Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 Kingship Tyranny Confucianism

Chapter 1166: Kingship, Tyranny, Confucianism

Outside, the other teams saw Hong Dali and his people all rush into the shops and finally understood what they were doing. "Its no wonder they have been walking around the city for so long, so they were trying to find wounded enemies. This is a good idea, all of them move together to find wounded enemies and finish them off easily. Impressive. I wonder which team is so unlucky to be discovered by them."

"Thats right, this is a good strategy. Since they move together, no matter how strong a team they may encounter halfway, the opposite team wont dare to fight head-on with Hong Dalis team in fear of being taken advantage of after the fight"

"Isnt that so, this Hong Dali is quite clever."

"Dali, this little kid." Hong Xingyu laughed and stroked his beard, then said, "Hes quite clever, resting for a night, saving his energy to fight those tired enemies. Then, find those teams that have just finished fighting and finish them off. Not bad!"

"Thats right, I knew that our sweetheart isnt simple!" Hua Yueling was very satisfied too. "This way, his points will go up very fast"

They discussed for a while, but very quickly, someone discovered that the situation wasnt what they thought it was. "Huh? This isnt right. They have already gone in for quite a long time, why havent they started fighting yet?"

"True. If they are just finishing off some wounded enemies, the enemy should be at least resisting for a bit. But it has already been so long, why isnt there any action at all?"

It was no wonder that everyone felt strange. After all, even the weakest participant of the Astral Genius Battle was also a First-Order Star Sector-level. Even if they were wounded and weak, they should still cause a bit of commotion resisting for a bit.

But this was obviously not the case. There didnt seem to be any fighting going on there at all. Instead, it was like Hong Dali and his group went inside for a visit.

Luckily, they didnt have to be puzzled for too long. Very quickly, someone with sharp eyes shouted, "Everyone, look! Hong Dali and his group have all came out Huh? What situation is this!?"

Everyone focused their attention and saw everyone from Hong Dalis group pushing a motorcycle out and then hopping on. Hong Dali was at the lead with Tang Muxin sitting on the back seat of the motorcycle that he was pushing. Then, Hong Dali chicly tossed one leg over the motorcycle and sat down on it. He laughed loudly and said, "Hahahaha, Brothers, this feels quite awesome, right. Lets go, time to go for a spin!"

After saying this, Hong Dali directly started the motorcycle. Very quickly, the motorcycle floated into the air, about half a meter off the ground, and it was quite stable.

What kind of scene would 99 people riding motorcycles together look like? It looked like the kind of scene one could normally see in Hong Kong mafia-type movies. Also, these floating motorcycles would give off the sound of roaring engines too. This large group of people each had a motorcycle each. Together, it looked really stunning!

The others who saw this all dropped their jaws. This situation was indeed quite unbelievable

The scouts reported back right away: "Boss, boss, bad news. Hong Dali and his group didnt go in to kill people, they went in to rob the shops! They robbed many motorcycles!"

"What!?" The bosses were all stupefied. "They committed a robbery in the battlefield of the Astral Genius Battle!?"

The scout: "Isnt that so. Boss, be careful, they have started riding! Im going to hang up first and follow closely after them!"

"Lackeys, lets move out!" Riding on a motorcycle with a beauty behind him, wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, the current Hong Dali looked as cool as he could possibly be. He snapped his fingers and said, "Lets go! Brothers, today, let me tell you what is Kingship, what is Tyranny, what is Confucianism, what is the law of Heaven!"

Oh, what the heck, this instantly sounded high and mighty, didnt it!

Everyone laughed and said, "Okay! Follow Brother Dali and enjoy life! Brothers, lets go!"

"BOOM" 99 people rode on the motorcycles and started riding on the streets around the entire city.

The speed of these floating motorcycles was very fast in the first place, plus there wasnt anyone else here other than the contestants, so they could speed all they wanted. It was much more awesome than the motorcycle competitions they watched on television in the past.

Cool! Dominating! Awesome!

"BOOM" The entire city was shaking. All of the teams instantly got cautious and went into hiding. They had no choice, Hong Dali and his people were too fast on the motorcycles and they could be seen all over the city. Not just the streets. Because these were floating motorcycles, so they could even go into the sky

Not only this, while driving, Hong Dali even started singing. "My skate shoes are the most fashionable, on the way home I couldnt help myself but rub and rub, rub my shoe on this slippery floor. Under the moonlight I see my own shadow, sometimes far and sometimes near, I felt a strength controlling my footsteps, with these skate shoes I didnt need to fear even in the dark, one step, two steps, one step, two steps, each step looking like claws"

He was really enjoying himself on the motorcycle. After just a short while, the entire group was laughing and singing along with him. "Rub, rub, rub my shoe on this slippery floor"

Tang Muxin laughed until she was slapping her hands on the motorcycle. This fellow was really evil!

"Dali, this idea of yours is really not bad." Gu Feifei expressed her approval of this idea too. "This indeed feels quite good, hahaha. I didnt know that we can do competitions like this. This is interesting, more interesting than killing people, hehe."

It was rare that Big Sister Gu Feifei was so happy. In this instance, she suddenly felt that playing with Hong Dali might be quite interesting, or at least more interesting than before.

The large group of them drove around the entire city for 10 plus minutes and went through all of the streets in the city. Finally, as Hong Dali was leading them to do a huge U-turn, a scout didnt manage to dodge in time and got discovered by Hong Dali. Therefore, he directly ended up in tragedy

Scout: "Dont come near me, my boss is the Chosen One from Desai Astral. If you dare to touch me, my boss will definitely take revenge for me! By that time, you guys"

As the scout spoke up to this point, Hong Dali sniffled, then turned his head and asked the students behind him, "Do you guys know what is called Kingship?"

The students all shook their heads.

Hong Dali grinned and pointed at the scout, then said, "The opponent isnt obedient, so we shall crush over him."

"Hahahaha!" Everyone laughed and replied, "Understood!" Therefore, they directly drove their motorcycles over the scouts body, instantly crushing the pitiful scout to pieces

After just a short while, they caught another one again. The scout: "Im just checking the situation, dont kill me! I still want to stay here for a while more"

Hong Dali: "Do you guys know what is called Tyranny?"

The students all shook their heads in unison: "We dont."

Hong Dali: "Even for the obedient ones, we also crush over them."

Therefore, this large group of people rushed forward again and this scout ended up in tragedy too

Very quickly, it was the third scouts turn. This time, Hong Dali asked, "Do you guys know what Confucianism is?"

The students all shook their heads in unison: "We dont."

Hong Dali: "Before we crush over him, tell him this firsthey Bro, we are coming!"

"Huh?" The scout was obviously dazed for a whilethen, he was directly crushed by Hong Dali and the others

"Brother Dali." The students were all extremely impressed with Hong Dali now. A student rushed up and asked, "Brother Dali, then what is called the law of Heaven?"

"The law of Heaven?" With the sunglasses on, Hong Dali looked really cool. He gradually said, "The law of Heaven is that there is no opponent, so there is no need to make a move."

"Oh" The student instantly knelt. "Brother Dali is really mighty!"

Hong Dali brought the students and drove all around the city. The audiences watching the competition were already laughing until they couldnt control themselves. "Hahahaha, this Hong Dali can really play about, riding on motorcycles, finding lone enemies, and then crushing over them!"

"Hes really resourceful. Oh my, this cant do, let me finish laughing first. This Hong Dali, he can really play about. I like it!"

"This times Astral Genius Battle is probably the most interesting one, haha!"

"This little rascal." Hong Xingyu was already laughing until his beard was shaking continuously. "He can really come up with something, coming and going like the wind. Cavalry! This is definitely the newest type of cavalry!"

"Motorcycle Cavalry Regiment." Hua Yueling added, "From now on, this team shall be called Motorcycle Cavalry Regiment. I think this sounds quite suitable!"

"This Big Bro Dali." Hua Xiangyu was smiling uncontrollably too. "He turned a proper competition into some kind of joke. This is really interesting, hehe. But I wonder what will happen later, I wonder what kind of placing our Shenglong team will obtain?"

Everyone was watching and laughing, but on the other side, Bei Mingxuans face was cold. As he looked at the battlefield, he frowned and said, "This Hong Dali never plays the game normally, this fellow will be a big threat in the future."

"Father, arent you thinking too highly of him?" Bei Yuanqing subconsciously didnt want to admit the fact that he thought for a while Hong Hali was better than him by a hundred times. "Hes just a prodigal that likes to fool around"

"You mustnt take any enemy lightly." Bei Mingxuan touched his chin and said, "Did you realize, although this looks like fooling around, in actual fact, he has discovered the essence of cavalry. Coming and going like the wind, killing the enemy with one move, and not fighting the enemy to the end. Instead, he looked for lone enemies to attack. This way, not only can he avoid fighting with strong teams, but he can also maximize the advantage of being in a team. He really isnt simple."

"This" Bei Yuanqing was completely astonished.

This was just a casual move by Hong Dali, but after meticulous analysis, it did indeed seem to be as what his father said.

Wasnt that so. What was the most formidable thing about cavalry? Mobility. Killing the enemy with one move and running away was the best explanation for what cavalry was. Hong Dalis team was all riding motorcycles and doing the same thing, this was really what the essence of cavalry should be like!




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