Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150 Muacks Did You Miss Me?

"Its his problem if he wants to go. What has it got to do with you?" Hong Dali asked curiously, "Why do you have to join as well? Youre not Heavens Chosen One"

"Im not Heavens Chosen One." Gu Feifei shrugged. "The Road to God is not only accessible to Heavens Chosen Ones. Gods Chosen Ones, Devils Chosen Ones, even ordinary people can join."

"It cant be?" Hong Dali listened with his eyes wide open. "It sounds so scary, turns out anybody can go?"

"They can go, yes. The number of levels they pass is subjective." Gu Feifei pouted. "Star Sector-level is the entry requirement. Generally speaking, its considered not bad if a First Order Star Sector-level can reach level 9. The highest Star Sector-level should be able to reach around level 50."

"So terrifying!" Hong Dali was shocked. Star Sector-level had the highest combat power, yet the highest Star Sector-level could only challenge up to level 50 or so? Hong Dali thought for a while, then asked, "Thats not right. Road to God was prepared for Heavens Chosen Ones. Why did You Muming insist on your participation? Is there something between both of you?"

"What can there be between us?" Gu Feifei humphed. "Its actually nothing. It was the last Martial Arts Conference. I was bored and went to Road to God to have some fun. That time, I reached level 48. The weird thing was, I went there secretly on my own. How did Yu Muming find out?"

She went there because she was bored and reached level 48

Who does that so casually?!

"What else can happen?" Hong Dali pouted. "The walls have ears. He probably saw you as you were wandering around and regarded you as his target for him to work harder. This time, he wants to challenge you. I was curious why he would intentionally arrange a useless person to provoke you. This is why."

"En, I think the same." Gu Feifei nodded. "Anyway, the Road to God is no fun. The rewards are not bad, but I have no use for them. Too bad."

"Dont join, then." Hong Dali chuckled. Winning or losing did not matter to him. "Its his problem if he wants to challenge you. Its up to you to accept the challenge. Lets have fun on our own and ignore him."

"En, thats what I think too." Gu Feifei nodded. Then, she took out her laptop. "I better look at my shares"

Hong Dali: "" This stock market enthusiast!

At this time, Dean Fergos brought the Astral geniuses to tour around the campus. Gu Feifei looked at her stock market, and Hong Dali was bored out of wits.

As he was feeling bored, he heard a familiar voice. "Dali, youre back?"

Its my Xinxins voice!

Hong Dali turned around and saw Tang Muxin and a group of people heading toward him. There were over twenty of them, and all of them exuded different auras. It was obvious everyone had improved vastly. Hong Dali laughed as he ran over. He hugged Tang Muxin and laughed. "Xinxin, I missed you so much. Hahahaha! Did you miss me?"

This bad person, doing this in broad daylight in front of everybody! Tang Muxin blushed and said softly, "Yes, I did!"

En, my Xinxin is so honest. Ill give you a Like!

"Everyone has progressed a lot?" Hong Dali looked at everyone. "En, en, everyones momentum is much stronger than before. Congratulations on your advancements, haha!"

"Haha. Young Master, we missed you so much!" Li Yang gave Hong Dali a big hug and smiled. "Thankfully, Young Master took good care of us and let us eat so many elixir fruits to increase our attributes. Otherwise, it would be hard to catch up." Previously, Hong Dali had brought everyone to feast in the Elixir Room in order to squander. His lackeys attributes rose sharply as a result. Otherwise, it would not be an easy feat to catch up with the other students.

How should this be put? Although Hong Dali was usually unfeeling, he was wise at critical times.

"Hehe, its good that you can catch up." Hong Dali quickly changed the topic and gave Li Nianwei, Lin Chuyin, Zhang Yi, and Jiang Qianxue each a hug. Then, he said, satisfied, "I havent seen you for a few days. You all look prettier, hehe."

The few of them immediately blushed and obediently surrounded Hong Dali. Although they attracted several envious stares, they did not bear to leaveHong Dali is ours. No one is allowed to take him away from us!

Gu Feifei mumbled as she looked at her stock market. "This rascals wives are enough to form a group"

En, if it took five to form a group, it was really enough

"Hong Dali, we meet again." At this moment, a young man emerged from the group and stood in front of Hong Dali. He said calmly, "I didnt expect to misjudge. The situation is different now. I would like to introduce myself again. My name is Kong, Heavens Chosen One from Theron Astral. This is our second meeting. Please take care of me."

"Ah. Hello, hello." Hong Dali put his hand forward to shake Kongs hand. He said, "Youre not here to pick a fight this time, right? Aiya, life is so beautiful, yet you are so violent. Thats not good. Other than fighting, you can look for me for anything else. Please take care of me. Hehe."

Im a new age prodigal. I will definitely not fight!

The two of them shook hands. The students from the other Astral Realms glanced at them sneakily, stunned. After a brief silence, they whispered among themselves. "Quick, look. Isnt that Heavens Chosen One Kong, from Theron Astral? Does he know that kid?""Probably. Kong is a loner, and hes pretty strong. He could possibly be top ten in this Martial Arts Conference among the other Heavens Chosen Ones. How did he know that kid?""They shook hands. Is something big going to happen?""Who knows? The first segment, Astral Genius Battle, will begin in about half an hour. I wonder what Kong is planning.""Astral Genius Battle, he should not create any trouble, right? The ranking is very important."

As the others speculated their relationship, Bei Yuanqing clenched his teeth in hatred as he saw Hong Dali and Kong shaking hands. "I didnt expect these two bastards to get together. Damn it! My brother died on the Fiery Star Planet. Hong Dali must have killed him with Kong! Kill them, I must kill them!"

Bei Yuanqing had approached his brother, Bei Shihui, to assassinate Hong Dali previously. He then got the bad news that his brother died on the Fiery Star Planet. Seeing Hong Dali with Kong now, Bei Yuanqing immediately assumed that his brothers death was caused by themno matter what, there was no way for Kong to escape the blame

"Alright, my dear students!" Just as Bei Yuanqing was about to inform his father of his findings, Dean Fergos announced loudly. "Its 9:30 AM now. In accordance with the usual rules, we will begin the first segment of the Martial Arts Conference in 30 minutes. Will all students return to their respective positions and be prepared. At 9:55 AM, everyone will need to enter the virtual world. At 10 AM, The Astral Genius Battle will begin on time! For now, all dismissed!"

Hearing that, more than ten thousand students from different Astral Realms, including Heavens Chosen Ones, all returned to their spacecraft.

Kong was also called to return by students from Theron Astral.

It was a young man who was about twenty-three to twenty-four. He walked over slowly and bowed at Kong. Then, he said, "Lord Heavens Chosen One, the mentor invites you to return to get ready for the Astral Genius Battle."

Kong nodded and said, "En, okay. Ill go now."

Before he left, Kong looked at Hong Dali and whispered. "Dali, I hope you can take part in the Astral Genius Battle later on. Its best if we can join forces to gain victory."

"Oh, Ill see how it goes." Hong Dali sniffled. "I need to consider my participation"

"I hope you can participate." Kong said softly, "This is considered a small request from me." Then, he left.

"So what if I participate?" Hong Dali said curiously, "Its just a stupid competition. Whats there to participate. I dont even like to fight"

It only took a word from Tang Muxin for Hong Dali to change his mind. "Dali, see how pitiful he is. They think he is the murderer"

Er He was the one who killed Bei Shihui. To be precise, the System killed him. Kong was framed, he should help him indeed

Hong Dali touched his chin. "Alright, Ill go have some fun inside"

En, Hong Dalis fianc knew him best!

On the other side, the young man followed half a step behind Kong and asked softly, "Lord Heavens Chosen One, why must this person participate in the Genius Battle? There is no Heavens Chosen One in Shenglong Astral. The strength of others can only be considered cannon fodder. It should not matter whether they participate or not, right?

"Cannon fodder?" Hearing that, Kong laughed. "Its too early to tell who is the cannon fodder. Hehe."

Astral Genius Battle was for all human geniuses.

Such geniuses did not only refer to the Astral Royal Family. The Astral Royal Family was of noble origin and had abundant resources. It was no exaggeration to say that at least 70% of the wealth in an Astral Realm was in the hands of the Astral Royal Family. Just like in any country in the world, most of its wealth was in the hands of a few. Despite this, those that struggled from the bottom to the top, and finally got chosen by the Astral Royal Family, would not be weaklings.

Hence, the Astral Genius Battle was where the few geniuses who excelled, as well as the extremely talented members of the Royal Family from major Astral Realms, gathered. Among them, the more powerful Heaven Chosen Ones would participate as well!




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