Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 Drunk

As You Muming said that, the hundreds of phantom swords in the sky moved!

Swoosh!! Swoooosh!!! Swoooooooosh!!!

All the swords in the sky and on the ground shot at the two Chosen Ones.

Countless deep gullies were caused by the phantom swords. Everything in the vicinity was pulverized! Nothing was left!

The two Chosen Ones did not even have a chance to escape. They were cut into countless pieces by the phantom swords. Their blood spilled all over the ground, and their bodies were nowhere left to be found.

"Strong. That move is so strong!" Everyone watching was stunned. "This You Muming has mastered such a powerful skill?! Furthermore, theyre inside the attribute compression force field now. Doesnt that mean his move is powerful enough to cut through a normal planet if hes not on Shenglong Star?!"

"No wonder he dared to make moves now. Hes indeed very powerful. In my opinion, hes close to the level of the heads of the top three families."

"Old man, what do you think about this You Mumings strength?" Hua Yueling secretly asked Hong Xingyu.

"A little weaker than me, but not that far off." Hong Xingyu had a serious expression. "His Chosen Ones Sign is very powerful, or rather, he has developed it well. Even if I can dodge that move just now, Ill still be injured. Ill only be able to win if I use my newfound Realm Power."

"Realm Strength?" After she heard what Hong Xingyu said, Hua Yueling was first stunned, then elated. "You have mastered the Realm Strength?!"

Realm Strength, in other words, was the entry stage for Level Four awakened ability users. Level Four awakened ability users had effective ranges of up to 10,000 kilometers. That was not the most important thing. There was an essential difference between Level Three and Level Four awakened ability users. That difference was known as Realm Strength!

Realm Strength meant that, within his effective range, everything related to the ability user could be controlled by him!

"Ive just barely felt it so far," Hong Xingyu said quietly. "Im not sure when Ill have my actual breakthrough. Its tough, but Dalis secret manual helped a lot. Actually, Realm Strength isnt the thing Im most happy about this time. Huahua, theres something I havent told you about yet. However, now seems like a good time to say it."

"Hm? What is it?" Hua Yueling asked curiously.

"Its like this." Hong Xingyu whispered next to Hua Yuelings ear. Hua Yueling was first stunned, then overjoyed. Finally, she blushed shyly. "Old man, youll get it from me when we go back!"

On the battlefield.

After You Muming took care of the two Chosen Ones, he looked at the recording device on his wrist. "Participant: You Muming. Current Team: Alang Astral Team. Current Individual Points: 383, Individual Ranking: 1st. Current Team Points: 408, Overall ranking: 1st."

"Haha, not a bad haul. Its a shame that these two havent really killed anyone yet. Still not enough points." You Muming smiled and looked toward the direction where Hong Dali and the rest were with strong determination.

"Gu Feifei, just you wait. This time Ill find out which one of us is stronger!" You Muming said to himself. "You left such a strong impression on me last time. So strong that Ive never stopped thinking about overtaking you! Because, if I cant overtake you, Ill definitely die in the Shuraba!"

After that, You Muming prepared to rest too.

That move, the Master of the Sword.Hurricane Style was too exhausting. Even though he was very powerful, he still had to rest for a while.

"Dali." On Hong Dalis side, the concert continued. After Lucifers "Undead Overture", Tang Muxin came down to sit next to Hong Dali. "The commotion outside has settled down. Dali, should we go join in on the fun?"

"Join for what? Dont fool around." Dali pouted. "We can play with ourselves, and they can fight amongst themselves. Lets not disturb one another"

Originally, Hong Dali intended to mind his own business. However, it was obvious that many contestants were terrified by You Mumings massacre. It just so happened that You Muming chose not to come to Hong Dalis side. Hence, many of them rushed toward Hong Daliafter all, they still had a chance to survive if they faced Hong Dali, whereas they were dead for sure if they faced You Muming.

And so, things turned very interesting

There was an old folk tale about a farmer who waited by a tree stump for rabbits to come over but killed himself by running into the stump.

That was similar to the situation on Hong Dalis side right now

"Young Master, a few of them are rushing this way." Ling Xiaoyi smiled and informed Dali. "There are six of them. How should we handle this?"

"Six of them? Good!" Hong Dali stood up and waved at the other students from the Divine College. "Brothers, there are people from other teams here. Lets kick their asses!"

Tang Muxin: "" Ling Xiaoyi: "" Everyone else: ""

Li Yang replied, "Okay!" Indeed, Li Yang was the most reliable one. No wonder he was known as the Number Two Lackey!

100 people hm, Bei Yuanqing was dead, so 99 left

What did it feel like for 99 people to gang up on 6 opponents? The scene was indescribableonly horrible screams could be heard. Then, Hong Dali looked at his recording device. "Participant: Hong Dali. Current Team: Shenglong Astral Team. Current Individual Points: 0, Individual Ranking: 9988th. Current Team Points: 124, Overall Ranking: 2nd."

Aiyaya, this feels good. I just need to sit here, sip on some drinks, look at some beauties, listen to a concert, get some free kills, and accumulate some points. We easily got into second place this way. God, I can get drunk on this

As expected, not only was Hong Dali drunk, the entire audience was too. "That works too?! Am I seeing things? Hong Dali and the rest are just sitting there, waiting for the opponents to come up to be dominated by them in a group fight?"

"Oh my, my poor heart this is the Astral Genius Battle! Youre not supposed to play like that!"

"Thats right. Were here to see the true masters face-off, not to see such chaos!"

Nobody could remain calm anymore. Actually, this was not their fault. After all, there were two main purposes for the Astral Genius Battle. First, it was a trial for the Chosen Onesthey would feel the pressure to continue training hard after facing off against one another. Second, through watching the duels between these young and talented fighters, the other young spectators could learn some things and improve themselves.

However, nobody could have imagined that this years Astral Genius Battle would turn into this kind of farce just because of Hong Dalis presence

"This little rascal." Hong Xingyu was both angry and amused. "He knows how to benefit from the situation. However, itll be difficult for the spectators who want to watch duels between top masters."

"Maybe not." Hua Yueling was an avid supporter of Dali now. "Lets wait and see. Our sweetheart will definitely have some amazing feats later on. This Astral Genius Battle will only end when there are ten teams remaining. We have a long way to go. I doubt hell be able to deal with the boredom for the entire time."

"Thats true." Hong Xingyu laughed. "Then, lets wait and see what amazing feats our sweetheart has to offer!"

Most major teams were only testing the water during the first few days of the Astral Genius Battle. Hence, apart from the few teams that suffered great casualties by coming to Hong Dalis side, most of the other teams remained completely intact and unharmed. There was a long way to go. Seeing as it was dark outside now, the teams all arranged for members to keep watch in shifts during the night. The remaining members searched for discreet locations to hide and rest as they prepared for the battles on the next day.

Actually, they would be fine even if they did not sleep at all for three full days. However, any minor issues during these kinds of intense battles could affect the outcome. Hence, everyone chose to rest and prepare.

Things were similar on Hong Dalis side. The only difference was that their rest was much more comfortable.

"Alright, you must be tired after playing all day. Everyone, head back to your rooms to rest." Hong Dali stretched lazily and smiled. "Theres no need to keep watch during the night. Nobody will dare to come here. Lets just rest well. We can stroll around tomorrow and play well!"

They were going out tomorrow! They were going to fight! Once everyone heard that they were finally about to leave and fight, all their eyes lit up in excitement. "Alright!"

This was expected. Previously, most of them were still stressed about the competition. However, that stress had been alleviated after watching the concert today. Furthermore, with Gu Feifei and Hong Dalis amazing lackeys around, their mood had completely changed. They could not wait for the morning to come and head out to fight.

Hence, everyone returned to their rooms. They were all deeply impressed by Hong Dalis plans now. Therefore, if he said that there was no need to stand guard, there definitely was no need to stand guard!

Once they returned to their rooms, Tang Muxin lied down next to Hong Dali. She smiled and asked, "Dali, is there really no need to stand guard at night? Arent you afraid of an ambush? We didnt even lock the villa doors."

"Of course, its so late at night. Everyone here is high-quality talent. Wholl be so bored to come and ambush us?" Hong Dali was not worried at all. He held Tang Muxins delicate body and smiled. "Alright, alright, dont worry so much. Lets sleep. Well talk about the rest tomorrow!"




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