Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Whats The Most Important Factor Of Living In The Universe?

The Chosen Ones all had their unique skills and abilities, each of them had infinite potentialit could even be said that they had the potential to become a god.

Therefore, towards this kind of battle, normal material rewards werent enough anymore. The most important thing of the Astral Genius Battle was that those who either participated in the battle itself or only watched the battles would all gain valuable experiences and insights which was enough to cause some geniuses who were stuck at the same level for a long time to advance a step further!

Also, this wasnt the only benefit of the Astral Genius Battle

"Feifei." Hong Dali looked as those students participating in the battle ran back nervously to their spacecraft to make preparations. He felt strange and asked, "Although this Astral Genius Battle seems very amazing, it shouldnt cause everyone to be this excited, right? Look at how fast they are running, their legs are even kicking their butts"

"Thats expected." Gu Feifei leisurely said, "Fighting with other geniuses will already provide them valuable battle experience and insights. Also, according to the ranking, they can obtain three types of rewards. The first is money, from one million up to 10 billion Astral Dollars. Second is the chance to enter the dimension battlefield sites and have the possibility of finding much precious stuff there. Thirdly, there are all kinds of other benefits too, such as being able to enter the Astral Alliance and train there."

Hearing Gu Feifeis words, Hong Dali was really a bit surprised this time.

Money wasnt important, but the other two rewards of entering the dimension battlefield sites and entering the Astral Alliance

In the battlefield sites, they might be able to discover some valuable stuff from other dimensions. As for the Astral Alliance, there was definitely a very prestigious place.

As expected, Gu Feifei continued to explain, "Theres isnt a need to explain the battlefield sites, but do you know what kind of place the Astral Alliance is? The leader of your Hong Family, Hong Xingyu, entered the Astral Alliance last time because of his talent. After he came back, the Hong Family directly became the leader of the three main families."

This time, Hong Dali understood why those people were so nervous. It was already like this for the Astral Genius Battle, then wouldnt the other battles at the back be even more terrifying?

"However." Gu Feifei twitched her lips this time and said, "Its hard to say what the attitude of the Astral Alliance is. As far as I know, they havent allowed anyone in from the previous genius wars. Who knows what it will be like this time."

Yup, I dont really care about being able to enter the Astral Alliance or not. Im just a prodigal, after all

"It doesnt matter. Its not like I am preparing to go there, anyway." Hong Dali grinned and asked, "Feifei, are you planning to get a position in the battle?"

"I am the same as you." Gu Feifei continued to look at the stock prices. "Since you dont need to go, I naturally also dont need to."

As expected Gu Feifeis Gods Chosen Ones Sign is definitely the same type as mine, the stingy type of system

Yet, just at this point, the Demon King in his mind said, "Dali, speaking of which, you do indeed need to participate in this war, and its best if you can obtain a position."

Huh? What situation is this?

"Is there any use in me joining?" Hong Dali felt strange and asked, "The rewards of the genius battle arent very meaningful to me."

Demon King said, "The other rewards are naturally not meaningful, the important thing is going to the dimension battlefields. Do you know what kind of place that is? Thousands of billions of the Demon race died there. Simply put, if you want to craft a demon artifact and revive me, or obtain some other valuable stuff, you will need to go there. The dimension battlefields have always been to places that the powerful people need to go to in order to become even more powerful."

"I am a prodigal, I dont want to become powerful." Hong Dali muttered, "Theres nothing fun in going there"

"There are fun things there." The Demon King was indeed an old freak who had lived for over ten thousand years, he easily tempted Hong Dali with his next words. "Dont you want to squander? Have you ever imagined if you can find some interesting stuff there and then fuse them together? For example, fusing magic with cultivation, what will happen? What if you add the demon magic to that? The technology from the robot race? Add special abilities to that? A random jumble of everything"

Huh? What the Demon King said just indeed seems to make sense

"Dont say anymore, I shall do it!" Hong Dali directly stood up, pulled Gu Feifei along, and ran. "Hurry up, lets participate in the genius war too! Lets go to the dimension battlefields to take a look!"

Something that was very difficult in the eyes of others seemed to be very easy from Hong Dalis words

As he ran, the Demon King reminded him. "Be careful, the other participants are all not simple too, especially those true geniuses and Chosen Ones. They are all very powerful, it wont be easy to defeat them."

He wasnt overstating things. A total of 100 Astral realms, and an Astral realm only had 100 participants each, what kind of people were them? They would definitely not be some weaklings that would be easily defeated. Even if there were some weak people amongst them, there would only be a small number of them.

"Do you know whats the most important factor of living in the universe now?" Hong Dali randomly asked this.

"Whats most important? Brains?" Demon King asked.

"Wrong." Hong Dali smiled very confidently and said, "The most important thing is to have a bunch of reliable lackeys!"

Demon King: ""

After Fergos announced the news regarding the Astral Genius Battle, all of the powerful people from the various races on Shenglong Astral went home and wore their holographic helmet.

All of them were very eager for the battles to start.

Although they couldnt participate in the competition, they could still watch the competitions. For those not participating in the competition, the most important aspect of the competition was to gain insights from watching powerful people battling it out. This was the same logic as watching strong teams competing when watching basketball in order to absorb their strengths to cover our own weaknesses. Training alone without learning from anyone wouldnt work.

Bei Family manor. Bei Mingxuan wore his helmet and directly entered the virtual world.

Zhu Family manor. Zhu Yunzhous training stopped and she entered the virtual world to prepare to watch the competition.

Hong Family. Hong Xingyu had already been waiting for the competition to start for quite some time.

Ye Family, Ye Wuyou had even entered the virtual world very early beforehand.

Liu Family Wang Family Hua Family All of the various leaders of the families and their respective geniuses all entered the virtual world to prepare to watch the competition.

All of the families in the different Astral realms had all entered the virtual world and transported here to watch the competition.

In the spacecraft of the various schools, the teachers were instructing their students of things to be mindful of for the competition

"Everyone, remember, you are representing the pride of our Astral realm! All of you are the true geniuses of our Astral realm for this generation!" The teachers were all practically saying the same stuff. "Above 18 and below 25, you people are the strongest for this group of people, all of you are the most elite student of our Astral realm. Of course, this goes the same for the other Astral realms too. My expectations arent high this time, only to obtain the top 10! Team battle top 10! This is all I ask of you! As for even higher, I dont hope for that. I know thats too difficult."

"Yes, Teacher!" The students all replied in unison.

The spacecraft where the students from Theron Astral were in.

"Everyone, remember." The teacher looked at the students sitting below him. The Chosen One, Kong, was sitting by his side. The teacher looked at the students and said, "Sir Chosen One is your core! Remember, the battle between team fights isnt a solo performance! You guys dont have the right to do that yet! Our aim is to obtain a position for team battle! Top 10! Do all of you hear me?"


Over at Shenglong Astral Divine College.

Dean Fergos was instructing his students too

"We are under a lot of pressure for this times Astral Genius Battle." The current Fergos wasnt his usual benevolent self anymore. His tone was deep, and an enormous pressure radiated from his body, the strength of it causing all those who felt it shiver.

"Understood!" The students all replied in unison.

"This old fellow has really been hiding his power well." Hong Dali looked at the Dean and secretly thought to himself. "These old fellows, none of them are simple. From the pressure radiating from him, hes about as powerful as Great-grandfather."

Fergos introduced the rules to them. "According to normal circumstances, for each genius war, a Chosen One will lead 100 normal students to participate for each Astral realm. However, there isnt a Chosen One for our Astral realm yet. Therefore, we will only be sending 100 normal students. For these 100 students, we will send the top 10 most powerful people from our school to participate. Each of these top 10 students can select nine friends to join them. Therefore, now, you guys can consider if you want to participate or not. Remember, dont force yourselves. After all, the opponents are too strong, there isnt any meaning in forcing yourselves to participate just to lose in the first round."

Actually, for this kind of competition, the participants should have already been decided a long time ago. However, because of Hong Dali appearing this year, Fergos hadnt settled this matter until now. After all, he was still unsure if Hong Dali was the Chosen One or not. Also, Hong Dali was strong enough to defeat everyone in their school but Gu Feifei, yet he couldnt confirm if he was participating yet. In the end, Fergos made an exception for Hong Dali.

As expected, upon hearing Fergos words, all of the students looked at one another. After all, this was representing their Astral realm, it would be pointless to participate if they werent powerful enough. Therefore, in the end, it was still the top 10 students from the school who would participate, and each would select nine friends to accompany them.

There wasnt a need to mention the others since Hong Dali didnt know any of them.

As for himself, he chose his large group of lackeyshe even used up the nine slots that belonged to Gu Feifei

In the end, for Hong Dali and Gu Feifeis side, the people who would be accompanying them were the nine lackeys, Levis plus the other two killers, and his five wives-to-be

As for Cutie Ke, she actually wanted to participate too, but the problem was that she was from the Dragon race. Although she was only considered to be a teenager amongst her race, her actual age was already more than 290therefore, she couldnt participate

After Hong Dali reported who he was bringing, everyone finally realized that for his group of 20 people, there were only six guys, and the rest were all beautiful women

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