Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 Hong Dalis Rhapsody

"What?!" When he heard the report from his team member, Gao Ge was surprised and furious. "Tell me, which Astral are they from?"

"Alang Astral Realm, led by Heavens Chosen One You Muming!" shouted the team member at the other end of the communicator.

"So its him." When Gao Ge heard that, he shouted, "Everyone, assembly here, quickly! Do not continue fighting!"

"Understood!" His team members immediately terminated communications.

"You Muming, how dare you sneak an attack from behind, youve got guts!" All the Heavens Chosen Ones were enemies. Even if they greeted each other cordially when they met under normal circumstances, they all knew there would be a battle against each other in the future. Behind their seemingly calm facade was an extremely ferocious battle.

All the Heavens Chosen Ones from the various astral realms had secretly checked each other out. Of course, since they were Heavens Chosen Ones, their individual mark of Heavens Chosen One was their greatest secret and backup. It must never be revealed. However, they all knew approximately how strong their opponents were.

According to previous battle records, You Muming from the Alang Astral most likely had a swordsman-type Heavens Chosen One mark. That would make him highly offensive.

"If You Muming attacked in person, our team would have a hard time handling it." Thinking up to this point, Gao Ge hurried toward the location of the team members under attack.


Hong Dali and the others were sitting by the lake. Hong Dali was wearing a windbreaker, his legs crossed, admiring the snow scene created by Tang Muxin. He took a sip of his drink and watched the fierce battle happening on the battlefield in the distance


"These people are really willing to battle each other to death." Hong Dali watched excitedly. "But its really strange, why is it that no one dares to come to us?"

"Whats so strange about it?" Tang Muxin humphed. "I just showed off a little of my power. There are so many of us here. If they came, they would be overwhelmed. Enough ants could take down an elephant. Who would dare come here!"

"Eh? That makes sense!" Hong Dalis eyes widened as he looked at the people in the distance who did not dare approach them. Finally, he nodded decisively. "In other words, its really tragic that they are fighting tooth and nail over there. We should do something to liven things up"

This guy was not only watching others battle while seated safely in his camp, but he also wanted to help liven things up. He was terrible!

But I like it!

"Liven things up, how will we do that?" Tang Muxin sat beside Hong Dali, swinging her feet idly. "Are we going to join the fight?"

"Join the fight? Why would we do that?" Hong Dali shook his head decisively. "Were just here to watch the fun and enjoy ourselves. We are here to enjoy the scenery, not to fight! Honestly speaking though, I need your help."

"Huh? What do you want me to help with?" Tang Muxin was curious.

They were not going to fight? Then why did he need her?

Sure enough, everyones curiosity was piqued by Hong Dalis words and they crowded around him. "Brother Dali, how can we cheer them on? Is there anything we can do to help?" "Yeah, its exciting to watch"

As if to live up to everyones comments, those fighting fought even more fiercely. Even with the attribute compression force field, a Star Sector-level fight was intense. Almost everyone had abilities, and when various abilities were used, the effects were explosive. It was as exciting as an X-Men movie.

"Its actually very simple." Hong Dali looked at the crowd with a smile. Finally, he looked at Tang Muxin and said, "Xinxin, remember the song I taught you before? It should do."

"Huh? Music? Piano music? At this time?" Hearing what Hong Dali said, Tang Muxin took a while to react. "The battle outside is so intense and you want me to play piano music for them? This is a little, erm, inappropriate, isnt it?"

Um, others are fighting a battle of life and death and you want me to play them a song? What if they get distracted? That would not be good

"Humph, there are so many piano pieces. You dont have to play a slow piece." Hong Dali smiled and looked at the people around him who were fighting. "Lets start with something more ordinary, something simple"

"Okay okay." Tang Muxin asked, "Which song should I play?"

Well, on an occasion like this, the choice of music was important. "Brother Dali, which song do you want to listen to today?"

"Play the song I taught you, Dalis Rhapsody." Hong Dali rubbed his chin and decided on "Hong Dalis Rhapsody", a song he had rearranged from "Croatia Rhapsody". Well, he had taught Tang Muxin how to play the song when he was bored. Of course, the melody was the same as the original, but the details

Ignore the details!

"This is good!" Tang Muxin nodded fiercely. "I will play this first!"

So when Li Nianwei finished singing "Warm" on the stage, everyone started getting readysome moved the piano, some went to get the acoustics, and some got the sound system ready. Everyone was busy.

Outside, the eyes of Hong Xingyu and the others were all on Hong Dalis people. Hong Xingyu was curious. "What is Dali doing? Are they going to play the piano?"

Hua Yueling was a little bit puzzled as well. "Yeah, the battle outside is so fierce. People are dying every minute, why did he bring the piano out? However, hes really kind of interesting. Hes providing piano accompaniment while others are fighting. It must feel really good!"

"Yes, thats for sure!" Hong Xingyu nodded fiercely.

At this time, Hua Xiangyu, who was sitting next to the two of them, finally could not stand it. "Brother Dali is so weird. Is he really going to play the piano here? Would it come to anything good?"

On the other side, the mentors of other astral realms watched as Hong Dali indulged himself. They gazed at Dean Fergos, their expressions questioning. Even Fergos had problems holding it together. "Cough, cough. Ignore these details. Its tactics, tactics!"

Everyone looked at Hong Dali and the others, then noddedum, it did look a little like a war tactic

At this time, Hong Dali walked slowly onto the stage wearing a big black windbreaker. He took the microphone and turned his back to everyone first, revealing five big words on his back "Dali Creates Miracles!"

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonights performance." Hong Dalis tone was very solemn, but his words were very inappropriate. "In order to complement your battles, I have specially invited my fiance, Miss Tang Muxin, to thank everyone by playing the song Hong Dalis Rhapsody! Of course, I know everyone is fighting now, and your hands are probably tied and cannot applaud. However, my fiance is making such a big contribution, I would like a show of appreciation from everyone. You dont need to do much. Just shout louder as you die. We will understand"

People were fighting a bloody battle. It was fine if he was just going to watch from afar. But he actually asked them to shout louder as they diedpeople were going to get annoyed!

The loudspeaker could be heard throughout the villa. Everyone who was fighting shook uncontrollably.

When we are done fighting, see if well kill you!

"You evil person." Tang Muxin laughed. "Youre quite straightforward, hehe."

Then, she went on stage and prepared to start the performance.

"Hong Dalis Rhapsody" was adapted from "Croatian Rhapsody", played by the very famous Earth pianist Maksim. The music described the ashes of ruins after the trauma of war using a lively rhythm. It also painted a tragic picture of the sunset reflected in the blood, tears and dust.

The melody was high-pitched and lively, and it was a recently written piano piece. The melody was beautiful and it was one of Hong Dalis favorite songs.

Soon, the sound of the piano slowly began.

Kong led his group and left the building they were hiding in.

They did not jump out of the window directly, but went along the stairs and secretly out the door. They quietly entered the village and swept the area outside the villa. Kongs strategy was really effective. In just a little while, they came across nine scouts. The scouts were not good at offensive action and ran really fast, but they had no chance against Kongs team

So, Kongs team took nine heads easily and gained 11 points

Kong was very strong now. He might have been badly defeated by Bei Mingxuan previously, but since he did not die, his power had gone up a notch after his recovery.

All this was because of Kongs Heavens Chosen Ones mark!

Kongs Heavens Chosen Ones mark was one of the strongest marks! It was not a power skill, but his pedigree!

He simply had to be on the brink of death. The heavier his injury, the greater the increase in his attributes after he recovered!

If he was almost killed in battle, his attributes would increase by 10% after recovery. If he was seriously injured, it would increase by 8%, and if the injury was less serious, 5%!

When he fought with Bei Mingxuan, Kong did not dare to overdo it. After all, Bei Mingxuan was the head of the Bei Family, one of the top three families of the Shenglong Royal Family. If he was on the verge of death, he might not have a chance to come back. So, when Kong realized he was not a match for him, he immediately retreated.

All attributes were increased by 5% permanently!

Kong was scarily powerful now. Even if he were to fight against Bei Mingxuan again, Kong had a fighting chanceat least he would not be as badly beaten as the last time.




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