Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Ice Age

And so, Senior Changhong began to issue specific instructions. "Lihui, youre a Slippery Soul Stone ability user. Later, after we get into the water, use your ability on everyone. That way, everyone will be able to come and go freely in the water and maintain mobility."

The young man named Lihui nodded immediately. "Understood." His Soul Stone was called the Slippery Soul Stone. It made objects or people slippery. It was especially effective on people as it made their bodies smooth and slippery, allowing them to move about freely in the water like a fish.

Lihuis ability played an important part in Senior Changhongs plan to attack Hong Dali from the water.

"Ruide." Senior Changhong continued planning. "Your ability can counteract the Ice Soul Stone, nullifying its effect on everyone. Maintain your position in the group, providing support when necessary.

"Zhixue, you have the ability to increase everyones speed. Remember, this is used to cover everyones retreat. Try not to emerge from the water and expose yourself. When the battle is over, bring the team back immediately. Dont hesitate!"

"Boyu, your instant offensive attack is the strongest, so youll lead the attack. Launch a sneak attack from underwater. Once you kill a few of the enemy, come back immediately. Remember not to get caught in the heat of battle.

"Qiwei, you follow Boyus group and provide cover."

After everyone had been briefed, Senior Changhong took a long look at everyone and said slowly, "Okay, well send 20 people out this time. Our mission is to be guerrillas and carry out a sneak attack. We attack fast and retreat once our objective is met. Dont engage in a prolonged battle. The rest of the people will stay here and provide support."

Everyone shouted in unison. "Understood!"

And so, they started moving.

Soon, after the few people selected by Senior Changhong left the building, the others found a concealed place to enter the water. Thanks to Lihuis Slippery Soul Stone, these twenty people were able to enter the water and remain undetected. There was nary even a ripple. Twenty students from the Dehai Astral quickly approached the position of Hong Dali and the others.

"Young Master," While watching the concert, Ling Xiaoyi came to Hong Dali with a smile and whispered, "there are people in the water approaching us. Twenty of them."

"Oh, from the water?" After hearing this, Hong Dali was drunk. "They are really bold"

Then, he called Tang Muxin. "Xinxin, come. I got something good for you to do, hehe."

"You." Tang Muxin walked over shyly and looked around. Well, there was no one around. Was the bastard Dali thinking of copping a feel while no one was around, was he? So she asked shyly, blushing, "Whats the matter?"

Actually, Tang Muxin was filled with anticipation for what might happen but was immediately distracted when she heard what Hong Dali said

"There are people in the water." Hong Dali grinned as he held Tang Muxins hand. "Would you like to try out your ability to see its effect?"

Eh? People in the water? Sneakily attacking them? That was absolutely not to be tolerated!

Tang Muxin walked to the edge of the water without a word. She crouched down, stretched out a pale white hand, and touched the water with one finger. Then, she softly chanted the name of her new skill, "Ice Age!"

Crackle, crackle, crackle, crackle

Starting from her finger, the entire lake surface instantly turned white. A fog of biting cold spread out and the lake began to freeze. The ground trembled and white ice crystals slowly appeared in the air.

Awakened Ice Soul Stone!

Ice Age, this was the Ice Soul Stones skill after it had been awakened! It could rapidly freeze everything around the user!

Tang Muxins move was much stronger than when she had just fused with the Ice Soul Stone! Then, the Ice Soul Stone could only manage to create temperatures that were a few degrees below freezing, and it would lose its power under the sunshine.

Now that her ability had been awakened, it was a completely different matter. Her Ice Age was -240 degrees celsius! It was no exaggeration to say that almost anything would be completely frozen by it and rendered ineffective. Even metals would be frozen and shattered.

This was true of things made of metal, let alone ordinary people.

These people were unluckyif they had challenged them openly, Tang Muxin might have defeated two or three of them. She could probably defend against four or five of them. If there had been six or seven, she might not win.

However, they had all gone into the water. The Ice Soul Stone was very similar to the Water Soul Stone and the two were interlinked. In the water, the ability of the Ice Soul Stone could be fully utilized.

That meant tragedy for these peopleall of them were instantly killed by Tang Muxins move!

"Wow! What a terrifying ability!" Although everyone was enjoying Li Nianweis concert, this was a battle between the geniuses of the astral realms and everyone did not think much of Hong Dalis idea to hold a concertin their minds, they thought Hong Dali knew that even if he participated in combat, he would not be able to do much, so he might as well just have fun.

After all, the strength of a Heavens Chosen One was not a joke. None of the Heavens Chosen Ones was simple.

When they saw what Tang Muxin was capable of doing, everyone was stunned.

Based on how powerful her move was, her ability had definitely already awakened! They recalled the girl was one of Hong Dalis lackeys or was it said that she was Hong Dalis fiance?

In the past, they were a little disapproving. After all, Hong Dali was a member of the Shenglong Royal Family and it was below his status to marry a girl who was not a member of a royal family.

But now, they saw that the girl was able to awaken her ability in such a short period of time. She must be a super genius!

"Brother Dali is indeed worthy of being Brother Dali. Powerful!" Everyone made a thumbs-up sign at Hong Dali. "Such power! Your fiance is so powerful, this is simply unimaginable!" "Yeah, no wonder Brother Dali is so calm, an Awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user is not to be taken lightly!"

At that moment, all the Shenglong Astral students were full of admiration for Hong Dalilook at him, then look at themselves!

Of course, they were not the only ones surprised

"God, this girl is actually an Awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user?!" All the people watching the battle outside stood up in awe when they saw Tang Muxins move.

Only the really strong knew what it meant to be an Awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user. Awakened elemental ability users were all very powerfulthis could be seen from Bei Mingxuan of the Bei Family. In fact, this was also the case. Bei Mingxuan was an Awakened Purple Thunder Soul Stone ability user, Level 3 Awakened!

"This girl is very powerful, a genius!" Those who understood were all amazed. "Shes already an Awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user at such a young age. Her future will be bright!" "Yes, she will be a force to be reckoned with when she grows up! Itll be even more so when she becomes a Level 3 Awakened. Everything can be destroyed at absolute zero." "Yeah, judging by her range now, she is only Level 1 Awakened. But thats already very terrifying."

"Hey, old man, it seems that our little sweethearts fiance is very talented." Hua Yueling was all smiles. She jabbed Hong Xingyu, who was next to her. "I had originally felt that she was not a good enough match for our little sweetheart. Now, I think shes okay, not bad. She has a good future."

"Thats true." Hong Xingyu laughed so animatedly his beard shook. He glanced proudly at Bei Mingxuan and Zhu Yunzhou, both of whom were seated nearby, and said, "Thats our little sweetheart, it goes without saying. Unlike some people. Aiya, they only have an averagely talented member and yet are so proud"

Bei Mingxuan and Zhu Yunzhou were so angry their faces were practically crooked. However, there was nothing they could rebuke with.

After all, Tang Muxins abilities were in full view of everyone. There was no scholar who felt he was the best and there was no martial arts pugilist who believed he was second best. If you dont agree? Lets bring it on and see who is better?

"Look, look, the ranking of the Shenglong Astrals team has changed!" At this time, someone shouted. "Shenglong Astral is now 14th!"

"Really?" Only then did everyone check the ranking on their recording device. They all gasped after looking at the rankings"Shenglong Astrals team, Current Points: 17. Overall Ranking: 14th."

"Awesome! They rose to 14th from the last place with minimal effort. I think their rank will continue to rise!"

"Yeah, this years Astral Genius Battle is worth watching! As I said, they actually dared to hold a concert here. They must be pretty confident. Otherwise, who would do something like that?"

"Yes, yes, this must be the case. Where do you think they will place in the end? I think theres a high chance they will be within the top 50!"

"Top 50? Yes, if the Heavens Chosen Ones fight each other and die, they have a chance of getting into the top 50. Im not sure if they can go any higher though."

Everyone was talking about how strong Tang Muxin was. On the battlefield, Team Leader Changhong from the Dehai Astral stared at the frozen lake in disbelief. He had not expected that all his battle plans would meet with something like this! Aside from how they found out about his people, just this one Awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user was already more than a match for all the people he had sent out.

When he turned on the recording device to check, he gasped in shock"Remaining Team Members: 79 people."

The twenty or so individuals that were sent out had been decimated! Completely wiped out by the opponent with just one move!

"Retreat!" Cold sweat dripped from Team Leader Changhongs forehead. He decisively issued an order to withdraw. "Everyone, leave this area quickly. Find an opportunity to attack other teams! We lost twenty people this time and no longer have an advantage when it comes to numbers. If we encounter a Heavens Chosen One with his team, we will be wiped out. Go, quickly!"

The fact that Changhong was recognized by his team as a team leader meant that he had a certain amount of courage and drive.

Seeing that the situation was not good, he made a decisive order to retreat. After all, they had already lost 21 people and had only 79 people left. Almost all the other teams still had more than 90 people. Coupled with the fact that they had no Heavens Chosen One, to begin with, they were already at a disadvantage. Their best chance would be to find a place to hide and remain still until the other teams started losing people before finding opportunities to sneak an attack on them. This was the only way to maximize their benefits.

However, it was a pity their plan was easily seen through by others




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