Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 Group Fight

Chapter 1168: Group Fight

These were the pets inside the Astral Genius Battle battlefield, all of them belonged to the mini-type that didnt have any combat power. Their main use was to help people de-stress. After all, ones mental strength wouldnt be able to withstand a long period of fighting. Playing with pets for a while was a way to help them relax their mental spirit, and this would be beneficial for their future fights.

"Dali, these small animals are really cute." Tang Muxin stroked the little white furball in her arms, smiled, and said, "All of them look very interesting too. Mine looks like a dough."

"Thats for sure." Hong Dali nodded and said, "Alright, lets go watch the movie now, haha!"

Therefore, just like this, while a battle was raging outside, Hong Dali and his team leisurely went to the theater. The lackeys were in charge of setting up the projectorthis world was currently at about the fourth-level civilization stage, slightly poorer than Shenglong Star, about the same as Milky Way Alliance. Therefore, the theater here used large-scale holographic simulation projection, so the movies played here were actually still quite astonishing to watch.

Outside Friendship Mall, in the living room of a residential house.

You Muming sat there with his legs crossed, meditating and recovering his energy while the rest of his team kept an eye on the people snatching the motorcycles.

Currently, the fight was still raging on, and more and more teams joined in. Their aim was very clearsnatch the motorcycles! As long as they could obtain the motorcycles and increase their mobility, they could really come and go like the wind, catch whoever they wanted to catch and run whenever they wanted to escape. This was much more convenient than using their own two legs.

Especially those teams that didnt have a Chosen One to lead them. If they could snatch the motorcycles, it would be very easy to increase their ranking. Therefore, it could be said that they were very determined to obtain the motorcycles and were also the most ferocious in the fight.

"Sir Chosen One." A team member looked at the teams fighting downstairs, gulped down a mouth of saliva, and said, "Those people are really daring to risk their lives. Just this short while, already more than 200 people are dead. Shall we take the chance and attack them now?"

"How many people are there left?" You Muming asked.

"About 500 people." The team member replied, "But from the looks of it, there are other teams watching in the distance too and preparing to attack at any moment."

"Yup, as I expected." You Muming nodded and gradually stood up. "Everyone, get ready. Prepare to move up."

"Boss, are we going to join the fight now?" Hearing this, the others all hurriedly gathered and said, "With Boss leading us, its guaranteed there we will gain quite a bit this time too!"

"Thats right, with Boss here, first placing is definitely ours!"

"Isnt that so. There are 400 plus people left now, its definitely enough for us to kill to our hearts content!"

All of them were waiting for You Mumings order to join in the fight, but unexpectedly, You Muming shook his head and said, "No. Were not joining the group fight. Lets go finish off those teams observing from afar. All of their attention is focused on the fight here, this is our best chance to kill them."

"We shall listen to you, Boss!" Everyone cheered and shouted, "Brothers, lets go!"

For the Astral Genius Battle, the more towards the back of the competition, the more careful everyone was. After all, those who died first were always the expendables. Towards the back, when fewer people were left in a team, most of those who remained would be the elites. Therefore, in such a situation, it wasnt easy to find a good chance to fight.

Participating Team: Alang Astral Realm. Current Points: 436, Current Position: 1st place." You Muming looked at the record on his device and mumbled, "Lets see how many points we can obtain this time."

In this Astral Genius Battle, everyones points would be constantly growing. Therefore, to maintain their position, everyone was frantically finding chances to fight. Especially for the fights between two strong teams, each battle might result in one side gaining hundreds or even thousands of points. Therefore, the temporary placings werent meaningful at all. What was truly important was to fight constantly.

"Alright, lets move out." You Muming waved his hand and instantly led his teammates downstairs.

On the other side, about 300 meters south of Friendship Mall.

"Boss, those people snatching the motorcycles are really going all-in." A team secretly hid in the dark, staring at the people fighting. A person asked, "When shall we attack?"

"No hurry." Their leader, a Chosen One, shook his head and said, "Let them fight some more. There are so many people there, we wont gain any advantage going in now. Its not worth it."

Since their leader had spoken, the others could naturally just continue to wait. But unexpectedly, after just a short while later, a loud sound came from their back. Then, a member anxiously ran over and, with a head full of sweat, anxiously said, "Leader, bad news, we have been sneaked up on!"

"What!? Which team did this!?" The Chosen One leader was alarmed upon hearing this. A team actually attacked them from the back at such a moment?

"Its the people from Alang Astral Realm, Chosen One You Muming is leading them!" The member anxiously asked, "Leader, shall we fight or retreat?"

At this moment, each second and minute were important. That leader calculated in less than half a second tha t they werent a match for You Muming and decisively ordered, "Everyone, retreat. Quick! Leave five people behind to buy time for us. Those who can escape, just escape. Dont stay behind to fight with them!"

Although a chance to fight was indeed rare, keeping their lives was even more important. This leader was also indeed a talent, he was very decisive.

"Boss." Seeing that their opponent had instantly run far away, the people from Alang Astral Realm cleared off those who didnt manage to escape and reported back to You Muming. "We killed a total of 26 people, about 60 plus escaped. We didnt discover a Chosen One, or maybe the Chosen One has escaped with the main group."

"Okay, still acceptable." You Muming looked at the device and said, "We gained more than 30 points this time, not bad. Tell our Brothers to rest for a while, we will continue later."

"Understood!" Under You Mumings lead, the bunch of them rested on the spot, waiting for the start of the next battle.

On the other side, Kong led his team and carefully searched around on the outer area.

Kongs thinking was the same as You Muming, which was to search for prey that had lessened their cautiousness. Now that everyones attention had been attracted by the motorcycles, it was a good opportunity to sneak up on other teams.

"Boss Kong," a member said, "we discovered a team in front. Also, the scout in front informed us that the people fighting for the motorcycles are only left with about 200 people. Some of the teams with heavy losses have already started to retreat. Shall we"

"Oh? They are almost done?" Kong touched his chin, then waved his hand and said, "Change of plans. Lets go encircle those teams that are starting to retreat. Remember, there are definitely other teams thinking of doing the same thing, so we mustnt rush into it. Wait for the best opportunity to enter the team fight!"


Very quickly, Kong and his team started to search for prey. At this moment, the fight for the motorcycles at the entrance of the mall had almost come to an endthey had already been fighting for almost an hour, with the power of these people, an hours time was enough for time to fight for several times

Inside the mall, Hong Dali and the rest were eating snacks, drinking beverages, and watching the movie, quite comfortable and relaxed. Also, this was the first time that Hong Dali watched a movie filmed using Cosmic-level technology.

It was no wonder that it was said that the cost of filming a movie in the universe was very high. Look at the scene in the movie, just a random scene also required hundreds of millions of extra actorsthese most common extras were all common slaves brought from the slave market, one Shenglong Dollar could buy about a million of them, quite economical.

As for the scenes where the movie was filmed, they were mostly filmed on empty small planets which could be easily found in the universe. The bigger planets were about the size of Jupiter and Saturnthese were used for filming the main battlefields of the movies. The smaller planets were about the size of the Moonthese were used to showcase how strong the people in the movies were by destroying these planets with their attacks.

Therefore, overall, the movie would look quite interesting. The war movie they were watching now was based on a theme of "10,000-year war". Members from various races were gathered on a planet about the size of Jupiter. The common soldier fought on the ground, while the more powerful people fought in the air, and the even more powerful commander-level people fought outside in space.

The effects, the explosion of the planets, did indeed look different from the movies he was used to seeing!

"Xinxin." As he watched the movie, Hong Dali chatted with Tang Muxin. "The movies in the universe are different from those on Earth. Their scale is indeed awesome. The cameras are probably even placed inside space to shot the film, right?"

"Thats right." Tang Muxin nodded and said, "I feel that shooting a film should be quite interesting." As she spoke, this little lass eyes shone. "Dali, after we go out, shall we make a movie? Fighting and killing like this every day is very boring!"

How could it not be boring? What Hong Dali hated the most normally was fighting too

"Sure, lets go make a movie after we go out!" Upon mentioning this, Hong Dali instantly had an idea.

I can go to the Enjoyment Dimension, cant I? I cant change the technology there, but I can change the entertainment there! I shall make movies, horse races, and football teams! When making a movie, I shall get all of the celebrities in the world to take part, like Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, and such, all of them! I shall spend 500 million US dollars to hire them. Of course, not to act in the movie themselves, but to coach my lackeys in how to act!

Then, I shall form a football team too, with Ronaldo, Messi, Beckham, and such. 500 million US dollars each to hire them as reserves, then let my lackeys go and play. I can become the goalkeeper too and sit there drinking tea

Its decided!

"Really!?" Hearing that they were going to make a movie, Tang Muxin was instantly excited. "Then I want to act in it too! And Sister Nianwei too!"

Making a movie was much more interesting than fighting and killing. Li Nianwei looked forward to it too. "Young Master, when making the movie, can, can I act in it too?"

"Yes, of course!" Hong Dali nodded and said, "By that time, all those who want to participate do so. I shall make a larger-scale movie, and the place we will be filming at is a good place, hehe."




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