Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156 Exceptionally Intelligent

"Hong Dali, you bastard." On the other side, Bei Yuanqing was filled with jealousy and hate as he watched them. "Even his lackeys are so powerful. I will not stand for it! I will not stand for it!"

It was no wonder he hated them so much. Think about it, no matter what, he was the number one genius among the younger generation of the Bei Family. He was a Second-Order Star Sector-level, soon to be Third-Order Star Sector-level. Before Hong Dali came, he was the second most powerful person in the whole college.

And now, he went from second to god knows which position. It was probably a number that went beyond the number of fingers on two hands

How could he accept that?

However, there was nothing he could do about it. Hong Dalis subordinates were improving at a surprising rate. How many days had it been? Attributes could be improved with elixirs, but the awakening of abilities

It took him three years to awaken his Black Flame ability, and it was still barely awakened. Just this was enough for him to look at his peers in disdain. However, compared with Hong Dalis lackeys.

"Hong Dali is likely to be our number one enemy in the future!" Bei Mingxuan looked at Hong Dali who was having a good time. He had no choice but to start taking him seriously.

After all, regardless of Hong Dalis own abilities, his lackeys were growing at an alarming rate and they had to be on their guard against them.

"Indeed." Zhu Yunzhou nodded and said, "Such a person is extremely hard to come by. My suggestion is that if you can solicit him to your team, do so by whatever means necessary. But if you cannot get him to join you, kill him."

Destroy what one could not get, especially geniuses from the enemys side. They had to be taken seriously.

Bei Mingxuan nodded imperceptibly. "Yes. I must try when we get back. If he cannot be of use to me, he must die. Otherwise, based on his rate of growth, he is indeed a threat."

At this time, just above the competition field, Blood Demon found a random concealed enclosure and sat down. Countless spikes were on alert within a radius of 100 meters around him. There was no way anything could avoid the attack of the spikes.

"At present, six scouts have been killed." Blood Demon looked at his recorder with a smile. "Participant: Stuart, Shenglong Astral. Current Points: -4. Ranking: 10,062."

"This kind of opponent is really a little weak." Blood Demon shook his head helplessly. "Also, there are too few of them. Itll be hard to catch up and even out the score.

"We must still be careful. There are weak and also strong opponents. Those that have been sent out as scouts are probably not very strong. I think they are mostly weak in defense but strong at surveillance. I wonder how strong the real heavyweights are. Im actually really looking forward to finding out.

"However, my ability has just awakened and Im not yet familiar with its usage. Otherwise, the range of my spikes can be increased to at least 500 meters. That will make it much easier to kill others."

Because of the attribute compression force field, the range of Blood Demons spikes in the arena was currently only 300 meters. Any bigger and the effect would be reduced and consume too much energy.

A range of 100 meters was the most worthwhile as it consumed almost no energy.

"Well, Ill practice this skill a bit more. I dont think anyone will come by for a while. Theres no time to waste. I have to maintain my ability at that of a Level 2 Awakened ability user."

"Xinhou is dead." In a 30-story high skyscraper, in an apartment on the 28th floor.

The team members from Wern Astral were all concentrated here. Their leader was a young man of about twenty-two years old who wore a white soft cloth robe. He had a water-blue crystal necklace around his neck. He stood out even in the midst of a crowd. Anyone who saw this team would have their attention drawn to him.

Heavens Chosen One, Gao Ge!

"Your Excellency," Among the students of the college that came next, a young man who seemed to be the best among the students asked carefully, "what should we do next? Continue probing or"

"Dont provoke him for the time being." Gao Ge looked in the direction of Li Nianweis concert far below and slowly shook his head. "The other partys formation is very weird. I saw that at least a dozen teams had dispatched scouts. However, until now, none have returned."

As he talked, he took out the recording device, turned it on and looked at the numbers on it. "Well, the points have become -2, which means that the Shenlong Astral team has killed 8 people in this short period of time. Its no small feat to kill so many at once. The opponent was taken out silently. They have to be quite good to be able to do something like that."

As a Heavens Chosen One, Gao Ge was a Fifth-Order Star Sector-level. He was just a step away from the highest order attainable. If he said that the opponent was hard to deal with, it must be so.

Sure enough, upon hearing what he said, everyone else trembledafter all, no one wanted to die, so they all shut up one by one.

"Okay, lets take a break first. Keep watch around the area." Gao Ge looked at the concert again, then whispered softly, "If you meet the enemy, win if you can. Otherwise, try your best to stay alive. After all, the points are important, but the final ranking is based on the survival rate of the team. No matter how many points we get, if the team is completely destroyed in the end, itll be useless."

"Okay, we understand!" Everyone nodded.

On the other side, Theron Astral team.

"Hong Dali is really daring." Kong sat by the window. Amused, he looked down at the lively concert happening below and said, "They made the concert so lively even I feel like going down to watch it, hehe."

"Lord Heavens Chosen One." After hearing what Kong said, the students immediately got curious and asked, "A Heavens Chosen One has not appeared in Shenglong Astral and yet theyre holding a concert like this. If they get besieged by the others, the consequences will be terrible. If they meet a team that has a Heavens Chosen One, they will definitely lose!"

"Hes on the losing end?" Kong sneered. "Its hard to say who is at a disadvantage. Do you think Hong Dali is an idiot? Youre wrong. Based on my observation, not only is Hong Dali not an idiot, but hes also intelligent, and exceptionally intelligent at that! Do you see his position now?"

Everyone shook their headsposition? Wasnt it just a villa? What position was there?

"You still cant see it? Youre really stupid." Kong sneered. "With your IQ, you want to go up against Hong Dali? Do you not realize that his position is surrounded by water on three sides, leaving only one way in? This is a war strategy that puts him in a position surrounded by water leaving one way in. Theres no way for other teams to besiege them from all sides, and if they attack from the front, hehe, Hong Dalis lackeys are not weaklings. Furthermore, theres the mysterious and strong Gu Feifei."

A battle surrounded by water leaving one way in! Who would have thought that Hong Dalis seemingly insane idea of holding a concert would actually be a war strategy which put him in a position surrounded by water leaving only one way in!

"Now that youve said it, it seems to make sense!" The crowd came to a sudden realization. Someone looked at the concert below them again, thought about it, and said, "So, what will happen if someone attacks from the water? Attacks from the sky? Wouldnt their geographical location"

"Hahahaha, I told you, you wont be able to do it." Kong smiled and gazed with admiration as he looked down. "A sneak attack from the water is definitely an act of death. I know that there are members of their team with awakened water abilities. Trying to get to them through the water will be tantamount to suicide. Wait and see. There will definitely be a good show today. Im sure some teams will not be able to resist doing just that!"

Kong had a pretty good idea how strong Hong Dalis lackeys were, but it was obvious the other teams had no such knowledge

In a building not far away.

"Xuezhen is dead, we lost a point." This was the team from Dehai Astral. At this time, the leader of this team looked at the concert below and gritted his teeth. "Despite all the care we took, we still lost a man."

"Senior Changhong, what do we do now then?" Another student asked, "Do we wait here, or"

"Wait? Its obviously not so simple." Senior Changhong rubbed his chin and thought about it. Then, he chuckled and said, "See the lake below? Everyone can swim, right? Our position happens to be a concealed spot by the lake. We can dive underwater and launch a surprise attack when we reach our target. Remember, dont lose yourself in the heat of battle. Once we gain an advantage, retreat!"

It was a good idea to launch an attack from within the lake! After all, all their members were Star Sector-level. That was undoubtedly true for all the other teams as well.

Everyone was used to fighting on the ground, and there were some ability users who could fly. However, underwater was definitely an unexpected offensive position!

It was especially so as the range of vision inside the water was not large. There were also advantages to withdrawing quickly after attacking.

"Senior Changhong is indeed good. This is a wonderful strategy!" Everyone nodded in agreement and appreciation after hearing what he said.

So, everyone started to prepare. Senior Changhong began to allocate jobs. "Everyone remember, our team has no Heavens Chosen One, so we dont really have much hope of placing among the top few. However, my aim is to try our best not to come in last. That would be disgraceful. Okay, next I will allocate tasks to everyone. Please acknowledge when you hear your name being called."

The crowd responded in unison. "Okay!"




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