Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Assassin Indeed

"Hehe. Dali, youre good!" Tang Muxin giggled as she gave Hong Dali a kiss. "Sister Nianweis concert is mind-blowing! Its even more mind-blowing than the one on Earth! This is too big-scale!"

"Young Master, thank you." Li Nianwei gave Hong Dali a gentle kiss as well. "I never thought that I would be able to hold a concert on such an important occasion. Im very happy. Thank you."

A concert in the Astral Genius Battle. It was indeed a privilege.

Even the crowd watching the battle was stunned. "God, Hong Dali intends to hold a concert here?"

Fergos almost choked on his own saliva. "Oh my God. Its over. Were going to make a fool of ourselves this time!"

En, not just them. The other teams closer to them were tongue-tied as well. "Whats wrong with that team? What are they doing? Having a party? Having a party here?!"

The more quick-witted ones observed the situation carefully, then concluded. "This is their tactic to distract their opponents. It must be a trap. Everyone, dont get fooled!"

Hence, with everyones attention on them, the beautiful and gentle Li Nianwei slowly stepped onto the stage. The lights began to flash and music began. Li Nianwei looked at the expectant looks of people sitting in front of her and bow elegantly. Then, she whispered, "Thank you, Young Master, for giving me this opportunity. Next, I will sing a few songs for everyone. I hope everyone will like it."

Soon the accompaniment music began and Li Nianwei sang her first song. "Rolling up the Beaded Curtain!"

"Engrave, between each eyebrow, upon the heart. Between every stroke, filled with ruminating thoughts. Soaked, the color of ink flows. Thousand Characters Classic[1], have all turned yellow"

Her melodious voice mesmerized everyone. Hearing Li Nianweis beautiful voice, everyone forgot the tension, the place, the time, and the fact that they were participating in the Astral Genius Battle

It was as if Li Nianwei was born to sing. When she stood on the stage, all the students listened attentively. They were all mesmerized and had lost themselves in her voice.

"Bravo! She sounds too good. This Hong Dali always surprises others""Its a really nice song. The image of the following river calmed everyones hearts"

Everyone was intoxicated by the song.

The people who were fighting and killing each other outside felt strangethey were actually holding a concert here?! What kind of rhythm was this? Ambush? Distracting the enemy? Or did he just give up because he knew he was not strong?

No matter what, these were not reasons for holding a concert, right?

In a building not far from the villa area, the Alang Astral teams Heavens Chosen One, You Muming, looked in the direction of Hong Dalis team. He frowned and thought for a while, then slowly said, "Go there and see what the situation is exactly. Remember, dont get distracted by the battles. Our target is to enter the top three. Everyone is extremely precious. We must not walk into their trap. Just take a look and come back."

"Yes!" Hearing You Mumings instructions, an ordinary student skilled in stealth surveillance soon disappeared.

Many people had the same intention. Soon, about sixteen to seventeen spies headed to where Hong Dali was.

All the teams had a mutual understanding not to send too many people. After all, regardless of whether they were elites or cannon fodder, it would contribute to their points, which would affect their final results. Hence, they sent as little people as they could. If they sent more people, and they got ambushed, it would be a great loss.

"Young Master, there are several people heading our direction." As Li Nianwei sang her favorite songs near the villa area, Ling Xiaoyi warned Hong Dali softly. "There are a total of sixteen people. They are all scouts trying to find out what we are doing."

Why else did one say support-type ability users were very important. She could see through directly what their opponents were up to. Any move from anyone was transparent to herespecially on this battlefield where there were no outsiders, she could put her ability to full use.

"Oh, here to spy?" Hong Dali smiled, then touched his chin. "Theres nothing for them to see. But if they went back and sent a big group of people over, and interrupted Sister Nianweis concert, it wont be good"

Hong Dalis worry was not for no reason.

Once the enemy found out what they were doing and brought a big group of people to kill them, whether they were able to kill them was one thing, but the concert would definitely not continue. That could not happenour Sister Nianwei rarely had such a good opportunity. How could it be wasted?

"Young Master, Ill go." At this moment, the Blood Demon joined them. "I lost ten points when I killed Bei Yuanqing earlier. This is a good opportunity to earn them back."

Blood Demon was beaten up by Bei Yuanqing in the Divine College previously. Although he had his revenge today, he got his points deducted. Hence, it was natural to want to get the points back with such a good opportunity in front of him.

"En, sure." Hong Dali thought for a while, then agreed. "Remember, be careful."

"No problem!" The Blood Demon replied and then disappeared in the crowdhe was an assassin, indeed. Look at his skills!

The concert continued. At the same time, the major teams also sent scouts to investigate the situation.

And Blood Demon began his hunt

Sneaking between the bushes and the forest, Blood Demon was extremely skilled in using various covers. Soon, he saw a scout coming over. The scout was wearing lavender armor, black cloak, and held a sharp dagger.

Of course, he was a professional, after all. Blood Demon only saw him clearly when he approached him

As Blood Demon saw the scout, the scout also saw him. He grinned excitedly and said, "It seems that its my lucky day. You will be the first one I kill"

As he spoke, he transformed into a black beam of light and dashed toward Blood Demon at lightning speed. Then, he drew a curve with his dagger and aimed for Blood Demons throat.

"Humph." Blood Demon snorted but did not make any move. The scout stopped suddenly in the middle of his move.

"Chi chi chi chi" Countless spikes pierced through the ground at the scouts landing point! Those spikes were extremely sharp and thin as a millimeter. The tips of the spikes were indestructible!

The spikes pierced through the scouts body. He was in disbelief, and his mouth slightly ajar. A beam of light flashed across and disappeared in the sky. Then, the scouts body became a virtual substance and fell onto the ground.

This was a simulation scene especially created by the virtual world to simulate the cruelty of battleswhen a person died, he would return outside to resurrect, and the corpse became part of the scene inside the battlefield.

"Still too weak." Blood Demon shook his head and found a place to hide. Then, he opened the combat monitoring device. "Participant: Stuart, Shenglong Astral. Current Points: -9. Ranking: 10,062."

"Haha, still the last." Blood Demon smiled indifferently. "Well, Ill take my time. There are so many scouts, enough for me to kill."

This Astral Genius Battle had a total of 10,062 participants. Blood Demon lost ten points for killing Bei Yuanqing. After killing one scout, his points were -9still at last place. However, he was in no hurry. There were so many people, there were many more to kill

The chiefs of the major families watching the battle from above were all stunned when they saw how Blood Demon resolved the battle instantly.

"Where is this man from? Hes so powerful! Killing his opponent within seconds, and it was a Heavens Chosen One! Were his abilities awakened? Terrifying, too terrifying! His ability is solely for killing! We must be careful of this person!"

"Powerful, the scout must be at least Second-Order Star Sector-level. To think he was killed within seconds. That young man has great potential!"

Everyone was speculating about the origin of Blood Demon. But the Hong Family members eyes all lit up. Hua Yueling said excitedly, "Old Man, this person seems to be our Sweethearts lackey! I didnt expect him to progress so much so quickly. Its really rare!"

"Yes, exceptional indeed." Hong Xingyu nodded and smiled. "Look at his ability attributes. I estimate he should be Third-Order Star Sector-level or above, Level Two Awakened. This child, haha, is talented."

To be able to become above Third-Order in such a short period of time and a Level Two Awakened, Blood Demons talent was indeed impressive!

"Like I said," Hua Yueling beamed, "our little sweetheart did not bring them to the Elixir Room to feast for nothing. Look at how much he has progressed! Our sweetheart is lucky indeed. A talent like that is rare."

"Thats right. When we return, bring them to the Elixir Room to boost their attributes." Hong Xingyu smiled. "This time, no one will dare to say anything. Haha."

It was no wonder Hong Xingyu was so happy.

When Blood Demon first arrived, he was only at Stellar-level, at most Third or Fourth-Order Stellar-level. But his growth rate shocked everyone.

And this was during the period when he entered the Divine College.

After the trip to the Elixir Room, he had jumped from Third or Fourth Order Stellar-level to almost Fourth-Order Star Sector-level! Then, he concentrated on training in the college and achieved the strength of Level Two Awakened. Blood Demons capability had reached a terrifying point. It was no exaggeration to say that the current Blood Demon could completely oppress Bei Yuanqing!

[1] Refers to the pages of The Thousand Characters Classic book




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