Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Time To Witness A Miracle

"It really looks like its him!" Hua Yueling looked properly for a bit and was astonished. "The lass beside him is that Gu Feifei!? What are they doing?"

"Not sure." Hong Xingyu stared until his eyes were wide open. "This child Dali, is he planning some kind of strategy?"

"This" Hua Yueling thought for a while, then asked Hua Xiangyu who was beside her, "Yuer, what do you think?"

Hua Xiangyu opened her beautiful eyes wide and looked for a while. Then, she decisively said, "If I didnt guess wrongly, Big Bro Dali seems to be holding a concert"

Hold a concert!? In the battlefield of the Astral Genius Battle!?

Hua Yueling and Hong Xingyu were both completely speechless. They looked down at Hong Dali and the others, their mouths tremblingthey really didnt know what to say now

"Hahaha, old fellow." The three main families were seated quite near each other, the others had also noticed this strange scene now. Bei Mingxuan pointed towards Hong Dali directly and laughed out loud, then said, "Your Hong Dali is really daring, he actually planned to open a party in the battlefield of the Astral Genius War! Hahaha, this is really embarrassing. I shall see what he is going to do when other teams come here!"

Zhu Yunzhous face was quite black. Because of the Marriage Annulment Challenge, he was under quite a lot of stress for this period. Now that he had a rare chance to come out and relax, he couldnt help but laugh and said, "Your Hong Family is really unfortunate to have this Hong Dali in your family, humph."

"Its my sweethearts choice to do whatever he wants to, who are you to object?" Hong Xingyu glanced at them with disdain and said, "Dont worry, the show will definitely be very good to look at later, hehe!"

No one could be sure if the other people in the competition would be good to look at.

But very quickly, they could know who wouldnt be good to look at outside of the competition

"Father" Bei Yuanqing appeared in the Bei Familys stand, his face green with anger. "Im out of the competition."

So fast!?

Upon seeing Bei Yuanqing, Bei Mingxuan was obviously dazed for a while before he anxiously asked, "How is it? Did you meet some powerful people? Why are you out so quickly? Did you gain anything?"

Zhu Yunzhou also reminded from the side. "All of them inside are all geniuses, you will be able to learn a lot from fighting with them. The victory isnt important, whats important is that you must gain something out of it. This will be very beneficial for your progress in the future."

Actually, when they saw Bei Yuanqing, they felt like parents that were waiting for their child to finish an exam. Upon seeing their child submitting the paper before time was up and coming out, they naturally would rush to ask how he did, if the questions were difficult or not, how much could he get, and such.

They were actually just showing their care for him because they felt that Bei Yuanqing was quite a talented child too. Although he was only Second-Order Star Sector Level, he had quite a lot of top-grade equipment on him. Even if he encountered some genius from another Astral realm, he should still be able to put up a fight.

But unexpectedly, Bei Yuanqings face turned even more green. He stared at Hong Xingyu fiercely, then dejectedly said, "I I didnt. I I was killed by Hong Dalis lackey"

Not only did he not fight with another genius and already got killed, but the most intolerable thing was that he was actually killed by Hong Dalis lackey! By a lackey!

This was like Bei Yuanqing went for an exam and came out first. When everyone thought he finished the paper and came out first to use the toilet, they realized that it was because he didnt bring the examination pass along and was chased out

What kind of screwed up situation was this! This was the Astral Genius Battle! Between 18 to 24 years old! Bei Yuanqing was already 23 this year! This meant that this was his only chance to participate!

"Hong Xingyu! Im going to kill you!" Bei Mingxuan jumped angrily.

Bei Mingxuan was his most favorite child, and he doted on him quite a lot normally. But ever since Hong Dali arrived, misfortune never stopped falling on him!

Previously, he was tricked of 20 billion by Hong Dali, got his face slapped by Hong Dali, then got beaten up by Hong Dali in school. And now, this times rare chance of participating in the Astral Genius Battle was actually ruined by Hong Dali too because Hong Dalis lackey killed him before they even started fighting!

What the heck, he definitely couldnt tolerate this!

"Hahahaha, as I said before, the tides are always changing." Hong Xingyu laughed and said, "Werent you very proud just now and said that my sweetheart will become unfortunate? Sigh, you are really right, unfortunate indeed. But as for who is unfortunate, we cant be sure, hahahaha!"

Hong Xingyu was really happy!

He didnt dote on his sweetheart for nothing, this was the way to do it, hahahaha! Awesome!

"Hong Xingyu, dont be too happy. Just wait and see!" This was the virtual world, Bei Mingxuan knew that it was pointless to fight here and couldnt only tolerate his anger. He gritted his teeth in hatred and stared at the battlefield with fire in his eyes. He said, "Hong Dali, dont let me see you! If not, I will make you regret being born into this world!"

"Dont be so sure of whos the one regretting yet." Hong Xingyu humphed coldly and said, "Im not dead yet. If you want to touch my sweetheart, you will have to get past me first!"

What was Bei Mingxuans identity? The Bei Familys Chief. If he attacked Hong Dali himself, Hong Xingyu would definitely not stand by and do nothing. Not only him, Hua Yueling this old granny would definitely not just watch this happen too!

"Hehe, Bei Mingxuan." Hua Yueling decisively threw them a bomb. "Your familys Bei Shihui, oh my, I dont know what happened to him, he just suddenly vanished. Sigh, what a pity, dying before he could achieve his dream, hahahaha!"

Hearing Hua Yueling mention Bei Shihui, Bei Mingxuan got even angrier and stood up, planning to attack now. "Its you guys! You guys are definitely the ones who killed my Shihui! This matter isnt over! It isnt over!"

Honestly speaking, if this wasnt the virtual world, the Marriage Annulment Challenge might not need to wait until three months later anymoreBei Mingxuan would definitely attack Hong Xingyu right now. As for what the result would be, that was hard to say

"Isnt over? Who are you going to be not over with?" Hua Yueling looked coldly at Bei Mingxuan and said in a deep voice, "What did you send Bei Shihui to Fiery Star Planet for? Dont tell me it was to watch the scenery! Blame it on your unluckiness for offending my sweetheart. Humph! What a pity, I had anticipated that you wouldnt miss such a good opportunity and especially sent a few people to protect him secretly. As a result, humph humph"

Actually, Bei Shihuis cause of death wasnt clear, but it was certain that he was dead. After all, Bei Shihuis Soul Stone was in Hong Dalis hands after that, this could already prove everything.

But Hua Yueling used a trick here. She didnt say that it was Hong Dali who killed him and also didnt say that she killed him. Instead, she said that Bei Shihui was killed by someone she sent. Bei Shihui was already dead now and couldnt speak against her, so she naturally could say it any way she wanted.

As a result, there were two benefits of saying it this way.

One was to place Hong Dali out of this matter, the second was to tell Bei Mingxuan that the matters of the younger generation should be solved amongst themselves. If he dared to interfere, then he couldnt blame her for killing his familys younger generation too!

As expected, upon hearing Hua Yueling say this, Bei Mingxuan was instantly at a loss for words.

He couldnt say anything. The chiefs of the three main families definitely couldnt directly attack the younger generations of another family. After all, the difference between them and the normal members of the younger generation was too big. If they disregarded their identity and directly attacked the younger generation, the three main families would not need to wait for the Marriage Annulment Challenge and already collapseall families would naturally have different level classifications. If only the chief and a few powerful people of a family were left in the end while the rest were all dead, this family could already be regarded as gone.

Therefore, although the chiefs held a lot of power and authority, sometimes they were quite helpless toofor example, Bei Mingxuan

Although he wanted to strangle Hong Dali to death very much, he couldnt do this. He could arrange for the younger generation to attack or even assassinate Hong Dali, but he himself could definitely not do so.

If not, the consequences would be very severe.

Therefore, even though Bei Mingxuan knew now that Bei Shihui was killed by the Hong Family, he could only tolerate it. He was a move behind them, so there was indeed nothing much to be said now.

"Humph, consider it your victory this time." Bei Yuanqing almost broke his teeth from clenching them too hard, and could only choose to sit back down and not look at the Hong Family anymore. He pulled Bei Yuanqing to his side and said, "Yuanqing, although you cant participate personally anymore, you can still benefit from watching the competition. As for those shameless people, you can just disregard them."

By shameless, he naturally meant Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling.

"Hehe, you can only gain a bit of advantage on the mouth now." Hong Xingyu beamed with delight and looked at the battlefield. "I shall continue to see what my sweetheart is planning to do now. I definitely cant waste my time trying to talk reason with shameless people."

Hearing this, Hua Xiangyu instantly covered her mouth and laughed. Then, she looked at Hong Dali and the rest who were still busying with their stuff, getting even more curious about what they were doing.

What was her miraculous Big Bro Dali actually planning to do?

In the battlefield of the Astral Genius Battle, the villa district that Hong Dali and the rest were in.

"Yup, this should be about it." Hong Dali looked at the surroundings with satisfaction, then nodded and said, "This is the way to go. Let them kill each other all they want, lets not bother about them. Alright, next up, its time to witness a miracle!"

Now, beside the lake, a 100-plus-meter stage was set-up. Around it was holographic projection screens and full simulation stereo systems, plus dozens of sofas and tea-tables. The tables were filled with fruits and beverages. Hong Dali laughed and said, "Then, the concert of the beautiful Miss Li Nianwei in the Astral Genius Battle shall start now!"

Everyone seated down all gave a warm round of applause.

This was probably the only time a concert was held in the Astral Genius Battle!




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