Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 Take You For A Ride

In the middle of the night, outside the villa district that Hong Dali and the rest were in.

Numerous people were sneaking outside trying to peep into the villas, all of them trying to guess what Hong Dalis plan was.

They had no choice, Hong Dalis behavior was too strange. This was the battlefield, although everyone was resting at night, it couldnt be guaranteed that no one would be using this chance to sneak upon them. Yet, this Hong Dali didnt send anyone to keep guard at all, all of them went back into the villas. This was obviously not logical!

"Whats this Hong Dali up to?" You Muming looked at the villas at afar, frowned, and said, "Its already so late at night, dont tell me they are really all asleep now? This isnt normal at all."

A teammate beside him nodded and said, "Exactly, this situation is strange no matter how we look at it. Shall we send some people to test them?"

"No." You Muming decisively shook his head and said, "The situation isnt clear now. If we directly send people in, wont that be the same as sending them points for free? Just wait and see what happens. Tell everyone to rest on the spot and no one is allowed to take any action."

"Yes, understood!" That teammate instantly went and made arrangements.

"What is this Hong Dali up to." You Muming thought about this question for an entire night. "He didnt send anyone to keep watch, all of them went back to sleep, the doors and windows are all left open, looking like an unguarded empty building. But I am certain that if anyone went in, that person will definitely be eaten up alive. This Hong Dali, he isnt simple indeed."

The other teams were having the same thought as You Muming too.

Practically all of the teams sent about 10 plus people here to keep watch, in case Hong Dali caused any problem for them, all of them were trying to guess what Hong Dali was up to.

Even the team from Theron Astral also didnt sleep well. "Sir Kong, what is this Hong Dali up to? Why is it so quiet, its so quiet that its making me nervous."

"How am I supposed to know that." Kong also wasnt able to guess what was going on. "Normal people wont be able to guess what Hong Dali is thinking. Could you guess beforehand that he would hold a concert here?"

"I couldnt." That person decisively shook his head and said, "Who could guess that? This is the Astral Genius Battle, yet Hong Dali turned this into a concert"

"Exactly." Kong humphed and said, "Dont think too much anymore, ask everyone to rest well. Send a few people to keep watch, dont be careless."

Therefore, under everyones extremely boring and helpless mood, the night passed. It was worth mentioning that quite a lot of people didnt sleep well this nighteven though this was the virtual world, it was still very tiring not being able to rest properly

Early morning the next day.

"Ah, what a good sleep. Awesome!" Hong Dali directly slept until 10 AM before waking up. He looked around at his surroundings, then rubbed his eyes and asked, "What time is it? Whats everyone doing now?"

"All of us have woken up long ago." Tang Muxin stood in front of the window and looked down. "They have already gathered together and are waiting for you now. Didnt you say that you have something important to say today? Everyone is waiting for you, hurry up!"

"Oh, o-o-o-oh, I see." Hong Dali got out of them, wore his clothes, and asked at the same time, "Oh right, did you have a good sleep?"

"Still acceptable." Mentioning this, Tang Muxin instantly laughed and said, "Dali, how did you know that they wouldnt dare to come over yesterday night? I was worried for half the night and thought that they would send some people to come in to check the situation."

"Empty city trick, so simple." Hong Dali mumbled, "Dont tell me you didnt know this?"

Empty city trick, this was a classic trick from The Three Kingdoms back from his previous life.

During the Three Kingdoms period, the army from Wei was attacking a city from Shu, but Zhuge Liang[1] didnt have any soldiers to defend the city, so he opened the city gates and played the zither on the watchtower. The commander from Wei suspected that there was an ambush and in the end, could only helplessly order his army to retreat.

It could be said that the empty city trick was a very classic stratagem from his previous life, yet he used this trick only just because he wanted to sleep peacefully

Hong Dali was really good at using such tricks!

"I didnt notice at first, I only figured it out afterward." Tang Muxin smiled and walked forwards, then kissed Hong Dali on the cheek and said, "Dali, this trick is really useful. Indeed, none of those guys dared to come in!"

"Thats for sure." Hong Dali nodded and said, "This is a point system competition, who would be willing to rest and send points to their enemy when the situation isnt clear? Okay, let me take you for a ride today!"

"Huh!? Take me for a ride!?" Hearing this, Tang Muxin was instantly astonished. "Take me for a ride on the battlefield?"

"Of course." Hong Dali felt strange and asked, "Its not like we can return to the real world now and take you for a ride, right?"

"All Alright." Tang Muxin stared her eyes wide and asked, "Then, how are we going to go about doing it?"

"Just follow me, you will see." Hong Dali finished wearing his clothes and held Tang Muxins hand, then walked downstairs. "Lets go gather first, I will tell you how we are going to play after that."

Very quickly, the two of them went downstairs.

It was already 10:30 AM now, all 99 members from Shenglong Astral had already gathered together and were just waiting for Hong Dali to tell them what to do. Hong Dali snapped his fingers and said, "Alright, lackeys, we shall change methods to play today. The name of todays game is called want to go for a spin with you! Everyone, lets go to the city center for a walk first!"

This Todays theme was a bit powerful, everyone wasnt sure if they could manage it. But whatever the case was, they would definitely be able to gain more by following Brother Dalis lead!

Therefore, they started moving off.

Not far away from the villa district, the various scouts from the different teams all reported back at the same time: "Report, the whole Shenglong team is moving out now, towards the direction of the city center. Their aim isnt clear, please advise!"

"Hong Dali is going towards the city center? Is he preparing to start an all-out fight?" The replies they received were about the same too. "Keep a close eye on them. Remember, dont go too near to them, dont let them see you!"

"Yes, understood!"

Therefore, the large group of scouts followed behind the Shenglong team towards the city center too!

Actually, 99 people were only about the size of two classes in a school, it wasnt really a big scene.

But the problem was that this was the Astral Genius Battle battlefield, other than the contestants, there wasnt anyone else. Therefore, the sight of this large group of people moving towards the city center was really quite spectacular.

Therefore, more and more teams continued to notice them. However, none of the teams dared to attack them, because they feared that other teams would take advantage of them if they were injured after the fight. Therefore, the best choice was to send scouts to spy on themtherefore, while Hong Dalis group was moving towards the city center, they didnt encounter any enemies. Instead, the scouts from different teams encountered each other first

Since they saw each other, they naturally couldnt just say hi and leave, so they decisively started battling!

"Dali, those people at the back seem to be having quite a fun time fighting." As they walked, Tang Muxin looked towards the back and asked, "The fights there seems to be getting bigger, shall we join in the fun too?"

Yup, the scouts were fighting each other so hard, it wasnt suitable if they didnt go join in the fun and collect a few points or two while at it.

But unexpectedly, Hong Dali didnt consider this at all and said, "No hurry for that. Didnt I said that I will be bringing everyone for a ride today? Let me see if there are any good places nearby first"

This battlefield was the stimulation of a middle-sized city. Since it was a simulated city, everything a city would have could naturally be found here tooall kinds of entertainment facilities, shopping malls, business districts, and such would naturally exist here. And with these things, Hong Dali naturally needed to go and find something suitable

Therefore, Hong Dalis group continued to walk in front while the scouts fought at the back. During Hong Dalis walk to the city center, numerous corpses were left behind them, and those people werent even killed by Hong Dali and his group

"Haha, I found it!" After walking around for quite a bit in the city, Hong Dali finally laughed out loud and pointed to a row of shops in front, then said, "So its located here. Haha, this is it! It actually really exists here, not bad!"

Everyone looked towards where Hong Dali was pointing, then all of them instantly dropped their jaws.

Because what they saw was a row of shops with different shop names, but the last few words of their names were all the same!

XXXXX Floating Motorcycle Shop!

These were actually anti-gravity floating motorcycle shops! It was no wonder that Hong Dali said that he would bring her for a ride, this fellow was walking around the city so long because he was trying to find motorcycles!

"Dali" Tang Muxin opened her eyes wide in surprise. "Dont tell me you are really planning to bring me for a ride on a motorcycle?" Riding motorcycles on the battlefield of the Astral Genius Battle, just thinking about this could make them go drunk

"Thats for sure. If not, how am I supposed to bring you for a ride?" Hong Dali answered naturally and said, "This is the place I am looking for." Then, this fellow turned around and said, "Brothers, go pick a motorcycle you like, then lets go for a spin in the city, hahahaha!" In the end, he added, "Dont forget to smash all of the remaining ones that we arent going to use so none is left to the other teams! We mustnt let other people learn to do such a fun thing from us!"

Oh, what the heck, this is awesome!

Everyone grinned and rushed inside the shops. Hong Dali waved his hand and said, "Lackeys, lets go!"

A bunch of scouts that were still alive saw Hong Dali and his group going inside the motorcycle shops and instantly reported back to their bosses: "Boss, Hong Dali and his people all went inside the motorcycle shops, but I am not sure what they are doing. According to my observation, there might be a wounded team inside, they might be going in to kill them off to earn more points!"

Their bosses voices sounded. "Entered motorcycle shops? They are definitely going in to finish off those wounded people! This Hong Dali is scheming indeed. Continue to spy on them and see how powerful they are!"

[1] A famous strategist from The Three Kingdoms.



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