Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 What Kind Of Rhythm Was This?

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Tang Muxin was very angryyou threw away a good prop just like that. Do you think its going to be easy to find something like that again? Did you not see that others are fighting each other for it? And Hong Dali actually threw it away without even looking at it

1The others were a little depressed as well. It was okay if they did not know. Now that they found out, they did not feel good about it

"Oh, this." Hong Dali did not worry at all. He said indifferently, "Thats easy, well just find another"

Find another? Where? It was not easy to find such a good prop again after throwing it out.

"Where do we find it?" Tang Muxin put her finger on her lips and said, "Moreover, what do we look for?" She mumbled for a while, then her eyes lit up. She smiled and said, "Oh yes, without the motorcycle, we can look for a spacecraft! Hehe. Thats a good suggestion, right?"

"Yes." Hong Dali kissed her on her cheek and smiled. "Well get a spacecraft if we dont have a motor. Such an easy task. Brothers, lets go. Lets go look for a spacecraft!"

He threw away the motorcycle in exchange for a spacecraft. How could one not admire Big Brother Dali?!

Hence, everyone talked and laughed as they caught up. A large group of people strolling around the city. When they met someone, they would let them understand what was the Way of a King, what was Overbearing, what was the teaching of Confucius and Mencius

They collected quite a lot of points, indeed

"Dali, quick look. Theres a spacecraft shop ahead!" Tang Muxin pointed to a huge fifty-meters tall building not far away. "Moores Spacecraft Branch!"

"Hehe, this is it." Hong Dali led them in. "Everyone, come on. Lets open a spacecraft shop for fun. Hahaha!"

Hence, a large group of people entered the shop noisily.

Why would one say the virtual world was good? In order to make the battles realistic, the scenes of the whole world simulated a real city.

An entire city was simulated, the spacecraft shop naturally existed

Hong Dali and the others entered the spacecraft shop. The audience in the stand sucked in a cold breath as they saw that. "Oh my God, this Hong Dali is bold, indeed. He threw the motorcycle away and is getting a spacecraft! Why didnt I think of that just now?" "Its impressive. No matter how fast a motorcycle goes, it can never be as fast as a spacecraft. The crucial thing is that the spacecraft are hardy" "God, what goes on Hong Dalis head? How could he think of something like that?!"

This time, Fergos shouted proudly. Even his beard trembled. "Hehe, you all got proud just now. Do you understand now? No one can ever guess what goes on Hong Dalis mind!"

On the other side, Hua Yueling beamed happily and said, "Hahahaha, our little prodigal is too smart. He threw away the motorcycle and got himself a spacecraft. Those fighting for the motorcycle are sure to go crazy over this!"

"Like I said." Hong Xingyu smiled as he stroked his beard. "Its not so easy to take advantage of our little sweetheart. Hahahaha!"

"Big Brother Dali is really," Hua Xiangyu covered her mouth and giggled. "really interesting."

Not far away, Bei Mingxuan and Zhu Yunzhou looked at each other and saw the seriousness in each others eyes.

This Hong Dali seemed to take everything so casually. But once he had an idea, it caused everyone headaches. If they wanted to get rid of the Hong Family, they would first have to get rid of Hong Dali! Otherwise, god knows what kind of trouble he would cause in the future!

On the battlefield, after Hong Dali and the others entered Moores Spacecraft Branch, in just about ten minutes, a large row of luxurious small spacecraft flew out.

There were a total of twenty spacecraft with five people inside each! That made the entire team!

Hong Dali, Tang Muxin, Li Yang, Li Nianwei, and Gu Feifei were on the first spacecraft. The rest followed behind. A row of silver-white beautiful spacecraft filled the streets of this city. The scene was like a new generation of law enforcement officers out on patrol.

The scouts of the other teams following behind were shocked. "This cant be. They threw away the motorcycles for spacecraft?! This Hong Dali can do something like that?!"

Thinking up to this point, the scouts quickly sent a message to their boss. "Boss, bad news. Hong Dali threw the motorcycles and came out in spacecraft. Hes going around the city now!"

"What?!" The communicator clearly shook as their boss roar could be heard. "Quick, gather everyone to snatch the spacecraft! Damn, why didnt I think of that? We could use a spacecraft if we dont have a motorcycle!"

The scout soon reported again. "Boss, oh no, they have all split into four different ways. I dont know where theyre heading to"

"Where are they heading to?" Their boss was confused. "Split into four different ways? Where are they going?"

Soon, their boss understood. "Oh no, they are going to destroy the other spacecraft shops! This Hong Dali is really vicious. Hes not going to let the other teams get spacecraft! Everyone, gather quickly. We need to get ourselves some spacecraft!"

After all, no matter how fast they ran, there was no way they could be faster than the spacecraft. The people on the ground could break their legs trying to catch up while Hong Dali and his team had already found all the spacecraft shops in the city. In just a few minutes, loud explosions could be heard from all the spacecraft shops!

"Were finished" The boss looked at the burning spacecraft shops and gritted his teeth with hatred. "This Hong Dali, burning the bridge after he crossed it. Damn it! They got all the spacecraft, theres none left for us!"

En, it was no wonder he was so depressed. Hong Dali sat in the spacecraft and had everything going his way. The other teams were doomed. They could only look at Hong Dali fly around the city like interstellar police patrolling.

Twenty spacecraft formed an "S" shape, then a "B" shape

Damn! Just wait and see. When we get our hands on you, we promise we wont kill you in one blow!

Without waiting for the other teams to get depressed, Hong Dali did another hateful thing

"Li Yang ah, were here. Lets get off." Hong Dali looked at the sign of the Friendship Mall and smiled. "Lets go see if theyre done fighting."

"Okay!" Li Yang knew what Hong Dali was up to once he heard that. He agreed and fly upwards!

"Boss, quick look. Whats that?!" The teams that were fighting to grab the motorcycles suddenly stopped and looked up to the sky. Their mouths gaped. "Is that a spacecraft?!"

"This" The Heavens Chosen One was stunned as welldamn, were fighting each other to death over the motorcycles and they actually came in spacecraft

"Aiyaya." Hong Dalis hateful voice came from inside the spacecraft. "Comrades, you have worked hard. Everyone is still fighting?"

Damn! Everyone was stunned. First, they were stunned. Then, they were burning with rage!

This Hong Dali was clearing playing them! He threw away the lousy motorcycles and made everyone fight for it, then went to get spacecraft himself. Fine. If he got himself a spacecraft, he even came here to show off!

That was absolutely unbearable!

In an instant, everyone was eager to fight with Hong Dali, but it was obvious Hong Dali would not give them a chance toonce he finished speaking, he flew away in the spacecraft!

What was despicable? It only made others gnash their teeth

"Hahahaha. Dali, youre too despicable." Tang Muxin and the others laughed till their stomachs hurt. "Youre too mean. Not only did you get spacecraft for us, but you also destroyed all the other spacecraft. Not only did you destroy all the spacecraft, but you also came back to show off. See how angry those people are, they stared so hard their eyeballs were dropping off!"

Gu Feifei was amused as well. "Youre really despicable. Haha. How did you even think of doing something like that!?"

"That was necessary." Hong Dali laughed as he looked at the others stomping their feet. "Who asked them to have any ideas about me? If I dont drive them crazy, they wont know why leaves are so green!"

In the distance, Kong looked at the spaceship in the sky, and he was also dumbfounded. He murmured. "This Hong Dali is impossible! How could he think of something like that"

"Alright." Hong Dali sat in the spacecraft, looked left and right, and everyone followed suit. They looked like a wedding entourage in the sky. He appeared satisfied. "Since everyone is so happy, lets go kill some people. Otherwise, it would be a waste of such a good atmosphere."

Aye? Hong Dali actually initiated killing someone? What kind of rhythm was this?

"Dali, did you get so happy that you went cuckoo?" Tang Muxin touched Hong Dalis head. "Youre not having a fever. Why would you think of going to kill people?"

"Of course Im not having a fever. Its just that this game is getting a little boring." Hong Dali pouted. "Hence, I want to quickly end this competition, then go do something else." It was no wonder. This was a battlefield. People were killing each other everywhere. It was okay when they first came in. But after a while, it got boringthey might as well go to the Enjoyment Dimension to have some fun

Make movies, forming a football team, all-stars team, call all the celebrities out to go on the red carpet once a day

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