Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 Prey Wolf Hunter

In a building not far from where Hong Dali and others were, within Heavens Chosen One Gao Ges team.

"Like I said, since they dare to hold a concert, they must be confident." Gao Ge looked at the data displayed on the recording device on his wrist and laughed. "He killed twenty people at once. Im a little bit jealous."

At this moment, someone asked, "Lord Gao Ge, what should we do next, then?"

"What can we do?" Gao Ge smiled as he snapped his fingers. "Twenty people died in the team, but there are no signs of them taking revenge. There should be no more Heavens Chosen Ones. It would be a waste not to eat such a big piece of meat."

As he finished speaking, everyone nodded vehemently.

A team with no Heavens Chosen Ones. More than twenty people died in one battle. They would definitely regret it if they did not take this opportunity!

"Everyone, get ready to set off!" Gao Ge immediately brought his team and jumped out the window. "Lets go harvest human heads! Hahaha!"

"Okay, hahaha! It will be a fruitful harvest this time!" Everyone followed him and jumped out of the window. In an instant, the people jumping out the window were like dumplings going into the pot. The height was nothing to these people who were at least Second-Order Star Sector-level.

As they descended, people were trying to find out more about the team.

"Since they attacked from the water, they must not be far from the lake." As soon as they landed, Gao Ge took the lead and rushed towards the buildings by the lake. He was extremely fast. Although he looked weak, he was leading. At the same time, he was mindful to slow down a little to wait for his team behind.

"Understand! Everyone split up!" The others naturally understood what Geo Ge meant. In an instant, the team split up and spread by the side of the lake.

Obviously, many other teams thought the same way. In less than a minute, at least five teams headed toward the buildings by the lake.

Kong was with the Theron Astral team.

"Lord Kong, there are now six teams looking for them, lets" Watching a large group of people charging toward the lake, one of them became anxious. "How about we go take a look? Its such a good opportunity. If we dont do anything, isnt it a waste?"

What he said was what everyone else thought. Everyone nodded in unison.

"Haha, theres no hurry." Kong shook his head decisively. "You are all too impatient. Think about it, its almost certain that there are no more Heavens Chosen Ones in that team. And there are less than 80 people left. Who would not go after them? The problem is, its just a small piece of meat yet there are so many people after it. Once the prey is gone, what would those wolves do?"

What would wolves do when the prey was gone? When it was put this way

"At that time, there will be a fierce battle." Some quick-witted ones quickly understood. "Yes, theres only so much of the prey. Once its gone, the wolves will definitely fight each other!"

"Yes, thats right." Kong smiled as he nodded. "What we need to do now is to enjoy the show. When they are almost done fighting, well go over to collect their heads. Remember, although this genius battle is point-based, only those that survive can be the winner. What are momentary gains and losses? Look at Hong Dali, after he showed just one move passively, hes just having fun leisurely. How nice."

Hearing that, everyone looked in Hong Dalis direction. This time, they were all full of admirationlook at him, sitting and eating there so casually. How pleasant!

Just as Kong and his team were playing the role of wolves at ease, Heavens Chosen One Gao Ges team found the location of Dehai Astrals team.

"Haha, I knew youd run away." Gao Ge stood in front of Team Leader Changhong and the others and smiled. "Its a pity. Youre a step slower."

The place where he was at was a residential area. It was beautiful with soft lawns. However, the atmosphere of the entire place was extremely stifling.

There were six people standing before Gao Ge, including Changhong.

"You still found us." Once team leader Changhong saw Gao Ge, his eyes were fixed and his hands clenched his arms.

This was because he remembered seeing this person before him! He was one of the 62 Heavens Chosen Ones, Gao Ge!

"To be honest, your plan is not bad." Gao Ge said plainly, "Sneak attack underwater and run as soon as its done. Once the plan failed, you chose to hide. Your plan is quite good. Its a pity you are too weak. A real pity."

Gao Ge was very honest.

From a tactical point of view, team leader Changhongs plan really did not have too many blunders. Unfortunately, they were really unlucky. There was no choice. Who would have expected that the seemingly harmless Shenglong Astral team would have an Awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user?

"You speak too highly of me," Team leader Changhong replied insipidly, then suddenly shouted. "Attack!"

In an instant, an invisible psychological attack directly pierced Gao Ges mind. Capable of participating in the Astral Genius Battle, team leader Changhong was naturally not just for show. His greatest ability was that he was able to interfere with the psychological state of the other party. No matter how powerful a person was, the body relied on the brain. Once ones brain was disturbed, on their level, just one or two seconds of interference was enough to defeat the other party.

Once team leader Changhong said that the other five naturally attacked as well.

Six of them raised their weapons and approached Gao Ge at lightning speed. It was no exaggeration to say that if Gao Ge was just a little careless, he would have lost his life.

It was a pity. Gao Ge was a Heavens Chosen One, after all. The ability of a Heavens Chosen One was unimaginable to others.

"Colorful Pagoda." Gao Ge smiled faintly and a ten-meter tall colorful translucent pagoda appeared on his body. It enveloped his entire body.

"Boom boom boom" Repeated blasting sounds could be heard. Team leader Changhong and five others attacked the colorful pagoda.

After a brief shock, team leader Changhong and five others were thrown off by the huge anti-seismic force generated by the colorful pagoda, leaving a string of bright red blood droplets in the air.

"So powerful, really powerful!" Their expressions changed.

Even with their combined effort, Gao Ges defense could not be broken!

The chiefs of the major families watching were all dazed. They exclaimed, "Heavens Chosen One, indeed. Just a random move created such a powerful effect! The defense of the colorful pagoda is really terrifying! He faced their combined attack but did not move at all." "Incredible, incredible indeed! I didnt think so before. Now it seems that this Heavens Chosen One is quite powerful." "Yes. Quick, look. Hes going to attack!"

As if to confirm the words of the major families chiefs, Gao Ge finally retaliated after the six people fell on the ground.

"Mixed Element Lock." Gao Ge raised his hand and a golden light shot out from his palm. It was a chain-like light, but in a blink of an eye, it penetrated team leader Changhong and the five others.

"Bang bang bang bang" In an instant, the sound of the beams penetrating their bodies could be heard. Team leader Changhong and the others had no time to react. They were in disbelief, their mouths slightly ajar. Then, they turned into white flashes of light and disappeared

Their "corpses" were left on the ground.

"Hehe, Ive been training Colorful Pagoda and Mixed Element Lock these days. Its really easy to use them now." Gao Ge smiled slightly. The results were completely within his expectations.

As a Heavens Chosen One, his previous battles were in his own unique space against veterans in the cultivation dimension. In the beginning, his battles were extremely dangerous. As both his skills advanced, the battles became easier.

Colorful Pagoda for defense, Mixed Element Lock for attack. One defense skill and one attack skill, it was perfect.

When he came here and fought against these ordinary geniuses, he was so relaxed it was like a strong man who could lift a thousand pounds of weight like lifting straw. It was effortless.

"Points" Gao Ge looked at the recording device on his wrist. The numbers had changed: "Participating Team: Weiying Astral team. Current Points: 12. Ranking: 57."

"Not bad, it seems everyone is harvesting as well. Haha." Gao Ge was rather pleased with his results.

The Astral Genius Battle would last for days. In the beginning, everyone was more restrained. They were mainly spying on each other. After all, they were not familiar with each others strengths. They had to strategize and plan and strive to achieve the greatest benefits for their teams.

Later, when they finished probing, that would be the time for them to battle. The killings would be intense and horrifying until there were about ten teams left. At that time, everyones points should be relatively high. Once the remaining people were killed, the points would be extremely rewarding. It was better to kill one than ten. Especially for Heavens Chosen Ones, who would probably have a lot of points.

"Know when to stop." Gao Ge thought for a while, then smiled and said, "Its time for everyone to retreat."

Thinking up to this point, Gao Ge immediately called the students of his team to retreat. Unexpectedly, as he was about to contact everyone, he heard the voice of his team members from the communicator. "Lord Gao Ge, bad news. We have been attacked by another team!"




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