Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Ranking

Now that they had discovered the problem, the next step was to solve it.

Everyone left to look for animals to get more information as Hong Dali mulled over how he should deal with Silver Frost.

"Young Master, dont worry too much." Li Nianwei reassured him. "Anyway, we have no interest in the rankings. We have nothing to do with his conspiracies and tricks, so dont worry too much."

Eh, what Sister Nianwei said makes sense. We have no intention of getting into the rankings. What we want is just to quickly end this first stage of the Astral Genius Battle

"Hehe, Sister Nianwei is the best." Hong Dali laughed and leaned in for a kiss. He said, "Okay, lets follow the original plan. Lets wipe out the other teams first!"

The other side of the battlefield.

"Hehe, Hong Dalis team is really interesting." Silver Frost sat alone in a restaurant sipping his drink. He murmured. "There are so many awakened ability users, its beyond my imagination. With Gu Feifei in his team, their team should be at least in the top five. As for the specific rank, it will depend on what they decide to do. Hahahaha Interesting"

While Silver Frost was absorbed in thinking about what would happen next, corpses littered the ground around him! From the looks of it, there were at least 30 or 40 people! And based on their clothing, they were obviously not from the same planet as him.

That meant, the 30 or 40 people were all killed by him alone!

"Well, its really meaningless to continue with this game. I better go out for a walk." Silver Frost smiled, then stood up. Without even looking at the corpses on the ground, he walked out.

After Hong Dali and the others left, dozens of scouts from major teams appeared near the battlefield where Levis and Joisse fought. After all, the battle between the two was so loud that almost the whole city could hear it. That was why those scouts waited thousands of kilometers away and did not dare to get close. When the battle was over, they all started to contact their own teams.

"Boss, Hong Dalis team has made their move. They are terrifying. Based on what we see, there are at least five awakened ability users in his team. Looking at their ability, they should be either Level 2 or close to Level 2!"

"Boss, be careful of Hong Dali. His team is very powerful. Although they have no Heavens Chosen One, their strength is not below that of a team led by a Heavens Chosen One. They are extremely strong!"

The team leader on the other end of the communicator asked grimly, "Have they lost anyone yet?"

Scout: "None of their members have died. They have won all matches so far!"

"Okay, I get it." The leader turned off the communicator, then resolutely turned around and instructed his team members. "Everyone, remember. Dont go head-on with the Shenglong team. Their team is very powerful!"

Some members asked, "Leader, how strong are they? We cant win even with you leading us?"

"No." The team leader was a Heavens Chosen One, but he did not dare to underestimate Hong Dalis might. "They can destroy an entire team without a single loss. Even we cannot manage a feat like that. It shows that the Shenglong team led by Hong Dali is very strong!"

After this battle, the Shenglong Astral Team led by Hong Dali immediately rose in popularity.

Hong Dali either did not make a move or, once he made a move, it was bound to be impressive and unstoppable!

Massacre, unending massacres! Any team discovered by him was completely destroyed! And his tactics were simple. He shot at them from above in a spacecraft!

Having watched war documentaries of the Resistance War Against Japan, the United States, and North Korea, anyone who had any understanding of war knew how great an airborne forces advantages were against ground troops. This was obviously what Hong Dali was doing

Hong Dali only ended his massacre at 9 PM that day.

Hong Dalis team had killed the currently ranked eleventh Jiuxi Astral Team. The Jiuxi Astral Team was completely wiped out and their Heavens Chosen One, McCarron, was killed in battle. Hong Dali did not lose a single team member.

Then, they killed the Bray Astral Team which was ranked eighth. The Bray Astral Team was completely wiped out and their Heavens Chosen One, Akas, was killed in battle. The Shenglong Astral Team still did not lose a single team member

By then, the Shenglong Astral Team led by Hong Dali was first in rank.

Everyone at the Astral Genius Battle was dumbfounded.

They did think that Hong Dalis team might be very strong. After all, all the information they had up till then had shown that Hong Dali was not to be taken lightly. But no one realized that their team was so terrifying! Teams led by Heavens Chosen Ones did not even stand a chance against his team! Those who had claimed to be geniuses were nothing against Hong Dali.

The Shenglong team now possessed an amazing deterrent force. Everyone had to admit that Hong Dalis team was one of the top three strongest in the Astral Genius Battle!

The other two were naturally the Alang Astral Team led by You Muming and the Muda Astral Team led by Silver Frost.

In the stands, everyone from Shenglong Astral cheered and celebrated the victory Hong Dali had brought them.

After all, they had already proven themselves by being able to rank first in the Astral Genius Battle with a team that had no Heavens Chosen One. No one dared to laugh at Hong Dali for using a spacecraft to achieve this result. This team battle was itself a battle of strategy and tactics. It was not necessary to depend only on brute force.

"Good, well done!" Hong Xingyu slapped his thigh as he laughed. At his old age, he might not feel any emotion even if a galaxy was destroyed. However, looking at how well Hong Dali had done, he was extremely excited. "Our little sweetheart, youve made us proud. We have not doted on him for nothing. Hahaha!"

"Yes." Hua Yueling smiled and said, "We must reward him when we return home! This result is good enough. At least we were placed first at one point in time! It doesnt matter if the ranking falls later. This is enough to make us very happy, hahahaha."

Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling had made up their minds to reward Hong Dali handsomely. At the same time, on the battlefield, Kong, clad in black, was standing in an open space within an ordinary residential area.

Right in front of him stood a handsome man in whiteSilver Frost.

"You are Kong?" Silver Frost looked at Kong, smiling. There was nothing in his hands, he was unarmed. But in Kongs eyes, even if he was not armed, there was no doubt as to his strength.

"Silver Frost!" Kongs eyes darkened.

Silver Frost! He was one of the top three strongest Heavens Chosen Ones among the participants in this Astral Genius Battle!

Silver Frost was very handsome and thought highly of himself. He was only interested in highly skilled geniuses. Ordinary people were not worth his effort.

Of course, there were already numerous geniuses who had fallen under his hands on this battlefield. There was one thing that showed just how strong Silver Frost was.

Current Individual Points: 1,653! Astral Genius Battle, Individual Ranking: First!

You Muming, in the second place, had only half of his points!

"Thats me." Silver Frost looked at the sky with a smile and said, "I hope you can do your best. I will be giving my all. I never underestimate any opponent."

"Sure!" Kong narrowed his eyes slightly. His body instantly transformed into a black gaseous mass that rushed directly toward Silver Frost!

"Not bad!" Silver Frost nodded, then suddenly disappeared right before Kongs eyes. He lifted his right palm and slammed it hard toward Kongs body!

In that instant, Kong felt that there was something wrong with his nothingness. He was almost immobile. In his eyes, there was only Silver Frosts palm, which flew toward him with earth-shattering strength. Then, with a muffled "boom", Kongs body was sent flying and smashed into a residential building.

Along with a dull roar, the residential building was completely demolished. Debris littered the ground.

Kong, defeated, dead.

"Still a little weak" Silver Frost shook his head helplessly. Then, he smiled and looked up at Hong Dalis spacecraft fleet in the air. The corner of his mouth turned up and he muttered. "I really look forward to the battle with Gu Feifei. Its a pity that its not time yet this is getting boring"

Elsewhere, You Muming walked on the streets in the city holding a giant sword.

Since Hong Dali began to actively participate in the killing during the Astral Genius Battle, the entire battlefield had been blanketed in the smoke exhaust. Every team fought earnestly. After all, other than the ten teams which survived to the end who would be participating in the finals, the rest would be ranked based on their score.

If they did not try their best to increase their score before Hong Dali got to them, they would be left far behind at the end.

It was no exaggeration to say that Hong Dalis battle record put all the participants under huge pressure. No one knew when Hong Dali would appear or how long they would survive on the battlefield.

Every team began to look desperately for other teams to fight with. It was no exception for the Alang team, which You Muming was in.

His team members began to encircle an ordinary team. He, as the soul of the team, checked around the surrounding for enemies in ambush, especially Heavens Chosen Ones.

"The scores are suddenly increasing quickly." You Muming looked down at the recording device on his wrist.

"Participating Team: Alang Astral Team, Current Team Points: 1,784, Ranking: 2nd."

"Participant: You Muming, Current Individual Points: 968, Ranking: 2nd."

"Current Overall Team RankingFirst place: Muda Astral Team, Points: 3,254. Second place: Alang Astral Team, Points: 1,784. Third place: Shenglong Astral Team, Points: 1,532. Fourth place"

"Current Individual Overall RankingFirst place: Muda Astral Team leader Silver Frost, Points: 1,853, Current Status: Alive. Second place: Alang Astral Team leader Yu Muming, Points: 968, Current Status: Alive. Third place: Shenglong Astral Team member Levis, Points: 638, Current Status: Alive"






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