Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Naughty Troublemaker Hong Dali

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"Sir Kong," A team member came to report, "we have found and exterminated nine opponents within a vicinity of 500 meters." After the brief cleanup, he said politely, "What should we do next"

"Next? Well wait and see." Kong smiled and looked at where Hong Dali and the rest were. "Well see if they make any moves."

Almost on cue, they heard Hong Dalis voice. "Dear ladies and gentlemen"

This guy can even come up with this kind of idea?!

Kong directly knelt down. "God, what is this Hong Dalis brain made of? He dares to do things like that?!"

The other members of his team were very impressed too. "Sir Kong, then whats there for us to do next"

"What else is there to do?" Even Kong lost his composure when he heard that impassioning piano piece. "We must, of course, gather everyone and collect some heads! Itll be such a shame if we dont make some moves to such beautiful music!"

"Hahahaha, thats right, thats right. Make some moves!" The team members were all extremely excited. "How can we not act? We must act, must act!"

Just like that, comedic fights were started on the battlefield to the tunes of the impassioning "Hong Dalis Rhapsody".

Everyone screamed as they charged at one another. Their moves were rushed and violent. However, when the music slowed down, everyone would adjust their breathing to recuperate. Then, once the music picked up again, they would continue

The audience was completely stunned. Everyone stared with wide eyes and mumbled. "Their movements are quite rhythmic and in unison. This music is very magical!"

"Thats right. Not only is it magical, listen carefully, but it also sounds quite good"

As they fought, the death count instantly rose rapidly.

Every major team suffered casualties and also attained kills. Their points rose significantly as well. After a short song, all the teams within the villa area lost at least twenty percent of their members. Of course, they also gained large amounts of points during this duration. Almost all the teams here made it to the Top 30 in the rankings.

This huge commotion had shocked everyone on the entire battlefield.

"Whats going on? Why are these teams points rising so quickly?" A Team Captain of one of the original Top 24 teams asked curiously. "A group fight at such an early stage?"

"Not sure. However, I think there are some strange movements in the villa area on the Southside of the city." One of his members listened carefully and replied.

"Oh? Villa area on the Southside?" The Team Captain frowned and thought for a while. "Seems like we can get some benefits there. Tell everyone to prepare now." The Team Captain looked toward the villa area. As a large-scale battle was breaking out, there were plenty of impressive visual effects lighting up the place. He could easily see the situation. "Its quite intense. Tell everyone to prepare a little. We will go and join the fun! Remember, dont let yourself fall too deep inside. Only go for the kills you can get. Dont be greedy. After all, greed is one of your biggest enemies on the battlefield!"

"Understood!" Everyone responded in unison.

There were many teams like this. Now that most people in the battlefield knew about the large-scale group battle occurring near the villa area, many people came to clean up some loose endsthis was a battlefield, after all. Fights between similarly-talented teams could easily result in mutual destruction. Hence, this was the best chance to get some free kills!

On an isolated grass patch within the villa area, Gao Ge, who was dressed in white, stared at You Muming and smiled. "You Muming, I didnt expect to see you so soon."

"Thats right. I thought that I might need to wait a few days no matter what." You Muming held his white giant sword in his hands as he stared at Gao Ge. He licked his lips in excitement. "Didnt expect to meet you so soon. Haha, since were both Chosen Ones, Ill just cut the bullshit and make a move now!"

"Actually, I feel like its too early." Gao Ge shook his head. "Dont you feel like its too early? There are still many Chosen Ones waiting for their opportunity to strike from the dark."

"Too early?" You Muming stared at Gao Ge with his sword in hand. "I dont think so?"

"Why not?" Gao Ge said slowly. "None of the Chosen Ones have made a move yet. Theyre worried about exposing their strength too early. Thatll make things difficult later on. Now that theres such a huge commotion here, multiple teams will be coming over. We should stop while its still early and prevent someone else from benefiting. What do you think? Isnt my suggestion beneficial to both of us?"

"Suggestion? We stop and assess the situation first?" You Muming smiled lightly.

"Yes, thats right. We are both Chosen Ones. Nows not the time to act." Gao Ge said.

"Haha, you do have a good plan." You Muming smiled as he stared at Gao Ge. However, his actions showed no intention of stopping. Instead, he pointed his giant sword at Gao Ge. "To be frank with you, that Gu Feifei from the Shenglong Astral is the only one Im wary about in this entire battle between the Astral geniuses! I dont care about anyone else! You and me never belonged to the same level, to begin with!"

Gao Ges expression changed instantly once he heard that!

Gu Feifei! You Muming was the Chosen One, yet he was afraid of an ordinary person? He did not care about anyone else? What was going on?!

Gao Ges intuition told him that this situation was not ideal!

"Boom!" Gao Ge transformed into a white flash as he rushed toward You Muming. He opened his hands and some of the light morphed into the shape of golden chains. Then, the chains headed for You Mumings chest at an unbelievably quick speed!

Fast! Unexpected! Eerie! Cruel!

No wonder Gao Ge was one of the strongest Chosen Ones. His attack was almost perfect in terms of time and strength used.

He could advance his attacks with the Mixed Element Lock. He could also retreat with the Colorful Pagoda. Since he made the first move, he did not plan to leave any room for retaliation.

"Haha, still too slow." You Muming was unfazed. He blocked the attack lightly with the giant white sword in his hands. Then, he instantly moved and was in front of Gao Ge within the blink of an eye. He then struck with his giant sword!

"Whoosh" Gao Ge dodged and cursed silently. "I hate fighting in close-combat against swordsmen like him. After all, hes a Chosen One and cant be compared to ordinary people. Itll be hard to free myself once I get entangled in all his close quarter combat moves."

Gao Ge tried his best to block all of You Mumings attacks with the Colorful Pagoda.

He had no idea what material You Mumings giant sword was made out of. It was extremely sharp, yet still incredibly heavy. Every swing looked powerful, yet effortless at the same time. Gao Ge felt like even his Colorful Pagoda, touted as an Absolute Defense, was struggling to deal with these attacks.

However, You Muming stilled looked at ease and in control. "You are indeed powerful. Probably at Fifth-Order Star Sector-level already, right? No wonder you looked so calm just now. Hm, youre one of the best even amongst the Chosen Ones. What a shame"

You Muming had a serious expression. He injected great strength into his giant sword. Every single move contained incredible power. However, it was obvious that such power was not enough to break down Gao Ges defense.

But Gao Ge was very nervous too.

"Oh no. I have to think of a way to escape. Otherwise, my Colorful Pagoda will not be able to keep up this defense!" Gao Ge was filled with sweat. He tried his best to keep up his Colorful Pagoda to defend himself from You Mumings attacks. At the same time, he retreated towards the lake.

"You want to run? You think thats possible?" You Muming smiled coldly and gave chase. He injected even more power into his giant sword. It even began to glow in bright golden light!

Instantly, You Mumings speed and attack increased greatly as he rushed toward Gao Ge.

On the other side, at the live concert held by Hong Dali and the rest.

"Young Master, there seems to be an influx in the number of people within the villa area vicinity." Ling Xiaoyi approached Hong Dali and whispered while smiling. "Since many teams have come to join in the fun, should we prepare to do something?"

Based on her understanding of Hong Dali, this guy always desired to stir up trouble. Although he rarely did these things personally, he definitely would not miss out on secretly planning to create some trouble.

"Really?!" As expected, Hong Dalis eyes lit up once he heard what Ling Xiaoyi said. "Itll be a waste if we squander this great opportunity. Hehe, seems like that song I previously taught Heartbreaker can finally be put into use!"

This guy even taught Lucifer a song! Furthermore, if he claimed that it could be effective now, didnt that mean that the song would definitely be very, very crazy?!

"Heartbreaker!" Hong Dali summoned Lucifer. "Hurry, come! Theres something good for you to do!"

"Young Master, whats the good thing?" Lucifer walked over and smiled. Lucifer was fully impressed by Hong Dalis wild and creative ideasalthough his intelligence quotient was much higher than Hong Dalis, he could only bow down to Hong Dali when it came to naughtiness and stirring up trouble

"Do you still remember the song I taught you previously?" Hong Dali smiled and asked. "You didnt forget, right?"

"Ah? That song? Haha, how can I possibly forget it? Its such a great song. I definitely must remember it well!" Lucifer instantly understood what Hong Dali was talking about and laughed. "Dont worry. I remember it very clearly. I didnt forget even a single line!"

"Good, then." Hong Dali waved at Tang Muxin. "Xinxin, hurry and come! We have something else fun prepared!"

"Coming," Tang Muxin replied shyly. Then, she asked, "What is it? Which song do I have to play now?"

"The song that I previously taught Heartbreaker." Hong Dali raised his eyebrows. "Its such a great environment and several teams are coming over. We should welcome them well, right?"

Ah? That song?!" Once Tang Muxin heard that Hong Dali was asking Lucifer to sing that song, her eyes widened in shock. "Dali, that songs power are you sure? If he really sings that, are you not afraid of causing too much trouble?"

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