Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167 Snatching Brother Dalis Motorcycle

"Yup, this Hong Dali, hes not simple indeed." Zhu Yunzhou nodded in approval of Bei Mingxuans words and said, "Look, everyone else is all traveling using their legs, except a few who have the ability to fly. Even so, those who can fly cant fly very fast too. After all, with the attribute compression force field, the difference in stats between the contestants is not very big. But with the motorcycles, its different now. Hong Dali and his group can come and go like the wind, with all of their attributes being suppressed, how is it possible for others to catch up with them?"

If Hong Dali heard their analysis, he would definitely drop his jawhe really just wanted to bring Tang Muxin out for a spin, thats all

On the other side of the spectator stand, the various mentors from the different Astral realms were seated together. This group of people could be said to be the elites of these 100 plus Astral realmsafter all, those who could lead the students here as their mentors definitely werent simple.

This Astral Genius Battle was a martial arts grand event for these 100 plus Astral realms. It concerned the glory of the various Astral realms, so it naturally attracted a lot of attention.

But now, the various mentors didnt know whether to cry or laugh looking at the battlefield below them

"Dean Fergos." A mentor asked Fergos, "Whats your schools Hong Dali doing? Riding on motorcycles?"

"Thats right, this has never happened before in all of the previous Astral Genius Battles." Seeing Hong Dali stealing the limelight from all of the other contestants, the other mentors all objectedwhich of them didnt wish for their team to obtain a good result? But with this move from Hong Dali, the other teams would all be at a disadvantage.

After all, facing the Motorcycle Cavalry Regiment, as long as any students from the other teams were caught alone, they would definitely die

"Cough, cough, cough." Fergos coughed violently, then smiled until his old face wrinkled till it looked like a sunflower. "Although this has never happened before, this isnt against the rules, right? The time factor, environment factor, human factor, these are all important in obtaining victory. The environment factor naturally cant be neglected too. Hong Dali is just using what he could find reasonably, it isnt against the rules. Hehe, hehe."

After he said this, he secretly gave credit to Hong Dali in his heartno matter what his final position was, just this matter alone, Hong Dali had already made a great contribution to Shenglong Astral realm!

"This" They couldnt help but admit that Fergos words were quite logical. After all, in a battle, the environment did indeed need to be taken into consideration too. There was indeed nothing wrong with making use of the environment to ones advantage.

Therefore, the various mentors all slapped their legs and scolded. "These useless fools, they are really stupid. Even if they cant think of such a good idea, cant they even learn from it? They should go and find motorcycles too!"

Momentarily, everyone was having different thoughts in their minds. Instead, those people from Shenglong Astral realm watching the competition were all very proud.

After all, Hong Dali was from the Shenglong Astral realm too, and he was even from the leader of the three families, the Hong Family. Now that he contributed to their success, all of the Shenglong Royal Families felt pride in it too. Therefore, regardless of what happened next in the competition, at least just for this moment, all of them were filled with anticipation for Hong Dalis performance and supported him in it.

"Oh my, today was really fun." After driving and speeding on the motorcycle for a long while, Hong Dali felt a bit tired. After all, for something like riding motorcycles, at the start, it was quite interesting, but after a long while, it would get boring. Therefore, Hong Dali alighted from the motorcycle, casually chose a shop along the road and said, "Brothers, lets get down and rest. Lets go in and sit for a while and also eat something."

This virtual world was a complete stimulation, there was practically no difference here compared to the real world. Even the food had a taste toothe only difference was that they wouldnt really become full in the real world from eating the food here.

"Okay, we shall follow what Brother Dali says." Now, the others all followed Hong Dalis orders completely. They all nodded and got off their motorcycles, then went into the shop with Hong Dali to eat, drink, and rest.

Very quickly, after all of them went in, something very strange happened. Even Hong Dali never thought of it too

The cause of the matter was that a scout reported to his boss after seeing them enter the shop because he wasnt sure of what they were planning to do. "Boss, Hong Dali and his team have gone into the mall. Im afraid of being ambushed if I follow inside too, please advise on what I should do now."

The boss thought for a while and then asked, "All of them went in? Theres no one outside?"

The scout shook his head and said, "No one is outside, all of them went in."

"Report your position, quick!" The boss directly became very excited and said, "This is such a good opportunity, it will be a waste if we dont make use of it! Quick! Where is Hong Dali now?"

"Friendship mall." The scout felt strange and asked, "Boss, you want to block Hong Dali inside the mall and battle with them?"

Yup, the space inside a mall would be quite big. Plus, it was an enclosed space, it was very suitable to trap them inside and fight with them

But to his surprise, his boss scolded instead. "Are you a moron? Is there a need to fight Hong Dali and his team head-on? Im going to snatch his motorcycles! The motorcycles! Didnt you realize? Riding on the motorcycles will be akin to being a cavalry! Those that dont will be akin to infantry! Cavalry will easily win against infantry! Where else can we find such a good thing? Keep your eyes tight on them, we are coming now to snatch their motorcycles!"

The scout was astonished. "Boss is indeed boss, you are indeed smart! Alright, I will report back instantly if anything happens. Come quick, I fear that the other teams may think of this too!"

In actual fact, what the scout feared became true.

It was already mentioned previously that all of the participants for the Astral Genius Battle were geniuses. And since they were geniuses, they were naturally very smart too

Since the boss of this scout thought of snatching the motorcycles, the bosses of other teams had naturally thought of this too.

Therefore, after about just five minutes or so, a few hundred people all rushed to the entrance of Friendship Mall. Once they encountered each other, it was like enemies seeing each other and got red-eyed from hatredthey definitely couldnt tolerate other people snatching their motorcycles! Whoever managed to snatch the motorcycles would become cavalry and become invincible in mobility, so they must definitely fight for it with all they had!

Very quickly, before these fellows even had a chance to talk, they had already broken out into a group fight in front of the entrance.

But this was actually not the most terrifying thing.

What was most terrifying was that as previously mentioned, 100 people from one Astral realm would form one team. Therefore, these few hundred people consisted of people from about six teams. Imagine this, if there were just two teams, beside them would be either just teammates or enemies, very easy to differentiate. But now, these six teams were all enemies with each other and had no alliances, so when they fought, it was really a big mess

What often happened was that after one person killed another, the first person would be killed by a third person. Then, before the third person noticed, he would be stabbed by a fourth person

In just a short while, the entrance of Friendship Mall was already covered with blood. All of the people fighting there had gone berserk from killing, and as long as it wasnt their own teammate, they would try to kill each other no matter who they saw

While Hong Dali and the other members of the Shenglong team were leisurely eating and drinking inside the mall, outside, an all-out fight had broken out. On the other side, Kong brought his team and stood in the distance, watching the fight. He wanted to come and take advantage of those wounded contestants, but he didnt dare to. This was obviously a big vortex now, whoever entered it would end up dying!

As for You Muming from Alang Astral Realm, he looked at this scene with his mouth droolingno matter how strong he was, he wouldnt dare to enter a group fight that consisted of a few hundred people. After all, these few hundred people were not useless. If he showed himself, he would easily attract their attention and cause them to gang upon him.

Therefore, just like this, the fight at the entrance continued. In the distance, at least tens of teams secretly observed the battle. All of them were staring at the motorcyclesactually, they couldnt be blamed for doing this, because when Hong Dali and his team took the motorcycles, they directly chose the bandits way of doing itdriving all those they could and smashing apart all those that were left behind!

It wasnt an overstatement to say that in this entire city, only these 99 motorcycles remained

Inside the mall, Hong Dali and the rest drank juices and leaned on their seats, extremely comfortable.

Oh my, fighting and killing are indeed not suitable for me, its leisure activities like this that makes me really happythinking of this, Hong Dali had another idea

"Xinxin, lets go watch a movie." Hong Dali looked at the enormous sign of the theater on the top floor and said, "I feel that since we are already in a mall, we should at least watch a blockbuster or something. We cant directly drive around madly on the motorcycles after just resting for a while, right?"

Watch a movie? This is a good idea. Everyone instantly responded eagerly, "This is a good idea, lets go watch a movie!"

"Lets go, then!" Hong Dali snapped his fingers and said, "Lackeys, I shall depend on you guys to set-up the projector and stuff!"

"No problem!" Li Yang expressed that this wasnt a concern at all. As long as it was something that the Young Master instructed, he would definitely complete the task. "I promise to complete the mission!"

Therefore, their large group went to watch a movie.

This mall was very big, and each level had different selling points. Just as they were climbing up, Hong Dali violently sniffed and said, "I seem to have caught the scent of animals Speaking of which, this battlefield even stimulated animals?"

Everyone instantly turned around and checked. Very quickly, Zhang Yi pointed towards the right side in front of them and said, "There, its the pet market!"

"Brouhahahaha! It really is!" Hong Dali laughed out loud and instantly walked towards it. After he arrived at the pet market, he directly smashed open the cages and a large bunch of animals all came out and gathered around him!

"Everyone, come here." Hong Dali instructed, "All of you pick an animal each to watch the movie with us!"

While chatting and laughing, each of them picked an animal. Some picked those cute-type small furry animals, while some picked the cool-type wolf cubs. There were even some who picked the mini baby dragons. What Hong Dali chose was the best one, this fellow directly chose a mini phoenix

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