Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 Legendary Walkover

"All right, lets go kill some people." Tang Muxin was usually accepting of Hong Dalis suggestions. Anyway, this was the virtual world and no one would really die. She did not care how much she could improve her ability. As long as it was enough for her to use, it was good enough.

"Young Master, where shall we go first?" Li Yang, who was in charge of flying the spacecraft, asked.

"Land first. Ill see if theres anyone around here." Hong Dali patted the mini phoenix nested on top of his headit seemed phoenixes liked nesting on his head Hong Dali said, "There are so many little sweethearts. It would be easy to find some people!

Soon, a row of spacecrafts landed on a meadow in the eastern suburbs of the city. Everyone carried their pets and alighted from the spacecrafts.

"Little sweethearts." Hong Dali waved his hand high up on the air like a bureau chief. He instructed the animal. "I need your help! Go forth. If you encounter anyone, come back to me immediately!"

"Woof, woof""Meow""Howl"

Then, a huge group of animals ran off in all directions

"Brother Dali, you can control animals?" Tang Muxin and the others knew Hong Dali could control animals, it was nothing new to them. However, the other students from the college were not aware of it. They were all curious. "This is a very useful skill. No wonder you asked everyone to select an animal earlier. Hehe, Brother Dali is awesome!"

"Animals are mans best friends. You wont understand the relationship I have with them." Hong Dali grinned. "Okay, okay. Everyone should rest up and await the news. We will do our own thing. Once we find anyone, we will fly over."

Look at him, he was like the astral underworld"Boss, I found a hostile organization at XXXXX!" "En, ask our brothers to get the weapons. Lets go!"

This was perfectly in line with Brother Dalis status!

At this time, a large group of people gathered in the open field. Those who should be playing, played. Those who were to rest, rested. Everyone was relaxed. It was indeed a good life being in Hong Dalis team. Was this what they called a legendary walkover?

"Young Master." At this time, Levis came over and whispered, "When we discover any enemy later, can I try out my skills?" As he spoke, he glanced at the people around him and shrugged. "Im afraid there are too many people and I wont get a chance"

Well, other teams were afraid that they would die too early. He, on the other hand, was afraid that he would not get a chance to fight

"No problem." Hong Dali nodded with a smile. "There will definitely be people for you to kill, hehe."

Hong Dali was right. The little animals which received his instructions went off to gather information at lightning speed. Those on the ground ran at different speeds. Those who flew in the sky were much faster

Soon, a small little bluebird returned. It chirped at Hong Dali for a while, then Hong Dali nodded and smiled. "I understand. Go on. Thank you for your help."

Everyone watched as their scalps went numbif they offended Hong Dali in the future, it would be hard to get away! Humans could guard against humans, but it would be hard to guard against animals.

"Dali, whats the matter?" Tang Muxin asked, "Are there enemies discovered?"

"En. A team was discovered about 1,300 meters to the west." Hong Dali laughed. "About eighty of them. Lets go have some fun." As he spoke, he gathered the others. "Brothers, we have received news. Lets set off!"

A team with over eighty people! That would be a gang fight!

"Brothers, lets go!" "Hahahahaha! We can finally fight!" "Yes, yes. Its great!" "Big Brother Dali, how shall we do it later? Tell us. Well listen to you!"

"How else can we do it?" Hong Dali sniffled. "Everyone, gather first. Well play it big this time!"

"Okay!" Hence, they gathered and awaited instructions from Hong Dali.

In the stands outside, a large group of people all stared at Hong Dalis team. The Shenglong Astral team had given them too many surprises within the past two days. Hence, everyone was very interested to know what Hong Dali was going to do next.

"Quick, look. Theyve gathered. It seems theyre taking action." "Thats right, I wonder what theyre up to now. They should be on undefeatable grounds now that they have spacecraft. Unless all the other teams sneak an attack on them, otherwise, its likely they will be ranked in the top ten." "Exactly, they ran as they liked and fought as they liked. Who could catch up to them? Im just curious about what they will do next. Anticipating."

Everyone was anticipating Hong Dalis next move. Nobody could figure them out.

It was no choice. Hong Dalis brain did not function like the otherswho would have thought of getting a spacecraft

"Quick, look. Theyre taking action! Theyve boarded the spacecraft!" "Eh? Its true. What are they intending to do now?" "Who knows, did they find out that somebody was here to find trouble with them, and theyre intending to hide?" "Its possible!"

In the battlefield, Hong Dali and the others had finished planning. They boarded the spacecraft and headed to the west.

In a commercial building on the west side, the Lianzuo Astral team was strategizing their next move.

"Everyone has done well in these two days, and there has been quite many casualties. We need to make adjustments next. We must not rush." The team leader was a Third-Order Star Sector-level ordinary genius, not a Heavens Chosen One. His name was Joisse. As the team leader, facing a large group of Heavens Chosen Ones, he faced a lot of pressure in this Astral Genius Battle.

"We dont have Heavens Chosen Ones, our foundation is slightly worse compared to the rest. Thankfully, were not the only team without Heavens Chosen Ones." Team leader Joisse looked at everyone and said slowly, "Hence, if we wish to achieve the top few ranks, we can only attack teams without Heavens Chosen Ones. At present, there are 38 teams without Heavens Chosen Ones currently. They include Dejia Astral, Shenglong Astral, Jiayue Star Realm"

Joisse was planning ahead. However, it was clear none of these plans would be used

"Boss, bad news. Hong Dali from Shenglong Astral, his spacecraft are above us!" A team member rushed into the house and shouted angrily. "They stopped right above us! It seems theyve discovered us!"

"What?!" Team leader Joisse was stunned. Then, he rushed out of the building. "Everyone, come out with me. Quick!"

In an instant, the entire team of eighty over people rushed out of the building and looked up at the sky.

Sure enough, right in the sky, twenty white spacecraft were neatly arranged in four rows. They had stopped just above their heads.

Team leader Joisse looked at the twenty spacecraft and took a deep breath. His palms were sweating.

Just earlier, he was telling everyone to find teams without Heavens Chosen Ones. Shenglong Astral was one of them. Unexpectedly, they were right here above their heads. With the maneuverability of the spacecraft, it was definitely hopeless for them to attempt to run away.

"We can only fight!" Joisse stared at the spacecraft and shouted. "Shenglong Astral, Hong Dali?!"

"Oh, thats me." Hong Dalis voice came from within the spacecraft. "Im a bit bored of how this competition is going. Hence, I want to quickly end it. Are you ready?"

Bored? Want to quickly end it? Because he wanted to end the competition, he was starting to kill people?

What lofty aspirations!

"Hong Dali, dont you be too rampant. Do you really think we are pushovers?" Joisse at the spacecraft in the sky and shouted, "Come on, you come down. Its no use saying so much, lets fight!"

"Come down? Of course. But you have to wait for a while." Hong Dalis tone was jovial. He did not seem nervous about the upcoming battle at all. He smiled faintly. "Before I go down, I need to clean up the battlefield. Be careful"

Be careful? Could it be Hong Dali was intending to

Joisse was a little puzzled. Soon, the changes around him told him that what he was worried about was about to happen

"Boom" The entire building began to shake. Then, it collapsed. Countless steel pieces were exposed to the building. Fishes jumped about as if they were flying into the sky with great joy, hovering in the sky!

"This" Joisse was shocked.

He had seen such a scene a long time ago, so he knew very well! This was the scene created by an awakened ability user of the Gold Soul Stone! Gold Soul Stone awakened ability, all metals could be controlled!

"Oh no. Its Gold Soul Stone awakened ability user. Everyone, quick run!" Joisse shouted at the top of his voice.

Gold Soul Stone awakened ability users were extremely terrifying. Joisse would never forget it in his life. How that Gold Soul Stone awakened ability user destroyed the entire city in an instant! And the awakened ability user was only level one at that time!

At this time, the person in Hong Dalis team, the one who could have such power under the attribute compression force field, was definitely higher than level one!

Along with Joisses horrified roar, the team members subconsciously wanted to run. But it was too late

"Boom boom boom boom" Numerous pieces of steel suddenly crashed onto the ground. At the same time, they were twisted and pulled, and in the blink of an eye, a huge iron cage was formed. An iron cage with a diameter of more than two hundred meters!

"This this" The entire team was shocked.

The steel had turned into an iron cage on the ground. It was definitely too late for them to escape.

"Demps, quick cut a hole in the iron cage!" Joisse hurriedly commanded his team members to carry out the escape operation. "Fredrik, control the boulder to lift up the iron cage. Quick!"

Since they were able to participate in the Astral Genius Battle, ability users were definitely in Joisses team as well. He transformed into a beam of light and dashed toward the west. As long as he was close to the iron cage, he would be able to use his ability to twist the iron cage. Everyone would be able to escape then.



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