behind these words, You Muming directly squeezed into the crowd and disappeared from sight.

After You Muming left, the others were all astonished. After a brief silence, the entire place erupted

"This cant be, right? You Muming actually wants Gu Feifei to go to the Road to God too? She isnt a Chosen One, right? Why should she go there?"

"Hard to say. You Muming isnt a fool. Since he said so, there must definitely be a reason for it."

"Thats probably the case. This the Road to God isnt something that anyone can challenge. Its said that a peak Star Sector-level person could at most go up to level 56. No matter how strong this Gu Feifei is, she can at most reach only level 30 or 40, isnt it?"

Hearing their discussion, Hong Dali was curious too. Road to God? What was that? Why had he never heard of it before?

Hong Dali secretly pulled Gu Feifeis arm and softly asked, "Feifei, what is this Road to God? Why is he waiting there for you? Is this road very amazing?"

"Humph, I was still wondering why he wanted to provoke me, so this is the reason." Gu Feifei laughed coldly and said, "The Road to God is a test of strength that the Chosen Ones will normally undergo. There are a total of 81 levels, and each level tests different things. Passing every nine levels, the abilities of the Chosen Ones will be enhanced. It can be said that this is one of the most important methods for the Chosen Ones to increase their power."

What the heck, so incredible?

Theres actually something that can enhance the abilities of the Chosen Ones?




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