Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 Two Hundred Billion In His Hands

When he saw this, You Muming frowned and wondered. "Thats strange. I did not notice it before this. In just a while, Shenglong Astral Team fell to third place and Hong Dali is not ranked third in the individual ranking, but a member of his team is? Levis? Who is he? How many points does Hong Dali have, then? Ive not seen his name yet. Its time to look for it."

At this point, You Muming started looking for Hong Dalis ranking. As a result, he realized something was wrong

He was not in the top 100. He was not in the top 1,000 either.

Not only was Hong Dali not there, but Gu Feifei was also not there either.

He continued looking. He still did not see their names in the top 5,000.

Yu Muming continued downwards and finally found Hong Dalis ranking. He almost crushed his recorder when he saw the number. The recorder clearly showed Hong Dalis and Gu Feifeis ranking

"The 10,061st place: Hong Dali, Team Leader of the Shenglong Astral Team, Points: 0, Current Status: Alive.

The 10,062nd place: Gu Feifei, a member of the Shenglong Astral Team, Points: 0, Current Status: Alive."

"Is it possible? The two of them havent even killed a single person yet?" You Muming could not figure out what was happening. By right, Shenglong Astral should have been first, but they were in third place instead. Regardless, they could still be regarded as a very strong team. As the team leader, Hong Dali did not kill even a single person? They had gotten where they were now by relying only on the members of his team?

What the hell was this? No matter how he looked at it, something very unusual was going on

"Forget it, Im not going to think about it anymore." You Muming shook his head fiercely. "There are less than 20 teams left in the Genius War. Everyone will be trying their best to survive and rack up points. Our team is now second, but there is no guarantee that we will not be surpassed. We must not let our guard down."

You Muming thought to himself as he walked.

The nearer they were to the end, the more intense the battle. They must not let their guard down.

"Oh? Theres someone here?" You Muming suddenly smiled. With a "poof", he disappeared from the road within the district.

A Heavens Chosen One walked slowly to the spot where You Muming was standing, looked around, and suddenly said, "Come out, its already this late in the game. Theres no longer a need to hide, right?"

"Hehe, I wondered who it was. It turns out to be Cornell, the Heavens Chosen One from Ferdi Astral." You Muming came out from a dark corner and smiled. "You appeared just in time. I was just worried about not having enough points."

"You Muming!" Cornells face changed when he saw You Muming. Violence surged out from him in waves, rolling in the direction of You Muming. At the same time, a long spear appeared in his hand, and he rushed towards You Muming!

You Mumings reputation preceded him. Cornell did not dare to be careless. He had to make the first move and gain the upper hand, so he took action as soon as he spotted an opportunity.

The distance of tens of meters was traversed in an instant. When Cornell reached a spot in front of You Muming, "Zing" a sound of a long sword piercing the air was heard and You Muming suddenly appeared behind Cornell!

"I" Cornells eyes were full of disbelief. He had been very confident in his own strength. He believed that even if he could not defeat You Muming, he would at least cause some serious damage. He could not understand how it was possible that You Muming was so strong that he could kill him instantly with just one strike.

"Youre still too weak." You Muming glanced at Cornells body and shook his head. "With your strength, youd at most be cannon fodder on the Shuraba." With that, his body shimmered and he disappeared again.

Outside on the spectator stand.

At this stage of the competition, everyone nervously paid attention to the ranking of the major teams.

In fact, since Hong Dalis team started killing, the number of teams left in the Astral Genius Battle dropped rapidly and the points were also being racked up quickly.

In just three hours, Shenglong Astral Team, which was originally first, had been pushed down to the second place. Two hours later, it became third.

The mentors of the major astral realms were surprised and were worried about their home team. "Ah, whats the situation? How did our Laia Astral Team get taken out so quickly?" "Ours too. The teams taking part in this years Astral Genius Battle are obviously much stronger than previous years!" "Our team is still alive, thats not bad. Aiya, we moved one place up again, hahaha!"

The battle was fierce and the mentors watching were extremely nervous.

The group that was exterminated sighed, while the winners were exuberant. After all, the Astral Genius Battle was the measure of the battle ability of an Astral Realms youths. The victors were naturally looked upon favorably.

The young represented the future. The stronger they were, the more respect other Astral Realms would accord to the Astral Realm.

When the Astral Genius Battle was over, other Astral Realms would even send important envoys with congratulations and gifts.

Otherwise, why would the Astral Genius Battle hold such clout? It was precisely because of this.

Although the Shenglong Astral Team led by Hong Dali had fallen to third place, it was already far beyond the expectations of Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling. In their minds, even if Gu Feifei fought, it would already be a good result if they managed to be within the top ten. But now, it seemed they were already one of the top three before Hong Dali and Gu Feifei even fought. This was proof that Hong Dalis team had unlimited potential!

"Dali, this boy, well done!" Hong Xingyu smiled widely. "I guess if he takes it a little more seriously, its possible for them to come in first, haha."

"Old man." Hua Yueling smiled and scolded. "They are third and youre still not content. If I were to say, the fact that Dali has taken the effort to try for third place is already showing us more than enough respect. Otherwise, with his temperament, he might just fool around till the end of the competition!"

"Yes, Im a little greedy, haha." Hong Xingyu nodded excitedly. "Then, old lady, tell me, how should we reward him when the competition is over? Equipment? Jewels? Money? Or what?"

"I dont think our Dali is interested in equipment and gems." Hua Yueling shook her head and smiled. "Do you think he looks like a man in need of equipment? Itll probably be a better idea to give him money so he can squander some more. He likes that the most. Our Hong Family has substantial assets. Lets just give him 800 billion or a trillion to squander."

"Well, we can do that." Hong Xingyu touched his chin and nodded. "If our family manages to place within the top three this time, there will be numerous dignitaries from other Astral Realms coming to our Astral for social visits and business. We should reward him. Lets give him 200 billion when we get back. He can spend it however he likes and well give him more if its not enough."

"Hahaha, not bad, well do just that!" Hua Yueling laughed and expressed great satisfaction with the old mans decision.

Listening to them, Hua Xiangyu could not help smilingBrother Dali was really powerful. Just two days worth of effort and he had gotten at least 200 billion Shenglong Dollars! If he went shopping with it, what could he buy? He could probably buy several galaxies

The following results did not surprise anyone. Although Hong Dali dropped to third, his position was stable. The first and second places were taken by Muda Astral Team led by Silver Frost and Alang Astral Team led by You Muming.

As for the Theron Astral Team led by Kong, they ended up in thirteenth place after getting wiped out by Silver Frost.

In fact, the reason why Hong Dalis Shenglong Astral Team fell to third place was mainly that he got lazy and went to bed at 9 PM

When he woke up, his team position had gone from first to third

"Ah, I had a good nights sleep." Hong Dali got out of bed with a laugh. "Sleeping in this virtual world is very enjoyable, its equivalent to twice the amount of sleep, not bad"

After getting out of bed lazily, Hong Dali looked around, then shouted loudly, "Lackeys, are you all awake? Lets go do something today too. Kill some people, sing some songs, or something."

At this time, Ling Xiaoyi pushed open the door with a smile. "Young Master, theres no chance to kill people anymore. You stirred everyone up so much yesterday, all the other teams started putting up their final fight. As a result, the competition ended in one night"

"Ah? Is the competition over?" Hong Dali did not even bother asking about their ranking. He jumped straight out of bed. "Its good that its over. Brothers, lets go back and have some real fun! The competition is finally over. I was almost bored to death"

"Ah?" Ling Xiaoyi was the one who was surprised this time. "Young Master, Young Master, wait for me. Young Master, I still have some news for you"

"The news can wait till we get back to the real world. Im in a hurry to go squander!" Hong Dali ran off quickly.

Ling Xiaoyi: ""

Soon, they returned to the meeting point. When Hong Dali and his team arrived, everyone else was already there waiting for him

"Aiyo, Dali, sweetheart." Once she saw Hong Dali, Hua Yueling quickly hugged him, crying out, "Youre finally here. Weve been waiting. Did you sleep well last night?"

"Hehe, not too bad." Hong Dali smiled. "Great Grandmother, have you been watching the battle these two days?" Hong Dali then hurriedly greeted Hong Xingyu. "Great Grandfather is here too."

"Little brat, you did well." Hong Xingyu was full of smiles. "Youre indeed worthy of being a descendant of the Hong Family!"

"Dali." Hua Yueling ignored Hong Xingyu and said to Hong Dali, "When we go back, your Great Grandmother will give you a surprise. Youll definitely like it!"

"Oh." With an "oh", Hong Dali sniffled and said, "Okay. Right, Great Grandmother, Im going out to play when we get back. I have a few great ideas for squandering earlier and I must go try them out no matter what."

"Of course, you can do whatever you want, sweetheart!" At this time, the sky was the limit for Hong Dali. Even if he wanted two galaxies, Hua Yueling would have gotten them for him without hesitation.







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