Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Master Of The Sword.hurricane Style

Everyone considered how they could improve based on what they saw from the battle. On the Bei Familys side, Bei Mingxuan lightly patted his beloved son Bei Yuanqing on the shoulder and said in a deep voice, "Did you see that battle just now? You Mumings move is called Phantom Sword Dance. He can create six clones that each deliver hundreds of strikes. Its extremely powerful. You have the Clone Ring now. If you train well, you may be able to reach half that level."

Clone Ring and the Asura Bracelet, those were Bei Yuanqings two best pieces of equipment.

The Asura Bracelet that allowed him to turn into three heads and six arms was not that significant. However, if he used his Clone Ring well, he might really be able to execute half of the Phantom Sword Dance.

"Ill go back and try it!" Bei Yuanqings eyes lit up as he said excitedly. "Will I use a sword as well?"

"Sure. Ill give you the best sword in the family, the Blade of Arbitration, as a gift. Train well and dont disappoint me," Bei Mingxuan smiled and said.

"The Blade of Arbitration." Bei Yuanqing was instantly excited just from hearing the swords name!

The Blade of Arbitration. A top, divine-level broadsword. It was extremely powerful in all attributes. All attributes increased by 25%. Strength +100, Agility +100, Reflexes +100, Defense Breakthrough +35%, Ability Amplification +30%.

It was not an overstatement to claim that this broadsword was the most valuable treasure and the best weapon of the Bei Family.

"With this weapon in hand, I will train well. It wont be a problem for me to kill Hong Dali in the future!" Bei Yuanqing was so excited that his entire face was flushed. "Hong Dali, Ill definitely get my revenge for all the things youve done to me!"

Below, on the battlefield.

"Haha, a decent amount of points." After he killed Gao Ge, You Muming glanced at his recording device with satisfaction.

"Participant: You Muming. Current Team: Alang Astral Team. Current Individual Points: 112, Individual Rankings: 1st. Current Team Points: 129, Overall Ranking: 1st."

Ranked first for both categories!

"Haha, as expected, I only feel good after this kill now. Ive been holding back previously. Since Ive made a move, there isnt a need to hold back any longer!" You Mumings eyes were filled with excitement. "Ive been fighting in close-quarter combat so far. Theres no need to keep a low profile anymore. Next, Ill kill everyone that I see. Hahaha!"

The Astral Genius Battle saw top warriors from over hundreds of Astrals gather in one place. There were sixty-two Chosen Ones present, more than enough for You Muming to challenge.

"Chosen Ones. I wonder if youre ready?" You Muming licked his lips in excitement. "Now, let the massacre begin!"

After he placed the sword onto his back, he strolled around the villa area.

"I hope some strong opponents come out to practice with me." You Muming thought to himself. He circled around the artificial lake and headed toward places with battle sounds. Although Gao Ge was decent, he was still a little too weak. He could not force You Muming to utilize his full strength and maximum effort.

"Shenglong Astral, Gu Feifei" You Muming cut down everything in his path. All the opponents that appeared in front of him were killed quickly and cleanly.

No matter which team they came from, no matter what they said, no matter what they did, nobody could escape from his blade.

And only one person was his true target!

Gu Feifei from the Shenglong Astral!

"Nobody else knows how powerful you are, but I do." You Muming mumbled. "You reached that height three years ago during the Road to God. Now that three years have passed, what level are you at?"

Three years. After You Muming unintentionally witnessed Gu Feifei on the Road to God three years ago, he viewed her as a target he must catch up with. Hence, he experienced the most development he had ever had in his entire life during the past three years!

Three terrifying years!

Three years ago, he might not even be a match for Gao Ge. However, now

He cut down all his opponents effortlessly.

"This You Muming is impressive!" The audience members excitedly clenched their fists as they watched You Muming clinch first place and pull away from the others on the rankings.

"First place, hes been the first place this whole time!" Everyone exclaimed.

"He killed another two! Oh god, those people looked quite strong, but they didnt even last past two rounds! They arent even on the same level!"

It was no wonder they were so surprised.

The difference between the strength of contestants at the Astral Genius Battle was usually very small. The strongest contestants may be Third Order Star Sector-level warriors, while the weaker ones may be Second Order Star Sector-level warriors. Most fall within that range. Although the Chosen Ones were stronger, they usually peaked at the Fifth Order Star Sector-level.

Unexpectedly, this You Muming killed Third Order Star Sector-level warriors effortlessly, as if he was just drinking or eating. Furthermore, he even took out another Chosen One, Gao Ge, just now. Judging by these incidents, he was at least at the peak of the Star Sector-level!

In other words, his strength was already extremely close to the level of the leaders of the three major families!

"Hes so young, yet he possesses such great strength!" Everyone exclaimed. "The Chosen Ones are indeed different. They develop at terrifying speeds!"

Peak of the Star Sector-level! Within the entire Shenglong Astral, only four people, the leaders of the three major families and Hua Yueling were known to be at the peak of the Star Sector-level. The other families chiefs were, at the very most, Fifth Order Star Sector-level warriors.

This meant that You Muming was definitely powerful enough to be considered the best of his generation, a cut above the rest.

"This You Muming is very powerful." Hong Xingyu squinted as he looked at You Muming hunt for opponents. "Hes probably the strongest one in this years Astral Genius Battle. At least compared to those who have made moves so far, hes far ahead of everyone else."

"Yes." Hua Yueling sighed. "This young man has unlimited potential. His moves all appear related to his sword. We just dont know what level hes at specifically."

"Somewhere near the peak of the Star Sector-level." Hong Xingyu sighed. "Look, hes killed a few more. Not only are the ordinary people trying to avoid him now, but even the Chosen Ones are also attempting to sneak around him. This person is very strong."

It was no wonder Hong Xingyu was so impressed.

As they were talking, You Mumings points continued to rise. After a few minutes, his points tally had reached 156.

In other words, You Muming had been continuously killing people during this entire time without any breaks!

"However, this is pretty strange." Someone noticed a peculiar pattern. "This You Muming is so strong, but why doesnt he hunt for kills where the Shenglong Astral Team is? Does he have alternative plans?"

"I realized that too. He moves in circles, with the Shenglong Astral Team being in the middle of that circle. Yet, he has not approached them. Why is that?"

"Can it be that theres someone in the Shenglong Astral Team who intimidates this You Muming?"

"No way? Who can intimidate You Muming? This is the Astral Genius Battle. Only the geniuses aged 18 to 24 can enter. Who else is stronger than You Muming within this age group?"

"Its difficult to say. There are always people better than you. Lets watch first, watch first!"

After You Muming killed Gao Ge, his reputation grew greatly within an extremely short period of time.

After all, he was killing everyone that he saw now. As long as it was not an entire team, he would not even leave the opponents with any time to talk. He would show up, rush forward, slash with his sword, get the kill, and hunt for the next prey.

He continued to repeat those actions for the entire afternoon, and his points skyrocketedIt was previously mentioned that many teams rushed over after hearing about the large-scale battle here. They all came to attend the exciting killing festival.

Now, the people in these teams finally realized that this was probably a trap!

"You Muming, dont push your luck too far!" Just then, two Chosen Ones formed an alliance to face off against You Muming. One of them was a young man over two meters tall who yelled, "So what if youre powerful? Which one of us Chosen Ones dont have a trick up our sleeves to save our own lives? If you keep pushing, we will drag you down the water even if it means that well drown ourselves!"

"You Muming, dont be too arrogant." The other person said. "So what if youre strong? The gap between us Chosen Ones isnt that big. Its not the time for the duel between Chosen Ones yet. Dont force our hands!"

What mattered most in the Astral Genius Battle was rankings. At the same time, the battle offered a chance to test your own strength.

The major teams had not yet started the actual massacre, and the Chosen Ones had barely made any moves personally. Their goal was to preserve their strength and await the final confrontation. They would only strike themselves at that time to test their training outcomes. However, if they died now, they would not be able to attend the final battle.

Hence, that was why the Chosen Ones had an unspoken rule. After all, although You Muming was indeed very powerful now, he could not guarantee that he would not be overtaken by someone in the future. If he chose to make mortal enemies at this point, he could easily fall under a siege by the others.

The weak ones forming an alliance to get rid of the potentially problematic strong ones was not an impossible event.

"You done?" You Muming kept his cold expression and stared at the two Chosen Ones. Then, he gripped onto his sword. "If youre done, go die! Master of the Sword.Hurricane Style!"

Boom, boom, boom!

As You Muming announced his move, countless silver-and-white giant swords appeared on the ground and in the sky within a hundred meters. They all looked similar to the one that You Muming was holding. The only difference was that those swords looked a little illusive. They were made out of concentrated light!

"Its your honor to die under this move!" You Mumings body levitated. As he stood in the sky, he looked down upon the two Chosen Ones trapped by the maze of swords below. "Die!"

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