Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Its Too Terrifying

Speaking of which, Joisse was really rather strong. Distortion Soul Stone awakened ability user. He could distort all objects within 500 meters. One could imagine, people were straight when they stood up. If their spine got twisted, could they still fight?

Although he was not a Heavens Chosen One, with Joisses confidence and capability, it was worth a fight.

However, no one had expected that before he could show his moves, Hong Dali had discovered him. By looking at Hong Dalis stance, it seemed he intended to solve the problem at one fell swoop.

"Hong Dali, dont let me see you again!" Joisses face turned green. "Otherwise, that will be the day you die"

It was a pity. Hong Dali would naturally not give him a chance to escape. Soon, a beautiful female voice was heard. "Ice Age!"

Karak, Karak

The entire ground began to freeze instantly. Countless ice crystals fell from the sky, and in a blink of an eye, everything became white. A layer of white frost began to spread quickly on the ground. In just a few breaths, Joisse and his teammates were completely frozen on the ground.

Just as Joisse was about to instruct everyone to think of a way to escape, another wave of attack ensued.

"Spike Realm!" A males voice could be heard this time. Countless spikes fell from a spacecraft in the sky. In just an instant, Joisse and his entire team were shut in by the spikes.

"Chi chi chi chi" A light voice sounded. Other than Joisse, who used his distortion ability to change the direction of the spikes, all his teammates were pierced by the spikes!

Those who were unlucky got pierced in their heads and hearts and died on the spot. Those who were lucky had the spikes through other parts of their body and were heavily injured.

That was not the most tragic thing. The most tragic thing was that Hong Dalis attack was continuous. Various abilities and various attacks came from the sky. The effect, the light, the color, was almost as beautiful as fireworks set off at night.

Of course, it was one matter for the attacks to be beautiful. Its effectiveness was no joke. Hong Dalis Shenglong team blasted them for a whole five minutes before they finally stopped.

At this moment, the ground in the entire iron cage was riddled with holes as if it had experienced a meteor shower. The corpses of Joisses team members could not even be found

Everyone on the spectator stand was dumbfounded when they saw the scene.

The attacks were simply spectacular. No one could have imagined that once Hong Dali made a move, it would be so shocking!

He first grabbed a batch of spacecraft to allow themselves to be on invincible grounds. Then, he used the abilities of the awakened ability users to perfectly match the situation. As they rained attacks from the sky, their opponents did not even have the chance to fight back!

Just from that round of attacks, Hong Dalis teams points rose rapidly!

"My God, Hong Dalis teams points have exceeded 200. They are in the top-five within moments!"

"Terrifying. Its simply too terrifying! His teams ability is unimaginable. His strategy is simply amazing!"

"Thats right. This Hong Dali is extraordinary. Hes too powerful. Is this the pace for a team without a Heavens Chosen One to break into the top ten?"

Everyone was talking about it. After all, Hong Dali had always given others the impression of his playful self. Who would have thought that once he made a move, it would be so shocking?!

And just as the people marveled, someone shouted. "Look, someone alighted from Hong Dalis spacecraft!"

"Where?" Everyone turned to look. Soon, they saw a master jump off the spacecraft. It did not matter that the spacecraft was tens of meters above the ground. He landed steadily.

"This person, I have never seen him make a move. I wonder how powerful he is." Everyone became curious.

Levis had made a move!

He walked over the dried blood on the ground silently. Parts of the ground cracked like it was hit by a meteorite. Levis looked at the dust and said, "Stop hiding. I know you are not dead."

"Yes, Im not dead." Joisse emerged from the dust slowly. His ferocious glare finally calmed down. "You came down on your own. Are you here to take me on by yourself?"

"Thats right." Levis nodded. "As the last survivor in your team, you deserve respect. Hence, Im here. This time, I will fight you by myself. No one will interfere."

"Haha, last battle?" Joisse looked at the spacecraft in the sky and smiled as he shook his head. "I will die regardless of whether I win or lose. Why bother?"

"Young Master said," Levis said calmly, "If you lose, you will naturally die. But if you win, Young Master will not attack you. You can hold the Young Master to his words."

"Young Master?" Joisse frowned. "Do you mean Hong Dali? Who are you to him?"

"Me?" Levis smiled. He smiled gleefully and said proudly, "Im Young Masters number 3 lackey. My name is Levis." When he said that, he did not seem inferior at all. In fact, he was extremely proud.

After all, not everyone was lucky enough to become the Young Masters lackey.

But Joisse did not think that way. He was enraged. "Hong Dali, you bastard. You actually sent a lackey to insult me! See how I kill you when I get the chance!"

"Im afraid you wont get the chance." Levis took a deep breath. "Come on."

"Okay!" Joisse instantly got ready. "I want to see how powerful Hong Dalis lackey can be!" Now that his team was gone, Joisse was alone. A general without an army. He no longer had a chance to be part of the competition. Hence, there was only rage in his eyes.

On the ground full of pits caused by the previous bombing, Levis and Joisse stood facing each other.

"Boom" Joisse stormed his right leg down and the ground beneath his feet began to distort. He appeared right in front of Levis almost instantly and struck him with a distortion power punch at lightning speed!

This was the skill that Joisse learned after his abilities were awakened. Distortion erupted and, using the power from the objects he distorted, his speed was greatly increased. Once the opponent was hit by his attack, his body would be twisted. After that, everything would be easier.

"Humph!" Levis sneered. He jumped backward and the muscles on his right arm bulged as he smashed a punch toward Joisse. His target was Joisses fist.

"Boom" There was a huge explosion. Both of them were Star Sector-level warriors. Although their attributes were affected by the attribute compression force field, Star Sector-level warriors going head-on each other, the power was still terrifying.

Distortion Force Field VS Heavy Gravity Force Field!

"Boom boom" Two dull noises were heard and both of them retreated at the same time.

After both had made their first move, Joisse narrowed his eyes. He was secretly shocked. "This Levis is so powerful? My distortion force field did not affect him at all. Hes just one of Hong Dalis lackey, yet hes so powerful?"

Levis laughed. "Not bad. Youre indeed worthy of a team leader. Youre powerful, indeed."

From their attacks, it was clear that Levis had the upper hand.

"Good, I want to see how strong you really are!" Joisse gritted his teeth. With his body as the central point, the air within a hundred meters began to distort.


All the surrounding buildings began to distort and shatter. The ground began to crack and the air was heavy. The distortion force field pressed against Levis and he was almost unable to move.

"Youre really strong," Joisse said in a deep voice. "Unfortunately, within my distorted space, no matter how strong you are, you cannot defeat me!"

Rumble The thick air encircled Joisse. Levis felt the air becoming heavier, distorted, and twisted. Within the area, he could feel his body become heavier as well.

"Again!" Joisse made another move having accumulated power and charged toward Levis. This time, he was faster and his attack was more powerful!

Dashed, threw his fist, punched on Levis! Fast as lightning! Heavy as a mountain! Each punch carried the distortion force field! Every punch was solid and could distort and break Levis internal organs!

"Boom boom boom" Levis did not make it easy for Joisse either. As he struck back, Levis was forced backward by Joisses attacks.

"Haha, you were so confident before. Is this all you have?" Joisse laughed out loud as he continued his attacks. "Hong Dalis lackey is only capable of this?"

"Of course not!" Levis forced Joisse to step back with one punch. Then, he revealed a smile. "Not anybody can be Young Masters lackey!"

"Ssssss" A black mist burst out from Levis body. A terrifying airflow enveloped his body. Even Joisses distortion force field was forced away by the airflow.

"Joisse, youre the first person to witness 50% of my strength." Levis smiled.

Hearing that, Joisses pupils shrunk. What did this Levis say? He said Im the first person to witness 50% of his strength? 50%? How many % is it now?!

"Speaking of which, I really wanted to be part of this battle. Theres no choice." Levis took off his shirt gently. "Young Master likes to play. I dont want to dampen his spirits. Its rare that the Young Master wants to kill people today. I have to do it properly."







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