Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Phantom Sword Dance

After Blood Demon took out 100 heavily injured participants by himself, he exhausted most of his energyafter all, moves resulting in mass destruction often required great energy to utilize. Hence, he returned to the team after his successful strike.

"Young Master, its been settled." Blood Demon sat next to Hong Dali on the sofa and leaned back. He sighed with satisfaction. "Finally got to use my ultimate move. I feel much better now, haha."

"Youve been quite impressive recently." Hong Dali beamed with delight. "Continue, continue. Rest first for now and enjoy the concert."

As Blood Demon rested, the other teams subconsciously tried to avoid the Shenglong Astral Teams place.

After all, they already knew that there was a curse mage who could induce others into strange conditions with his singing, an Ice Soul Stone ability user, a Spike Soul Stone ability userthe worst thing was that all three of them had awakened their abilities.

Awakened ability users! Normally, a team would be lucky to have ten percent of its members awakened ability users. After all, all awakened ability users were extremely powerful.

No wonder everyone avoided the Shenglong Astral Team like the plague. Actually, Hong Dali and the rest could tell by looking at the rest of the Shenglong Astral Team members, as most teams shared similar profiles. There were only around ten awakened ability users from the Shenglong Astral Team.

Just as Hong Dali and the rest were happily watching the concert, the Chosen Ones You Muming and Gao Ges fight was intensifying.

"Still want to run?" You Muming caught up to Gao Ge with a serious expression. He injected great power into his sword, which began to glow a bright golden light. Then, You Muming swung the giant sword and slashed down on Gao Ges Colorful Pagoda!

"Crack!!!" After a golden light flashed over Gao Ges Colorful Pagoda and a light noise was heard due to the friction. Gao Ge spat out a mouthful of blood. The Colorful Pagoda was shattered!

"How how do you have this kind of power?!" Gao Ges expression changed.

Without the protection of his Colorful Pagoda, he was basically defenseless. A random swing of the sword from You Muming could potentially kill him. Hence, he was truly afraid now. He gritted his teeth and said to himself, "Theres no other way. It seems like I have to use my trump card now!"

"Ive told you this long ago, theres a huge gap in strength between the two of us." You Muming walked towards Gao Ge slowly. As he walked, he said quietly, "You are indeed pretty decent. Your skills are convenient to use. One for attacking, one for defending. Simple, yet brutal. Unfortunately, the gap in strength between the two of us is still too huge." He stood in front of Gao Ge and looked at the necklace Gao Ge was wearing. "If Im not wrong, that necklace must be your trump card, right? Show it to me, then. Otherwise, youll lose for sure."

Strong warriors all had pride.

From the encounter just now, You Muming was obviously much stronger than Gao Ge. However, it was clear that he did not believe Gao Ge was really so weak. Although his Pagoda and Light Chains were powerful, they were not enough, nowhere near enough.

The thing that he wanted to know now was Gao Ges final trump card. After all, as the Chosen One, the most terrifying ability was the ability to make a comeback.

You Muming was incredibly powerful now. Hence, he wanted to try whether Gao Ges trump card could actually pose a threat to him.

"Youre indeed impressive." Gao Ge stared at You Mumings eyes and said in a deep voice. "Since youve figured that out, theres no need for me to hide this anymore." As he said that, he tore off his necklace and grasped it in his hands. Then, a blinding blue light was emitted from his body! That blue light was incredibly bright and dazzling. Nobody would dare to underestimate it just from looks alone!

"Hurry, look at that. Its Gao Ge, hes using the most powerful move!"

"No way? Sir Gao Ge is using his ultimate move? Run away now!"

"Run away! Otherwise, you might get killed as collateral in this distance. That will be tragic!"

When they saw Gao Ge engulfed in blue light, his team members were all terrified. They could no longer focus on fighting. Instead, they sought openings and immediately fled the location.

In the audience, the major families chiefs also noticed Gao Ges abnormal behavior. They all discussed the situation. "Hurry, look at that. That Chosen One is about to utilize his ultimate move. Judging by the looks of things, this move definitely wont be a weak one."

"Yes, I wonder what its effects will be. I feel like itll be extremely powerful!"

"Of course, its a Chosen Ones ultimate ability. Theres no way itll be a joke."

"Using your ultimate move?" Kong looked at Gao Ge from a distance and licked his lips excitedly. "Let me see what move this is!"

At the same time, You Muming turned more serious after sensing Gao Ges rapidly intensifying aura.

Nobody could ignore a Chosen Ones ultimate ability. Even though he was much more powerful than Gao Ge, he could not treat this carelessly.

"Speaking of which." Gao Ge looked at You Muming and smiled. "That Ice Soul Stone awakened ability user really did me a big favor"

"Boom" Almost on cue, the entire surface of the lake turned restless. Countless ice shrapnel emerged from the lake and danced around in the sky. The shattered ice crystals even reflected light off one another, projecting a beautiful rainbow"

"This is my strongest and ultimate move." Gao Ge stared into You Mumings eyes. "Ice Soul Crystal Dance.Slash!"

"Swoosh" As he said that, the ice crystal behind him rampantly flew around! How terrifying was the scene? It was not an overstatement to say that all the water in the entire artificial lake had been transformed into ice crystals and ripped into the sky by him. Instantly, the entire villa area was filled by the wild and volatile ice crystal knives, causing a huge storm!

The storm was dancing wildly, and the ice crystal knives slashed everything in their path. Within the blink of an eye, everything within 300 meters of Gao Ge and above the ground-level was completely decimated and cut into countless pieces! These things included trees, rocks, civilian residences, as well as all enemies in the vicinity!

"Indeed very powerful!" You Muming waved the giant sword in his hand around as he continuously warded off the attacking ice crystal knives. He even had to retreat as he defended himself!

These ice crystal knives were way too powerful.

They could cut down everything, no matter how tough they were! No wonder Gao Ge ran toward the artificial lake just now once he realized something was off. You Muming finally understood that Gao Ges trump card required water to activate!

Amazing ability! Amazing trump card!

"What a shame. I have to do this, then!" Originally, Gao Ge thought that his ultimate move would have been enough to kill You Muming. Unexpectedly, the struggling You Muming suddenly smiled coldly. Then, an explosive, dazzling aura was emitted from his body!

"Phantom Sword Dance!" Accompanied by a loud scream from You Muming, his entire body split into six different clones. The six clones all maniacally waved their giant swords around. The energy emitted by the swords was shocking. There were six clones and six swords. Within three seconds, each clone conjured up sixty-six strikes each. The unbelievable energy from the sword headed toward Gao Ge and left deep trenches over two meters deep along the way!

"What? This this" Gao Ges eyes opened widely. This was because he saw something extremely terrifying!

The six waves of sword energy from the six You Mumings pulverized his ice crystal knives into powder. Then, it penetrated his entire body before he had any time to react!

"I I lost?" Gao Ge looked down at his own body.

His body still kept its appearance. However, he knew that his body had already been completely cut into pieces. The only reason why he was standing was that his body did not have the time to collapse yet.

"Youre indeed strong." After finishing his Phantom Sword Dance, the six clones of You Muming merged again to form his original body. He kept his giant sword and said coldly, "Unfortunately, youre not strong enough to go against me!"

Gao Ge lost. He lost completely. He never expected this You Muming to be so powerful! Obviously, that Phantom Sword Dance just now was definitely not the only trick up his sleeve!

"This You Muming." Gao Ge sat in the virtual chamber, drenched in a cold sweat. He threw his virtual helmet down on the floor angrily.

Although it was no big deal for everyone else to die in the virtual world, it was significant for Gao Ge. The reason was simple, Gao Ge was a Chosen One.

The Chosen Ones had to go to the Shuraba in the future. All of the Chosen Ones from hundreds of different Astrals gathered into one place. The victor would live. The losers would die.

When the Dimension Master gave the Chosen Ones incredibly powerful signs, he also took away their futures.

They had to train as hard as they could and elevate their strength. Otherwise, they could only face death.

This Astral Genius Battle was only a trial test. This battle was a good litmus test about the future. It was not an overstatement to claim that if you could not win the Astral Genius Battle this time, you could only face death once you entered the Shuraba in the future.

"Ill train even harder once I go back!" Gao Ge gritted his teeth menacingly. "Otherwise, theres no way Ill survive the Shuraba in the future. Death will be my only way out then!"

In the audience stands, the major families chiefs and the mentors from different Astrals all saw the duel between You Muming and Gao Ge.

They all gained something. Everyone learned or understood something by watching this battle.

"That guy who used the sword just now had a really nice final move. Six clones, hundreds of strikes within three seconds, destroying everything in his path. Terrifying!"

"Yes, his move is very practical and efficient. I have to research it when I go back. I hope I can simulate part of the move."

"The crucial thing is that you cant simulate his six clones easily. Unless you take advantage of upgraded equipment?"





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