Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 The Motorcycles Are Gone What Should We Do Now?

"Huh? What kind of a good place?" Tang Muxin tilted her head and asked, staring at Hong Dali tightly with her big eyes. "Quick, tell me, did you discover something fun again? We didnt follow you around for a few days, you must definitely have found a good place during those few days!"

"Hehe, its quite a good place. We can go there once the Astral Genius Battle ends." Hong Dali hurriedly coaxed her. He must reveal the facts regarding this matter bit by bit, in case they couldnt accept it if he told them all of the information at once

"Yup, then lets wait for the competition to end first." Tang Muxin didnt think too much into it and instantly nodded.

Therefore, they continued to watch the movie.

Overall speaking, the movie was quite interesting to watch. After all, there were some good directors in the universe. Therefore, all of them were quite satisfied with the movie. Very quickly, the movie ended. Hong Dali stretched his waist and placed the mini phoenix he picked on top of his head. "Ah, this movie is still not bad. Brothers, what shall we do next?"

"Brother Dali." At this moment, a member came near and softly asked, "Shall we go out and fight a bit? Just lazing around like this is quite boring, isnt it"

This was the Astral Genius Battle. It was fine to rest once in a while, but if they played around like this for days, wouldnt it be a waste of this chance of participating in the competition?

Hong Dali touched his chin and asked, "Go out and fight? Lets go out and take a look at them. What do the rest of you think?"



"Thats for sure, we cant just keep doing nothing like this."

Honestly speaking, the lackeys were slightly itching to fight too. Levis smiled and said, "Young Master, there are so many people out there, I wish to go and kill a few of them"

His words were really domineering!

Hong Dali beamed with delight and said, "Sure. Since Brother Levis hands are itching, then lets go find them and fight. Brothers, lets go."

The large bunch of them then went down.

Yet, just after they came out of the mall, Hong Dali was instantly shocked. "What the heck, what situation is this? Why are there so many people fighting here?"

Speaking of which, their timing in coming out was just nicejust at the end of the battle for the motorcycles

"Young Master, be careful." Levis directly guarded in front of Hong Dali. "There are quite a number of them. Everyone, prepare for battle!"


Instantly, everyone in Hong Dalis team took out their weapons. The lackeys instantly surrounded Hong Dali and protected him, in fear of people taking the opportunity to attack him. It was fine if they were injured, but it wouldnt be good if the Young Master was hit by someone

While the people on this side were forming a circle with Hong Dali in the center, the people on the other side fighting for the motorcycles were all dazed when they saw this large group of people come out

All of them looked at one another, then very quickly, someone shouted, "Its the people from Shenglong Astral realm. The person in the center is definitely that prodigal, Hong Dali!"

Then, everyone became even more nervousthe things that Hong Dali did previously were all out of their expectations, who knew what he might do by coming out at this time.

Take the opportunity to kill them? It didnt look like this was the case. Hong Dalis team didnt have any Chosen One to lead them. Escape? That didnt seem so too. If they wanted to escape, they wouldnt have come out from here. But the problem was that if they werent here to kill them or to escape, then why did they come out?

"Ah, you guys seem to be having quite a bit of fun fighting." Hong Dali pushed apart the crowd protecting him and stood in front of his group. He looked around and curiously asked, "I have a question. Why did you guys end up fighting here?"

Why did they fight here? Wasnt it because of the motorcycles

But the problem was, no one dared to say this. Who could say it out loud that they were here to snatch their motorcycles in from of the owners? Although only the result mattered in the Astral Genius Battle, such an embarrassing thing wouldnt sound very nice, after all

"Oh, nothing much." At this moment, a Chosen One who was spectating the battle this whole time walked out, looked at Hong Dali, then laughed and said, "Were killing people for fun here and having a team fight. Why? You plan to join in?"

"I see." Hong Dali looked left and right, then said, "Its okay, you guys can carry on, we will play on our own. Brothers, lets go, we shall go someplace else. There are too many people here, it isnt fun."

Saying so, he really started walking away, not bothering about the people from the other teams at all, and directly walked towards the motorcycles.

Seeing that he was going to take the motorcycles, the Chosen One hurriedly stopped him and said, "Hehe, Dali, lets discuss something. We find these motorcycles quite interesting, can you give them to us? I can promise that we wont sneak up on you after you guys leave. How is it? Hows this suggestion? Consider it?"

After he said so, everyone present became nervous.

Although there wasnt any problem in snatching someone elses things here, it was better to have one less enemy if possible. Previously, the ice-type awakened ability user and Spike Soul Stone ability user had both left a deep impression in their minds. Especially the dark mage hid amongst Hong Dalis team. They werent confident of winning against Hong Dalis team if they were to fight head-on. Even if they could win, it would definitely be a bitter victory with heavy losses on their end too, so it wouldnt really be worth it.

"You guys are here for the motorcycles?" By this time, Hong Dali had understood the situation. "Sure, no problem. You guys continue then, we shall go stroll around at some other places." Saying so, he called out to his teammates, "Brothers, lets go. They can continue their battle and we shall continue our stroll and not interfere with each other."

Hong Dali was their absolute leader now, who could object to what he said?

Instantly, everyone from Shenglong Astral realm nodded and agreed. "Okay! Lets continue our walk!" Grinning, they followed Hong Dali and just leisurely left this place, leaving the large group of people behind staring at each other.

"Boss, we are just going to let them leave like this?" A person curiously asked, "Aint we going to test the waters? See how strong they are?"

"Test my ass." That Chosen One shook his head and said, "This Hong Dali is too big a variable. Since he dares to stroll around like this, do you believe that he wont have tricks up his sleeve? If we really fight with them, putting the result of the battle aside, we will definitely not be able to fight for the motorcycles with the other teams anymore. Time is very tight now, can you promise that there arent other teams waiting to ambush us nearby? Therefore, its better to let them leave first, then snatch the motorcycles and escape! Once we obtain the motorcycles, we will be able to go anywhere we want to, right? Why is there a need to bother about them?"

It must be admitted that what he said was indeed quite logical.

That person nodded in agreement and said, "Boss, your words indeed make sense!" Then, he turned around and called out to the other team members, "Brothers, lets continue and snatch the motorcycles! Once we have snatched the motorcycles, we will become cavalry and it will be up to us to decide whether to fight or run. Everyone, press on!"

Therefore, this large group consisting of a few teams resumed fighting

In the spectator stands, everyones eyes were focused on the battle at the mall. Seeing Hong Dalis team finally coming out, all of them stretched their necks out to see what would happen next.

Yet, the result was out of everyones expectations. After Hong Dali and his team came out, they actually didnt do anything and even gave up on the motorcycles and left. This caused all of the spectators to feel depressed, especially the Shenglong Royal Family. All of them angrily slapped their legs and said, "This prodigal, he actually just threw away such an important tool just like that! With the motorcycles, they will be akin to cavalries! Cavalries! They can choose to fight or run, but he gave up on such a good tool!"

"Isnt that so, this Hong Dali is indeed a prodigal. Sigh, what a good opportunity! If I was the one in command, with the motorcycle cavalry regiment, able to come and go like the wind, even if I cant get in the top 10, I can at least get in the top 30!"

"Exactly. If he can last until the competition ends, theres even a chance of ending up in the top 10. After all, those people running on two legs wont be able to catch up on them, isnt it!?"

As for the mentors from the other Astral realms, they were all gloating. "Haha, this Hong Dali is indeed a prodigal, he actually threw away such a good tool. Things are interesting now. Once the other teams obtain these motorcycles, they will be quite hard to handle."

"If I was the one to get hold of the motorcycles, I will choose to kill Hong Dali first. By that time, his expression will definitely be very interesting to see!"

No one could be sure whether Hong Dalis expression would be interesting to see or not, but Fergos expression now was indeed not very good. "Hong Dali, this rascal, he actually threw away such a good tool. After we return to school, I promise I wont hit him to death!"

Hua Yueling poked Hong Xingyus arm and softly asked, "Old man, why do you think Dali just threw away the motorcycles like that? He isnt a stupid person."

"Hehe." Instead, Hong Xingyu wasnt worried or panicking at all. He said, "Just wait and see. Our sweetheart isnt stupid, hes instead very cleverIm certain that he has another good idea!"

Back to Hong Dalis side.

After they left the battle scene, Tang Muxin softly asked, "Dali, they actually broke out into a fight over those motorcycles. These motorcycles must definitely be very important for this to happen, isnt it a pity for us to leave just like this?"

Another student agreed with her and said, "Thats right. Since they blatantly fought over the motorcycles like this, the motorcycles must definitely be very useful! We seem to be at a loss to leave just like this."

A large bunch of students all nodded as well and said, "Thats indeed the case. Hey, Dali, what do you think they are fighting over the motorcycles for?"

"Isnt this a very simple thing to see, are you guys really geniuses?" Hong Dali sniffled and very naturally said, "Whats the most important in a fight? Mobility! With the motorcycles, they can attack and retreat like the wind. They will be able to gain a huge advantage in both chasing after people and running away. They understood this point. Therefore, they will naturally come to snatch the motorcycles. Is there a need to ask such a simple thing?"

What the heck, this fellow actually understood this point!

"Then why did you throw them away!?" Tang Muxin felt like kicking Hong Dali to death right now. "Such a good tool! We were so awesome and cool when we were riding them previously, able to beat whoever we wanted to! But without the motorcycles, what should we do now!?"




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