Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Silver Frost

As Levis spoke, his muscle began to grow.

At this time, black mist emitted from Levis skin. It was austere, horrifying, and powerful!

The surrounding space began to oscillate, and Levis body, which was shrouded in a black mist, became stronger and stronger like a demon who had just emerged from Hell.

"This is 50% of my strength." Levis said calmly, "Theres one more thing I want to tell you. The Soul Stone which I have fused with is called Gravity Soul Stone. Im also an awakened ability user. So"

Levis lifted his fist and punched out!

"Heavy Gravity!"

"Boooooom!!!" The ground shook like it was going to break apart. The ground of this Astral Genius Battle was specially reinforced. But under Levis punch, it seemed as fragile as paper.

Heavy Gravity, Levis ultimate move! He was already terrifying before his abilities were awakened. Now, he was obviously several times stronger!

Countless gravel, surrounding buildings, flowers, and trees, were all gathered in a black sphere ten meters from Levis. In other words, they were all sucked in by the black sphere!

Horrifying gravity! Anything and everything was sucked in. Of course, that included Joisse, who was so proud just moments before!

"Ahhhhh!!!!!" Joisse could not help but cry out. He tried hard to fight against the pulling force. It was a pity. The Levis now was extremely strong. His Heavy Gravity could already create a small-scale black hole.

No matter how strong Joisse was, he was just one person. How could the strength of one person go against the pulling force of a black hole?

"Swoshh" No matter how hard Joisse tried, there was nothing he could do. With a swoosh, he was pulled into the black hole and was crushed into dust in seconds.

Levis won!

"Astral Genius Battle, indeed." Although he won, Levis was not too happy. He mumbled. "The participants of this Astral Genius Battle are all very strong, indeed. I had to use my usual strength and my awakened abilities before I could defeat an ordinary team leader. I wonder how powerful those Heaven Chosen Ones are."

From this battle, Levis was reminded of the strength of the members in this Genius Battle.

After defeating Joisse, Levis looked at the recording device on his wrist. The numbers had changed:

Participant: Levis, Current Points: 12, Individual Ranking: 196. Current Team: Shenglong Astral Team, Current Team Points: 228, Overall ranking: 5th."

"Not bad." Levis nodded, satisfied. "This Joisse is not bad, indeed. Half of the points are deducted from being killed. Which meant, his original points were 24. Hes considered strong."

"En?" Thinking up to this point, Levis suddenly felt something. He looked at the rooftop of a residential building not too far away.

There stood a figure. It was a young man in light purple armor and a black cloak.

"This is rare. There is actually such a powerful ordinary participant." That young man looked at Levis and smiled. "Youre not bad. You actually let me have the desire to take action. Its a pity, this is not the right time."

To be able to observe the battle at such a distance without being noticed

Levis said grimly, "You are Heavens Chosen One?"

Heavens Chosen One, a group far beyond the ordinary participants in the Astral Genius Battle. Every Heavens Chosen One was extremely powerful!

"Thats right." The young man lifted his head to look at the spacecraft in the sky and laughed. "Interesting guy. Tell your Young Master, I hope he will be able to make it to the second stage. I will wait for him there."

"You want to challenge Young Master?!" Levis frowned furiously.

What was this Heavens Chosen One plotting?

"Haha, if nothing goes wrong, your team should be in the top ten." The young man laughed. "Because there is a legendary person who is almost invincible in your Shenglong Astral."

"Do you mean Gu Feifei?" Levis asked.

"Thats right." The young man nodded. "That lass is not as simple as she seems. I had to go through many channels to learn of her true strength. In this Astral Genius Battle, I only have two goals. One is You Muming, the other is Gu Feifei. Of course, Im beginning to find Hong Dali interesting.

"Alright. Enough said. It seems Hong Dali cannot bear it any longer." The young man smiled and continued, "This is only the first stage of the Astral Genius Battle. This should be enough." Then, he transformed into a beam of light and disappeared. His last words were: "My name is Silver Frost. Dont forget me"

Outside on the spectator stand.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the arena.

They had always thought that Hong Dali played all over the world because he was not strong enough. This was so one could not tell his true strength and would think twice before making any moves.

Now, everyone understood. They were wrong. They were very wrong

Hong Dali did not actively take part in battles not because he was not strong enough. It was because he was too strong and could not be bothered to fight with others

"This Hong Dali, his team is too terrifying. They eliminated one team just like that?"

"Exactly. Look at their stance. There are at least five awakened ability users in Hong Dalis team!"

"Five awakened ability users. And theyre at least Level Two or close to Level Two. His team is crazily strong!"

It was no wonder everyone was so surprised.

Awakened ability users were not cabbages that could be easily found everywhere. Awakened ability users were the top most powerful people in the Astrals.

They may not be well-known, but they were definitely celebrities. Especially for the age group of the people who participated in the Genius Battles, they were known as the super-geniuses.

A team with three or four awakened ability users would already be considered very powerful. Who would have thought that Hong Dalis team would have five known awakened ability users? There might be more whom they had not seen yet.

"Great, terrifying!" Everyone was amazed. "Just by looking at this one, its obvious he did not show his full ability. And yet he defeated the team leader!" "Yes, did you see his move? He could actually create a small-scale black hole. Its too scary!"

"This Hong Dali should not be underestimated!" Bei Mingxuan narrowed his eyes. "Why are there so many geniuses around him? Whats going on?"

"Who knows?" Zhu Yunzhous expression was grim. "Wait till I defeat the old man Hong Xingyu, Hong Dali will be the first person I need to get rid of. His people are developing too quickly."

"En, thats right. Well get rid of him first." Bei Mingxuan stared at Hong Dali. "Our Shihui died in his hands. I must take revenge!"

Elsewhere, in the spacecraft.

"Hehe, Brother Levis. Do you feel better after exercising your joints?" Tang Muxin greeted Levis charmingly. "How is it? Is that person very strong?"

"Hes okay." Levis nodded. Then, he thought for a while and said to Hong Dali, "Young Master, I met a strange guy after the battle just now. He said his name was Silver Frost. He should be a Heavens Chosen One. He said he was only here for two people. One is You Muming, the other is Miss Gu Feifei."

"Oh? Heavens Chosen One?" Hong Dali touched his chin. "Ignore him. Well have our own fun. He can go look for whoever he wants to. It has nothing to do with us. Alright, lets find somewhere to land. See if there are any more enemies nearby. Lets quickly get rid of them and finish up."

"Yes, Young Master. Ill go back first, then." Levis left.

"En, Heavens Chosen One, hes here for Gu Feifei and You Muming?" After Levis left, Hong Dali felt that something was amiss.

One should know, Gu Feifei became a strong stimulus for You Muming after he saw her challenging the Road to God. But how would Silver Frost know that? You Muming should be the only one who saw Gu Feifei then. How did Silver Frost know of Gu Feifeis strength?

It was impossible for him to come straight for Gu Feifei just like that. There must be a reason behind it.

What else could it be?

Could it be what Gu Feifei had mentioned before, the Chosen Ones Sign?

Could it be, Silver Frosts Chosen Ones Sign had the Probe ability? It did not seem possible. Although the effect of the Probe ability was not bad, it was not strong in battles. Due to the Shuraba, Heavens Chosen Ones should all have battle-related abilities. Probe was clearly not one of them.

"What are you thinking about?" Tang Muxin looked at Hong Dali, who was deep in thoughts, and asked softly, "Are you thinking about that Silver Frost person?"

"En. It seems theres more to this person." Hong Dali nodded. "Think about it, no one should have predicted the outcome of the earlier battle. It was impossible for anyone to rush here to observe it. After all, were in the air. Its easy for us to spot anyone. But this Silver Frost suddenly appeared near Levis. How did he come? Secondly, this Astral Genius Battle is a team-based battle. But Silver Frost appeared alone within the range of where we could easily attack him. What made him think he could leave safely?"

"Yes." Tang Muxin nodded. She felt it too. "Plus you mentioned he was here for You Muming and Gu Feifei there is certainly something strange about this person."

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