Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Lets Open A Concert

Looks like the members of the same team will be teleported nearby to each other, this will make it easier for everyone to gather and discuss their strategies.

As he went downstairs, Hong Dali looked at the small projection device that appeared on his wrist after he was teleported here. This device was in charge of tabulating and updating the statistics in the competition.

He turned on the device and rows of words appeared

"Team: Shenglong Astral Team. Participant: Hong Dali. Points: 0. Current team position: None. Current personal position: None."

"Additional explanation: City size, 16 square kilometers. Participants are not allowed to leave this city. If not, it will be considered as dead. All of the materials and items in the city have been specially strengthened. Point system: One point for killing an ordinary contestant, 100 points for killing a Chosen One. At the same time, you will be able to gain half of the points of the person killed."

"Ranking board: Currently none."

"Yup, it looks like these rules are quite interesting." Hong Dali nodded in satisfaction. "After everyone is gathered, lets watch television to kill time. As for the other teams, let them kill each other first. Theres no rush for us, anyway"

The villa he was in had five levels. While Hong Dali was walking down, the nine lackeys had already gone downjust nice, there were a total of 10 people who were transported into this villa.

Hong Dali instantly understood. There must definitely be another nine villas outside, all of them from the same school were sent here in teams of 10 each. Yup, this was good. If not, it would affect his mood if he was in the same villa as Bei Yuanqing.

"Young Master." Upon seeing Hong Dali, Li Yang was the first to run up and said, "Oh my, Young Master, you look really amazing in these clothes! Only this is fitting of your identity. Those minor things like killing people and such can be left to us, hehe."

Ling Xiaoyi and the rest all laughed from hearing this. Hong Dali violently punched his arm, then smiled and said, "Dont bootlick me. Are you sure you can defeat the other contestants? Dont throw my face when the time comes."

"Dont worry, I promise it wont be a problem!" Li Yang panted his chest violently and said, "Just leave it to me, haha!"

After leaving the villa, they could see that the other teams from the Divine College had already all gathered around Gu Feifei. After all, Gu Feifei was the Big Sister of their school. This wasnt just a leisure nickname, she earned it by beating up all those that opposed her.

"Dali, you are here." Seeing Hong Dali come, Gu Feifei slowly walked over and asked, "The competition has already started, what shall we do now? Directly go and kill all of them or see how the situation goes first?"

Hearing Gu Feifei ask in such a manner, Li Yang and the rest shared a look.

That was why they always said that their Young Master was really awesome, even this Big Sister was asking for his opinion first in such a situation.

"What shall we do? Is there a need to ask?" Hong Dali looked around. All 100 people were here, even his old rival Bei Yuanqing. Bei Yuanqings gaze was obviously not friendly when he looked at Hong Dali.

Disregarding Bei Yuanqing, Hong Dali said, "When I came out, I noticed that the facilities in the villas are not bad." He sniffed, smiled, and said, "Lets go back to the villas and watch television!"

W-w-w-w-watch television!?

Go back to the villas and watch television in such an important competition!?

Everyone was astonished, and Bei Yuanqing even roared. "Hong Dali! Damn your mum, do you know what place this is!? This is the battlefield for the Astral Genius Battle! We might meet an enemy at any moment, but you actually tell us to go watch television!? Even if you dont want to win the competition, the rest of us do!"

"You shouldnt have said that." Hong Dali looked at him coldly and said, "Let me send you off first!"

After Hong Dali said this, Blood Demon activated his ability and Bei Yuanqings body was directly stabbed through!

"Hong Dali! You You actually dared to attack me! At this place!" Bei Yuanqing looked at his body that was stabbed through, his face full of disbelief. "I I am assassinated by you just like this!?"

"You shouldnt have scolded my mother." Hong Dali smiled and said, "Therefore, I have no choice but to send you out first, in case you create trouble for me here."

At the same time, everyone in the competition heard these words from their device: "Stuart killed his own teammate, 10 points are deducted." Yup, they finally knew what Blood Demons name was now

He really killed him! This Bei Yuanqing was actually killed by Hong Dali when they had only just entered the competition! Bei Yuanqing didnt even have a chance to fight with other teams!

Instantly, everyone was astonished.

They could never have expected that the Hong Dali who regarded himself as a prodigal and disregarded people calling him trash or what would actually kill someone just because the person scolded his mother! Although he didnt personally kill, the result was about the same!

"Okay, the disturbance has finally disappeared." Hong Dali grinned, not concerned at all that 10 points were deducted from his team. "Everyone, go back and watch television now. Of course, its fine if you want to act freely and go test your skills, that doesnt matter to me. Yup, if you are being chased after, you guys can choose to come back here to seek refuge too."

Saying so, Hong Dali looked at Gu Feifei and said, "Feifei, do you want to watch television? If not, we can find something else to play with too."

"Sure, I dont have any objection." Gu Feifei thought for a while and asked, "But watching television is a bit boring. This isnt fitting of your style, right?"

"Thats true, that doesnt help me to squander much." Hong Dali hurriedly looked around and noticed the man-made lake not far away. He was instantly excited and snapped his fingers. "Lets find a stereo sound system and go to the lake to sing karaoke! Singing and killing people at the same time, that seems quite interesting too!"

This was a good idea! Singing in the battlefield of the genius war, only he could think of something like this!

Momentarily, everyone was really impressed with Hong Daliwhat was this guys brain made-up of!?

Therefore, everyone went back to the villas and started transporting stuff.

Like projectors, karaoke equipment, chairs, fruit, and so on

Having high body stats made such work really easy, tons of stuff was set-up near the lake in just a short while

Outside the competition, the various chiefs of the families were all watching the battles in the competition nervously.

The battle had already started and many fights had broken out. In the distance, the roof of a building exploded apart and a few figures directly flew out and fought in midair.

Instantly, the sounds of people fighting could be heard from every corner of the city.

"Bomb!" "Bomb!" "Bomb!" "Bomb!" "Bomb!" "Bomb!"

"Quick, look, they have already started fighting!" The people outside watching all looked on with glowing eyes.

The people who started fighting now were mostly the expendables who were sent to check out the situation. When people from different teams met, they would naturally start fighting. Although their power wasnt very high, most of them were only First or Second-Order Star Sector-level, they were already very capable for being able to reach this stage at such a young ageafter all, the true difference between these expendables and the elites were because of the difference in stats due to difference in levels. But putting stats aside and only just looking at their combat talent, all those that could participate were definitely not some rookies.

"All of you open your eyes wide!" The chiefs all reminded their family members. "I dont ask of you guys to have the same combat talent as those geniuses, but at least observe and see how they fight."

"Understood, Chief!" All of the members of the family nodded.

Everyone was watching the competition attentively. Very quickly, the ranking board was updated for the first time, and everyone quickly opened their device to check

"Personal Ranking Number One: Feng Yu, Points: 2. Number Two: He Junxia, Points: 2. Number Three: Zuo Qiuying, Points: 2"

"Team Ranking Number One: Ye Hua Astral Realm, Points: 3. Number Two: Mao Shi, Points: 3. Number Three: Jing Wu Astral realm, Points: 2" Look at this ranking, the audiences started to discuss excitedly and continued to read downwards. Yet, when they saw the team in the last place, everyone was astonished

"Number 100: Shenglong Astral, Points: -10."

What the heck, not only didnt they have any points, their points were even negative!? And when the competition just started, they already killed one of their own!?

This time, they couldnt keep their composure anymore and looked for the members from Shenglong Star.

"Chief, look, the team in the villa district, what are they doing?" Someone with sharp eyes noticed how special Hong Dali and his team wasafter all, everyone else was fighting, but they were carrying chairs and televisions, looking really weird, so the audiences couldnt help but be attracted to them.

"This" The Chief looked at what they were doing and was clueless too. In the end, he could only say, "This must definitely be their strategy! Im sure of it!"

If Hong Dali heard this, what would he think

The people from the three main families were all watching the competition too. Hong Xingyu saw the team from Shenglong Astral and felt strange with what they were doing, but very quickly, he discovered somethingthat person in a black trench coat seemed to be his Dali

"Hey, Yueling." Hong Xingyu secretly asked Hua Yueling, "That little fellow wearing a black trench coat, is that our Dali!?"




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