Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Undead Overture

"Scale. Squandering is all about large scale foresight!" Hong Dali smiled coldly. "Dont worry. We just focus on preparing for what were doing. Hehe, lets do something big this time!"

"Al alright." Tang Muxin returned to the stage with trepidation.

Hong Dali asked Lucifer to sing that song. This time there would definitely be lives lost. Of course, not their own lives, but the lives of those enemies currently engaged in battles

In the audience stands, everyone became curious as they saw some new movement from Hong Dalis side.

This naughty troublemaker Hong Dali. What new tricks was he about to deploy? It seemed like a major move this time.

"This Hong Dali, what is he doing now?" Everyone frowned. "Is he preparing for another song now? Just now, that fast-paced piano song already drew in several teams. What will they do this time?"

"Hurry, look at that!" A sharp-eyed person yelled. "Some yellow-haired guy just went on stage. Is he planning on singing? That girl who was playing the piano just now also went up. Are they singing a duet?"

"Singing again? What will they do this time? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"Eh? You have that too? Me too. Seems like this Hong Dali is preparing for a big move?"

Unfortunately, everyones premonition was indeed accurate.

"Mmhmm, so up next, allow me, Iverson, to present a song to you!" Lucifer stood on stage with a microphone in hand. He looked at the audience present and said loudly, "This song is called Undead Overture. Its very good, and very shocking! Well then, please enjoy it!"

Originally, the equipment facing the battling crowd had already been turned to their maximum volume.

It just so happened that Lucifers ability was the Sound Soul Stone. Furthermore, his ability had awakened

Before the awakening, Lucifers ability was basically a megaphone. It only helped with his sound wave attacks. However, now that his ability had awakened, it became much more impressiveit was no longer dependent only on voice. At further places where his voice could no longer be heard, he could enter someones mind directly. In other words, even if you tried to cover your ears, you still could hear him

"Undead Overture"! Lucifer possessed curse power and used it in front of Hong Dali before. Everyone knew that. However, Hong Dali did not know what to give him previously. After thinking for a long time, he finally found the most suitable song, "Undead Overture"!

Curse power combined with "Undead Overture". What kind of concept was that?

Even Lucifer himself could not imagine what that would look like.

"Undead Overture?" The audience was curious. They looked at one another, yet nobody knew the content of the song. However, nobody expected anything simple to be sung at this point.

Soon, the gentle notes of the piano sounded. Lucifer held the microphone and started singing. "The night, spreads across. The blood-red field, the faded moonlight. They can never light up, the inseparable death. Forget, forgotten. What remains, in your heart, your dried heart"

Nothing happened at first. However, many unbelievable and unreasonable events suddenly occurred on the battlefield after a while.

Everyone caught in battles felt their hearts become increasingly agitated. The stuffiness felt like they were experiencing myocardial infarctions. After a few seconds, they turned pale and were soon drowning in a cold sweat.

They were caught in battles! This kind of abnormal condition, even for a split second, could completely change the outcome of a battle.

"Breakthrough his defense!" One of the participants was ready to deal the fatal blow. However, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. This resulted in his attack going off slightly to the side. There was a saying that "a miss by a single millimeter is as good as a thousand miles". Even a slight miss was enough to change the entire outcome!

"Ill give it my all!" His opponent countered the attack. However, he suddenly felt a stifling sensation on his chest too. Then, his attack went off track as well.

"Skid" "Skid" After two loud impacts, a one-sided affair suddenly ended in an internecine outcome. Both of them became heavily injured!

"How can it be?!" Both of them were stunned.

The originally advantaged side was stunned. The disadvantaged side was stunned too. The battle should not have ended this way. How could it

There were many people caught in similar situations near the villa area. After all, the students were spread out to battle one-on-one with sufficient space to maneuver around. Hence, all those in the area all encountered accidents.

Lucifer excitedly continued yelling. "The sky, is barely lit. Waking up, near the tomb. Wall for the death knell, leaving behind, only the scattered pain and injuries. Look back. Look back again. The battlefield filled with fire and blood, glory of the past. Shells, the remains, of the massacred vessels. Empty eyes. No blood, no tears, no light. In the distance, look into the distance. Dark and gloomy glory. Decaying glory"

Things got more interesting this time. Some people felt pressure on their chests. Some felt dizzy. Some blacked out. Some even tripped on tree branches and fell down tragically

Hence, the entire villa area showcased an incredibly eerie scenemost one-on-one battles here ended in mutual destruction of the two parties. However, their mutual destruction did not really result in true death. The parties were just left in severely injured and immobilized states

That was the most tragic part.

If they died directly, they could still attain some points. However, it was obvious that they were only heavily injured, not dead. Hence, they did not receive any points

And now, Blood Demon, who was always together with Lucifer previously, would not waste such a good opportunity to get some kills

Blood Demon ferociously inserted his hands into the ground. As he did that, he yelled out the most powerful move he attained since awakening his ability. "Spike Realm!"

Zing zing zing zing zing!!!

Instantly, extremely sharp spikes emerged everywhere from the ground within a 500-meter radius of the river bank! Those spikes were thin like cotton threads. Yet, they were more than 100 times sharper than the sharpest metal needle imaginable.

The attack area covered a 500-meter radius, with the villa area where Hong Dali and the rest were partying as its center. All those heavily injured, yet not dead people were instantly pierced thoroughly by Blood Demons spikes!

Instant kill! Absolute instant kill!

That move from the Blood Demon instantly killed over 100 people in the vicinity!

Shenglong Royal Familys points instantly skyrocketed!

"Hurry, look!" Someone in the audience immediately yelled. "That combination is so terrifying! I knew that song wasnt simple. Its a song that affects your conditions. All the weaker people instantly got affected. Combine that effect with the guy who awakened his Spike Soul Stone. Their collaboration directly killed over 100 people!"

"Yes. Thats so terrifying." Someone else nodded. "Thats a weapon of mass destruction! Are all those people in the Shenglong Royal Family so terrifying? That girl who awakened her Ice Soul Stone just now, this young man who awakened his Spike Soul Stone. This team is very interesting!"

"Hurry, look at their points!" Those who had fast reactions immediately started checking their recording devices.

After one glance, they were completely stunned. "God, no way?! Shenglong Astrals ranking has skyrocketed! Look at that!"

Everyone checked the rankings. Once they saw the results, their jaws all dropped. "This this Shenglong Astral Team gained so many points just from that one round?!"

The recording devices all displayed Shenglong Astral Teams current statistics

"Shenglong Astral Team, Current Points: 118. Overall Ranking: 1."

"Gasp" Everyone drew in a sharp breath of disbelief.

One move to kill hundreds of others from different teams. This Shenglong Astral Team was way too scary, right?!

"Re-evaluate. We must re-evaluate them!" The mentors from different Astrals finally viewed the Shenglong Astral Team seriously now. They carefully thought for a while before finally placing the Shenglong Astral Team within the Top 30.

They were only placed within the Top 30 and not higher because the competition had just only started. None of the Chosen Ones had really made significant moves. As a Chosen One was worth 100 points, even one kill was worth as many points as Blood Demons huge move that bagged him so many kills.

The later the competition goes, the higher the accumulation of points. However, since the Shenglong Astral Team attained 118 points within such a short time frame, they quickly gained everyones approval.

"Our sweetheart has plenty of strong subordinates." Hong Xingyu was all smiles. He was so happy that even his mustache was shaking. "This Astral Genius Battle is interesting. Interesting! Hahahaha."

"Thats right." Hua Yueling did not forget to look proudly at Bei Mingxuans side. "A random lackey under my sweetheart is still so much stronger than a genius from some other family. Aiya, you cant compare people against other people"

"No need for you to celebrate so early!" Bei Mingxuan gritted his teeth in anger. "When it comes to the final duel, well see if youre still laughing! Every dog has its day. Lets wait and see!"

"Aiyo, are you embarrassed?" The duel in three months? They had four pieces of the Eternal suit, why would they fear to lose to Zhu Yunzhou? Hua Yueling curled her lips. "Youre too weak, so you ask for help. That does fit the Bei Familys style."

There was no way she would leak news about their Eternal suit. Hence, Hua Yueling remained silent and continued watching the competition!



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